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North Ridgeville, Ohio, United States
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About me
I am dominant, monogamous, demisexual, saphiosexual, and grey sexual. This means I'm seeking a smart, submissive boyfriend for a female led relationship possible marriage. I'm seeking more of the relationship than the sex.  The grey sexual part means I'm picky in who I am attracted to.
BDSM and me
I want a local ideally live together situation. 

I'm not a harsh domme with humiliation or extreme pain.  . .

I'm more into control: chastity, and micromanagement.

The last female led relationship  I was in, I controlled. . .

Menu, food, grocery shopping
Most dates unless he wanted to surprise
Budget: paying bills, grocery, extra, allowance
When or if we have sex: he would orgasm to mine 3 to 5 orgasms until i got sick. Now I`m into chastity.
Chores: what and when get done
Free time vs time together

 I listen to his opinions, wants, and desire but in the end I will make final choices.


What I want more than just sex

.I love when a submissive boyfriend asking for things on his knees or begs me to cum.
I love to kiss, make out, and cuddle.
I love dine in or dine out.
I love when my submissive boyfriend  wants me for me and does whatever he can to make me happy.
I love when my submissive boyfriend  serves and spoils me because he wanted to not because he has to. It because he enjoys it.
I love when he is passionate about something and wants to show me. I want him to have hopes and dreams and not be a mindless puppet.
I love sex, but due to health problems, sex is very painful for me. First I'm extremely tight, almost virgin tight, and secondly my orgasms to cause harsh cramping that can last for days. It has to be someone decent, special and committed to me in order to even try. (Its why I'm into chastity and I'm grey and demi sexual.)
I am into giving very light bondage and sometimes pegging.
Major hard limit NO (I am not interested, so please read the list and do not ask about the list.)
No cam to cam
I do not other countries for relationship (only friendly chat.)
No married or taken men (if you are married or taken, please seek someone else.)
Bald guys (dealbreaker.)
No guys under 24 and over 45
Kids (do not want kids or subs with kids,  deal breaker)
No Skype. No Kik. No snapchat.
No culkolding
No minors (I keep getting emails from minors, if you are under 21 please do not message me)
Smokers (deal breaker)
Age play 
Cross dressing
Human toilet
Extreme pain
Not using safe words
What's new
The third link is my submissive boyfriend application please  copy and fill it out and message me.

If you, a sub, is truly interested in me being your dominant girlfriend/mistress, then I want you to read and reread my profile, to make sure I fit you. (Do not change your kinks, in order to fit me, I will check your profile too.) Then read my blog and if my then you think we will work, then message me explaining why. 

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