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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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I am a 53yr bbw career woman. I am looking for an experienced Master. I am not looking for a Master that wants to learn the process together. I have been owned over the years. I have also learned that there is a development that Dominants go through and they evolve to be strong. I am looking for that strength in my Master. I have a child at home for 1 more year. If you are looking for someone to mold to please you then look no further. My pleasure comes from the pleasure you find in using me and training me.
BDSM and me
Submissive by nature is who I am. My body and mind yours to mold to what you need. I am looking for truth and a committed Dom/sub; Master/slave relationship. It is who I am. My heart body and soul have been opened and I don’t want to close them again.
Permanent scarring, children, scat, blood, drugs, animals
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I am not looking at this time  I enjoy discussions and talking with others about the lifestyle

ps. The profile picture is a stock image and not me.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
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