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Some of my erotic poetry
2 hours ago. May 28, 2022, 2:41 PM

Marks upon your skin

Bite you, spank you, claw you, I've got to mark the scene, I must leave some reminders on the places where I've been

Claw marks and gouges, bruises, welt marks from where you took some whips, tie marks on your wrists, pressure marks on your hips

Nip marks up your legs, like tracks along your inner thighs, all placed strategically, they're only for your eyes

Your skin marks so easily, I just love to leave my stamp, I know you love the pain it gives, it always makes you damp

So when you go about your day, you may feel a little sore, it's because you carry reminders of our kinky night before

The bruises paint pretty colours, as they change throughout the day, all the colours of a rainbow, showing where I was at play

You stroke your marks tenderly, the pain is still devine, just loving reminders of last night, when you were truly mne


12 hours ago. May 28, 2022, 4:43 AM

The Witching hour

Finally you are sitting on your bed, you've just had a shower, it's been such a long busy day and it's near the Witching hour

You dry yourself slowly, then rub body lotion on your skin, as you stroke your nipples, your mind starts to think of sin

Your nipples have hardened instantly, you can't resist a little tweet, the pain rushes through you, it gives the thrill you seek

You lay down on your bed, your hands know where to go, touching, stroking, feeling, your juices start to flow

Legs open without command, fingers hunt your sacred place, dancing circles on your bud, puts contentment on you face

Fingers do their magic work, orgasm washes over you, the feeling is so delicious, you decide to try for two

One hand on your pussy, with the other you claw your thigh, knowing that will leave a mark, makes you let out a sigh

Tomorrow when the morning comes, you'll see and feel those spoils of war, there as reminders, that you are a dirty whore

You may be a perfect lady but you are still a sexual freak but now you've cum and you are spent, it's dream time that you seek


1 day ago. May 27, 2022, 4:49 PM

Heal my sexual need

There's a firey ravenous hunger, burning in my in my soul, searching for the girl I need, to calm this wants my goal

The flames are licking at my heart, they are getting higher, I'm losing all control, I'm just taken with desire

The need for for her is voracious, it's growing in my head, please I beg you come to me, my desires must be fed

Give yourself to me, allow me to have you for my feast, only your sexy curves and flesh, can tame this savage beast

Come to me and let me feast, you're the one I must devour, I want to eat every part of you, I must taste your sacred flower

The pains from my hunger, runs wild throughout my veins, you are constantly in my thoughts, you're always in my brain

Lay down then spread your legs, allow me to have my feed, only you can satisfy, this ravenous hunger and heal this sexual need


1 day ago. May 27, 2022, 3:01 AM

Run hard, run fast

Run hard, deep into the woods, I've got a game to play, I want to be the sexual hunter, I want you to be the prey

Try find a place to hide, I will hunt you through night, I'm gonna go in for the kill, the second you come into sight

I'll listen for your movements, I'll hear each stick you crack, each sounds a giveaway, I'll use the sound to track

You'll be running in the dark, I'll have night vision glasses to help me see, I'll see you glowing, then you'll belong to me

Once I've got you captive, I'll take you on the cold hard ground, I will do my bidding, feel free to scream and make a sound

In the dead of night, there's no one here to hear you scream, I will take my hunting trophy, to complete my kinky dream

My ravenous hunger drives me on, only you will satisfy my need, I want you desperately, for you I have such greed

So go use your head start well, run as fast as you can go, I'll give you a few minutes countdown, before I start the show


2 days ago. May 26, 2022, 8:12 AM

Inspire me to rhyme

Baby when I fall to sleep tonight, please come into my dreams, flood my head with images and naughty sexy scenes

Send me visual videos, of you whilst you are  at play, let me watch you touch yourself so I can write of it today

Pictures of you smiling, wear sexy outfits to drive me mad, videos of you dancing naked, would really make me glad

Simple, sexy, fleeting moments, that will become special memories of mine, true pieces of inspiration that I can write of in a rhyme

Pictures of your sexy curves, images of your pretty face, videos of sexy, kinky scenes, to make my heart just race

Send the images late at night, whilst I'm tucked up in my bed, Send them into my dream, show the pictures in my head

I just want inspiration, I don't care what you share, that is up to you, but know each thing will inspire me, to write the things I do

I wish all the things I need were here on my mobile phone, so could watch them time and time again, when I am on my own

Then I'd keep them on my phone, hidden, locked up all the time, brought out only when it's late at night, to inspire me to rhyme


2 days ago. May 26, 2022, 3:01 AM

The cat whose got the cream.....again

I want to feel your love juice, running down my chin, a gift earned by licking, during a night fuelled by sin

Flicking, probing, dancing, running patterns on your clit, touching all the right spots on your delicious slit

Dipping in and pulling out, you juice it tastes so good, hunting for your cliterus, my tongues dives beneath your hood

Buried deep in ecstasy, I lunge and take small sips, I hold your pussy in close and tight, my hands hold tight onto your hips

We fall into a rhythm, as one we simply rise and fall, you offer your pussy to my mouth, I hungrily eat it all

You ride my face hard and fast, you drive each thrust and grind, you get more frantic, you begin to lose your mind

Head tossed back, you squat down deep, you moan, you clamp then scream, I'm covered in your love juice. I'm the cat whose got the cream.....



3 days ago. May 25, 2022, 1:46 PM


Get down on your knees, just do exactly what I've said, open up your painted lips and start to give your master head

Take me in all the way, I want my bollocks to scrape your chin, once you've completed this task, the next one can begin

Do for me a striptease, whilst I go and sit right over there, don't rush, just take your time but don't stop till you're bare

Then get down on the your knees and crawl to me on all fours, i want to see you wiggle as you come across the floor

When you get to me, reverse and raise your sexy ass, offer it to me slowly, so I can decide to smash or pass

We both know I won't pass, I fucking adore your yummy bum, I might even fuck it and fill it full of my creamy cum

Tonight you are my sex toy, you'll obey my sweet fuck doll, for tonight I'm a hungry master, tonight I'm in control


3 days ago. May 25, 2022, 3:00 AM

In the car

Sitting beside you in the car, you take me for a drive, windows down I feel the Sun, its a great day to be alive

You smile at me so tenderly, I rest my hand upon your thigh, you open your legs slight and let out the faintest sigh

I take this as a signal, it was such a subtle sexual clue but I knew what it meant, what I was supposed to do

I slid my hand higher, I could feel the heat inside your crutch, I found the edge of your pussy, I gave it a gentle touch

The moment I realised you had no panties on my heart began to race, I glanced up to look at you and saw a grin was upon your face

I parted you lips with my fingers, the car slightly veered off line, I told you to drive just do your job and I'll take care of mine

Already you soaking wet, my finger just slid right in, I began to make circles on your clit, you decided you best pull in

You found a quiet deserted spot, I was finger fucking you in the car, I reached with my other hand and slipped into your bra

Pulling at your nipples, I sent shock waves of kinky pain, it made you hotter, your pussy dropped like rain

Your breathing quickened, you began to twitch and buck, then we heard a beeping we were spotted by a passing truck

You pushed my hand in tight, I felt your pussy clamp, you shuddered as you cum, your seat was also damp

You sat yourself across my lap, my legs got wet as we started to hug and kiss, thank you for the road trip, this dream was just pure bliss

I sucked your juice of my fingers, you are the sweetest wine, I wish I were in a car with you, another dream of mine


4 days ago. May 24, 2022, 2:14 PM

Stealing moments

Sitting in my shower, again my dream girls on my brain, thinking of your sexy curves as the water falls like rain

Wishing you were here with me, so I could wash your skin, soap all your intimate places, now my mind runs off to sin

Cup your body in my hands, map all your gorgeous curves, draw patterns in the bubbles, your needs I'd love to serve

Treat you like a Goddess, I'd be the slave, you'd be my Queen, I'd clean you from top to toe, how I love to dream

Before it was only at night, when you came into view, now it's anytime day or night, I can't stop thinking just of you

Dreams at night or daydreams to me they're both the same, I'd give up anytime to share with you, every dreams a gain

All fleeting moments I get to feel you share my heart, then once again I'm all alone, me and you are torn apart

Either torn apart by the days work, by things that must be done, or it's by my dreams coming to a end, brought on by the Sun


4 days ago. May 24, 2022, 3:08 AM

I'm in charge

Let's get down and dirty, I want treat you like a toy, use you as my playground, I have no time for coy

Do what I want to you, do all the nasty things I crave, take you anyway I want, use you as my slave

Force myself upon you, I want to just ram my dick inside, throw you onto the bed and then use you as my ride

I want you to put up a struggle, fight me for the right, make me work for dominance, let us play tonight

Go put on something pretty, make sure it's made of lace, then I'll show you who's the boss, I'll put you in your place

Let you see I'm the one in charge, your body's mine to own, once I've had my way with you, I take pictures on my phone

Make sure you know I'm the Dominant and you're my Submissive dream girl, let's share a sexy dream and let our night unfurl