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Semi-retired, techie, happy, healthy, continental nomad, one carry on bag, tall-ish, young-ish, no-encumbrances, palette (pallet) of hair, no cavities.
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Update: In Las Vegas for a little while (May/June 21). I'm always up for a public meeting with anyone, like for coffee or lunch. I like getting to know people in person.

Straight, dedicated and loyal. Been around the BDSM world since Bettie Page, settling into submissive, pleaser framework as that is where my happiness comes from in a relationship. I need nothing for myself. Experienced rigger. Camera shy. Picture on request. Anything else just ask.

I've been Dom for so many years, now I just want to make one woman happy by being of service to her. I no longer have the drive or determination to dominate another in the bedroom. My pleasure will come from her pleasure. This doesn't mean that I have become passive in other ways. I'm still naturally driven to be a protector, a provider, and a leader, except that my world is selectively very small right now.

I'm in my late 50's and extremely healthy. I don't own nor live in a house any more (I've owned many). I'm a digital nomad. I support myself. I've never smoked (except the occasional cigar) or abused my body from the inside out. I've never been abusive to anyone, but I have been accused of such from my ex. It's the worst thing anyone has ever done to me. I've never done and don't do drugs (420 included), and have never been on any medication for anything. I drink alcohol on occasion (wine, craft beer or margaritas). I'm just under 6'' and keep my weight around 185. I can do a 5 hour hike without issue. I can ski, surf, swim, and the like. If something is rare and unobtainable, I want it. I'm shy in public. Socially, I am quiet and reserved. Once I open up and start talking you may have to tell me to stop. If you are rude or do something bad to me, I'm likely to just quietly leave. I know my brain and body very well. My brain over produces certain chemicals (dopamine, prolactin, etc.). I don't think I am very typical as a mature male identifying as submissive. I'm a self starter in everything except relationships. Politically, I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I like answering questions. I don't do casual sex. I have a PA piercing. I adore women and the female form.

My skills are as follows: I am a gentleman first and foremost. I'm kind and helpful to everyone that I meet. I will pay for someone's meal even if I shouldn't. If you ask me to do something I will usually do it (within reason, of course). I'm a self-learner and a good handyman. I've done whole room additions to a house (from blueprints to final inspection). I can fix anything on an older vehicle. I'm good at things like reviewing documents, and spell and grammar checking. I know the internet inside and out. I can do anything with software. I have low bandwidth and high throughput (give me one task and I will do it 110%). I've got good business skills (bootstrapped several companies). I think I have good objective observation and analytical skills. I see everything as pie charts. Update: 4-26-21 Just remembering (long time ago) I've done some leather work and bdsm furniture design.

My future: I am currently roaming the US (and Canada post Covid) in a small sleek motorhome, just enjoying myself, meeting people, and soaking up the nooks and crannies that North America has to offer. I'm self-contained and can go anywhere and exist comfortably. My roots are in the South, but I'm looking forward to spending summers (and maybe some winter time) in the North. I have no idea how long I will do this. Maybe a year or maybe indefinitely. It's a grand adventure for me.
Liars, online sex, liars, casual sex, liars, latex, smoking, pointy things, and the usual suspects. Jacuzzis. Pickleball. Did I mention liars?

I find it curious when a Domme lists limits.
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