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Will you be my Domme?
Hi to anyone reading this. I am a 25 yr old F Submissive who is looking for a Domme or Mistress. I have never ventured into have a female dominant but have had a few male dominants. I have had various same sex relationships and encounters in my past and although I am not entirely sure what my sexuality is I would have to say that I don't tend to be attracted to any one gender. I have wanted to explore being with a Domme or Mistress for a little while now but haven't got any further than thinking about it :) If you are at all interested my Fetlife profile gives a little more detail about me and what I am about. Thank you for reading, Kitten xx
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Hi, I am a 25yr old sub who prefers to be called Kitten during play.
BDSM and me
I have been exploring BDSM and D/S dynamics for a few years now with a move to DDLG over the last year or 2. I have tried long distance dynamics but I haven't ever found that they have worked for me, I want something tangible, I want something physical.
Hard limits: scat, rape play, torture, anal fisting, public humiliation, asphyxiation, blood play and really causing me to bleed in any way whether that be through biting, scratching, pinching or with objects such as needles, knives ect. Soft limits: Paddles, face slapping,
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
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