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1)     Please don’t be offended if I act standoffish, overly cautious, or if I seem to be delaying meeting or advancing our interaction. I don’t give my submission easily, but when I do, I give it completely. I need to be certain that I’m giving it to the right person. If you don’t understand the need for caution, we aren’t right for each other. We will meet several times in public on a platonic basis to get to know each other before getting physical.

Yes, I am looking for a Master/Daddy/Primal Beast. I am a cis-het monogamous submissive female in search of a cis-het monogamous dominant man. Nothing in between. If you want me to be all-in with you, you must be all-in with me.

I celebrate the masculine. I lust after and worship the male body and masculine power. I seek a man who is powerful in his masculinity and who embraces his masculine primal beast nature alongside his caring, empathetic, professional Dominant side.

I identify as a slave with a heavy service orientation and a deep need to please. I find it very easy to get into a deep state of sub space with little to no prompting. Once I give myself to Master, I stay in sub space constantly and I use mental rituals to reinforce it so I stay there. I crave total surrender to Master's control and sole direction. I bow to only one man so I'm completely monogamous and loyal.

2)     You must take care of yourself both physically and mentally. If you don’t value yourself, you won’t be able to value anyone else. If you don’t take responsibility for yourself and your future, you won’t be able to take responsibility for anyone else. If you aren’t taking active, deliberate steps to be happy, healthy, and in good shape for many years to come, you’re taking active deliberate steps NOT to be happy, healthy, and in good shape for many years to come.

I have a strict health routine, so if you plan to take responsibility for me, you’ll need to support that instead of sabotaging it and influencing me to cheat. Ideally, I’d like to find someone I can work out with.

3)     I am a multi-orgasmic woman with an unlimited sex drive so I need someone who can keep up with me. I can have continuous orgasms for hours. I can orgasm from nipple stimulation. I can orgasm from impact, sensation play, being breathed on, self-suggestion, and remote command.  I can orgasm from giving oral worship to a man. I can orgasm even from thinking about my dominant. If you’re a one-hit wonder, please don’t contact me. I am highly responsive, sensual, and extremely receptive to my dominant’s influence. 

4)     I am a single mother, a successful entrepreneur, and I’m proud of it. I love my job and I make a very good living at it. I run my own business and I am planning to expand my business this year. I take great pride in handling my own life and I’m not looking for anyone to handle it for me. I have a busy schedule with many commitments, priorities, and obligations, so you will need to be accepting and supportive of that, too.

There are two accessories that money can’t buy: a fit, healthy body and a successful business. These two things cannot be bought for any amount of money. They can only be earned through hard work, commitment, and an unshakable foundation of self-worth. These are the qualities that I will be looking for in a dominant. These are the two accessories that I will be looking for as evidence that you embody these qualities.

5)     Who I Am: My interests are eclectic in every department with a mixture of indoor-outdoor, active-inactive, high-brow-low-brow activities. I’m adaptable to pretty much everything given the circumstances.

The foundation principle of my life is antifragility. I have an exceptional interest in self-reliance, independence, adaptability, self and situational awareness, survival preparedness, and sustainability across the board. I am committed to life-long growth, learning, experimentation, and gaining strength mentally and physically. I’m high-energy, curious, passionate about life, fully engaged, positive, resilient, and powerful in myself.

I’m interested in memory olympics, language learning, history and current events, music both listening to and making it, arts and crafts—anything that keeps my mind active and growing. I strongly live by the principle of neuroplasticity. We have this misconception in our society that we lose strength, range of motion, mental function, and adaptability as we age, but none of this is true. We just stop using our faculties and so they atrophy and disappear from lack of use.

The same goes for my sexuality. I have a high sex drive and I plan to become more sexual as I age rather than less so. I need a partner who wants to do that together—all of it.

I’m university educated, adventurous, easy-going, fun, insightful, courageous, empathetic, professional, and very, very loving. My Chinese Zodiac sign is the dog and this is the perfect metaphor for my personality. I’m intelligent, incredibly affectionate, absolutely loyal, energetic, protective, and I bond easily with those that treat me well. For those that don’t treat me well, I can be ruthless in cutting negative people out of my life and I don’t forgive easily. I trust my gut and I don’t waver once I make up my mind about something.

I have a curious and active mind, extensive knowledge on many subjects, and I'm articulate and an excellent conversationalist. I love outdoor activities, travel, and I have many other interests. I'm strong, flexible, adaptable, and enthusiastic in everything I do. I have a high pain tolerance for Master's sadistic pleasures and physical endurance to undertake pretty much any activity.

I’m also an introvert and a solo creative entrepreneur. My ideal work environment is a closet, so I’m extremely disciplined and highly organized with my work. I’m extremely disciplined and highly organized with everything, so I thrive on an open-ended dominance style rather than having every detail of my life micro-managed by someone else.

I am not a brat. I will never provoke you or knowingly break any rule. I live to serve and to please and I’m very trainable. I’m a good girl who needs no correction beyond a word or a look. Just knowing I’ve displeased or disappointed my dominant is punishment enough. I treat my dominant like a king and I genuinely worship everything about him—once he’s earned that place in my heart. I’m here to remove problems from your life rather than add new ones to it.

I have six years of professional culinary training, so I have a strong sense of international flavors. I'm very health conscious and I take very good care of both my body and Master's body. I love cooking for Master and taking responsibility of the kitchen to ensure his nutritional needs are met to the highest standard. I do manicure/pedicure, full-body therapeutic massage, hair-cutting, etc. I also take it as my personal responsibility to ensure that Master's environment is orderly, aesthetically pleasing, and to his preference and standard. I take pride in doing everything with excellence and maximum effort.

I have excellent communication skills and I employ a policy of total transparency and honesty with Master at all times. If there is the smallest chance that Master might possibly say in six months or five years, "Why didn't you tell me this before?" then I will tell Master now, even if it seems insignificant at the moment.

6)     What I’m looking for in a dominant: Apart from the above, I’m looking for someone who inspires me to be the best version of myself. I’m tired of being the hardest-working, most organized, most motivated person in the room, which I always am. I want someone who doesn’t just set the goalposts but actually embodies them. I am successful in every area of my life, but I can always become more successful. I want someone who is just as interested in hitching his wagon to my star as I am in hitching my wagon to his star.

Health is critical so I’m drug and disease free as you should be, too. I’m not perfect, but I spend every day trying to better myself. There is no magical line that separates your mind from the rest of your body so this applies to mental health as well. What you look like on the outside is a reflection of what you look like on the inside. Don’t believe me? Look in the mirror.

7)     I don’t wear makeup—ever. I have never worn makeup in my life and I’m not about to start. If what I look like isn’t good enough, find someone else. I practice radical authenticity. I have no interest, desire, or motivation to be someone else and you shouldn’t want me to be. You will never get anything but 100% unadulterated me. If that isn’t what you want, we should both be looking for someone else.
If you’re still reading and you think we might be a fit for each other, I’d love to hear from you. My kinks are also adaptable and will be discussed in due course.

You should be at least 50 years old, definitely not younger than 40.
My limits: Apart from the standard toilet, blood, and underage limits, I have three hard limits. First, I don’t take any kind of impact to the face or head. Everywhere else is fair game. Second, I don’t take any kind of suffocation or asphyxiation or constriction around my neck. I love being collared and leashed and I love Beast’s hand around my throat as long as doesn’t cut off my air or blood supply. I’m open to other kinds of breath play such as pinching the nose or covering the mouth as long as it doesn’t rise to actual asphyxiation.

Lastly, never ever raise your voice to me. This will drive me away and destroy all trust between us. It will result in me blocking, shunning, rejecting, and avoiding you with no warning, no second chance, and no explanation. If you have to raise your voice, you’re doing something wrong. Raising your voice is the opposite of dominance and will NOT be tolerated.
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