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2 years ago. September 17, 2020 at 1:46 AM

Pay attention, there will be a quiz later. And yes, it is oral.

This is humanitarian aid. Men learning how to satisfy women sexually would go a legit long way towards world peace. Happy wife, happy life.

He kneels before me. He kisses each foot. He begs for communion with Goddess through sacred pleasure giving. I spread my legs and let him take a nice long look at my sacred pussy before he does anything. I like to see how hungry he is for it. I like to watch him change from man to beast before my eyes. His desire for me fuels my desire. I want him to smell my desire. My pussy smells amazing and I want him to experience it fully. He says, Goddess, I am not worthy to taste your sacredness, but only say the word and I shall be healed. I say he may begin. 

He had been taught to know how I like it. He has his fingertips on the insides of my thighs, dragging them lightly towards my pussy. The space where my inner thigh meets my pussy. It's super sensitive. He touches me there. It makes me shiver.

He gently touches my outer labia, up and down like a feather. It's sooooo sweet. He must take his time. I enjoy the sensuality of it. He takes his fingertip and touches the tip of my hooded clit. Once. He watches it contract. I feel his breath on my lips, hot breath. He begs Goddess for permission to use his mouth.

He uses his tongue to do the same thing, up and down the labia, no hurry, feeling with his tongue, sometimes circling, sometimes sucking here and there gently. He Swirls his tongue around the clit, (there is no sucking of the clit yet) a few times to make it wet, to make me wet. I like it when he looks up at me adoringly. I like it that he is enjoying himself even though it is all about my pleasure. 

He might have the instinct to put his tongue inside of me by now but he is trained well to be patient and take his time, looks at my beautiful holy cunt some more.  I want it to be a languorous meal. I like the tease, ironically. He swirls the clit some more.


UPPER LEFT QUADRANT. Men. If you forget everything else you've ever learned about pussy eating, don't forget this. UPPER LEFT QUADRANT. (MY LEFT) This is one of the most delicious places to be stimulated. The base of the clit, the upper left quadrant - that is the place and please leave the poor bean alone. She is wearing a hoodie for a reason. She doesn't need to be all exposed to the elements. Be kind to her, the kindest you've ever been because she is the most sensitive being on the planet! The clitoris has TWICE the nerve endings that the penis does. TWICE TWICE TWICE! I know, I said it thrice.

He is using the pressure of his tongue to rub that spot, looking for the place. He is using his fingers to pull the skin above the clit a little more taut to do so. Gentle gentle GENTLE GENTLE GENTLE sucking of the clit. And he can hum a little mantra here too. "Goddess MMMMMMM" The vibrations are amazing. He takes that lovely clit and yes, just feeeeeeeels how good she feels in his mouth, this little miracle of pleasure. Listens for my cries and my 'oh yes, right there' s. And when I say 'oh yes, right there', I fucking MEAN 'OH YES, RIGHT THERE, DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE CHANGE THAT UP JUST YET'.

And this is where he puts his finger (one to start, you can work up to two) inside me and starts pumping long and slow which pulls the clit ever so slighty with every thrust, intensifying the pleasure.

He is licking my slit and applying tongue pressure at UPPER LEFT QUADRANT while he is finger fucking me, which might be my all time favorite. Certainly the top 3.

And any time he wants to hit the g spot, he can go right ahead because I will be desperate for release by then.

And then I will cum. And then we may repeat. 

Cunnilingus, cumming, repeat X3, X4. or X44, and then raspberries and dark chocolate ice cream for desert please. :)

2 years ago. September 14, 2020 at 2:17 AM

I was gob smacked when I first discovered that some men actually desire to be kept in chastity. All the men I have dated have never wanted it. But I have discovered that chastity mixed with heavy teasing and orgasm denial are the most effective way to express feminine power over a man. And it turns me on immensely. I actually feed off of the spiritual energy of arousal that is created when I tease. It keeps me young. My last boyfriend hated chastity.  He complained of chaffing, discomfort, and sleeplessness. I didn’t leave him in for longer than a few days at a time. One month was his longest period. His health was my responsibility so I am careful about longer sentences. I use chastity as a punishment when I feel a boy needs to focus more on me. Boy, does it work. My ex always exhibited the confident easygoing masculinity of an alpha male but when he was in chastity I saw him transform into a meeker and more attentive man. He seemed to shrink in stature when he was locked. At the same time, after locking him, I instantly felt six inches taller. I especially loved going to parties or get-togethers with friends while he was in chastity. Normally, he was quite gregarious. However, when he was locked he tended to hover in the background obediently watching to see if I needed anything. The first time I noticed this personality change I also noted a change in myself. I am naturally flirtatious with men in public, but seeing him reduced brought out an even more sexually provocative side to my nature. We were at a party that was partially filled with the young male college friends of the son of our host. One young man seemed especially enamored of me despite our age difference. Oh, I had so much fun flirting with him while my ex helplessly watched from across the room. It wasn’t necessary to do anything else but flirt to reinforce the message that I had much more sexual power than my sub. I could feel his burning lust for me even from a distance. Other than enjoying myself, stimulating his need was the point of it all. I learned a lot in that moment about both of us. And when we got home I immediately bound him and used his body while teasing and denying him. His role and my role became much clearer. His chastity empowered me while at the same time making him a more malleable slave. 

2 years ago. August 30, 2020 at 2:24 PM

It has long been a goal of mine to enthrone myself as my partner’s deity. There is no greater honor, no deeper submission than outright worship. For the sub It will mean giving himself over completely and utterly, surrendering the ego and accepting whatever he is given. For me, it means having control over another's fate, being given the mind, body, heart and spirit to do with as I will. It means being Goddess.

It is almost strange... how easily I am able to slip into that mentality. How effortlessly one can begin to feel that we are somehow "more" than ourselves. I think that it is through Love that this transformation takes place. After all, if there is any core truth behind all religions (regardless of how you feel about the religions themselves) it is the notion that "Goddess (God) is Love" and there is no more powerful transformative force. To give and receive love of this sort, the Love that transcends all things, is, in itself, an act of worship. Therefore, when we engage in this sort of activity, we are only expressing love in the purest and truest sense possible.

When he kneels before my body as if at the altar, cherishes it like a precious treasure, yet with such intensity, this elevates me, to know that I am revered so much. It also allows him to feel with such intensity that it seems his body cannot contain it. Indeed, it does not, for his cock begins to drip pre-cum and his eyes well up with tears. Oh to love and be loved with such fervor! Even the hardest of hearts would melt at the sight as this beautiful angel weeps at my feet. Tears of immeasurable joy for being so close to my sacredness and of equal pain at the thought of ever parting from it. His hardness, honors me a miracle of the flesh which delights me. His human desire is for it to be sucked, stroked, kissed and cradled. He wants to be one with me in every way. In all his passion he will desperately try anything to feel that completeness, to merge with his Goddess.  How can one describe the immense honor he provides? There are no words or feelings that can do justice to it. This is deification. To feel elevated beyond the worldly is the gateway to otherworldly truth and power.

Some would say I go too far. Maybe, that is so. I don't ask others to walk my path. All I know is that this is the way I want to go. Each day he will pray and meditate to an image of me. He will repeat mantras and enter into trance states. I have studied the conditions that precede a religious experience. I will scheme and manipulate situations that might produce such an experience in him. I will use physical pressure, hypnosis, meditation, even protein restriction and mild sleep and sensory deprivation. I will use mind control techniques and magick spells. Again, my path is nor for everyone, but I will possess one partner who completely becomes indoctrinated into my cult.

2 years ago. August 26, 2020 at 3:37 PM

I know I'm partly to blame. Many men have a very porn riddled version of life with a domme because that is the part of my life that I display on a site like this. Who wants to know about managing my aging mother or who I vote for in political elections? Yawn!.......................... I'm a real person and any serious romantic relationship I have needs to be a love relationship. It will be 24/7 FLR, but that doesn't mean I'm always in leather and he's always on his knees......... I have an active vanilla social life. I am interested in social reform. I work 50 to 60 hours a week. I play tennis every day. I ride horses. I love being on the water. A boyfriend and I will often act and look like a lot of couples. We are real people. ....................In a real relationship, first comes mutual attraction and getting to know each other. There must be a right fit across political, religious, and cultural values. Domme women are real people not just kink dispensers. Some of you dream of being used like this and I admit that it's an important part of the way I live my life. However, that kind of relationship isn't fun or intimate enough for me. I don't want to always feel that I am unobtainable and distant to him. I want to draw him ever closer to me. It's why I would love to send a boyfriend to school to learn to manicure my nails. He could curl and comb my hair. He could bathe me. He could dress and undress me most days that I'm home. We would go to long lunches where we hold hands and talk for hours. We can go to the movies and theatre together (after pandemic, sigh!). We can work out together. We can share vanilla friends. We can go on vacation trips together................... Yes I want to own a servant, but it will be even sweeter when he is my love interest!

2 years ago. August 25, 2020 at 5:31 PM

I have blackmail fantasies. Sometimes I toy with the idea of putting a protection order on a boyfriend, then having him arrested for failing to maintain enough distance from me. I tremble at the thought of going downtown to the jail and seeing him in the lock-up. I picture how I would dress. Probably leather and boots with heels. I love watching what an outfit that is not revealing but still sends out a subtle dominant message does to the right kind of man. I think of him coming out in his prison jump suit to speak to me in the visitor’s section. He would be completely at my mercy. He would be hurt and bewildered by my actions. I imagine him leaning into the window and begging me to end the charade. I imagine myself smiling at his distress but doing nothing but promising to return the next day to visit him again. There is something so powerful about imagining the shocked and hurt look on his face that it gives me the shivers.

This whole scenario is so powerful that I masturbate to the thought of it frequently. Alas I will never actually live this as I realize that I could put myself in legal jeopardy for using the criminal justice system for my bondage games. But I still have my dreams.