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Uncollared slave pig available for use in Los Angeles. Very service oriented, no reciprocation needed.

Also open to online training/sessions on kik or this very site.

Please rest assured this pig knows its place. A very quiet, attentive, respectful, and obedient slave pet. Low limit, well trained and studied in the BDSM lifestyle. it does not claim to know it all. it does not have an ego. Strip it of its manhood if need be and build back to Your liking. 

When pig is not in use, it spends time at the gym, in the kitchen cooking/baking, and shopping. 

Personality type is on the introvert side. This is might be due to pigs upbringing/experiences. This lowly pig was raised by a domineering Mother and a very controlling Grandmother (rip). Relationship wise, very low mileage. pig has been in 3 significant relationships in its entire life. All monogamous, all domineering Women who were 'Princesses' in control of everything. The first relationship (and probably most influential) was with an older Female. She's the one who introduced pig to the BDSM lifestyle (more about that below). The other 2 relationships where long term 'vanilla type'. Somewhat unfulfilling. After those 2 relationships, pig realized if BDSM isn't part then it might as well remain single. The strict vanilla life is not for this pig.

BDSM and me

Was introduced to the BDSM lifestyle by a much older Female friend about 20 years ago. W/we spent time going to local events together and doing sessions at Her home on weekends. There was never any sexual service involved in the relationship after the initial hookup. She did not believe in crossing that line with those She deemed as subjects, or as She called them 's-types'. i soon became Her main subject, almost felt like a test dummy at times. Eventually She had to move away, so the relationship gradually faded.

pig believes the Female gender is superior in so many ways, including the leadership role. Take its leash and lead the way Goddess.


The following fetishes/kinks are in no way requirements or needs. The purpose for mentioning them at all is to give Dommes more insight on the inner workings of this slave pig. So for that reason alone...

To be degraded and humiliated by a Domme is a great honor for pig. It deserves nothing more than to be put in its place! Whether enduring a session of face slapping, to being spit on, dragged by its collar, verbally abused, and objectified...it is all a privilege, Goddess.

It goes without saying that a pig is a filthy animal...it is drawn to filth, it is drawn to the nasty bits of this lifestyle. Some of this includes scent play, unwashed body worship, and well...for the sake of not offending the reader, the rest of it is something pig encourages a Domme to speak to pig about. Let's leave it at that.

'Au naturale Women'...Hairy armpits, legs, crotch. Seems weird? A long long time ago...natural body odour of another human would arouse the brain with the idea of breeding. Mammals are very scent-oriented. The hair is supposed to trap body odours, and the smell can trigger a sexual attraction in others. Body odours smell different depending on the person emitting it, even their current position in the female menstrual cycle, age, health etc. We're not so good at detecting any of these things nowadays because we're 'very civilised' and everyone washes all the time. So you could say hairy smelly bits are a hangover from pre-evolved human societies.

TPE (total power exchange)

FLR (Female led relationship)

Domme/slave pig

Cuckoldress/chastity sissy

Role reversal (were the male is subverted and penetrated)

Any or all of these dynamics, yes please.


With all this said...i want to reiterate that none of these fetishes, kinks, or whatever you want to call them are remotely important. What is important is the person. Her mind. Her voice. Her look. The way She commands me, makes me weak for Her, and strong in ways She needs me. i want to provide and protect. Love and worship You, til my last breathe. Goddess, please.


It's safe to say, this lowly pig is very low limit. pig has tried many things...many perverted, unconventional, and fringe fetishes. Please do ask. 

pig has no expectations or requirements when in service to a Superior Goddess/Mistress/Domme. pig is just here to serve, be used, abused to Your discretion. pig will be Your fetish dispenser, not the other way around.

Total Power Exchange is at the heart if this. Female Led is the key. pig understands fully, that a Domme has power/control only if the s-type relinquishes it. It's a give and take in every sense. It's unspoken, but understood. 

Thank You for reading this pigs lengthy profile. pig will periodically update the writings, and it's blog posts, please come back soon. Stay safe and best wishes ❤️

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Monday, August 10, 2020
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Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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