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Looking for a Christian Dom
I am looking for a Christian dom who believes in truly living out our roles of biblical headship (him) and submission (me), including CDD. I am talking a Dominant man/submissive woman all across the board including everyday life. I am a full time homemaker and mother (and if I remarry, wife) and will remain so, according to scripture. I am a strict anti feminist. I miss serving a husband and having a man to please and that constant desire to make him happy. I have more information in my profile; some of my online female friends who are themselves in CDD marriages suggest bdsm communities as far as looking for a husband. I’m 35, widowed, have kids, live in Pa.
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Widowed, 35, straight, only interested in single dominant Christian men, white, pale w freckles, 5’ 3”, 265 lbs, 42ddd, long thick brown hair, glasses, blue green eyes, sweet, chronically horny, love to cook and be a mama and homemaker. No health issues, tats, or piercings. Mother of 4 and want 1 or 2 more with future husband. I miss being a human cream puff. I miss being pregnant with my man’s baby. I miss lactating. I miss hearing my man come home from work before he even got in the house. I miss having my ass smacked (and eaten. And fucked). I miss cooking for him and doing anything I can to help him unwind. I miss nearly suffocating on dick. I miss having the legitimate thought “can I really swallow anymore cum today?” I miss sitting beside a
man in church and knowing he is proud to have me for his wife. I miss not being the awkward young widow With kids in church. I miss having a daddy and knowing I have his name, his nut, and his babies. Like I said, I miss being a wife.
BDSM and me
I was in a biblical gender roles marriage. I believe in the general Dominant male/submissive female scheme in all things. Have never partaken in actual SM, only bondage, submission, lighter side of bdsm. I know it’s a reach, but I’m looking for a generally dominant Christian man. I miss being a wife so badly, but only want a Christian man capable of his true biblical roles of family head, spiritual leader, provider, and protector. This includes domestic disclipline and I want another child (my late husband wasn’t actually into bdsm but was a dominant and I was a submissive cumslut breeder homemaker wife-I don’t want to use contraception but don’t believe in sex outside of marriage being moral). Some of my CDD friends suggested I try bdsm sites since vanilla dating sites are clogged with male feminists and or progressives not into what I seek.

I don’t want to be a slave and I don’t think females are inferior; I just don’t believe in feminism and I believe male dominance and female submission are God-assigned complimentary roles. While I believe biblical polygyny is not a sin, I, for practical, legal, and personal reasons, am only looking for monogamy.

I’m not usually attracted to heavy men; there’s a difference between husky and heavy, though. I don’t care about race. I don’t mind reasonable age gaps. I’m officially non denominational but anabaptist-leaning. Though, I will follow the spiritual leadership of my husband, including which denomination (If he wants to belong to one) to which we belong. I am not Catholic and am not sure I could convert-Orthodox I could. I’m not into progressive egalitarian “Christianity”, though.
Tbd-scats, blood, animals, certain RPs, needles, illegal activity, swinging, kids, breast injury, permanent marks are definitely off limits. Like I said in my profile, I’m more into the natural life and sexual roles of D/s and mild bdsm kink than I am about hardcore bdsm. I do call my
Man daddy but I’m not into incest or ageplay.
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