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30[M4F] Seeking my best friend, life partner, forever slave
This is the most profound and special thing I know. I need someone to share it with. I need someone at my feet. I need someone to keep. To embrace. To care for. To Honor To know. To make whole. I need to find that moment with you, again and again and again. I need someone to be mine.
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I'm a media professional. A Mystery Scence Theater 3000 enthusiast. A breakfast lover (technically, an egg slut). A Horror connoisseur. An impulsive writer. And a Hemingway apologist.

I'm also shamelessly into Gordon Ramsey.

Personality wise, I'm cynical on the outside, but a soft romantic on the inside. I adore intellectualism, but respect individuality more, and I have very little patience for things that don't contain either. I like anti-jokes more than I like regular jokes. I cherish alternative viewpoints, but I am of strong opinions, and my goal in life is to speak my mind with ever-increasing clarity, grace, and wit. I am intensely passionate about those I care about, and empathetically understanding of everyone. I am a man who only wishes for a few close friends, and a thousand acquaintances. I am eagerly and openly myself at all times. I yearn to climb mountains.
BDSM and me
I don't believe in Dominating by being distant, I believe that D/s is an exercise in intimacy and connection, first and foremost, always. I seek to be a loving partner, a dedicated mentor, a warm companion, a tireless advocate, a fierce supporter and a devoted Master to the one I cherish. I’d love nothing more for you to be close by but I’m looking for the right girl for me whether she be an hour drive away or thirty. I'm very open and interested in a long-distance dynamic, but my main goal is to find the person who will be at the center of my life and my heart, so as long as we find ourselves meeting at an airport in at most a year's time, I don't care what we do. As long as we become close and share in each other.

What I’m looking for is a girl who can give me an uncommon amount of trust, honesty, companionship, intimacy, bravery, respect, deference, devotion, obedience and submission. Because when someone gives that gift to me, it means that I'm accepted, I'm known and I'm cared for. It means I have someone who sees me as I am and tells me that I am worth who they are. There's just not a more meaningful thing you can give someone.

Dan Savage has a line I really like calling BDSM sex on a PhD level but I want to expand that and state that D/s is a relationship on a PhD level. In a vanilla relationship, cornerstones like communication, trust, sacrifice, love can be missing and the relationship and still limp along for quite a while, but in D/s, those cornerstones need to be practiced every single day in order for it to be safe, in order for it to be positive. And that's why that bond is there. Because it's committing to a life of service. And that's not just true to you. That's true for me. It is about being there for each other. I will serve you as you will serve me. As completely as both of us can.

I do best in a mentorship role, because helping someone become their best encourages me to grow as well, and the dynamic of us both strengthening each other and helping each other be the best we can be is the most important dynamic that we will cultivate. You will be held accountable for the choices you make in life, I will push you to accomplish your goals, come in with a firm hand when you don't and praise you to high-heavens when you do, while being an encouraging presence that whole time. I'm all about helping you create changes in your mindset so it becomes more positive, and making changes in how you approach your day so it all becomes a little more tranquil. I want to make it so you find empowerment and peace in your submission, so by serving me daily, you find happiness yourself. Every step I take as your Dominant, even when my decisions have to be harsh or severe, will be about building you up, making you a more confident, fulfilled and joyful person.

I'm one for audio chats and late-night philosophizing, and we'll probably start recommending true crime podcasts to each other before the night is over, because that's just how relationships start nowadays. You'll find me warm, gentle and interested in you and who you are. I'll take delight in forming a friendship. That friendship will be the foundation of everything we build together, and the purpose of whatever we build will always be to enrichen and deepen the friendship that we have founded.
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Privacy is important to me. I will happily share a photo of myself upon personal request.
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