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Pennsylvania, United States
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I'm an androgynously queer chick that has spent 19+ years doing whatever I pleased and treating others however I deemed fit (like the objects they were) as a Domme but now im exploring my submissive nature BUT that doesnt mean im going to submit to an ignorant sex craved individual, im an intellectual and i cant serve someone who i honestly think doesnt match or preferably surpass my non clingy expections
BDSM and me
Topics im experienced with discussing:
Human pets , leather, bondage, masochism, , voyeurism, degradation, orgasm control, and golden showers. Im open to read about more kinks and fetish practices though, there's so many!??
Not interested in RP or anything of the sort, it bores me after awhile my attention span is limited, just a person who wants to learn and talk about all the wonderful kinks in the world and possibly find someone I can bond with
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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Tuesday, May 19, 2020
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