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Personality - INTP-A. basically, a female version of Spock. Sapiosexual. I am also an alpha female personality type.

Intuitive, earthy, weird, nerdy, silly, free spirited empath, who loves nature/plants, books, old things, mystical knowledge, metaphysics and hermetic science is seeking someone who is not turned off by a person who thinks outside the box. I'm an eclectic old soul who enjoys crafts, photography, jazz, art, and learning new things. I also believe in physical fitness, diet and exercise. I do allot of healthy things to detox and cleanse my inner being as well as my outer.

Libra/scorpio cusp.. so I'm sensual and naughty.. lover and rebel bad girl.. I really do hate to follow orders. When I'm good, I'm very good... But when I'm bad..

Favorite movies....fifty shades of grey (only a scene or two), 9 1/2 weeks, The story of O, and 365 days.
BDSM and me
Newbie. Though I have had moments in various relationships that have exposed me to some elements of such a lifestyle, it would often have me wondering if I should explore it further. My last relationship was w a man who called himself dom but really he was just an alpha male. When I asked if we could take things up a notch, he didn't want to explore what I was asking. It wasn't much.. but it bothered him.
I am attracted to men slightly older than me or just older. Men who are distinguished having status or a confidence that's alluring. A man who is polished but when you look at him secretly you know he means business. He handles his discipline with gentleness but firmness.. he rewards with compassion and tenderness when he sees fit. Highly intelligent and extremely sexy.

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96% Voyeur
93% Exhibitionist
83% Primal (Prey)
83% Rope bunny
79% Submissive
63% Boy/Girl
60% Masochist
50% Experimentalist
49% Brat
47% Vanilla
40% Slave
34% Switch
26% Pet
4% Ageplayer
2% Degradee
0% Non-monogamist

BDSM for me is more mental then physical. I am not looking for a sadist I am looking for someone who's more in the art of psychological with bits of physical. Definitely not someone who needs to lead with physical. That's not to say I may not want real pain inflicted it's more to say I don't want you leading with that as your main source of power or control.
I am not into TPE nor am I looking to uproot my life and devote the rest of my days to this lifestyle to some person. PS no married men. No poly...
Animals, scat, urine, blood, vomit, underage,drugs .. I'm sure a few others. I can bruise easy though spanking can be a turn on.. jus have to know what your doing I suppose.
What's new
Lastly. Please be a man of PERSONAL discipline. Meaning, your body and fitness is up to par. Unfit slothful Masters are not attractive nor laziness. How can I expect your best interests in me, if you yourself need work on you?!

PS. Not into polyamorous relationships. I want to be his one and only
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