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Experienced Dom looking for that special sub/slave/pet/toy to take under my wing and mold her into a Masterpiece
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Update: I do believe it's time for me to rethink some things and how I go about them. I've talked to alot of people on here and read alot and I'm not sure of things I thought I knew. 
* I thought I knew what it meant to be a Dom was and how to conduct myself. I never expect submission at the start, only respect, the same that's given. I thought it was the right course to get to know the other person before either of this things: A) expect submission without earning it, B) expect the release of submission without the surrender to obdienence. Fast food mentally I guess.

* I thought I knew what the Dynamics of the D/s relationship were and how the flow was but I was shocked to learn this no longer applies. Doms that expect the sub to tell them how their training and guidance should be handled  and subs that think a bitchy and demanding profile full of demands that are closely followed by conversations full of "instructions and demands" is the way to grow, learn, and become the sub you purportedly want to become and how to attract a strong and serious Dom to your life. 

You'll have to read those last paragraphs with sarcasm because that's how it's meant, the world is changing, roles are reversing and I'm not sure anyone is happier because of it. Just wanted to vent

Have about 14 years experience, have even trained other Dom's as how to instruct and guide their possessions. 

Update: I'm now a premium member so I can be contacted by those subs/slaves interested in be taken under consideration. In the past I have made the initial contact, this time I am going set back and see who really is serious and wants to be considered and wants to be my block of clay to be molded. All will be listened to but only few will be considered
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