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He is  51 and has known his lifetime who he is. As much as a touch can be firm at it’s grip it should always hold a softness that guides the mind into its safe space. He knows this and uses his judgement wisely. Strong of stature his mind is where the essence is his being resides. Knowledge and whit stimulate his mind and will always bring a smile to his face.
BDSM and me
Making your D/s dynamic a full-time part of your relationship means that it’s often much less about sex, fetish, or kinky fuckery and more of a relationship style. While all forms of D/s are about the power exchange (and not really about sex at all), this is a level of control that can – if you want it to -permeate every part of your life.
The limits we put on life are changed by the knowledge we gather as we move through it’s journey. One should not say my limits today are the limits I will have as life makes it’s changes to our minds and bodies. To challenge the mind is to challenge the soul…
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When they ask you what your favorite moment is, you will say her. You will always say her.” — Caitlyn Siehl
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