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Some of my erotic poetry
13 hours ago. November 27, 2023 at 11:50 PM

Just like Fifty Shades of Grey

Let's do something kinky, you know like Fifty shades of Grey, tie me to the headboard, I want to try some kinky play

You can be the man in charge, I'll do all the things you ask, you can order me sternly just give me a kinky task

Come on it will be fun, I got quite turned on whilst I read that book, read it for some inspiration, go on take a look

I will call you master, you can give me some sort of name, pick a name that isn't mine, I know it's just a game

Call me dirty filthy names, I want to be treated like a slut, I'll dress up in an outfit and I'll even take it up my butt

We'll have to get some lubrication though, I bet my arse is tight, make sure you do it gently, I think tonight could be the night

Let's try all the taboos god the ideas are making me feel so hot, tonight I'll be your plaything so show me every kinky thing you've got


1 day ago. November 26, 2023 at 11:40 PM

A far cry

She never knew what hit her the moment she stepped through that door, she entered a BDSM virgin and left a kinky, naughty whore

She was tied up and beaten she cried out and begged for more, she was released from her biddings and flung onto the floor

People cued to touch her, both men and woman all took turns, doing anything they ever wanted, giving in to all they're kinky yearns

Every part of her was touched and used, she was a sacrifice to their wants and lust, she had bruises on her body and bite marks on her bust

The woman seemed more gentle some men were kinda rough but she was on the edge of ecstasy, she just couldn't get enough

After the night was over she was treated with such love and care, the marks faded eventually but the wonderful memories were always there

That was many years ago now she's a Domme with many submissives of her own, its a far cry from her kinky beginnings, when she was fresh and felt alone


2 days ago. November 25, 2023 at 11:48 PM

Tongue foreplay

Drip, drip, drip your juices slowly fall upon my hungry lips, my tongue is lapping frantically as I take you in small sips

My thumbs are on your roses petals, I have them spread so wide, I've a clear view of your Pinkness and the treasures held inside

I'm sucking all along your lips, I'm nibbling at your thighs, it's lovely how you react, I adore listening to your moans a sighs

With each lap you rise and fall, your keeping perfect time, each of my licks are perfectly matched, your body's in sync with mine

My teeth are wrapped softly around your engorged throbbing clit, I pull at it gently, how I just love to tease your delicious slit

Your breathing is getting faster, i can tell you're about to cum, I push my tongue in much harder and begin to slap your bum

The mixture of pain and orgasm always does the trick and once I'm drowned in your pussy juice, it's time to ride my dick


3 days ago. November 25, 2023 at 12:09 AM

The little Blue pill

How did i wake up in a damp Dungeon chained up in the dark, not knowing how I got here, my kinky interests began spark

Remembering nothing of how this moment came to pass but here I am chained up naked sitting with a floor freezing up my ass

Then I'd hear a key turn, there was a crack of light coming from the door, once my eyes adjusted I could see a lady I'd never seen before

She takes a few steps towards me she grabs my hair and lifts my head, she puts her finger across her lips, signifying nothing must be said

Unchained I'm led down a corridor into a room with a bed in the middle of the floor, around it stood woman dressed in robes who I'd seen somewhere before

I'm guided to the bed, my wrists and ankles then were bound, still everything was done in silence, no one made a sound

Then I was given a small blue pill, within moments my manhood was standing tall, then I heard a woman say " welcome one and all"

She told them I was their plaything, my body was their for fun, there was only one house rule, they couldn't make me cum

I spent the whole night on the edge with a mixture of pain of ecstasy, everyone was getting off, everyone but me

The pill kept me hard all night, I was fucked countless times, and all I was left with was frustration and some stanzas for my rhymes


4 days ago. November 23, 2023 at 11:41 PM

Eat me raw

Get your head between my thighs there's a need I can't ignore, rip off my red lace panties and just eat my pussy raw

Bite my clit suck on it hard just probe me poke and lick, swallow all my juices, take your time don't you make it quick

I want it to last a while, go steady there's no reason for you to rush, I can't believe I'm asking for this out loud, I can feel myself start to blush

But all day I've been horny I even went in the works toilet to have a play, I just couldn't get myself off, I really needed you today

Oh yes baby just like that, you've really hit my magic spot, I'm getting close to cumming, you better swallow the milky lot

Now I'm cumming hard and fast, soon you'll be drowning in my juice, I can't hold it back no more, I've got to let it loose

God I really needed that, I was such a hungry little whore, now my needs are satisfied thank you for eating my pussy raw


5 days ago. November 22, 2023 at 11:49 PM

Coffee shop

God I want your body, the aches become far to much to bare, I want here beside me but you're always over there

I can see your gorgeous curves, I'm captivated by your smile, I'm obsessed by your beauty and have been for a while

I can't take my eyes off you, I try to watch your every move, you glide like a ballerina, each move you make is smooth

You always wear the sort of clothes that leaves me wanting to see more, enough flesh to tease me, you leave aching to my core

I look at your painted lips, I dream of stealing a single kiss, just to taste your cherry chapstick would truly be such bliss

I gently brush up against you when we're caught in the same queue, I apologise for pushing forward but it got me close to you

I feel this way every morning it always starts the same, I see you in the coffee shop and then you're stuck inside my brain


6 days ago. November 22, 2023 at 6:01 AM

Playing in the backyard

I love playing in your garden, you have the sweetest pinkest Rose but lately I've been thinking about somewhere else to play and my interest grows and grows

It's not that I don't like your front yard, you know I can play in there all night but I'm thinking of the other place and can I play in there tonight

I'd make sure I was gentle I wouldn't want anything to break, I'd slide in there nice and slowly no matter how getting in might take

If once we start to play if you decide it not your type of game, we could stop playing straight away, just simply say my name

But I can't stop wondering what's it like, I imagine your backyards tight, you can even guide me in to make sure I enter right

Who knows you might really like it, the backyard might be such fun, you might prefer it to the front yard, it might make you gush and cum

So shall I pull out from your front yard shall I creep around the back, you only have to bend slightly over and let me inside your backyards crack


1 week ago. November 20, 2023 at 11:47 PM

Once a year

You're locked up in my Dungeon your bodies the playground in which I play, I have you under complete control you'll do everything I say

I will choose your sexy outfit, tonight I control your destiny, you are here to do all I require, your here solely to pleasure me

I might want to hang you up and put my flogger across your skin, I might want you to make yourself cum first before my needs begin

Every hole now belongs to me, I decide your sexual fate, if you're having second thoughts my dear know now it's far to late

Once you cross my threshold I own you in every single possible way, I can do as I wish with you I choose the kinky play

Your here to do my bidding, just here to bring me tons of kinky fun, I'll play and do all I wish tonight until I get to cum

Then once the night is over and I've exhausted all my sexual rage, I clean you up with love and care then retire to my cage

Back into the real world I'm your submissive sexual slave, grateful for the once a year gift you give me, a chance to release my sexual rage


1 week ago. November 19, 2023 at 11:52 PM

Crisp white shirt

I come home to find naked except for your wearing my favourite shirt, you look so hot and sexy wearing white crisp linen you naughty flirt

Hands held out to greet me eyes gazing at the floor, two buttons left undone, deliberately designed to make me want some more

Slowly your hands glide up my shirt the bottom button opens wide, I get a glimpse of your inner thigh and the treasures held inside

With a sideways glance and a cheeky grin another one's undone, I hear you slightly giggle, I can tell you're having fun

Slowly each button comes undone with each one I see more skin, my manhood's hard and throbbing now, it wants to slide right in

I pull you towards me hard the last button fails to hold, you're naked now and in my grasp, now you'll do as you are told

I do with you as I choose, then you're left laying on a crumpled shirt, you know exactly what turns me on my incredibly sexy little flirt


1 week ago. November 19, 2023 at 2:22 AM

Welcome to Kinkyville

Welcome to Kinkyville a place that's full of kinky fun, where everyday is different where at night you're guaranteed to cum

Everywhere you turn and look you'll be having kinky fun, there's nipple clamps and loads of toys enough for everyone

Pick a house just go in there is always an open door, get naked and jump right in that's what this place is for

All your fantasies will be catered for, just tell me what's your kink, I'll point you out to the right place, you'll be acting out your biggest fantasy sooner than you think

Bondage, CNC, there's absolutely nothing you can't do, I'm here to guide you to the place, it's like a kinky Disney land but it's just here for you

We have a so many costumes, from a Princess to a Whore but if you want something different girl we've got hundreds more

We have a dark damp Dungeon where you can let loose your sexual rage, hell we can even keep you locked up tight naked in a cage

So where is this place called Kinkyville and how do you get there, just come knock on my door at night if you're brave enough to dare