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New Jersey, United States
About me
Updating again! Unfortunately who I was talking to did not work out. So here I am....trying again. Honestly I am going to give this one more chance before I switch to a different service.
What am I looking for?
My happily ever after. Someone who loves me the way I love them and were friends and life is hard but....our love makes it easy. Cheesy? Yeah....but it's the truth.
About me?
I'm 25 with two kids. They are my first priority. No I am not looking to use someone for their money. I pay for my own babies and myself. I am very outdoorsy I love staying busy but I also love reading and bingeing TV shows. I am very motherly, honest, needy, affectionate to a fault, bubbly. My downside? I dont have much self confidence but I am working on it!!
I do not care about your age, we are all adults? So what's it matter?
I will not relocate. So if youd like to pursue me, please understand that at some point YOU will move to New Jersey. I am too close with my family to move.
I only talk on here. Once I feel comfortable we will move to PHONE NUMBERS. We are adults. That's how adults communicate. How do you expect me to be your perfect subby girl and trust you fully....but you cant trust me with your number?
I understand I dont have a good full body picture. I will get one soon. But I can tell you I am 5'3, hazel eyes, short light brown hair currently, nice bum, nice legs.
My downsides? Very small boobs. My tummy is flat but I do have loose skin since my youngest is only 3 months. My teeth arnt the best.
If you are still somehow interested in a hopeless romantic single mom....send me a message! Dont even waste time loving my profile, just message me! I am beyond friendly!!!
If I do not response to you within 2 days then I am not interested!
BDSM and me
I have no actual experience! I do know, I AM NOT A BRAT, I thrive to be perfect and listen because I LIVE FOR PRAISE. My goal is to be someones perfect sub.
I cant really think of any. I havent really tried much of anything. I always try something first before I decide if it's a limit or not.
I do want something in real life....but unfortunately I am not a fan of cats. If you own cats I would never move in. I enjoy cats but dont like owning them, SORRY it's just a preference! Nothing against all those adorable kitties out there!
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Newly single after 9 years!
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Aug 25, 2022
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Jan 26, 2020
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