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Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
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looking for that special someone
I enjoy DDLG, and being Dominant, I am interested in the possibility of being in a 24.7 TPE D/s relationship. I have some experience and I’m eager to learn more while I have invested in toys and furniture, and continue to find new equipment I still need to find that special someone to use it all with. Could that be you? The woman I am looking for should be honest, loyal, caring, and ready to learn and grow together. Preferably between the ages of 20-30, and is serious about exploring a connection in real life. I am open to answering any questions you may have, so feel free to ask me anything you'd like to. Once we have established we have chemistry together, we can go from there.
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In a monogamous relationship
About me
Hi there! I’m 25 about 5’7”, Portland raised, but I was adopted from India! I like biking, hiking, video games,  and long walks with my pup. Some other hobbies would be piloting drones and photography. 
 home owner,  car owner dog owner,  full time job
 I am open to long distance relationships to start but I would like to have the ability to meet in person and potentially start life together long term. 
 I really would like to find someone that puts in the same amount of effort into a conversation as I do.
BDSM and me
I am very new to the bdsm community and am interested in learning and being in a safe committed bdsm relationships, I’m still exploring myself and what I like and don’t like but I enjoy the DDLG aspect, Being a daddy and providing aftercare of littles excites me. I am also a sadist and enjoy inflicting pain. 
I am looking for 1 of 2 pathways, 

Pathway 1: 
I’m looking for a 24/7 TPE live in situation ( relocating and everything associated with that will be discussed) and a long term relationship with the right person. While I want a 24/7 LTR and a TPE Ds style relationship, I’m also am not looking for a literal slave. That being said, I like to be in control and I’m a very organized person, so essentially I want to organize and control the life of my sub as well, but please differentiate being in control and being controlling of your life. I do not want to ever prohibit my sub from hanging out with their friends, seeing their family or from doing things they enjoy... ..

Pathway 2: Doesn't have to be 24/7 as I understand that sometimes that isn't for everyone, possibly including myself(never been in a 24/7 D/s relationship)  In that case I am looking for a LTR with commitment honesty trust and communication an emotional connection first and sex second. 

Message me if you have questions - V
Extreme pain, scat, vomit, needles,
What's new
December 2020 - with the pandemic still in full swing, my employment has maintained steady and pretty much all work from home, my relationships have all ended with my previous partner and so I am single again reflecting on how 2020 was good bad and ugly.

== Results from == 100% Brat tamer 100% Rigger 100% Daddy/Mommy 99% Sadist 89% Master/Mistress 82% Dominant 80% Owner 79% Experimentalist 76% Degrader 73% Primal (Hunter) 69% Masochist 58% Switch 54% Rope bunny 54% Primal (Prey) 48% Exhibitionist 46% Ageplayer 46% Non-monogamist 46% Submissive 45% Pet 44% Voyeur 42% Vanilla 29% Brat 25% Degradee 12% Slave 5% Boy/Girl
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