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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
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Strict, stubborn, dominant make looking for a cis female slave
I am looking for someone who may not exist, cis female who knows she is a slave or has slave tendencies. Understand it will be a CNC, TPE dynamic, in no way a romantic relationship. This will be for lifetime enslavement, so be certain you have that sort of commitment in you, there will be no backing out, white knights need not comment as I have mentored with men that would make you shit your pants, this is in no way a fantasy, I understand the weight owning such a slave.
About me
The photos in my profile are internet grabs. The pictures of mine which depict women bound, experiencing peadicament bondage, and extreme bondage can not be shared because of agreements with subjects to not have them shared, but I still wantes to depict things I will do to my eventual property.

To begin with, I am a straight male, 48, looking for a female or a female male couple in which the male would not be directly used by me, for some reason this confuses me subs.

My dominance is about control, pure and simple. I know what I want, more directly I know what I need.  I don't mind a strong, confident slave, as long as she realizes it is my world and she is being allowed to live in it. My rules, my decisions, my way. There is no compromise, there is no discussion to be had. If this is beyond your ability to accept, then move along.

For me submission will be absolute, It will never be about you, about what you want, need, or desire. That is not to say that these things will not be addressed, but it is for me to parcel out as I see fit, not for you to demand.

My needs seem to confuse many because they try to apply traditional relationship dynamics to a situation that is not traditional. Put simply, I need a girl to enslave. Not the cheeky roleplay that I see on sights like this where the slave seems to be the dominant of the dynamic with checklists, demands, and only seems to submit when she finds it appropriate. Power exchange in Master/slave dynamics are not fluid or reversible. I take your power, your rights, I become the gatekeeper to everything for you. Every decision, every action, every thought. This type of power exchange also means that I as the Master become responsible for every single freedom and decision that is stripped away. Ideally a slave has one purpose, to do as she is directed.

There is much more involved in this dynamic for me that I will not go in depth with here, it is also not for everyone, but it is for me.  Questions are welcome, criticism is not, I have not formed my thoughts about things overnight, every facet of this dynamic for me have been formed by experience, input from others, as well as an understanding that to balance this dynamic nothing is stripped away without it becoming my responsibility.
BDSM and me
My first love,  Yvonne  Craig was my bound dark delight as was Linda Carter. It for me is the systematic stripping of a woman's power until she is immobile,  mute,  and incapable of stopping me from doing as I please.
The inability of anyone to be honest and worthy of my time,  that limits me.
What's new
A theory I have come to believe.....

It is my belief that we are all born with a nature, who we are supposed to be in this world. Family, society, and life puts expectations onto us dictating who we do become. For many people this nature comes into conflict with expectation and leads to confusion, doubt, and sometimes self loathing. Sometimes we are afraid to embrace our nature out of fear of disappointing expectation, those of us though who explore our nature and embrace it are free on a level we could never have dreamed of, even if it is free to be enslaved. I know my nature and have embraced it, and I am constantly looking for my opposite.

I am mystified that a simple concept like dominance and submission is completely misunderstood. If I am a Dom looking for a sub or a slave, I am not looking for someone to take care of, not someone to pamper, indulge, cater to, or even give in to what you need. That is a modern vanilla relationship with kinky tendencies. To say you are a sub or a slave followed by a laundry list of what you want, need or deserve is utter bullshit. You need to take that to Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, or OkCupid because you are doing it wrong.
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Dec 26, 2020
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