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Some of my erotic poetry
11 hours ago. Nov 26, 2020, 11:37 PM




You, just you


Your eyes just draw me in, like still waters on a pool, glistening and inviting, my soul it feels their pull

Diving into their knowing depths, I'd love my soul to swim, let your look devour me, take me deep within

Let me in to see your heart, let my love light shine, searching every corner for a place that could be mine

Looking at your pretty smile, with lips that look so sweet, I dream of tasting, loves sweet wine, everytime we meet.

They look so inviting, my hunger for them grows, I want to place my mouth to yours, a kiss in passions throws.

I'd love to hold you by the hand, to show the world your mine, I guess that will have to wait, but I'll love you all the time.

You are there and I am here, separated by so many miles, but I can feel you next to me just by looking at your smiles.

I dream that you're here with me, snuggled on my bed, but this is just a loves young dream, I'm living in my head.

I pray one day it wont be a dream, and you are here for real, I guess until that day arrives, I'll have sometime to kill.

So I will use the time I have, to think of you and write, to look at pictures of you, then bid the world goodnight.

So thank you for being you just you, my lady of whom I dream, my cherry on my favourite cake, I'm the cat whose got his cream.


22 hours ago. Nov 26, 2020, 12:30 PM

If love came your way

Wandering lifes highways, would you recognise, if the person made for loving you was right before your eyes

Would you see the signals, feel the subtle signs, messeges flying back and forth, across the sands of time

Would you pick up on your heartbeat, feel your pulse begin to race, all these things start happening when you see their face

All these very little clues, some might believe in fate, who knows when or who knows why but today you've met your true soul mate

Would you grasp this moment, would you realise this is love, or would you simply pass on by like clouds floating high above

That's how subtle it can be, one wrong decision and all his lost, your soul mate has passed you by and your heart must pay the cost

You body tried to tell you, it sent you the signals come what may but you let them get away from you, because love just came your way

So like a cloud your floating aimlessly high up in the sky, dreaming of meeting the right one, though you just passed them by

So take my word of warning, take love at every chance, you may go through some heartache, until you find the one for true loves dance

So if you feel that tingle, or feel a pounding In your chest, smile back and say hello, put the signals to the test


1 day ago. Nov 25, 2020, 3:36 PM

By chance today

If I had the chance today, we'd be together hand in hand, strolling in the sunshine, making footsteps in the sand

We would share icecream, go swimming in the sea, I'd show the world you're special and you are the girl for me

Laying on the beach towels, we would laugh, chat and kiss, then you sit across me, to me this would be bliss

You looking down on me, I'm staring at your face, your beauty is simply beyond compare, my heart begins to race

Your lips, your eyes, the flow of your hair, you are a work of art, I'll adore you always, even though we are apart

For I'm laying in a empty bed, there is no sea or golden sand, I've never seen you in real life, or got to hold your hand

So I guess that's why they call them dreams, of a love I can't obtain, a love that's always out of reach but I want it all the same

So tonight I hope to find you there, my lover of my dreams, and for a fleeting moment our love is real or at least that's how it seems


2 days ago. Nov 25, 2020, 1:17 AM

The first kiss

A lifetimes hesitation, before you both move in, the shall I, will I, wont I moment before the kiss begins

Eyes fixed on each other, do you tilt left or tilt to the right, dont make a mess of this, this is that special night

You feel her getting closer, her sweet breath upon your skin, you put your hands around her face and gently guide her in

Lips lock, contact is made, shall I try some tongue, I dont want to rush her, now we have begun

But she opens up her lips, her tongue just flicks my lip, i open so she can enter me, she takes a little sip

Passion growing faster, my heart begins to pound, I swear it's coming through my chest but I can't hear a sound

Our tongues begin to entwine, with a passion filled with lust, at last we are kissing, I've dreamed of this so much

Finally your in my arms, this is our first sweet kiss, sadly I'm still dreaming and you are sorely missed

But never say never, one day our lips might meet, then we will have our first kiss, I dream of such a treat


2 days ago. Nov 24, 2020, 2:47 PM

Blasting out

The pole is nice and shiny, ACDC rocks the stage, you step out in Black leather it really is the rage.

BACK IN BLACK begins to rock, so loud you can hardly hear, you have to scream your lungs out, if you hope to get a beer.

The spot light falls on you, your body looks so hot, you bump and grind to the track, shaking all you got.

Hanging high on the poles, your tits they nice, for 100 dollars you can get closer but there always is a price.

Cheering starts to fill the room as the jacket hits the floor, you can hear me loudest, I'm screaming out for more.

You catch me in your glance we lock together eye to eye. I cant take my eyes off you no matter how i try

Your curves are amazing, you look so fucking hot, you peel off your outfit now just a bra and thong is all you've got

Spinning round your hair flies high, you cup your arse and tits, sliding down you spread your legs, I'm sure I see your lips.

My heart is beating faster, I wish it was just us Two, only you and I, I'd take on the stage right now, to make you cum I'd try.

But we are in a crowded room, this is a dancing bar, many men come from miles around to see their favourite star.

But no matter how many men there are who watch you dance and play, you will always be my dancer, forever and a day.


3 days ago. Nov 23, 2020, 5:36 PM

Oh please yes

Oh I love the outfit, you look so good in sexy lace, hair done, sweet perfume, make up on your face

High heels clicking as you walk across the wooden floor, you start to turn in circles so my eyes can take in more

Stockings running up your legs my eyes lock onto the seam, running from your heel to arse, you really look a dream

You walk a little closer, though you stay just out of reach, I beg you to come nearer, I want to stroke your Peach

Black lace that's see through, I can glance your pussy's hair, I can see your pussy's slit and the heaven waiting there

I watch you stroke your body, I'm mesmerized by the way you touch, my manhood is screaming for you, it needs to feel your crutch

Now I'm getting desperate, you just start to laugh, you tell me I'm not getting sex, because I forgot to clean the bath

You dressed up to tease me, as a punishment that's so bad, oh please baby fuck me, don't leave hard and sad

I promise I will help around the house, I'll do my list of chores, just come let me play with you, I want you on all fours

But you just turn away, I'm left horny, in need and sad, you looked so amazing, for the sex we never had


3 days ago. Nov 23, 2020, 2:34 PM

This is the first set of poems I placed on the CAGE i was asked to re post it as someone couldn't find it on my blog. Forgive me if you've read it this Three part poetry piece before...enjoy


Shower voyeur.

I'm hiding in the cupboard, she thinks she's all alone, I cant wait to hear the water run, I want to see the foam

Through the gap in the door, I watch her peel off her sexy gear, her body is so beautiful and she doesn't know I'm here.

The water runs all down over her, her curves are nice a wet, she reaches to her soft white sponge, but theres no bubbles yet.

She puts the gel on the sponge, she gives it a little squeeze, she starts to soap herself all over, slowly girl, dont rush my sexy tease.

As the sponge brushes her tits, she gives a little groan, I see her nipples start to stand, as i quietly get my phone.

As i film her washing, it suddenly becomes quite clear, i might see more than i expected, if I'm quiet here.

She drops the sponge on the floor and starts to stroke her tits, pulling at her nipples hard, she twists them quite a bit.

I cant believe my luck, to the gods I thank, I was expecting to watch her shower, now I hope to see her wank.

Her hands start to drop, down her stomach they just slide, right down to her pussy, where her legs are opened wide.

I watch her pull at her lips, she seems to like the pain, next time I see my friend, I wont view her quite the same.

I didn't know that she liked it rough, a surprise that made me smile, but all the time I couldn't take my eyes off her not even off a while

She reached up to the shower head and put the force on full, I watched as it shot up her, I could see it all.

She worked her clit with her fingers whilst the water rushed inside, the pussy was now soaking wet, as her fingers began to glide.

I had the perfect view as she began to fuck herself, her fingers pushed in nice and deep as she leant against a shelf.

Reaching to the top shelf a rubber cock she finds, she gets it nice a soapy, then it goes in her behind.

Pushed right up in her arse, the sight has blown my mind, she looks like such an innocent and not the kinky kind.

Deeper, harder, faster, I watched that cock get thrust, she was nearly coming and I was fit to burst.

Her moaning got louder, she gave out a little scream and looked straight at the door, she said "did you like the show, or do I want some more".

I held my breath, holy fuck, she knew that i was there, still she wanked herself in front of me and didn't really care.

I pushed the door open, she smiled then led me to her bed, we kissed for a little while then she gave me head.

Her lips around my manhood, it's a long time dream I've had, doing dirty things with her, even though I know that's bad.

I laid her down and licked her cunt, her juice it tasted great, I've wanted her forever even though shes been my mate.

My tongue goes deep inside of her, I shove a finger in her arse, now I know she's kinky, I wont take the time to ask.

Her claws go deep into my back, she grinds herself on me, my tongue is running everywhere, "Spank me" I hear a quiet plea

I pull her across my lap, her arse is pushed up nice and high, she's ready to accept punishment no matter what I try.

My hand is really coming down, her cheeks have mark's and then begins to welt, I wish I had a paddle or a old style leather belt.

I can see her pussy glistening as she cums again once more, I see her juices running, theres a small puddle on the floor.

She tells me to "lay back", as on my cock she climbs, she says " it's time to ride you hard, to show that you're mine"

She tells me from this day on she's my Mistress and I'm her toy, to fuck or tease when she wants, I am her little boy.

Hiding in the cupboard I watched you have a wank, all the time you knew it, so for the show, I'd like to thank.

Now I'm laying in my bed, crippled, it's dark and I'm alone, I look at your pictures and let out a little moan.

Because I've never seen you shower and you've never given head, because I'm broke and its a poem, made up in my bed.




In the the darkened cinema, we are in the back row of the house, the lights go down its silent, people as quiet as a mouse.

My coat is drapped across you, I pull up your quite short skirt, you I want to finger you, so start to tease and flirt.

There's people sitting in our row, but they are quite a bit away, so as long as we're careful, we are good to play.

We start to kiss and cuddle, my hand goes up your top, I slide my fingers in your bra, you dont tell me to stop.

I'm pulling at your nipples, the go so hard so quick, I tweek them between my fingers, with my thumb I give a flick.

I can feel you squirming, there's people all around, you look at me and simply smile but you never make a sound.

You slide your hand under the coat you quickly find my dick, you pull the skin back gently and the head you give a flick.

You look up for a moment, no ones watching you, slowly you slide down, you know what you must do.

You take my cock inside your mouth, you start to gently suck, you're blowing me in public, I cant believe my luck.

I rest a hand upon your head, as you rise and fall, I hear you slightly gagging as you try to take it all.

Deep throat at the cinema, you've fulfilled a life long dream, to have you is my fantasy, to fuck and not be seen.

Stopping you lift up, I watch you spread your legs real wide, you suck upon my fingers and guide them deep inside.

Your pussy feels like heaven, your soft and gentle skin, I stroke across your cliterus, then you let me in.

At first it is one finger, then it's two and three, I feel your pussy clamping, its saying that will do for me.

Slowly I push them in, then gently draw them out, I feel your juices running, like a sexy water spout.

Your breathing gets heavy, you push your face in to my chest, I can hear you gently moaning, you whisper " Your the best".

My fingers dance inside you, your cunt is soaked to touch, I love to make you cum real hard, I seem to have the touch.

She pulls my fingers out of her and says she needs the loo, I look at her puzzled until she says " and you are coming too"

She runs into the ladies, whilst stand guard outside, there's no one there, she pulls me into a cubicle inside.

We are kissing hard and fast my impatience grows real thin, I spin her round and bend her I ram my cock right in.

Shes pushes back real hard, fuck so hard that night, she likes it when I take her rough, though she always tries to fight.

But i have got her pinned down, I've got her by the hair, she starts to moan quite loudly, but by now I dont really care.

Ramming my dick in her, I start to pick up pace, I feel myself coming so I remove my cock with haste

She turn around goes to her knees, her mouth she opens wide, I lay my cock on her tongue and shoot my load inside.

She runs her tongue around her lips, she picks up every drop, she smiles as she swallows, and that's how my dream must stop.

Again this is a fantasy, in which you are the star, maybe the next one might be in the woods or take place in a car.




Car sex

I slide in right beside you, my wheelchairs in the back, we are off on an adventure, there is no turning back.

I smile at you as you start to drive, steadily we pull away, my god you look so beautiful on this Sunny day.

My eyes move across you, so sexy dressed in Black, a cute tight top, a nice short skirt, and stockings made to match.

You take my hand and place it, its sits upon your leg, in my mind I'm screaming, "let me in" I beg.

Slowly you adjust your seat there's a gap between your thighs, I glance down theres no undies, I cant believe my eyes.

You catch me looking at you, you simply start to say, "Do want to touch my pussy?" "Do want to come and play"

Slowly you take my hand, you push it down your crutch, I feel the edge of heavens gate, I'm desperate for a touch.

Slowly I push back your lips, my fingers stroke your clit, I see you start to drift off, if only for a bit.

The car had a wobble, but you soon pulled it straight, "just play with my outer lips" we dont want to tempt fate.

So I slowed down my eagerness, I stroked you has you drove, I could feel you getting wet, has you pulled into a cove.

You undone your seatbelt, you climbed upon seat, you placed your lips onto me, the taste it was so sweet.

You pulled off you little top, there was a bra of lace, I reached around, the clip went ping, your tits were in my face.

I sucked against your nipples, they hardened to my lick, my tongue danced around them, it really did the trick.

Pulling at your lovely tits, with my finger and thumb your nipples i had grasped, I pulled at them with a twist, all you did was gasped

My hands pulled you closer, we hugged, and kissed some more, you took off the skin tight skirt, so I could see much more.

My hands ran up your stockings, they glided up your thigh, you spread your legs slowly, you let out a little sigh.

My fingers found your garden, your gate opened with such ease, your body was there for me to take, to do with what I please.

I made circles on your clit, the juice began to run, you whispered "Go in harder, I want to have some fun".

I fucked you with my fingers, I pushed them in so deep, each thrust made you moan and groan as your pussy began to seep.

I felt your body start to shake, your orgasm was nearly here, you layed my seat almost flat, your intention were quite clear.

Somehow you climbed upon my face, my tongue, slid in your cunt, you started to ride me, like a lady of the hunt.

Grinding down upon my face, your juice it tasted great, I love the to lick and suck your clit, our friendship must be fate.

You burst deep inside my mouth, your juice slides down my face, i feel that you are quivering, as my heart beats out a manic pace.

You get off and dress yourself, I'm watching as you move, you are so very beautiful, there's nothing I could improve

I clean my face from your juice, we hug and chat some more, now it's time for heading home, the dream has gone once more.

So I awake all alone, not in your car but bed, we never made love in a cove, it was all inside my head.



3 days ago. Nov 23, 2020, 2:11 PM



You are sitting one end, as always I’ve got the taps, bubbles covering our modesty, but I can see your lap

The very subtle outline of your pubic hair, cropped tight, not hiding much but I can see it there.

Head tilted back, wine glass in hand, the quiet times are such bliss, but for me it’s a opportunity, one I cannot miss

I move myself into position, now my goals in reach, I run my fingers across your hair, I love to stroke your Peach.

I hear you sigh a little but your eyes are still tight shut, i stretch my legs around you, my feet can feel your butt

You spread your knees so slightly, your Peach it calls my name, I swear she said “come stroke me, do want to play a game".

My fingers coax her open, warm water laps your clit, movement making gentle waves, to brush her pretty lips

My finger tip makes circles, you put the wine glass down, you shift and slip under water, you come up with funny frown

Soon I am back to my task, my fingers continue with their trick, pulling at your labia, I give your clit a flick

Then you take me by the hand, you push me deep inside, holding tight onto my wrist, my fingers then you ride

Grinding yourself on me the waves throw water out the bath, who gives a fuck the floor is tiled, you smile and almost laugh

One finger, then Two, Three, but still your cunt wants more, in goes another one, that’s it I’ve only Four

Four fingers deep inside, my thumb it strums your clit, beating out a rhythmic beat, you’ll be cumming in a bit.

Harder deeper faster, you push down on my fingers, I see the water cloud a bit as your orgasm slightly lingers

That’s it you’ve had your fun, you step out and kiss my head, with a wink and a knowing nod, you lead me off to bed


3 days ago. Nov 23, 2020, 2:07 PM

Alleyway fuck

Come let's creep up this alleyway, it is so very dark, no one will see us as our passion lights a spark

Let me kiss and cuddle you, put my hand right up your dress, push your panties to the side, I'll finger you the best

That's it baby spread your legs, I can get more fingers in, your pussy is so nice and moist, let me taste your sin

I'll drop to my knees, put your leg way up high just there, god I love your pretty cunt, I'm glad it's got no hair

Nothing to get in the way as my tongue plays with its lips, dancing round your cliterus, I'm taking little sips

Your pussy tastes like heaven, to me you taste devine, juices running freely, you are my sexual wine

Tongue buried in your cunt, a finger up your arse, only shadows on the wall, appear as late night cabs go past.

You try to muffle your erotic moans, you really want to cum, I stop licking your moist wet cunt and remove my finger from your bum

I turn you around to face the wall, you bend over just for me, I get my cock out my trousers, I've let the monster free

I push it deep inside you, a growl from my throat is heard, your pussy takes me to my balls but yet you say no word

Silence must be maintained your house is just behind the wall, you close your mouth and breath real hard as I begin to give my all

Pounding you hard from behind, from screaming you refrain, to me it is a challenge, I want to hear my name

Harder, faster deeper, I crash my cock into your cunt, you will call out my name, I sound from you I hunt

Now we are in battle, I want you to make a sound, but you hold to your silence, you simply hold your ground

This makes me so furious, you will say my name you bitch, I try my best to go up a gear, I feel you start to twitch

I reach round and grab your clit, I rub it really fast, you shudder and you blow your load, you scream out my name at last

That was all I needed to hear the war between us done, I push in hard for a few strokes then you feel me cum

I love our little battles, I wonder if your parents heard you scream, their precious girl getting fucked and filled with all my cream

Alley fucking is such fun, one day we might get caught, until then well fuck again, another battle fought


4 days ago. Nov 22, 2020, 5:41 PM

Dedicated to a lady who shall remain nameless but who has In my humble opinion has a awesome set of tits



God ya got to love em, no matter what the size, i just cant stop staring, when they're put before my eyes

Big and round, soft and small, some stay in place some bounce, to me they are so wonderful, I'd weigh them by the ounce

They're great when you're tired, you can simply rest your head, snuggle up so cozy, when there's a pair laid in your bed

And they come with nipples, to me the greatest toy, you can suck, flick and pierce them, how i hate to be a boy

If i had my own boobs, I'd never put my puppy's down, I'd always be so happy, you'd never see me frown

I'd bounce them up and down, I'd swing them to and throw, i guess I'm obsessed with tits, in case you didn't know

Gods greatest gift to man, his greatest creation to us by far, then woman went and bettered it, she made the Lacey bra

A cup to craddle them, to keep them safe from harm, to tease boys of all ages, they have a magic charm

Boys want to spring that clip, to set the love globes free, this want will last forever, just take a look at me