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Alabama, United States
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Greetings. Currently I am seeking online slaves to play and have. Eventually have a irl relationship, but I am a very cautious man. I want to build trust. I seek females looking for online play, little to no limits. Any experience level is ok. If your interested check out my profile and write me.
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I am a 34 year old master, who loves BDSM and the M/s lifestyle. I have known that I had thirst for control and domination for a long time. I got into BDSM around 18 and love it. I have had several slaves and subs over the years and enjoy every moment I get to share the M/s relationship with them. I am kind, and caring, yet strict and demanding. I know the difference between abuse and discipline, reward and spoiling. I am seeking the right slave for TPE, BDSM and M/s relationship.
BDSM and me
i have been in the BDSM lifestyle for about 16 years. I love using : whips, paddles, restraints, crops, clamps, candles, flogs, switches and when a slave gives TPE to me, respecting, and trusting me not to abuse the sacred gift. I love a slave giving me her all, as the ultimate gift, for my pleasure, and I adore, the gift.
i have few limits.
no scat, or illegal activities.
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Seeking a female slave for TPE online for now then maybe in RL when trust builds.

recently I’ve been thinking about the Roman times, Vikings or genghis khan times. When you sacked a village, you took people as slaves.  It wasn’t uncommon back then. While I understand that was forced servitude, and I seek consensual servitude, it sparks a interest. These slaves viewed their conquerors as evil men, but learned to obey them. Some I might even say stayed because that is the life they were used to in a sense, and grew fond of it.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2021
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