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About me
I've recently moved back to the United States. While overseas I participated in kink, but i never got into the rhythm, i had before. Now that I'm back! I really look forward to diving back into kink. I'm here to converse, learn and meet people. Some of my kink goals are to attend conventions, workshops, and local events! Desire is STILL on my bucket list! 2021 I'd describle myself as a big girl with small breast and a fat ass. I love california because I can show skin all year around!
BDSM and me
After having served you a beverage. Sitting at your feet, awaiting further instructions. Feeling your hands on my neck, acknowledging my presence. Service in this way makes my belly warm. In that moment, i know my place. I'd be relaxed and open me for whats to come.. Within this moment the connection is initiated and trust strengthened.

One of my most daring dreams is to have D/S power exchange, with a commited partner. However untill that point in time, I'm eager for casual friendly fun with trusted partners.

Some of my interest included: Impact, needles, raceplay (white/black) sensual play, bondage, humiliation, electricity, toys and service

Can't wait to connect with other kinksters!
Spitting, scat, ememas, blood, certain types of roleplay
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Friday, May 22, 2020
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Sunday, April 19, 2020
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