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Long Beach, California, United States
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Mature Plump pet seeks lifetime Owner to take her home
Are you a man who is in control of his life and would like to also be in control of mine? I know that I do best as well used, owned property. For the right man I can be a very good girl, a docile animal or a degraded it with ease. If i am enamored with you, there is nothing i won't do to please you ... you'll have to be my moral guide to slow me down. I'm currently located near Long Beach California but am relocatable for the right man.
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About me
Kinda owie and slightly jaded but loving pet. I have an outgoing and playful personality but am happiest quiet and nuzzling at an Owners side. I only do relationships with a 24/7 in person goal and have happily lived as owned property in the past.
BDSM and me
I’ve been this way all my life and have had a variety of relationships including 24/7 mostly caged living. I find that I'm happy lots of ways, its the reaction in the man that makes it turn me on. I’ve also taught a bit but don’t let that fool you, the real experience comes from growing and learning with an Owner, not from any class.
I believe that all bodies have limitations and that a good Owner understands that. This is different from limits in the traditional bdsm sense. That said my body has definite limitations.
I have Lupus, an unknown other autoimmune issue and a narrow spinal column.
Here is what that means:
I have to avoid sunlight in mid day (I go out with UV is under 3 and stay away from bright lights).
My immune system has to stay low so I have to avoid anything that could cause infection.
Impact play can harm me. (My ass and back especially are problematic unfortunately. Other areas might be ok as long as no skin is broken)

So basically Im an indoor pet that you can't hit or shit on but will do just about anything else on command. Could be worse I guess!
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Im in LA now. I've been traveling back and forth between San Francisco quite a bit.
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Dec 22, 2021
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Jun 28, 2020
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