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Melville, New York, United States
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M Dom LF Submissive bimbo trophy wife
Just coming out of a long relationship with the wrong person and I finally found out what I want out of life. I am a successful broker who owns his own home, works 70+ hours a week, and I'm looking for a someone to fit into this traditional gender role. Love of impact play and CNC is a must. This may also sound weird but I want someone to buy things for and provide for, I find life unfulfilling without someone to take care of. If this sounds like something you want out of life, send me a like and we'll see if we mesh well.
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Experienced Young Dom
Stock Broker on Long Island, New York
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Longtime BDSM enthusiast, looking for a play partner to edge into insanity.
Lifestyle Dom in a moving transition as I move forward with my career.
Scat, piss play, blood
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Aug 19, 2023
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Feb 29, 2020
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