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About me
Well, I'm very open minded with a strong sex drive.
I am strong willed and at times playfully sarcastic! Very humble, easy going, and very much a lover before a fighter..
BDSM and me
Seeking first experience with a dom. woman or dom pre-op trans.. NO DOMINATE MEN!

and this will take place online UNLESS you live in within the city...

New to the BDSM lifestyle, but am very submissive by nature! I have confidence and am secure within myself, giving you room to test your limits and mine!

Mutual Trust, Underlying Respect, Pure Motives, and Patience when necessary IS A MUST! I'm want my Mistress to be fare and not selfishly driven!!!

I would like to gain enough experience from this, that I may be ready for full contact my second go around.
(In which I will travel or host)
Zero Tolerance :
Scat, Beastiality, Torture, Ball Rings, and Pain.

Hot Topics :
Watersports, (Dirty) Panties, Ass Worship, Ass Licking, and pretty much anything else that's risque! (Trans, Fem/panty boys, etc)
I do consider myself straight and am not into masculinity..
What's new

*I will be purchasing my premium subscription today!
*I will exchange contact info; email, phone number, or *any other apps you may feel more comfortable with.
and No Facebook, No Instagram during 1st experience!
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Sunday, June 28, 2020
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Saturday, June 27, 2020
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