Master Havok
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California, United States
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Looking for an online submissive. RL is possible when travel isn't so complicated, Gorean knowledge a plus.
Looking for an online/ RL slave. Due to the current conditions of the world it will remain online until it is safer to travel. I am currently looking for a female who understands what being a slave truly is and has the intense desire to serve a strong Master. Ideally, I am looking for a girl who is interested in a TPE relationship. Someone who is able to travel unencumbered, at least for short visits if not able to relocate full time. Online will be required in the interim. An online only relationship is acceptable, though eventual RL relationship is sought and may take precedent over online only. If you have questions regarding this feel free to send a message and we can discuss it in depth. RL duties and time allotment can be discussed as well. Due to health and career my longtime(eighteen years and counting) slavegirl isn't able to travel to the places I do, so much of the time it will be personal one on one service, if the transition to RL is made. I work in the security industry (along with several other skillsets) which gives me flexibility on my work schedule and location. I travel up and down the west coast several times a year. Age is of little consequence though being physically active is a must. I enjoy the outdoors as an avid hunter and fisherman. Summers in Alaska can be hard on a body in the best of health. I take my responsibilities as an owner seriously. I provide all care and affection needed by my property. I provide training and guidance on a variety of situations, including career and life in general. I encourage my slaves to set goals and help support their advancement both in relationship and personal growth. Knowledge of the Gorean subculture, protocols, and positions will be considered a positive, not a requirement. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me
I am a stern Master in the Gorean lifestyle with eighteen years experience owning slaves. I currently own one slave who serves in RL 24/7 and lives in my household. I work in the Security industry with a flexibility on location and schedule. I travel the west coast several times throughout the year. I raise and train German Shepherds for both work and hobby. I live my life based on the Gorean principles of Honor, Respect, and the Natural Order.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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100% Owner
100% Dominant
100% Master/Mistress
100% Primal (Hunter)
99% Degrader
89% Rigger
71% Daddy/Mommy
56% Exhibitionist
53% Non-monogamist
51% Brat tamer
50% Ageplayer
47% Experimentalist
45% Voyeur
43% Vanilla
12% Sadist
0% Switch
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Thursday, November 5, 2020
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