White Knight​{Not seekin}
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Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
About me
An older Daddy Dom in the Autumn of my life, with a very unique holistic style. I am very happy to discuss this with interested parties, love both real and cyber Ddlg relationship. Certainly not into nappies and sippy cups. No offence intended it’s just my way. I am seeking littles and middles that want a little downtime from everyday life in a safe environment with a kind caring but very kinky Daddy Dom ! Apply within for further info, after all what damage can a chat do ? I am married and before you sit in judgement just ask please! Love nurturing, developing and training ! What am I looking for? Good question ! Let me throw some thoughts out there ! Perhaps someone looking to explore the lifestyle in a safe environment! Because this all starts in the mind and grows from there, she will be a good communicator, able to discusss needs desires and wants, open minded , GSOH, experience not essential ! Someone that sits at home thinking , What if I did this ? Dare I go through with what’s on my mind? Could I ? Then the mind kicks in. And thinks “fuck it, I want this !” Been in the life on and off for many decades, not much I haven't seen, tried or done. Dislikes are Poo, Extreme Pain and Beetroot. == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Exhibitionist 100% Dominant 100% Voyeur 100% Rigger 100% Master/Mistress 100% Daddy/Mommy 100% Primal (Hunter) 98% Experimentalist 97% Owner 92% Ageplayer 84% Degrader 81% Non-monogamist 65% Sadist 2% Vanilla 0% Switch
BDSM and me
All of my requirements are between me and my submissive
Dislikes are Liars, Fakes, Scammers, Poo, illegal activity, drugs and Beetroot.
What's new
My kink may not be your kink but I still respect your kink, please afford me the same courtesy !

March 5 2022, the search continues!
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Mar 5, 2022
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Jul 18, 2020
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