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Virginia, United States
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I am a demisexual submissive just trying to find her way. I enjoy art and literature. I love conversation and love speaking about conspiracies and ways to make our world a better place! I also love fashion. My pictures show some of the things I've made! I love to crochet stuffies and clothes too! BLM!!
BDSM and me
I'm new. Very new. So I wanted to take a safe route and do research before jumping right in. I'm looking for a committed monogamous relationship with a Daddy-Dom possibly in the future. I have lots of questions and am happy to talk to anyone who has answers! In my lifestyle I have to be a leader in school, in my jobs, in my friendships, and even with my family. I am the oldest sibling and have always had to step up and be dominant in order to take care of others. Because of that I really crave being able to be the part of myself that has been suppressed. To be submissive and dependent on others. So that's why I am here! To work through trauma and work to find myself! Please feel free to chat with me about things I should know!

Here are my BDSM Test results!

== Results from ==
98% Rope bunny
86% Submissive
85% Boy/Girl
55% Masochist
52% Experimentalist
51% Slave
49% Brat
46% Ageplayer
44% Pet
42% Vanilla
My hard limits are water sports, knife play... for now. My soft limits are humiliation, being ignored, and gagging. But I'm am willing to try new things once I find someone I trust.
What's new
I recently discovered why I am not the most sexual person and why I find emotional intimacy sexier than actual sex. I am demisexual lol! I don't have many I can be open to about this, so I am really looking for guidance.
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Friday, June 26, 2020
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Sunday, June 21, 2020
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