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Some of my erotic poetry
2 hours ago. Aug 2, 2021, 3:01 AM


How do you capture a moment, that makes my pulse start to race, it's simple just ping my phone with a picture of your face

Your pretty smile, your soft moist lips, the way you have your hair, I adore seeing every detail, I feel like I am there

When you pop up on my phone, my face can't help but smile, instantly I'm mesmerized, you've made my day worthwhile

How do you make my heart fast, beat right out my chest, you send a pic of you in lace, you know I love that best

And if your pic is saucy, I feel like you've bust my heart, I lock it in my picture vault, so we will never part

All the pics you send me, brings me you close and makes you real, gives me the warmest glow, I need you to know how I feel

You make me feel so special, the pictures aways lead me to a dream, where we share special moments or that's just how it seems

So next time you send a picture, know my hearts in rapture, because I've got you on my phone, you are the perfect capture


15 hours ago. Aug 1, 2021, 2:28 PM

Stripping on my phone

There you are my dream girl, I really love that dress, you look so very sexy, you've obviously dressed to impress

What's the tune your listening too, I love to watch you sway, what do you mean just shut up and watch, that's a funny thing to say

Then your hands move across your body, you start caressing every curve, now I keep my mouth shut, I'm here only to observe

Slowly you undo the top buttons on your sexy dress, you smile and undo some more, revealing yourself slowly until the dress falls to the floor

Now your in your sexy lingerie, it's made of Black lace but sheer, I can see your pierced nipples, as the camera is quite near

You push your tits together, the cleavage looks devine, you slowly pull down one strap, there's no rush you take your time

Then you drop the other strap, i hear the bra clip ping, I'm now looking at your ample tits, now you do your thing

Hands on your piercings, they instantly harden to your touch, your eyes constantly fixed on the lens, it really is to much

Your move to the music, I love to watch you twerk and dance, I'm mesmerized by your body, you have me in a trance

Then you just stop and smile, you slide your panties down your thighs, showing me your pussy, this was a great surprise

I just watched you strip for me, it was an amazing seductive scene, then you switch your camera off and I'm just staring at my screen

Mind blown and horny, I'm all revved up and all alone, after watching you my beautiful dream Goddess, Stripping on my phone


1 day ago. Aug 1, 2021, 3:03 AM

The Vampire Goddess and the broken poet

As nighttime descends and there's darkness all around, this is the Vampire goddesses time, you know where she'll be found

Sitting high up in her castle, looking down onto the village lights, soon she'll go hunting, she needs to feed tonight

She knows she'll find someone, they'll be on their own, wandering the streets at night, instead hiding safe at home

Silently she'll swoop down, then hypnotise them with her stare, then she will feed off them, and they won't know that she was there

They wake up feeling weak, thinking they fell or hurt their head, luckily she stopped her feed or they would now be dead

Then she spots a cripple sitting in his power chair, she knows he will make a easy meal, she swoops down without a care

She lands right in front of him, knowing he can't run away, she was going to attack him but she decided she would play

I see you are a broken poet, I've read you work, not bad, I love all the erotic ones but some just make me sad

Why asked the poet your the Vampire Goddess, you rule everything, she shook her head so slowly, I don't have a Vampire king

In a flash the poet said, turn me now, make me yours, make me fit and fine and I will write you poetry, until the end of time

He tilted his neck she moved in, her teeth found his pumping veins, she drank until he was empty, not a drop of life remains

The next night when the Poet woke, his Goddess had made him into a healthy man, together they will prowl the night, like only Vampires can

And he will write her poetry, about the death she brings from way up high above, but it will always have a stanza so he can profess his undying love


2 days ago. Jul 31, 2021, 4:51 AM

Dream girl still

Super cute and horny, your pics they turn me on, in my dreams we make love, then i wake to find you gone

Your curves are so sexy, I'd love to taste your flowers juice, to run my tongue across your body, to let my passions loose

Stroke your hair and kiss you, to look into your eyes, kiss slowly up your inner legs, to nibble on your thighs

I kiss your nape, around your neck, run my fingers down your spine, feeling every part of you, in theses dreams you're love is mine

Suck upon your nipples, give them both a nip and tweak, hold you tight within my arms, you are the love i seek

My dreams of the perfect girl, the princess in my rhymes, stanzas confess my feelings, tales of the dreams in which you're mine

I look at your pictures, then i close my eyes and fall to sleep, i hope to find you in my dreams tonight and into my bed you'll creep

Snuggle up so close to me, wrap around me nice and tight, lay your head upon my chest, just stay with me tonight

It breaks my heart when i awake, to find I'm alone just in my bed, i realise you are just a dream, the lover in my head


2 days ago. Jul 31, 2021, 3:06 AM

Dream girl

How can i feel for a girl who lives within my dream, a image conjured in my heart, of a beautiful sexy Queen

Deep in my dreams she is mine and I'm her only man, i adore her like a Goddess and i show her anyway i can

I try to tend to her desires, I live make her smile, to see satisfaction and happiness on her face, make it all worthwhile

A smile is the perfect gift, to see happiness glistening in her eyes, a poet couldn't ask for more, I adore my wonderous prize

Holding her in my loving arms I feel her skin, as we both embrace, you lay your head upon my chest as I look at your pretty face

I stroke your hair and whisper, such sweet nothings in your ear, I know you'll be gone by morning but I love it that your here

Grabbing fleeting moments with you, is a precious moment locked in time, for as long has its dark outside, the dream girl will be mine


2 days ago. Jul 30, 2021, 2:11 PM

The petals of the Rose

They say there's nothing sweeter than the fragrance of a Rose, the sweet smell of sexy heaven, wafting up your nose

It awakens all the senses, it sends a tingle down the poets spine, oh I wish I owned it, why can't this Rose be mine

The petals are exquisite, so soft they're beyond compare, keeping her Rose bud warm and wet, until my tongue gets there

Until like a Hummingbird I feed, my tongue scooping out your flowers honey, not a drop is wasted, your sex nectar tastes so yummy

When I part your petals, I gently kiss the softest Rose, I play in your garden, until the moonlight goes

Then I'm alone again, and the Rose I thought was mine, disappears for now, whilst the Sun must shine

But once the day is over, the sunlight just fades away, you'll find me in your garden, with your Rose I want to play


3 days ago. Jul 30, 2021, 3:03 AM

Sheer and Lace

Your looking in the mirror, you're naked standing there, you want to send your poet photos but you don't know what to wear

You start off with leather, then latex rubber, you finally turn to lace, the moment that it touches your skin, a smile comes across your face

The lace lays upon your skin, the feel touches every nerve, it makes you feel so sexy, as it lays on every curve

Hugging you in the right places, you look at yourself and smile, this should please your poet, he hasn't seen you dressed up in quite a while

But before you take your pics, you decide to have a little stroke, you go lay on your bed, your fingers probe and poke

The lace makes you feel sexy, across your body your hands run, cupping your tits then reaching round you caress your lace covered bum

Then you notice on your bed, is a large Chiffon scarf quite near, you pull it across your skin, it's soft, it clings, it's sheer

Sliding out your sexy lace, you lay the sheer scarf across your skin, you can still see your pussy and it's treasures held within

You pull it across you body, your dark nipples harden to it's touch, you run the sheer material in your hands, you use it to stroke your crutch

A damp patch appears on the scarf as it brushes against your lips, you drape it all over you, it lays softly on your hips

You wrap it round your wrists, as if your poet had you bound, you feel yourself cumming and let loose a sighing sound

You take some pretty pictures, you can see your body through the sheer, they are for your poet, who will hold them oh so dear

Now you've had a little play, got turned on by sheer and Lace, you better pick a outfit for the day, to match the smile across your face



3 days ago. Jul 29, 2021, 2:06 PM

It happened in a dream I had

It happened in a dream I had, I was in charge of your camera phone, telling you the shots I wanted, whilst you were alone

I asked you to wear your sexiest dress, then stand and make a pose, then take a couple of snaps for me, I'm just greedy I suppose

One pic isn't enough I want a album, a sexy picture set, so I can look at a Goddess in the beautiful pictures I will get

Then I asked you to put on your favourite lacey underwear, then lay down on your bed seductively, as if I was standing there

Take loads of pictures of yourself in different positions on the bed, so I can use them as a fantasy later, when your pics are in my head

I want you to put the things that turn you on, the clothes in which you feel real great, I love that we've found each other, I thank the hand of fate

Once you've took picture in lingerie, I tell you to get bare, then shoot pictures of yourself, like up close to your pussy's hair

A picture of your legs spread wide, then spread your lips to show your pink, I need a picture of your ass, I don't have one of them I think

Bend over let me see, what it would look like to have you from behind, now can you pull apart your sexy cheeks, if you'd be so kind

Do you have a favourite toy, for when you need some relief, take pictures of you using it, if that isn't too much grief

Then the alarm clock goes off, I wake picture less and sad, but for one night I had everything, it was in a dream that I once had


4 days ago. Jul 29, 2021, 3:01 AM

While the moonlight beams

Hunger, desire my needs are growing stronger by the day, I want to share your body, come into my dream I pray

Let me climb out of my dreams, let me slip inside your mind, share some special time with you, of the loving kind

Let's be entwined together, our bodies moulded like clay as one, sharing love and romance until we greet the morning Sun

Spooning or laying face to face, I want to feel your skin, whispering words of love, tonight's not the night for sin

Fingers wound within each other, a hand in hand embrace, I could spend a lifetime, looking at your face

Being mesmerized by your beauty, you have me in a trance, I would be your lover, if I only had the chance

But for me to share a night with you, I have to keep you in my dreams, you'll be mine tonight has long as the moonlight beams


4 days ago. Jul 28, 2021, 2:32 PM

The Pink

Hiding in between your lips, is the pinkest softest skin, I'd love to.get close to it, and slide some fingers in

Maybe get you to part your lips, so I can see the pink I crave, though its just a small part of you, to your pussy I'm a slave

It is the sexiest shade of pink, it glistens like the moon lit sea, I want to take a dip in you, I dream that you'll let me

Deep inside your pussy, the Pink is like a velvet rose, I'd love to smell your fragrance, with your pussy on my nose

Your Pink skin above my mouth, my tongue just wants to dance, to take you off to ecstasy, put you in a sexual trance

To pay my homage to your Goddess, to kiss and lick the Pink, to me sounds like heaven, but I often wonder what you think

Do you imagine me with my head buried between your thighs, would you.let me kiss the Pink, would you give me that special prize

Am I worthy of such a gift, I imagine it when I'm on my own, I can only hope you take a snap of the Pink and send it to my phone