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Some of my erotic poetry
14 hours ago. September 27, 2022 at 12:00 AM

On my knee

I tie your hands behind your back, I sit you.on my knee, with a handful of your hair, I force you to place your lips on me

I slide my hand between your thighs I rip off your panties of red lace, you seemed shocked by the aggression, I see it on your face

The forceful way I rip off your panties made you get quite wet, I feel your dampness on my knee, though I haven't touched your pussy yet

I force your thighs apart, my fingers glide slowly deep inside, you can't help yourself, you spread your legs real wide

Your juices flow over my hand, I push deep, you need to grind, I tell you to fuck my hand, the request just blows your mind

You move your pussy back and forth, my hand covered in your juice, you are pushing my fingers in deeper, your hungers getting loose

I try to pull my fingers out but you've pinned me deep inside, I know your cumming hard by the way you moaned and sighed

My tongue rammed into your mouth, I control you with my hair, I love to feel you fucking my fingers, has you use my knees just like a chair


1 day ago. September 26, 2022 at 12:02 AM

Inspired by Harry Potter


Kinky witch

Oh you've put such a spell on me are you some kind of kinky witch, you've made me feel real horny and my wand's begun to twitch

It seems I don't have control, my desires are running free, I'm desperate to get to you, what have you done to me

I close my eyes and there you are, in school robes on a train, hair in braids, cute in uniform, the image nestled in my brain

My hunger for you is building, my desires burning bright, please come and visit me and be my dream witch tonight

With a flick and swish of your wrist your wand would do its trick, I'd would get much harder has you levitate my dick

Straddle me in your witches robes, I want to look upon your face, I hope to find you wearing soft Red lace, over your magical sacred place

The evening would be wonderful a night full of sexual magic but sadly when the sun arrives, you leaving me is so very tragic



2 days ago. September 25, 2022 at 12:00 AM

All because of you

By the light of the fullest moon, I'm searching to quench a never ending thirst, my desires growing stronger, the pain it is the worst

Many I have fed on each lovely with their own type of wine but none had the nectar, that made them truly mine

None sent a fire rushing through my lonely pounding heart, so sadly I continued my search, so with them I had to part

There were times they gave me moments of comfort, I stole a much needed kiss but none ever gave me, the feeling of true bliss

So my search carried on  I meandered through my dreams, expecting to walk a lone through each night or that is how it seems

Then one dream I found you, the missing piece to make me whole, I knew they'd be no other, to own my heart and soul

So now my dreams are wonderful, I adore the things we do, now my dreams are perfect and it's all because of you


3 days ago. September 24, 2022 at 12:15 AM

Ending of each day

You're a Angel or You're the Devil, I'll take either any day, wether it's a soft or gentle hug or dirty kinky sexual play

A night spent within your arms, wrapped in your sweet embrace, sharing the softest kisses, laying together face to face

Or having you dressed in my favourite outfit, your delicious curves dressed in soft Red lace, seeing passions rising, a hunger on your pretty face

Hands entwined together our digits make a lovers knot, making sweet and tender memories, that won't be soon forgot

Or you bound down to my headboard, the bounds are done so tight, you now at my mercy, you'd my kinky plaything for the night

To gently kiss along your thighs, with your petals spread real wide, my tongue, lapping up your nectar, from the Rose bud that hides inside

To ravage your sacred place, to eat you with a ravenous sexual need, leaving bite marks in my wake, raw reminders if my greed

So either soft sweet Angel or kinky Devil, I'll have you anyway, just come to me nightly i beg of you, at the ending of each day


4 days ago. September 23, 2022 at 12:00 AM

Goddess draped in lace

A Goddess stands before me, Red lace draped across her skin, with the soul of an Angel but her eyes were filled with sin

I watched her curvy body move, I wished she could be mine, not just inside a dream but in the real world and for all-time

To feel her body next to me, at the dawning of each day, to spend time with her in the real world, during my work, my rest and play

To taste her lips pressed on mine, to slide my tongue inside her mouth, kissing down her gorgeous body, as I  make my way down south

To reach the sacred place between her legs, to nibble on her thighs, to eat her until her juices flow, to hear her softest sighs

To bring her to my bed to sleep, she would be my pillow queen, to wake up and find her with me but in life not just in my dream

Just the thought of her being real, makes my old heart race, just imagining her in front of me, my Goddess draped in lace


5 days ago. September 22, 2022 at 12:04 AM

Beneath the noon day sun

In my dreams we walk on a beach holding each others hand, Sun warms our bodies as the Turquoise sea laps upon the golden sand

Laying together in the noon day sun, we share a soft and tender kiss, feeling you so close to me, truly is such dreamy bliss

So close to my body in the sand we are entwined as one, a tingling flies between us, as we lay beneath the noon day sun

Just you and I alone, we are laying together face to face, we are sharing a moment on the beach, together in our dream state place

Kissing together I smudge your pretty painted lips, I run my hands across your curves. Then Inside your thighs my hand just slips

Your body calls me closer, on the beach you give yourself to me, then you become part of me and I become a part of thee

In the real world we are miles apart but at night we are as one, walking hand in hand on the beach, being warmed by the noon day sun



6 days ago. September 21, 2022 at 12:00 PM

When you come to mind

Need, lust, hunger, desire the feelings I get when you come to mind, a desperate need, a most ravenous want of the sexual kind

A need to have my way with you, too use you as my own sex toy, to do anything I desire, I have no time for coy

I can't do romance, I can't be gentle, caring all the time, sometimes the beast gets loose, then I must make you mine

All thought of self control is lost in my mist of my sexual lust, I just have to taste your body now, for me it is a must

Clothes get torn off, I've ruined countless amounts of lace, try to get you naked and pulled into this beasts embrace

To own you and ravage you, to drink your pussy's wine, to get you to take my hardened shaft, are the only thoughts of mine

To pound you hard and ride you fast, to here you moan and cum again, to here you beg for more cock, to hear you scream my name

All these things come to mind when I'm laying in my bed, I get a uncontrollable, unquenchable thirst for you, when you're in my head


6 days ago. September 21, 2022 at 12:01 AM

The dawning of the Sun

Soft kisses and caressing our bodies entwined as one, we share sweet tender moments as we await the dawning of the Sun

Wrapped in each others arms, in such a tender loving embrace, looking deep into each others eyes, a smile upon each face

Fingers blended together, it's hard to tell which ones are mine, you look like a Goddess, I wish we could stay here for all time

Sharing the same pillows you're snuggled underneath the covers, whispering to each other, we share secrets meant for lovers

Whispering of desires, we share all our hopes and dreams, this is the most perfect night, or to me it's how it seems

Making love so gently, it feels like it was our very first time, my heart now belongs to you, I pray that yours is mine

A union of body's and soul, tonight we became as one, sharing loves glorious bounties as we greet the dawning of the Sun


1 week ago. September 20, 2022 at 12:02 AM

From fuck to fight

Let's get rough and nasty, I want you to take you like a whore, I'm gonna have my way with you, then I'll take some more

Pin you down on the floor, force my tongue into your mouth, smudging your pretty red painted lips, before I go down south

Clothes strewn everywhere, torn remnants of soft Red lace, bite marks on your body, I take you at a furious pace

Nipples hardened from my touch, they've been pinched, pulled and sucked, passions taken over me, you're gonna get real fucked

I grab your ankles, spread you wide, they're forced above your head, I bury my head into your pussy, this hunger must be fed

Licking, lapping, probing, your juice flows across my lips, you feel me pushing deeper, as you raise your curvy hips

You scream out in ecstasy, I love to hear you cry out my name, once I've made you cum real hard, I want to try again

I move up your sex soaked body, I ram my dick in hard and deep, you moan in sexual pleasure, I feel your pussy seep

Crash our bodies collide, I really start to thrust and pound, you feel my weight and my force, nailing you to the ground

Your claws tear at my flesh, my neck feels your sexual bite, you force me onto my back, this fuck is now a fight

You want to be the dominant force, I want to keep total control, we both struggle for the upper hand, we battle, fight and roll

I nearly lose control of you, so I put my hand on your throat and grip, instantly the fight is done and back into a submissive girl you slip

I make you cum once again then I fill you with my warm wet cum, as I lift you off the floor, I pat your gorgeous bum

We shower then we cuddle, I thank you for the rough play, I apologise for the aggression but I've been wanting you all day


1 week ago. September 19, 2022 at 11:16 AM

In between my thighs

Tear at me with your claws, let loose your beast from within, gnaw at my awaiting flesh, come get your fill of sin

Feed on my very soul, take my body for your very own, eat me hard and fast, gnaw me flesh and bone

Let your desires surface, there's no need to hold back any more, I'm willing to be your feast tonight, you hungry little whore

There's no need for restraint, let loose your sexual lust, tie me up down nice and tight, we share a bond of trust

Use me and abuse me I'm your playground for the night, ravage me with your lust, my bodies yours tonight

Feed on me and take your fill, I'm here to be your feast, tonight there's no holding back, I want to see the beast

Let it out from deep within tonight unlock it from its cage, unclip its leash of control, release its sexual rage

I know inside you hold back your beast, I've seen it in your eyes, tonight I want the real you, in between my thighs