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Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, United States
About me
Hi there~ I'm your local spooky ghoul of central New Jersey that adores all things spooky and weird! My name is Mandie, a Capricorn, and on my 27th season of Life. I'm more of a serial-killer-documentary-and-chill-type of entity, so if you're into that too, we'll get along great! Some of my hobbies include cosplay, reading, and punching nazis in the face. I support BLM and LGBTQ+, pro-choice, and believe that sex work is real work. So if any of that is something you don't agree with, kindly move along. :)

I am not looking for anything serious, as I am currently in college and I don't have the time that is necessary for maintaining something more serious. The world can be a very lonely place, however, and a casual companionship of a sort is definitely welcomed. I have always been intrigued by the world of BDSM and would love to explore it for myself.

Feel free to message me if you ever want to visit haunted locations and maybe make some sinful memories~! ;)

I am generally awful at making conversation, especially small talk. So if I seem a bit off, it's only because I'm heckin awkward.

ALSO: If you have the wild intention of sending me a message with sexually explicit content, please don't. I block people that do that.
BDSM and me
Fairly new with little dabbling in BDSM, but it's a dynamic I wish to explore and learn more about. I consider myself a switch from previous relationships (not in BDSM, though), but I would say I definitely lean more towards submissive most of the time.
Hard limits are humiliation, embarrassment, degradation, and bodily fluids.
What's new
Will be offline for a bit because of school and exams.
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Sunday, March 14, 2021
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Saturday, May 9, 2020
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