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Some of my erotic poetry
17 hours ago. May 29, 2024 at 10:43 PM


It's no good complaining you lost the bet, it was all done quite fair, take all your clothes off and go stand right over there

Mumble and moan all you like, it's no good I can see your frown, now with two hands on your red lace panties slowly pull them down

That's it all the way kick them over here I'm keeping them as my prize, now first thing is to part your legs, let's see what's between your thighs

Good girl do as your told, now bend over and touch your toes, see the butt plug on the stool you know where it goes

Don't forget the lubrication just smear it on the plug, now put it in carefully making sure it fits in nice and snug

Bend over a little more, I want to take pictures with my mobile phone, a reminder of the bet you lost to look at when bored and on my own

I can't believe I'm seeing this it was our best forfeit yet, maybe next time you'll think more carefully before making a kinky bet


1 day ago. May 28, 2024 at 10:15 PM

Tongue skills

You walk around dressed like that looking sexy and acting flirty, you know how to press my buttons, let's get down and dirty

In that skirt showing off your stocking tops, your tits are all on show, you start to dance around me, you're grooving nice and slow

You just stay out of reach, I'm stuck here in my chair, I'm watching every move you make, I love the way you toss your hair

You lead me to the bedroom you climb onto our bed, you do things to yourself in front of me I've only kept hidden in my head

Then you lift me out my chair, you slow down the bedrooms pace, you lay me down carefully then position yourself just above my face

Now you're in the perfect position, you're now in the perfect spot, I have now got the perfect view I can see the lot

Even though I'm broken you still make our bed play fun, I might be broken downstairs but with my tongue skills you will cum


2 days ago. May 27, 2024 at 10:44 PM

Come inside our bed

The fires are burning deep inside I'm ravenous for your touch, I need you next to me I want you oh so very much

Wrap yourself around me lets lay naked skin to skin, covered in each others sweat after a session of kinky sin

The house looks like a war zone, there's all the playthings strewn across the floor, the vibrators are now silent they're not needed any more

You can feel the scratches, you have bruises forming on your bum, we're both laying in the damp patches we both made when we both cum

Your laying across me her heads now resting on my chest, after the the night of passion it's the thing I love the best

After the passion sated and your body's all relaxed and still, your breathing begins to get slower now our desires had it's fill

Come on baby take your clothes off now get in beside me in our bed, I want to share the kinky passions that have been hiding in deep inside my head


3 days ago. May 26, 2024 at 10:19 PM

One of these days

Papers and phone strewn across the floor, I needed the room and space, it obviously shocked you by that look of surprise upon your face

As I lift you up onto the desk I move between your thighs, already your lace panties are wet and there's hunger in your eyes

I pull you closer to the edge, I'm now kneeling in front of you, you pull your panties to the side you know what I'm about to do

I move in closer my mouth covers her as I kiss your swollen lips, I pull her wet petals apart and start taking little sips

Like a bird drinking nectar your pussy's juices tasted sweet, eating out your pussy truly was a gorgeous workplace treat

You reached down and grabbed my head, you pushed my head in tight, I started lapping harder making sure I ate you right

You laid back flat on the desk you ordered me you want my dick, I stood up and unleashed the beast, it was hard, long and thick

I pushed the tip inside you, you squirned as I slid some more inside, you spread yourself wider as I began to ride

Slow long strokes at first until your pussy could take it all, soon we were pushing hard, you kept pace with each rise and fall

You were moaning loudly, I wanted you to scream my name, after everytime you cum I'd try to make you cum again

Soon I was at the edge, I couldn't control myself any more, I exploded deep inside of you, you'd gotten what you have came here for

We cleaned ourselves up we rearrange our clothing sorted the desk then went our separate ways, you laughed as you pulled open the office door and said "it wasn't locked, we'll get caught one of these days.....Sir"


4 days ago. May 25, 2024 at 10:47 PM

Bubbles made of foam

You're laying in a king sized bath, there's candles all around, the tune playing softly in the room it is the only sound

Warm water surrounds you, you've got your eyes closed tight, it's a beautifully relaxing ending to a super kinky night

You hear the door opening, not a word between the both of you is said, then you first feel him gently kiss you on the head

Eyes still shut you feel him reaching for the sponge, he runs it across your skin, you quietly smile to yourself knowing there's always after care after there's been sin

Gently he washes you the water lapping along your thighs, you open your legs slightly the feeling of the sponge leads to whispered sighs

He treats you with the utmost tenderness, you are his girl, his Queen, to him you are a Goddess, it feels just like a dream

Once he's washed you everywhere, he kisses you then you're left alone, to relax and think of nothing just surrounded by bubbles made of foam


5 days ago. May 24, 2024 at 10:40 PM

A new hunt

It doesn't matter where you are, I'll find my way to you, my desires are like a Sat Nav their directions will be true

If you're hiding in the woods it won't take long to find you my sexy prey, there's nowhere you can hide from me I'll find you night and day

Like a lone Wolf in the night, I hunt by the light of a blood red moon, run if you think it will help but I'll be with you oh so soon

You have absolutely nowhere to run, your soul is mine to own, once I've got you I'll tie you up and take kinky pictures on my phone

You will be my playground, you will be my new sex toy, I will be your dominant owner, a masterful poet boy

Hunting makes me happy, I love to feed on you when you're in my bed, once you're in tight bindings and on your knees, you can give me head

On the next full moon I'll set you free, again you start to run, I will give you a few hours head start but a new hunt has begun


6 days ago. May 24, 2024 at 11:09 AM

If I was

How I wish I was a dominant instead of a broken man who writes in rhyme, I would love to have a submissive to inspire me and be the muse I write about all the time

A girl to chat to everyday a beautiful lady to call my own, one to share dreams and fantasies with through messages on the phone

One who would send me naughty messages or a picture of them in sexy lingerie, one to have textual intercourse with one who I can laugh, talk and play

Someone I could be there for to guide them through their day, I want to be so supportive and be there for them whatever comes our way

I understand being broken they would need to find someone else for play, that is something I'd understand it would be done in a sharing kind of way

A submissive I can say good morning too, someone I can check on make sure that they're alright, one i could be sending sweet dreams and kisses to at the end of every night

Does this lady truly exist or am I destined to always be alone, feeling like somethings missing from my life and writing wishes on my phone


6 days ago. May 23, 2024 at 10:49 PM

Animalistic tendencies

I want to remove your clothing, I have this ravenous need, I'll carefully take off your lacey lingerie on you I wish to feed

I want to brush my lips across every inch of your luscious skin, slowly mapping out your gorgeous curves, my mind is set on sin

Desires fires are burning bright so intense, they're raising our bodies heat, every moment we share together is such a sexual treat

Pleasures shared between us will will leave reminders inside my heart, sparking beautiful memories of you I'll think of when we are apart

The taste of your cherry lip gloss, the the erotic battle with your tongue, the claw marks you leave in my skin, when our sexual war is done

The smell of our sex that fills the room, I can smell us in the air, our animalistic tendencies running free so wild without a care

Come to my room tonight the doors unlocked just push it open wide, step out my dreams into my world, come lay down by my side


1 week ago. May 22, 2024 at 10:38 PM

Late night subway ride

Sitting on the subway late at night I saw a view that shocked my eyes, sitting across from me was a Goddess, in a skirt showing off her curvy thighs

My eyes were fixed upon them, then to my shock I realised that I'd been seen, she smiled and moved her skirt up higher she was a flirty queen

Then she slowly spread her legs, I could see she was panties free, she had a smoothly shaved pussy and she was now showing it to me

Now I was mesmerized by her pussy I was now totally hypnotised, she then put her fingers on her lips and spread her petals wide

I could see the pinkness of her rose, she had moisture on her clit, she ran her fingers over the juice then took a taste of it

We were on the late night train, I couldn't believe my luck, she dipped her fingers in herself again and offered me a suck

I reached out and took her hand, I lingered and when i sucked them i took my time, her nectar tasted like heaven I was love drunk on her wine

The train finally came to her stop she just got up and walked away, I wonder if we would ever meet again, I guess I can only pray


1 week ago. May 21, 2024 at 10:01 PM

Queen of the dance

The tune Black Velvet started as you came into view, I could see by the gorgeous silhouette it was plainly you

You moved to the middle of the stage you began to slowly sway, I felt my temperature rising, you've turned me on today

Lost in the music mesmerized by your erotically charged dance, I couldn't take my eyes off you, I was in a hypnotic trance

You slowly undid your buttons, I could see your cleavage and you ink, I was so hungry for a close look I found it hard to think

Soon you were naked down to the waist the girls were now on show, I watched your nipples harden as you stroked them nice and slow

You stepped out your lace panties your you parted the petals of your Rose, I'd given anything to have that flower inches from my nose

Just to sip her nectar to run my hands across your skin, to be able to make you cum in my mouth, oh how the thought just made me sigh and grin

But sadly soon it was morning I awoke at the breaking of the light, all I have left is this poem of the dream of your sexy dance last night