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Some of my erotic poetry
6 hours ago. February 9, 2023 at 12:00 AM

Sex Casino

Welcome to the Sex Casino where your body are your chips, winning can be lots of fun but losing could cost you chains and whips

Place your bets carefully, watch as I spin the roulette wheel, if you win you get to choose and do anything that you feel

At Black Jack table you could win if you score a twenty one, if you bust your forfeit might be a huge cock inside your bum

You can play safe, just choose the colour Red or Black, a fifty, fifty chance you won't end up spread Eagle on your back

It can all change on the turn of a card, great if you get the Ace, but if you don't win the draw, you could get a strangers pussy in your face

Life is such a gamble, are you willing to bet and play, you could be used or be the user, depends how the dice roll today

You may be a winner, or you could end up with just snake eyes, are you willing to risk it all and bet what's between your thighs

So welcome to the Sex Casino, come in and place your bet, you may leave a winner or full of seed and wet


1 day ago. February 8, 2023 at 12:00 AM

Denials so much fun

Come let me take you by the hand and lead you through some sexual scenes, I want to make you sigh and moan, release your sexual screams

I want to feel you shaking as I take you to the very brink, watch you ache for that one last thrust, kind of sadistic don't you think

Seeing the need deep in your eyes, begging to be made to cum, me dipping in but not deep enough, quite cruel but also fun

You raising yourself up higher, trying to steal that needed inch, me pulling out just in time and giving your nipples a playful pinch

Your getting quite frantic now, you're writhing under me, but I've now got you on the hook, will I decide to set you free

You begin to sigh and moan, then at last you start to plead, asking for sexual release, begging to be freed

I push hard and deep into you, I feel your nails in me as you cum, there you go my sweet there's your release but denials so much fun


2 days ago. February 7, 2023 at 12:08 AM

The advert

Did you see this advert in the paper, it's about a new kinky store, let's go and take a peek, I've never been to one before

Let's go out shopping, there's a new kink store here in town, shopping for kinky stuff like new toys or a dress up princess gown

I wonder what they have there, I hope we can find a toy that's new, something we've never used before, like a toy that's made for two

One of those dragon tongue dildos skinny designed to slide up the bum, they're about two feet long, I bet that would make you cum

Or the Octopus design with ridges where the suckers are supposed to be, I can see you like that idea, your eyes a full of glee

Is there anything you'd like to try, it says this kink store as it all, here's the telephone number I could ask them with a call

It says they do rubber suits, masks, lace and leather lingerie, it sounds like kinky heaven, hell please let's go today

Dress up kinky outfits and Dildos of every shape and size, butt plugs and torture implements, things to astound you and surprise

This advert has got me hooked, come on let's go and blow spend some of my money, then we can have a romantic lunch, what do you say to that then honey


3 days ago. February 6, 2023 at 12:01 AM

Crimson desires

There are so many shades which one should I choose, I think as long as it's a Crimson Red I really cannot lose

Yes there are subtle tones, some with the slightest tinge of Red, but when it comes to lingerie only one shade is in my head

The Red that ignites my sexual desires is the Red shade painted on her lips, romantic and sexy, it makes me want get between her hips

Her Crimson Red lip gloss, I absolutely adore it's Cherry taste, I'll kiss her lips until they're clean, not a drop will go to waste

Seeing her with Crimson painted lips and matching lace lingerie, fills me with such ravenous hunger, what more can I say

The desires overwhelming, it's like I loose all my self control, I'd walk through a wall of fire, to get to my crimson covered doll

So when I think of colours, there's really only one shade comes to mind, it's the firey, sexy kinky Red, that's my favourite Crimson kind


4 days ago. February 5, 2023 at 12:03 AM

Until you cum again

Your undies come off so easily, then they were tossed across the floor, he may of had you last night but now he wants some more

You are forced down on the bed, your legs spread slowly open wide, he takes his throbbing manhood and guides it deep inside

His weight crushes you in place, his warm breath rushes in your face, the excitement was building, your heart begins to race

He grinds himself into you, your throats held in his controlling grip, your tongues clash in battle as in each others mouth they dip

Your claws run across his skin, in return he bites to leave his mark, from the embers of desire, a wild fire was soon to spark

He then rolls you over on your front, he the does you from behind, you go up onto your knees, now it's sex of the doggy kind

Hands twisted in your hair, he uses it like a horses riding rein, he pounds you like a stallion until you cum again



5 days ago. February 4, 2023 at 12:04 AM

Special night

Tonight is your special night, what would you like to do, choose anything you want, tonight I'll do anything for you

We can play a scenarios, I play any character you say, we can travel anywhere, if it helps the scene we play

If you want new lingerie, let's go shopping and get just what you need, I want you to be totally satisfied, I want to fulfil your kinky greed

Get all your toys out, bring your ropes and cuffs tonight, I'll bind you down or hang you up, secure but not to tight

If you want some playful pain, I'll give spanking you a try, I'll make sure it stings a bit, but I'll never make you cry

Do you want me to talk real nasty, call you things like a dirty slut, tell me where you want my cock, your pussy or your butt

So think on this today, make sure I get everything you want so right, I want to give you a awesome time on this your special night


6 days ago. February 3, 2023 at 12:12 AM

Use me like a whore

I'm so very horny, come on and light my sexual fuse, be prepared for fireworks, I'll do anything you choose

I'm ravenous and rampant, I'm fully charged, I'm revived up and raring to go, just take off my panties and let's start this kinky show

Give me your orders I'll be your dirty, kinky slutty slave, let your desires loose, tell me what you crave

Restrain me, blindfold me, don't forget your nipple clamps, just do something sexual, I beg you make me damp

Pick a hole and fill it, I'll take your tongue, your cock, a toy, just give me some sexual relief, you dirty poet boy

I'm aching for some kinky play, this cravings driving me insane, please once you make me cum, make  me cum again

Pound me to the bed or floor, have me over the desk or up the door, treat me you've paid for it, use me like a whore


1 week ago. February 2, 2023 at 12:06 AM

The fun house

Welcome to the fun house, if you've not been here before, just walk along the corridor and simply pick a door

Most have a full description of what's going on inside, feel free to enter, or just take a peek before you then decide

We have spanking rooms for those who want to give this kink a try, if pain isn't your thing, then simply walk on by

We have a awesome riggers room, if you want to hang around, for those who are rope bunnies, who want to be nicely bound

Bondage rooms and dungeons, if being chained up is your thing, full of trained masters, with all the experience that they bring

There's a extensive toy room, where you can watch porn and have a play, usually first timmers meet there, it's a safe place for them to stay

If your worried about keeping your anonymity you only have to ask, we keep a large and varied collection of different kinds of masks

There's orgies a free for all, quiet places for a one on one, everything you could desire, even assorted butt plugs for your bum

So welcome to the fun house, I hope you'll enjoy your stay, tell your friends, bring them in, they may want to play


1 week ago. February 1, 2023 at 12:01 AM

Seven days of fun

You just got to love MILF Mondays it's a great day to start the week, looking at those sexy girls, I can't help but take a peek

Then there's TACO Tuesday, that day is always fun, pussy's look like Tacos and I bet they all taste yummy when they cum

Now on to WICKED Wednesday, a day for giving pain, leaving marks a week to heal, before you start again

Then comes TICKLE Thursday, it's time for soft and gentle play, feathers, lace and soft silk ties are the order of the day

After a nice and easy day super FREAKY Friday has arrived, a day to let your beast out and do all that you've contrived

At last we at SEXY Saturday, I confess my favourite of the week, having a girl in sexy lingerie of Red lace is always what I seek

That leaves us with SINFUL Sunday, we're you do anything you love the most, as long as you use aftercare, to your kinky week I raise a glass and toast


1 week ago. January 31, 2023 at 9:50 AM

Kinktastic kind of day

Well I've woke up feeling like I need a kinktastic kind of day, round up all your favourite toys, let's take them out to play

Let's drive to a quiet spot, perhaps the woods or just a field, I'll then lay you on a blanket and play with you until you cum and yield

Bring all your playthings, put on a very accessible summer dress, don't bother with your undies, I can't wait I must confess

I want to finger you whilst I'm driving, so when we arrive you're already wet, god my cock is throbbing and we've not even set off yet

I know you like public play, so today you'll have some fun, I'll do my best to make you scream, so passing strangers hear you cum

You can sit across me then take this hungry cock of mine inside, with the Summer dress spread out over us, no one will see you ride

Come on hurry up get ready get the toys, let's be on our way, we're off on a adventure, this will be a kinktastic kind of day