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Some of my erotic poetry
4 days ago. May 10, 2021, 1:05 PM

Just waiting now, nervous poetry 



Your laying in your bed at night, reading erotic poems on your phone, you feel that wanton tingle, good job you're on your own.

By the light of your mobile phone, you see all your sexy curves, you run your hand across your skin, awakening all your nerves

Your skin starts to tingle as your fingers stroke your tits, your nipples harden in your hands, you pinch them both a bit

You let out a little sigh, as the pain, sends endorphins through your brain, you get even wetter as you pinch them once again

Your poet says he wants you, your kiss is the air he breaths, he tells you that you're beautiful, you can feel his wants and needs

Your hand goes down lower, beneath your lace panties your hand slides,  you start to stroke you shaven mound and push yourself inside

Your juices are running wild, you slowly start to thrust, lifting your hips in perfect time, rhythm is a must

In your mind it's your poet, he's in between your open thighs, you lay back on your pillow a slowly close your eyes

It's your poet licking on your clit, he wants to taste your cum, he tells you he adores you, you know you are the one

You feel loved and desired, no man could want you more, you pull off your panties and reach the vibrator in your drawer

You love to hear that gentle hum, you know that you will cum, you put it on your cliterus, and stick your nails into your bum

The wave of a orgasm always comes when you use this toy, proceeded by erotic poetry, supplied by your loving boy.

You soak your bedsheets, you laying saited, on your bed, you may be laying on your own, but I'm in your heart and head



4 days ago. May 10, 2021, 2:18 AM

Hey peeps this is to you all. I'm due major surgery Wednesday so I won't be about from Monday night. I just wanted to show my thanks to you all. I'll see you soon.
Love and light

Another scar

Well it's nearly time, to be sent off for a big long sleep, as the spinal surgeon again operates, he goes into me real deep

Another battle scar on my body, proof of a battle won, inside me will be a anti spasm pump, when the surgeons done

A pocket cut into my stomach, then the pump is stuck inside, then hopefully my legs will stay still, like they've simply died

No more leg spasms, to move without hassle or grief, transfers into my chair made easy, a joy beyond belief

No more friction sores, less time for me stuck in bed, a chance to grasp at life again, fulfill the ideas within my head

So bring on the surgeon, I'm now ready for his knife, I'll risk the chance on his table, for a grasp at a brand new life

So I might be away for a while, but I'll be back to write somemore, thank you all for your love and support, and I mean that from my core


5 days ago. May 9, 2021, 11:15 AM

Oh the dream of online love. Where being paralyzed means nothing and dreams can take you anywhere 



Closer at a distance

How can you be so very close, but still be so far away, distance has no meaning, when online we get to chat and play

We can talk as normal, it's as if you were in my empty bed, laying here face to face, our desires being fed

We can share our hopes and dreams in a world we make to choose, a fantasy land of happiness with Sun and skies of Blue

We can be anywhere, on a beach, a ship the moon, we can spend time together anywhere, I just hope and pray that it is soon

I love to hear my message tone, a notification you are here, no matter what the distance, I know that you are near

Holding you across the void, together through space and time, technology brings us closer together in that moment you are mine

Making love across the void, we share ourselves online, tenderness, lust and love, made to be written into to rhyme


5 days ago. May 9, 2021, 3:01 AM

Play dates

I love the sound of buttons as pop right off your top, then I get a peak at skin, you know I'll never stop

The sound your zipper makes, as I tear your skirt down to the ground, trashing yet another outfit as we start to play around

My hunger for you is growing, my needs are getting strong, I want you under my control, just where you belong

That only leaves your underwear, my favourite it's black lace, I grab the straps of your bra, my eyes are locked upon your face

You can see I want you, there's such desire in your eyes, your bra comes off with just one yank, to me that's no surprise

Now I'm looking at your body, you are perfect in every way, I want to rip your panties off, I'm taking you today

Ripping your clothes right off, I guess the it is my kink, I guess it's a sort of power trip, or at least that's what I think

Buttons flying everywhere, zippers pulled until their broke, passion fuelled by sexual desire, my flames of lust are stoked

I can't control myself, I'm like a wild man on the hunt, desperate to eat your pussy raw, I'm starving for your cunt

I love the sounds of ripping clothes, it means I don't have to wait, i love it when I get to strip you off, you are my favourite date


6 days ago. May 8, 2021, 11:16 AM

Knight in shinning armour

To be your Knight in shinning armour, to be there to save the day, a chance to be your hero, to chase your dragons far away

To be there with my mighty sword, to protect you with my shield, to battle all your enemies, until they start to yield

To ride along beside you, to be your protector of the night, to make sure you sleep soundly, to make sure all is right

To offer a hand if you stumble, to pick you up if you should fall, to wipe away the tears you weep, for you I'd give my all

To be your Knight, your hero, to protect my damsel in distress, I may love you from a distance but I'm the one who loves you best

So let me be there for you, let me in your heart and head, know that I am with, even though I'm in my bed

My shield is yours for protection, my sword belongs to to you, no matter what your battles you may face, together we're come through

So maiden I'm with you, though we may be miles apart, for I am always thinking of you, you beat inside my heart


6 days ago. May 8, 2021, 3:01 AM

Tell me all your secrets

Tell me all your secrets, Tell me what kinks work just for you, whisper me your desires, I'll make your dreams come true

Give me all your dark desires, tell me the things that make you wet, I will bring your fantasies to life, give you your best dream yet

The more secrets that you share with me, the more real I'll make it feel, give you pleasures in your mind, but make it seem so real

Turn you on with my words, make you feel full of lust and desire, bringing sex to you with my poetry, to make your sexual flames burn higher

Let me bring you your late night ecstasy, make your body ache for sin, get you to start to play with yourself, you want to dip your fingers in

Reading my rhymes when you need relief, I want to make you cum, to write a fuck in stanzas, until your needs are done

So if you want a personal dream, a pleasure that's just your own, tell me your sexual needs, and I'll write you something on my phone

I could be your personal poet, the Mr Sandman who brings your dreams, make you think your getting fucked, or at least that's how it seems

The more I know about you, the more accurate poems I can write, tailored to give you satisfaction, when your in your bed at night


6 days ago. May 7, 2021, 3:54 PM

Baby girl

Climb up on my lap beautiful, give me a little kiss, I love your pretty outfit, no panties is my wish

Let me run my hands on you, I love your curves and bum, that's open slowly, shall we have some fun

God your skin is soft, I love to stroke you slowly there, I love your shaven pussy, it looks gorgeous with no hair

Oh your already damp, do you want to stroke my dick, let me make circles on your clit, I need to take a lick

I push my finger slowly in, I love to hear you sigh, your juices taste so lovely, I offer you a taste, a try

You take off your pretty blouse, then unclipped your bra of lace, you spin around to face me, my heart begins to race

Sucking on your nipples I love to mark your skin, proving that i own you, makes me smile and grin

You are my very sexy girl, you're my special baby girl, no one could love you more, I hope that you can tell

You raise your hips and guide me in, you're moist and wet inside, you reach around my shoulders and slowly start to ride

Deep slow grinding, your hips move hard, deliberate and slow, then you begin to pick up pace as the hunger starts to grow

Pushing up as you roll down, we meet like a sea rushing to the shore, waves getting bigger, as I make you orgasm more

Bodies entwined in ecstasy, a love beyond compare, you begging for my hot cream, fucking wild without a care

Faster harder pushes, you beg please "Sir can I cum" I won't give permission yet, because I'm not nearly done

You begging for sexual release, I'm telling you, your pussy's mine, then I say you can come, as I fill you full of mine

Desires fed, lust saited, we've spent all our sexual power, we hug and kiss for ages, then head off to share a shower


1 week ago. May 7, 2021, 11:01 AM

Summer dress

Babe you look stunning in your Summer dress, I love the way the top clings to your curves and flows down past the rest

Oh you've got no panties on, you very naughty sexy girl, you look lovely in that Summer dress, give me a little twirl

Oh wow that looks hot, you flashed a little of your thigh, maybe I'd get to see more if you spin faster, go on baby try

God there's your ass cheeks, it's hard to look but not touch, I hate it when you're out of town, I miss you Oh so much

At least we have video link, I can see the sexy things you wear, see how gorgeous your make up is, see how you've done your hair

Spin a little faster for me babe, I want you to show me more, come on baby faster, ooh my sexy, kinky whore

Yes it's lifting really high, your pussy's now on show, god you are so beautiful, I love you don't you know

I love the way it flows and glides, like you're in some Summer breeze, beautifully elegant, stopping just above your knees

Stand near the window, let the Sunlight stream right through, wow your silhouette is amazing, I love the shape of you

Well thank you for the video chat, babe you are the best, and you look absolutely stunning in your Summer dress


1 week ago. May 6, 2021, 8:09 PM

SSR put up a chewy noise challenge my sad attempt is on my profile. Thanks it was fun. Loved yours lol

Love and light T.K.P xx

1 week ago. May 6, 2021, 10:53 AM

Ok peeps a sort of game with a poem, just a insight into you all, yes I'm nosey lol

Watching Marvel films got me thinking about Super heroes and powers so. Enjoy the poem then please tell me what Super power you'd like. Give hero a name and why would you like that power. THANKS FOR PLAYING


Super hero

If you could be a Super hero, which one would you be, there's so many hero's to choose from, come play this game with me

Would you be Superman, faster than the speed of light, always there to save the world, protecting what is right

What about the Dark Knight, Batman whose, secretly Bruce Wayne, no real Super powers but obviously rich and with a brain

Thor the God of Thunder, with his hammer only those worthy can lift, he flies and his so powerful, a useful hero gift

Iron man has the gadgets, he has all the high tech toys, he's loved by the woman, and he's envied by the boys

Captain America, he stands for the truth and the American way, he is one of the early super heroes, what more can you say

Yes they are awesome, but if I had a Super power of my own, it would be to find everyone their true love, so no one is alone

Yes a form of world peace, but not quite like the heroes say, to make the world a better place, I'd share true love this way

I don't have a Super hero name, something Dr Love, or Captain Heart, spreading love through the galaxy, so no lovers are kept apart

So what Super hero would you be, what would be your gift to save mankind, what would you give your fellow man, to bring him peace of mind