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Seeking Loving, Deep LTR M/s Relationship With Plenty of Travel
Seeking sub/slave For Adventure and Travel Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my ad. I'm looking for a sub/slave for a 24/7 TPE relationship that hopefully leads to marriage. Here are the things you need to know about myself and what the relationship I'm hoping to build will look like. My name is JD and I'm 52 years old. I have 4 adult daughters from a previous marriage. They all live in a different city. I'm retired/disabled and make a nice salary that so far hasn't been affected by the Coronavirus. (Praise God!) As you can probably tell, I have a strong personal faith. I don't push or beat my faith into others, but I'm always willing and eager to discuss it with anyone who asks. One of my past careers was as an ordained Minister/Missionary. Before you ask, kinks do not clash with my beliefs. That's a very interesting topic for discussion at a later date for anyone who is interested. The elements I desire and need in my future relationship: 1. Love - I'm a man who values love. I've had numerous opportunities to have booty-calls in the past few months, but declined the offers because that's not what I want. I would rather go to bed lonely than to have a meaningless sexual experience. I love sex as much as the next person, but what if I caught a social disease or got wrapped up in an empty relationship? It's just not worth it. My goal is to find a relationship that will lead to marriage. 2. Faithfulness - My future sub can be certain that I will place her first in my life. If you are a person who is strictly monogamous, I can easily commit to being with only you forever. If you're a little more freaky and would like to include another girl, that's something we can discuss. I will not share you with another man and will never send you off to service another man. You will be mine alone. 3. Affection - I'm a very affectionate person. I enjoy cuddling, holding hands, patting your bottom as you walk by and sneaking up behind you when your in the kitchen, wrapping my arms around you from behind and nuzzling your neck. 4. Calm/Patient Leadership - I don't drink hardly ever and NEVER get drunk. I don't yell or shout, I don't throw things or stomp out of the house. There are better and easier ways to resolve conflict, especially in a D/s relationship. 5. Consistency - You will know clearly what's expected of you. I don't make up excuses to punish you or lay traps that will ensure you don't succeed. 6. Training and Use - I'm retired and do not work outside the home so I have plenty of time to spend with you. Are you clingy? I love that! I like to spend time with you, training you in poses, protocol and using your body for our mutual pleasure. I will expand your tolerance in learning to love the pleasure of pain, I will edge you, tease, please and torment you. 7. Discipline - A servant who doesn't serve is incomplete. A submissive who isn't given ample opportunities to submit becomes unhinged, nervous and dissatisfied. I'm creative in my administration of discipline. As mentioned in #5, I'm also consistent and you will always know what to expect. 8. Travel - My chosen girl will have opportunities to travel with me to a number of countries. I plan to leave the US in September. At the moment, I'm still deciding between several different countries to move to and base from. At this moment, Colombia is most peaking my interest. Prayerfully, the Coronavirus will be finished by the time I'm ready to leave in September or October. If this sounds like something you would like to have in your life, I encourage you to send me a mail saying so. Please be bold and reach out. What I'm looking for in a sub - I want sweetness, no drama, no excess bratting. I value a calm, self-poised girl. A complete freak in bed and private, and a lady in public. I prefer to be older than my girl and I'm not interested in BBW. Nothing but love for you, but not what I'm looking for in my relationship. Thanks for reading! Master JD
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Hi, my name is JD, from San Antonio, Texas.  I'm 52 but don't feel it at all.  I'm retired, separated since last July, my divorce is working it's way through the courts.  There is zero chance of reconciliation between me an my ex, so that's not something that needs to be considered.
I've been Dominant since High School.  Over the 30+ years since, I've had 3 full-time 24/7 TPE relationships.  These were the happiest times of my life.  I've had other play partners that were into D/s to varying degrees.  At this time, what I'm looking for is my last TPE relationship, the one that will last the rest of my life.

I am a sadist.  I think of myself as a loving sadist, one who can easily operate within the bounds of what is agreed upon beforehand.  I can be as mild or extreme as my girl can endure.

I live in San Antonio because it's a decent city and everyone needs to live somewhere, right?  It's my plan to move to Colombia in September or October, (God willing.)  I've been saving money and think the Corona-virus should calm down by then. (Again, God willing!)  My already-sufficient retirement income will stretch 4 times further, so I should be sitting pretty there.  If you're thinking drug cartels and murder groups, that's a thing of the past.

The type of relationship I desire - 24/7 but not "FORMAL" every minute.  I want us to visit museums, ride horseback along mountain trails, hit the beach together, dine out at LEAST one meal per day.  We can be affectionate and have fun while still holding to our standards.
BDSM and me
BDSM is part of my psyche and is needed. I could never go back to vanilla. I enjoy making love now and then, but even then I like my partner restrained.  I am a loving sadist but have no problem working within the limits of my partner.
I have no interest in scat, at all. Other than that, everything is negotiable.
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