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Some of my erotic poetry
16 hours ago. June 6, 2023 at 11:13 PM

You just might

If you were here would we do the things that I dream of every night, would you let me tie you down, with silk scarfs nice and tight

Would I get to own you, do all the kinky things of which I dream, take you to ecstasy and hear you moan and scream

Would I get to kiss your lips, feel your curves whilst they're covered in Red lace, take you hard from behind, or make love gently with you face to face

Would you dance for me, so I could watch you swerve and sway, would you wear sexy outfits to enhance our fun role play

In my dreams I take pictures, would you let me do that if you were here, then lay here and look at them to see why they bring me cheer

Having them would keep you close, when I'm on my own, if I needed to see you, you'd be forever on my mobile phone

So would you do all the things I dream of, if you were with me for a night, I guess it's something I'll never know but I dream that you just might


1 day ago. June 5, 2023 at 11:00 PM

Cold real world

Oh how I dream of kissing you before we say goodnight, then to have you wrapped inside my arms, snuggled in so tight

Our bodies entwined like two pieces of a puzzle we're a perfect fit, how I'd love to wake with you, I so often dream of it

To awake and find you with me, so we could share each and every day, to have you really in my life, I always wish and pray

I know I feel you in my heart, I carry thoughts of you in my head, so many things remind me of you, that's the way my poetry gets fed

I know your many worlds away and I only touch you in my dream but sometimes they seem so very real as mad as that may seem

I swear sometimes I can feel your skin, I can taste you when we kiss, I smell your gorgeous fragrance, it feels so real it brings me bliss

Then back in the cold real world, I'm once again just on my own, dreaming of my special girl, who I write of on my phone


2 days ago. June 4, 2023 at 10:48 PM

A ode to pussy

Oh I'm at the sacred Chalice there can be no better place, close enough to touch with my tongue, hovering just above my face

I love the perfect pussy with petals like a gorgeous rose, the fragrance of her sex, wafting up my nose

That pretty little glisten, shining like diamonds in the sky, oh even if I think of it, I just cannot help but sigh

Pushing passed the moistened lips, I glimpse her swollen clit, I'm moments away from sipping juices from a heavenly soaking slit

Pussy is my happy place, it's my favourite place to be, drinking from a Chalice, sipping the wine that's been made especially for me

Each pussy is so different but to me they're all devine, I try to pay my homage to them all, I glorify them all in rhyme

So hover over my hungry tongue, is your pussy shaven, nice and bare, or is it a well kept pussy, with a little bit of hair


3 days ago. June 3, 2023 at 10:59 PM

Only in a dream

Okay you're saying you want to be treated like some dirty slut, you want me to use all your holes, your pussy, mouth and butt

Treat you like I own you, call you sleazy nasty degrading names, put you on a dog leash, whilst we play some kinky games

You say you'll wear any outfit, with lingerie of soft red lace, I can take you out in public, then we can have sex in any place

This sounds a bit to good to be true, it would be my perfect night, it ticks all my kinky boxes, you've really got it right

So can I have you in stockings and suspenders, a low cut blouse and a tiny skirt, I want you to show the world you're gorgeous and be a kinky little flirt

I want you to fucking tease me, show me glimpses of your skin, spread your legs wide in public, so only I can see within

What have I done to deserve this treat, god i adore you my kinky Queen, I couldn't have imagined a kinky night like this, they surely only happen in a dream


4 days ago. June 2, 2023 at 10:58 PM

To the pleasure dome

I'm at your sacred Chalice I've come here to make it mine, I intend to make her soaking wet, dripping with your sacred wine

My mouth is so very close, my tongue starts hunting for your clit, my thumbs hold your lips apart so it can dive inside your slit

You raise yourself higher, you glistening lips are now on show, I put my mouth around your mound and eat you nice a slow

You rise and fall with every lick, with my tongue you keep perfect time, your juices run down my throat, the taste is so devine

I begin to pick up pace, on my face you start to grind, I'm taking you to the pleasure dome, I want to blow your mind

Tongue buried deep inside, I'm drowning in your juice, you begin to sigh and moan, your orgasm fight to just get loose

With a shudder and one more lick, your orgasms finally free and as for your sacred Chalice, well that belongs to me


5 days ago. June 1, 2023 at 10:56 PM

Your pretty face

A gorgeous black negligee or something saucy in red lace, they are such sexy things to see but I'd swop them both to see your face

All your gorgeous curves, your moistened pussy and your ass, if I had to choose a favourite I'm afraid I'd have to pass

Of course I love to see your body, I'd obviously love to touch your skin, to tie you up and take you, to use you for my sin

But I'd give up anything to be laying with you face to face, looking deep into your eyes, seeing your beauty and your grace

To get lost inside your eyes, to be mesmerized by your kiss, to taste your favourite lipstick, really would be bliss

Wrapped up in a soft embrace, or cuddled in real tight, just to be close to you and to see your desires fires burning bright

So when I get new pictures, they all make my heartbeat race But the ones I love most of all, contain your pretty face


6 days ago. May 31, 2023 at 10:45 PM


She said you'd like some assistance with a sexual magic trick, she said the participant must have a willing dick

I laughed and said cone on then, let's see your magic trick, she started by stroking me hard, soon I had a throbbing dick

She laid me on the table, she said stay still and close my eyes, be prepared to be amazed and mesmerized at this magical surprise

She was wearing a magic robe, underneath I could glimpse red lace, she put herself across me at a slow but steady pace

I felt her hand on my dick, I felt her push the tip in as she moved it from side to side, then she said ABRACADABRA and slide it deep inside

She told me to open up my eyes, she said TA DA your dick is gone, I couldn't say it wasn't a magic trick my dick was sort of gone

She rode me hard she rode me fast, she really knew how to take my dick, she's now my favourite magician and she sure does my favourite trick


1 week ago. May 30, 2023 at 10:59 PM

The Silver screen

I've had a desire to film you doing kinky things with your friend, i want to watch you two playing then join in at the end

I'll supply all the toys, just simply give me a list of what you need, I know it sounds like a weird idea but it's more than a sexual greed

I've imagined you with a girl, I couldn't share you with a man, I hope you'll know and ask someone, well at least that is my plan

You both eating pussy, sharing each others sexual wine, me telling you both what to do, to make the film just mine

I'll be the director, I'll immortalise you both on the Silver screen, so I can watch it over and over again, it would fulfil a sexual dream

You will be a film star, my sexy leading lady on the night, I'll be in charge of directing, I'll organise the sound stage and the light

After I've done filming I'll take you both and share my seed, I would have fulfilled a great ambition and you would have given me all need


1 week ago. May 30, 2023 at 7:36 AM

A exercise in trust

You want to blindfold me and tie me down, then make it impossible for me to hear, you call it a exercise in trust, okay I'll give it a go my dear

Before we start your trust exercise and I'm laying in a place that's black I've only one rule that can't be broke, no playing around the back

No poking things inside my butt, promise none of that sort of pegging, it's my only demand on this night, promise me I'm begging

Ok now we're agreed tie me down to the bench, make sure you do them tight, I'm now in your tender care, I'm your plaything for the night

Soon I feel some hands touching me, I feel them clawing at me skin, then lips kiss the tip of my cock before it slides right in

Sucking hard on my dick then it stops and there's a shock, I feel another pair of lips running up and down my throbbing cock

What the fuck is going on, who the fucking hell is this, I can't do anything about it, other than enjoy this blow job bliss

Then I feel them moving I feel my cock getting pushed into a real tight soaking cunt, then there's thighs around my face, my tongues now on a pussy hunt

Someone's on my throbbing cock, ones sitting on my face, they're both riding me frantically, my tongues struggling to keep the pace

They change ends and take turns, each cumming in my mouth, soon I'm at the edge of ecstasy, I feel both of them move down south

Taking turns sucking hard, two mouths hungry to share my creamy seed, a few more sucks a flick of the tip, I accomplish my kinky deed

I feel them lapping on my cock, it seems tonight no seed will die in vain, all along I'm wondering, what's the strangers name

Then my eyes fill with light, it's just me and her alone, she asks me did I enjoy myself, she said she's got video on her mobile phone

I look at her friends when they visit, is it a secret they could easily hide, I can't work out who it was, believe me I have tried


1 week ago. May 29, 2023 at 10:27 PM

Anal slut

You want me to do what, push it right in all the way, you sure, well okay but I'll do it very slowly, I don't want to hurt you whilst we play

Yes I know you've done some practice and you're sure you can take the lot but surely there are smaller ones to try, before you give this beast a shot

My god the size of it make my eyes water, I'm not even sure I want to see, if you can take the whole length of this, you'll have no need of me

Alright, alright I'll do it, but just let me use tons of lube this time, tell me when you want me to push more in, yes I'll take pictures and write a rhyme

I know you like to try new things but with this expect a little pain, my god you seem very excited at the thought of it, your pussy's pouring just like rain

Here goes I've put in just the tip, what are you pushing back down on it for, I'm trying not to hurt you, just tell me if you require more

Inch by inch it disappears, astounded I watch the tentacle sex toy go right inside your butt, it's just like a magic trick, you're officially a dirty anal slut