Illinois, United States
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Inexperienced Dom looking for sub
Hello there I'm 26 M and as the title kinda spoils I'm looking for a sub and I have very little experience, I hope to find someone patient and willing to grow alongside me in this endeavor some kinks I found I have are bondage, spanking, rough sex, humiliation, pet play and looking to discover more outside of kinks I love video games, reading, comics, MMA and lifting weights if anyone is interested let me know!
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About me
Still learning and growing wanting to explore this lifestyle as much as possible
BDSM and me
I've been in this a couple of years now, some experience and definitely loving it so far. I am very into bondage, humiliation and so much more, I love the passion and sexuality that can be expressed with BDSM
not into scat,blood or anything illegal
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Oct 5, 2022
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Feb 2, 2020
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