dom male

Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Relationship status
In a polyamourous relationship
About me
I am a highly dominant male. 
I would like multiple females to appease my nature.
Preference would be to have a stable of sub's who vary to cater all my needs & wants.
I like to be gentle, rough, hard and sometimes brutal.
I do cater for sub's but its too hard on only one so I need more.
I know when to play and when not too.
Time is meant to be split more hours out of role than in.
Unsure how much I should say so I'll say this I live in Oxford England, you can see my picture so no need to describe there.
I live alone am single at this present time working to fix that.
I have certain factors that I won't explain here nor until I've spoken to the sub/s for a while.
New to this site since August not new to the scene.
So far so good I'm hoping that my needs can be met.
I truly despise time wasters, fakers, spiteful people the haters can piss off.
I try to be respectful sometimes my nature bleeds out and I need to reel it in constantly. I just can't deal with unimaginative stupidity I can not understand why people do something that's either going to hurt, cripple, leave a scar, say something dumb, get in trouble for no reason other than they felt like it it baffles me.
Been lacking my fitness that's going to change.
Not much else to say.
Oh if your thinking it would be fun to dick me about go look in a mirror you hollow individual that which is reflected is sadness.
BDSM and me
I sort of fell into understanding in my teens I was in a relationship that on an occasion we begun rope play. I progressed to chains eventually that and locked motion.
This did something a lightbulb went on!!!
My tastes grew I had found myself growing with them I as a Master like to reward and punish my sub being good or being bad sometimes doesn't matter my mood can play a part towards how my sub/s get treated.
Keys or words said in a phase is my limit also nothing illegal
What's new
My blog just got sick of hearing horrible stories, reading about lowlifes and their crappy behavior towards us and not saying anything.
Well I'm saying it.
Just started a relationship with a switch female so the beginning of what I want in life is happening. 
This update also.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Thursday, August 31, 2017
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