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Hello! I'm Snowy. I'm new to the kink world and hope to learn much from everyone here.

I’m sorry about not having pictures up, but I’d prefer to send them through DM than to have them up for the time being.

I’m 19.
176 cm tall.
Brown Hair. Green eyes.
110 kg.I know. I'm heavy... but I'm slowly working on it! :)

I’m looking for a relationship and friends. I’d very much enjoy getting to know someone through conversation and mutually engaging activities.

Fair warning: I’m horrible at keeping up a conversation, but I enjoy whenever there is a mentally stimulating one for both parties.

I'm male and would like to think I'm open to new experiences.
I enjoy bondage, but don’t feel like I have enough experience.

Beyond my inexperience in BDSM, I like games, philosophy, Instrumental music, anime/cartoons, reading and cooking.
I spend most of my time studying or reading about history, and watching the occasional cartoon.

Feel free to message about friendship or anything else. I’m not good at continuing typed conversations but will try my best.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day! :)
BDSM and me
I have no practical experience, but have read much about both bdsm activities and lifestyles. I would like to learn and grow with someone and gain experience through practical application. I look forward to learning and growing. I like tying people up and pushing people to their stated limits, provided it is allowed/comfortable.

I am open to talking about new things.

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100% Rigger
92% Dominant
88% Daddy
82% Owner
76% Master
69% Sadist
61% Degrader
56% Vanilla
51% Brat tamer
51% Experimentalist
40% Switch
No blood or permanent marking activities. More possibly to come.
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