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Some of my erotic poetry
7 hours ago. Mar 5, 2021, 11:17 AM

The cuddle

It seems such a simple act, to put your arms tight around a friend, a token of your support, to show soon their pain will end

Wrapped around a lover, you can snuggle in all night, whispers shared in romance, a hug that feels so right

Saddened by some bad news, the loss of a loved one or a friend, a cuddle is the starting block, for the tears to end

A celebratory cuddle, when things have gone your way, a victory or some joyous news, a cuddle marks the day

Then you have the first one, its often followed by a loves first kiss, pulled in tight, with expectation, for true love is what you wish

Once you've finished fucking, exhausted but saited on your bed, cuddled in together, his chest makes a pillow for your head

When someone small has hurt themselves, maybe they've scratched their knee, straight into their parents arms, is where they want to be

It can be a million things, when you're in that warm embrace, but one thing is for certain, its given to put a smile upon on your face


1 day ago. Mar 4, 2021, 10:49 AM

Throbbing, soaking wet

You're laying in your bed late at night, you get that certain need, desires running through you, your pussy needs to feed

You knew reading his poetry would put you in the mood, you slide out your Pjs, your laying in the nude

You start stroking your neck, your body tingles deep inside, you pull at your nipples, the moans you try to hide

Muffling the sounds from those in your house, it kind of gets you hot, harden nipples in your hands, you squeeze with all you've got

Pain and pleasure rushes through you, your hands go to your cunt, wet, soaking waiting, for your parted lips you hunt

Moist, wet and ready, you make deep circles on your clit, biting your bottom lip for silence as your fingers dive into your slit

Warm juice swallow you, you start a slow and steady push, you feel yourself spasm as your juices fly out with a whoosh

You knew that would happen, when you cum you always squirt, you've used it in a chat up line, you saucy little flirt

Sheets form a wet patch, your juice has soaked your bed, that doesn't matter now, you're busy fucking in your head

Three fingers buried deep, you're in need of your favorite sex toy, silent yet powerful, you call him your "special boy"

Deep vibrating penetration, he makes you cum again, juice flying everywhere, it looks like you've been caught out, naked in the rain

Back arched, quiet moans, your toy has done its deed, you lay in a cum soaked bed, you've calmed your aching need

You move to the dry side, you rest your weary head, that'll teach you to read his poetry, late at night, whilst laying in your bed

His words paint vivid pictures, those pictures turn you on, all from some erotic stanzas, written by that poet Ron


2 days ago. Mar 3, 2021, 4:00 PM

I'm  yours, own me

Rip all my clothes off, throw me onto our great big bed, take me, own me, do whatever's in your head

Throw my clothes on the floor, I'm here waiting I'm naked oh so bare, put me in any position that you like, just fuck me I don't care

Anyway fast or slow, in my mouth, pussy or my bum, my body is your playground, Sir please fill me with your creamy cum

Spank me whilst we're fucking, pull my hair, make me suck your dick, fuck my mouth with passion, I want my masters dick

Put me on my knees, I'm so content kneeling at your feet, giving my complete submission, for me is such a treat

Tell me if you want a outfit worn, I can play a certain roll, or perhaps I can dance for you, I can spin around a pole

Just control me, take charge of me, I want to be told just what to do, take me and mould me, let me be owned by you


2 days ago. Mar 3, 2021, 11:17 AM

The reminder

The kiss sent down the line, that's been sent from far away, reminds you that you're in their heart each and everyday

Though you're so far apart a simple kiss sent to a phone, will let someone know their in your thoughts and they're not alone

Emoji's of hearts and lips, smiling faces can make their day, a simple I'm thinking of you, though you're far away

Small reminders of love pinged to a loved ones phone, gifs upon a screen, flashing hearts and kisses, will make their faces beam

Notes saying the most simple things, can quite often mean the most, flying through the universe, reaching coast to coast

Reaching out and touching hearts, reminders that we care, showing that you are with them, even when you can't be there

Now with the age of communication, you can send your love each and every day, small fleeting reminders, that their in your heart and thoughts today

It only takes a moment, but this small thing will make them smile, bringing moments of warmth and love, it makes it all worthwhile

So pick up your mobile phone, let them know how much you care, show them your with them, though you can't be there


3 days ago. Mar 2, 2021, 3:55 PM

A dream I dream


Hand in hand

Fingers locked, entwined in love, both held in a loving grasp, locked in a state of happiness, the lock of loves true clasp

Skin on skin, feelings shared, we're both feeling loves tingle, mindlessly our digits move, in love they play and mingle

Together with your hand in mine, we show the world a sign, it screams out I love you, I'm yours and you are mine

A declaration for the world to see, I've found my one true love, my mate, now and forever, the love we share is great

Thumbs wrapped in so tightly, like the seal upon our loving grip, connected by our desires, our love wont wain or slip

How can this come from holding hands, do you believe this love is real, just find a special hand to hold and open up your heart and feel

Feel the connection running through you, its like loves circuit is complete, sharing every spark of loves electricity everytime you meet

So find a hand and hold it tight, feel the love it holds inside, hang on for loves paths not always smooth, but enjoy its wonderous ride


3 days ago. Mar 2, 2021, 1:10 PM

Bit of a selfish poem. Sorry just licking wounds feeling slightly lost


Feelings lost

Your hand runs across my face, I feel your tender touch, along my shoulders you're still there, is to wish for more to much

Because I know when you touch my chest, soon sensation will be gone, it left the very moment, my spinal chord went wrong

I can feel you kiss me, see the love and desire in your eyes, but no longer will I feel your hand running up my thigh

No more of your soft Velvet touch, no more simple hand resting on my knee, even though I can see your touch, that's all that's left for me

Broken from the chest down, I still feel love inside my heart and brain, emotions still haunt my body, my needs remain the same

No longer can I give all I was, sometimes I no longer feel a man, now I can't give my all, like a real man can

Yes I can seduce you with words, make love inside your brain, describe the act of orgasm but both our needs remain

Now I'm just a broken poet, whose laying in his bed, trying to send his everything, wrapped in poetry from his head



4 days ago. Mar 1, 2021, 3:40 PM

The meaner, nastier side to stranger sex


Stranger fucking

I dont want to know you're name, I'm not interested in your mum, I just want to fuck you and finish when I cum

I dont care about your past, or the men who are so mean, I just want to eat you out, I thought this was your scene

No names, no chat, let's just get down to the job, stop your gums flapping, just put them round my knob

Now all is quiet except the sound of your lips sucking, this is easily my favourite game, I love stranger fucking

I feel no love for them, I’m here solely for my needs, I like to do them doggy style, with a bitch right on her knees

Then I dont have to look at her, I dont have to see her face, I dont care where she comes from, I’ll fuck in any place

Outside in the woods, in a cheap hotel, I'll even fuck you in the car, I'm up for anything, I dont have a step to far

I'll tie you up and whip you, fuck you in your bum, whatever you like my bitch, as long as I get to cum

Its all about my carnal needs, feelings are left outside the door, to me your just a spunk dump, you are my little whore

If I wanted proper love, or I was  romancing for a wife, you'd be the last I'd choose, I dont need the strife

I'd want a pretty and a nice girl, not a bitch on heat, I wouldn't be looking on a dogging site, for a slag like you to meet

A few more thrusts and I am done, my spunks all in your cunt, with no goodbyes you can fuck off now, I must restart my hunt

Looking to find a new dog, a slut to stick it too, maybe you’re the stranger so can i fuck with you.


4 days ago. Mar 1, 2021, 3:19 PM

Stranger sex

A name upon the Internet, no idea of who they are, all you know is your profiles match and they don't live all that far

You both choose a wine bar, the same distance from where you live, you decide to both meet a eight, a first name is all you give

You make your way inside the bar, on a stool sits a girl in a dress of lace, she turns and she smiles at you, light radiates from her face

You buy her a glass of house white, you both ask how did you get here, you both tell the same sad story, whilst you drink your wine and beer

You both hop into a cab, you both find a cheap hotel room for the night, the man pays with cash, he opens the door and flicks the light

He sits on a well used bed, he turns when he hears the bathroom door, standing there was a vision, he couldn't wait no more

He pulled her towards him, he lays her on the bed, he looks at this beauty, all the while desires growing in his head

Kissing starts, hands run wild, passion and hunger overflows, they fumble at each other, trying to remove each others clothes

She spreads her legs he enters her, she gasps as she takes his girth, soon he is pounding her, both fucking for all their worth

A long night of passion is had, she took him in every hole, still no real information exchanged, anonymity still their goal

Once they had finished, they left the room and cum stained sheet, they took a cab to the wine bar, the place of their stranger meet

Both said their last goodbyes, she walked left and he went right, like two ships that passed dense fog, both sailed off out of sight


4 days ago. Feb 28, 2021, 8:22 PM

The night of pain

Come on baby harder, I really can't get off without the pain, really clamp the cuffs on tighter, we ain't playing your Policeman game

You had your choice last night, tonight's about my needs, just remember not to stop, regardless of my plea's

Twist my nipples twice as hard, try to rip them off my chest, get the biggest butt plug, just measure it to the rest

Put the clamp onto my clit, now give it a almighty tug, put some more effort in babe, pretend your shaking dirt off our front room rug

Oh thats more like it, my pussy's juice just starts to run, grab the biggest butt plug babe and ram it up my bum

Call me some nasty names, your slut, your toy, your whore, swear at me and own me, drag me to the floor

Make me suck your cock, or put me in a leather gag, tell me what to do to you, just treat me like some dirty slag

Get out the body wax poured on my pussy would be nice, then you could just cool it off, with some melted blocks of ice

The more pain you give to me, the harder I will cum, so go get that riding crop, just spank me on the bum

God I love it when it's my pain night, I love to play my game, I love my special bruises, and the marks that still remain



5 days ago. Feb 28, 2021, 11:36 AM

The pain of lost love, a feeling sadly most have shared



Laying in a thousand pieces, like a broken mirror on the floor, your shattered heart, still beats, though your head can take no more

Why does the Sun come up, when you just want the world to end, when love slips through your fingers, you feel like your heart will never mend

How can the world continue to turn, still the sea still laps against the shore, don't the world know you're dying, you have your love no more

Such a pain deep inside your heart, your mind  searching for the reason why, you can't eat or sleep, all you do is cry

If you had done somethings differently, would that have made them stay, if you had tried much harder, maybe they'd still be here today

Was it something that you said, or something that you done, how can you be on your own, when before you were "The One"

Now your laying alone in your bed, loves dream so torn and tattered, tears streaming down your face, your heart still beats, though its shattered