White Knight
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Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
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About me

A Dom with a few miles on the clock more a classic limousine than a sleek super car, I’m in the autumn of my life, but never more comfortable in my skin than I am now ! 

An older Dom (66) 6’ tall, 16 stone bit of a man tum but overall in good shape, with a very unique holistic style, I am very happy to discuss this with interested parties, though be aware I am heterosexual and male contact is discouraged i love a mix of both real and cyber in a relationship

BDSM and me

Key requirement is brutal honesty only, I don’t do lies and liars, much better the sharp sting of truth than the endless pain of deceit ! 

Primarily a Dom with extensive knowledge of many dynamics, a particular favourite is  Ddlg though more into middles than littles ! Kind caring and kinky 

Apply within for further info, after all what damage can a chat do ?

yes I am married and before you sit in judgement just ask please! There are valid reasons I’m on here ! 

Been in the life on and off for over 50 years, not much I haven't seen, tried or done.

If you are fake or a scammer be prepared to be exposed and reported ! 

Dislikes are Liars, Fakes, Scammers, Poo, illegal activity, drugs and Beetroot.
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My kink may not be your kink but I still respect your kink, please afford me the same courtesy
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Thursday, November 5, 2020
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Saturday, July 18, 2020
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