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Young Dom Looking For His Sub
I am an experienced Dom Looking for a Sub to form either a virtual or Physical relationship with, or a Virtual Leading to Physical. I am a generous, honest and caring Dom with a kinky nature, who Treats his Subs with the upmost respect, acknowledgement and firm hand they deserve. You will be treated safely and with compassion. Your reward will be a Dom, who cares for your needs and offers a lifestyle to compliment your strengths and weaknesses, all the while treating you and using you as you desire.
Relationship status
In a monogamous relationship
About me
Hi There i'm an Experienced DOM looking to further my experience and share my knowledge with chat, lessons or even tutoring if possible/wanted.
I have a natural talent and lust for Domination/BDSM having previous and current experience of 8+ years.
I Love the BDSM/Domination community and have only found pleasant, polite and fun people.
Interested in exchanging stories, tips and tricks etc, or people looking to learn from a willing tutor and interact with subs to learn from their experiences to further increase mutual knowledge and experience.
So feel free to contact me for a chat or anything, Connor.
BDSM and me
For as long as I can remember I have always had a kink and interest in BDSM and Dominaton, regular sex and making love is amazing but nothing quite gets the heart beating, blood pumping and adrenaline kicking as being a DOM to a submissive or taking part in and fulfilling my love of BDSM.

I love watching movies, reading stories, learning from pictures about BDSM and Domination and of course preforming and being a Dom in my relationships both previous and current, takes my breath away and excites me like no other sensation, to have them at my desire and to bring them pleasure and pain, even pleasure through pain just excites me more than anything.

I simply love the lifestyle and the community never ceases to amaze or inspire me and I can't wait to jump in with all you fellow members on here.
I draw the line and will not engage in any needle play, scat (hardsports), vomit, bleeding, suffocation (breathe play) and completely against any and all Incest, Animal, and underage activites in any variety or medium.

I'm also 100% straight and have NO desire for switch play.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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