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I'm a new dom looking for a petite female submissive from ages 18-25. FYI I am still new to BDSM and sex in general, and I'm only seeking online relationships right now. However I am open to meeting in person if things between us become more serious. I cannot wait to receive your messages, as I have some wonderfully naughty fantasies to try out on my unsuspecting prey.
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Single young guy looking for a submissive female. Bear with me, as I am a newbie when it comes to sex. In public, I am rather shy and unremarkable, but deep down I get a thrill from the idea of rough sex, humiliating others (with consent of course), and being in total control. Right now I’m only looking for online partners, but that could change.
BDSM and me
No experience in BDSM but definitely interested in learning. I have done online roleplaying before if that counts. For those of you who want it, here are my BDSM Test results. Make of them what you will.

== Results from == 94% Degrader 87% Dominant 71% Rigger 61% Primal (Hunter) 55% Master/Mistress 48% Experimentalist 43% Vanilla 43% Daddy/Mommy 42% Sadist 41% Owner 40% Brat tamer 7% Voyeur 3% Non-monogamist 3% Exhibitionist 1% Ageplayer 1% Switch
Not into scat, excessive cruelty, or illegal things. Also want someone in my age group.
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Sunday, February 16, 2020
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020
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