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About me
Well basics are basics really so I'll just lay them out. 

Height: I'm 5'11" 
Weight: Rounding about 190lbs. Though not excessive in doing so, I'm working on toning myself down a fair bit more than I already am at the gym. 
Hair: Chin to shoulder length, slightly wavy, dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Facial hair: Yes, I have a full, trimmed beard. So no Duck Dynasty type beard, just a short one close to my face as I try to keep myself looking professional and neat.

Musical Enjoyments:  I like many a genre of music, in other words I like to give a music style a chance before I make my decision as to whether or not I like it. Honestly there are some bands I can't stand in general but they have a few songs I do like.

Food: I tend to try things at least once before giving it a yes or no. I really like to cook food, in fact I enjoy cooking with someone at my side as well. I also like to bake, though I have cut back these past few months on the sweet treats in life.

Hobbies: Video games are a great enjoyment of mine, movies, cooking, horseback riding (I'm trained in english and western style), looking into archery as I have a range near me and I've always been fascinated by it. I also have a bit of a down to earth "green thumb", I find it relaxing to plant and maintain a garden that I can get some food out of so I like to do things that have a purpose and a pay out in the end that shows in result to the hard work you put into it. It's hard to really narrow what I like doing to a small list but I think those are the main things to be truthful.

Personality: I'm laid back, patient, flexible, friendly, but I can also switch my mood like a light switch and take control of a situation when it is needed. I wear my heart on my sleeve, for a better lack of a phrase, so people usually know how I feel or what I'm thinking. I don't see the point in hiding my thoughts and feelings. But just the same I don't let these things rule me as it goes the same with my ability to switch my behavior and personality type to the more in controlled, reserved mentality. I find strength in that ability, to be so exposed and still capable of pushing through to get done what needs to be done.
BDSM and me
Though my Cage name is Master Deacon, I have fallen into the role of a Top, a Dom, and a Master. Even to better understand in the past as to how to be a better dominant personality, I had given myself in submission to someone I trusted enough to teach me. I am not a switch by any means, I do not prefer one or the other, I rather to be the one in control rather than controlled. However I do believe all of this between a Top/Bottom, Dominant/Submissive, Master/Slave, is a learning experience from beginning to ever-end should it come to a close. Sometimes things work out, sometimes not.

I have topped as I previously stated with a girl I took in as a girlfriend for some time until we separated. My role as Master was extensive as my girl required full instructions on daily behaviors to please me and greeted me to the point that it was nearly a Goreon life style she lived and I supported her in this existence as she lived to please me. Things happened that forced us apart, life is complicated like that, and we had to unfortunately part ways after a few good years together and I wish her all the best as she was truly a beautiful, loyal slave and I hope whomever she ends up with treats her with the same dedication she gives.

My more recent experience as a Dominant to a submissive was, well to be honest it was definitely a learning experience. I won't deny I probably made some mistakes with her but I place those mistakes on the fact that she wasn't exactly as she believed she was. She claimed submission and I truly tried to support her in that decision but she was a switch despite her stating she was submissive in all aspects of life. The truth behind this is that she fell short as a submissive beyond the walls of the bedroom. This is by no means a bad thing, but eventually even those walls fell away as she became more forceful and demanding even within the role as a submissive. I feel that our parting had happened unfortunately from a lack of improper pairing between us. It wasn't rushed by any means, we had been together for many years as we worked to learn one another and understand each other but in the end I feel she had trouble letting go of control. It is also to my thoughts that she hasn't truly found her role in life or figured herself out. So though we are no longer together and our parting was less than pleasant, I wish her all the best of luck in figuring out who she truly is as this is a lesson of life that one must truly understand before taking control over another as she last I heard wished to do, or before you offer yourself to someone.

Sorry if you've found this a bit of a rambling introduction but I wanted to give you a basic understanding of my history. I am patient, I do not mind questions as it is the only way any of us will learn. Though from a master/slave p.o.v. it should be a more physical learning experience for one another. Try things, see the reaction, the outcome, the praise or punishment and learn from it. Either way, on a more specific detail, I love working with rope. Jute and Nylon are by far my favorites as I get my jute rope from a private vendor who hand makes the stuff personally which tends to take some time, but it is worth it for good quality rope. The same goes for my toys, I get them from a private vendor and though costly, the items I play with are well worth it because the quality is always superb. Floggers, dragontail, etc.

I like to play with wax, it is always such a little thrill to see her as she writhes and to hear those sweet gasps with each drop of wax caresses her skin. Honestly, I'm willing to work and try different kinks even ones I haven't tried if it is a preference of my bottom/submissive/slave just to give it a try, though obviously like any person I do have my hard "reds" and I use that term in generalization as it is the more commonly known. But things like that can and should be discussed between me and whomever I end up with next. I am looking for you, that one girl I will keep at my side for more than a few chapters in my life. I look forward to meeting and finding her that will write the book of my life with me as we seek to fulfill one another's needs and wants.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, I welcome your questions openly and with patience for your inquisitive need to learn. It is the only way I feel you will truly feel comfortable enough in my company to submit/serve. This also goes towards those of you who seek the slave life style. Don't rush it, it is a very big decision and I'd rather you be sure of this choice. So how about it, let's get to know one another before taking the next step in this journey together.

A long time coming, a lot of conversation taking place and a lot of getting to know one another. I did not come to The Cage seeking a new submissive. Though informational as my profile might seem, there rests a painful and hidden darkness. A turmoil I hid not out of shame or worry, but simply pain from a shredded heart. I came for friendship, and I appear to have found more than that. I will see where this Valkeryie will take me and in her do I pledge my loyalty to. I am fully open to speaking with any and all who wish it, this will not change, but for now there is only one who will stand by my side even in a long distance partnership as this has become. Aria is mine and it is to her I give my dedication to while trying to find the courage to open myself up once more. I am her Sir, and she is my snarky little Enchantress.

Latest Update:

Because of distance and financial difficulties, unfortunately Aria and I have separated in terms of Sir and Submissive. Though despite this particular separation, she has come to find another and I have supported her through this entire process. We remain as friends and talk when either is available, but we keep it to friendship. This leaves me once more alone, not unhappy, but not complete in one of many aspects of my existence. I am not truly looking as my luck with partnerships and relationships seems to be on the low swing of things.

If you wish to speak with me, send me a message, etc. Please by all means feel free. I won't snap at you, won't turn my nose up at your words. I welcome kind words.
What's new
Took the test on and here are the results. Have to say I don't really do age play or see myself as a daddy but I am a nurturing sort so that might be where it is getting that aspect. I like to teach, to guide, to comfort and guide a submissive. So I can see how it would interpret that into Age play and Daddy standing.

== Results from == 
99% Primal (Hunter) 
98% Owner 
97% Dominant 
97% Master/Mistress 
96% Rigger 
93% Daddy/Mommy 
90% Brat Tamer
84% Sadist 
77% Degrader 
56% Experimentalist 
52% Vanilla 
48% Voyeur 
48% Exhibitionist 
42% Ageplayer 
36% Masochist 
17% Non-monogamist 
9% Submissive 
9% Rope bunny 
3% Brat 
3% Pet 
3% Boy/Girl 
3% Primal (Prey) 
1% Degradee 
1% Switch 
1% Slave 
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Friday, May 3, 2019
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