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About me
I'm a 31 year old girl living in Alberta Canada.
I'm a bit shy and a bit self conscious. Kinda chubby and a Tom boy. I have one tattoo on my forearm and a few piercings. I don't drink personally but I am 420 friendly. (It is legal where I live)
I'm funny and down to earth and pretty open and honest about what I want and need.

Bisexual romantically. Male dominant preferred but curious about a mistress or including another sub woman. (Just curious, no experience with that yet)

I'm a pretty laid back person, I don't like a lot or drama. I do suffer from an anxiety disorder so while it is something to be mindful of with me, I've learned to manage it pretty well over the years.

I appreciate people with high sex drives and good senses of humor. I am a progressive person but also have a dark sense of humor. I might end up offending you by accident.

I use telegram as my go to IMing app but I also have discord (mostly for gaming) and Facebook (would have to get to know you first)

Non bdsm related interests include World of warcraft, writing, digital art, animals, binging series, trash tv and dank memes.

Feel free to send me a message and say hi!
BDSM and me
I am 100% sub. I am incapable of being dominant and it in fact makes me uncomfortable.
I can be a bit of a brat, though. I like to test boundaries and need some training, I've been out of the scene for awhile.

*Below this section of my profile talks about rape fantasy and non consensual rp*

My ideal dom would be a mixture of nurture and sadism. Someone who is stern in their rules and expectations but not so demanding I neglect other responsibilities in life.
Someone who wants to explore some dark topics that maybe you havent even admitted you want to explore yet, at a safe pace we are both comfortable with.
Someone who is good with their words, loves voice chatting, orgasm control, non con rp and generally wants someone there to not only devote time to making sure they cum when they need it, but also someone who wants a friend and someone to lean on too and is willing to give that back in return.

I'm looking for more of a Ramsay Bolton and less of a Rob Stark. (GoT nerds <3)

I love a dominant who is very descriptive, a dom that knows just the right words to say is the biggest turn on. I enjoy having my mouth covered and or gagged, rope, handcuffs or just plain being held down with his own strength.
I also enjoy written role play and online doms.

Punishments are a big thing for me. I love a dom who, while can be gentle and loving in his own way, will not hesitate to throw me over his knee and spank me for misbehaving or put me in the corner.
I want to get to the point where I genuinely want to please my dom, that will take time to build with me.
I have a praise kink. Being called a good girl can evoke tears from me with a serious enough dom.

And of course trust is very important to me. I do enjoy non con rp but of course a dom needs to know his sub and how much she can take and what's 'real' and what's not. It will take a very special dom to trust with a rape scenario, but I feel it is a big enough kink for me it's worth mentioning in my bio.

I have a moderate to high sex drive, and I hope my dominant would match as well, though it does not have to be sexual every single day. While I am hoping to find someone my age or older, I care more about your personality and our chemistry. Your career, social standing or what type of car you drive means very little to me.

Other kinks/interests include
Collars, praising, spanking, non con/violent sex, cock worship, phone sex, Stockholm syndrome fetish, titles (Master, Sir, Daddy etc),

My safe word is 'MORMON'!
I'm a good girl really, I just need a firm hand!
Dont care for hardcore choking, watersports, extreme humiliation, knife or blood play, hardcore pain/disfigurement, ageplay and anal isn't my thing. That thing where you are incased in a leather sleeping bag and can't move. More power to yah but that looks horrifying.
I am not a femmy girl. I don't wear makeup, dresses, lingerie etc.
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Jun 6, 2022
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