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Horncastle, England, United Kingdom
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I am an experienced older Dominant, 6 foot tall, hazel eyes, grey hair with a man tum and a good sense of humour.

Currently going through divorce proceedings 

I am generally a relaxed and caring Dominant who’s purpose is to train you so that I should never have to raise my voice to you, simply because you will already understand what I want and wish for with barely a word. I will pet, caress and tease you, rewarding you with pleasure when you deserve it and pain when you have displeased me.

As with any responsible Dominant I take the time to assess what my submissives needs are and nurture them, growing your confidence and abilities. 

After all, I am as dependent upon the sub as they are dependent upon me. Both must have their needs met for the relationship to work.

Therefore, we will establish rules that are there to give you a structure to follow and you will only be pushed beyond your limits when you ask to be. Your agreed boundaries will never be violated.

As you will see from my Fetishes below I enjoy a range of activities but If you don't see something there that you particularly enjoy please ask.

I expect honesty from the very beginning and will train you to to obedient and compliant not through fear but because as time goes on you will learn to trust me implicitly. The sight of a paddle, the touch of a flogger gently brushing across your body will make you instantly quiver with excitement.

There will always be a safe word in place, you may also use the traffic light system, your safety is my main concern however I believe that if you have to use your safe word then I will have already failed you.

The relationship will be full of new sensations and emotions including pain, but it will never be in a negative context, my role is to nurture and grow you as a submissive not to destroy you.

Liars fakes and scammers need not apply as you will be exposed very quickly!

Please drop me a DM and we can go from there?

BDSM and me

Honesty, obedient and compliance are expected.

All of our other shared requirements are between me and my submissive

Dislikes are scat, illegal activity, drugs and Beetroot.
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My kink may not be your kink but I still respect your kink, please afford me the same courtesy !

March 5 2022, the search continues!

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