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Some of my erotic poetry
2 hours ago. Nov 27, 2021, 2:00 AM

Call you master

Would you like the power to guide me through this maze, help me find my rightful place, steer me through the haze

Give me direction and give me a quiet, peaceful mind, but keep me also in line, when you feel inclined

Take me by the hand, when I trust you'll have me whole, then you will own all of me, I'll give my heart and soul

No one would serve you better, this gift it can't be bought, it is only given freely, when a master has been sought

All the kindness and tender words, won't make someone submit, there has too be a deep connection, a true master has to fit

But once that connections made, two hearts will beat as One, it's the beginning of a partnership, a true love has just begun

Would you take on this power, are you strong enough to lead, do you know the way to paradise, could you fulfil my endless need

If you believe your made of the stuff, to make my pulse race faster, show me your worthy of my devotion, then I'll kneel and call you master


1 day ago. Nov 26, 2021, 4:04 AM

Christmas kiss

Let me lead you by the hand, we've got a place to go, just trust me to guide you, there's something I want to show

No its not scary, infact I hope it will make you smile, its part of a tradition, that's been around a long, long while

Just trust me and come this way, no I'm not leading you to dread, it's nothing to do with horror stuff, so get that out your head

This is something festive, it's now that time of year, for spreading love and happiness to those who you hold dear

We've trimmed the tree and put on the fairy, now turn on the lights, look how beautiful it looks, it's twinkling through the night

Now we are nearly there, only a few more feet to go, now take a look above your head, you're under Mistletoe

So now you have to kiss me, or you won't get your Christmas wish, I will also get mine, the moment that we kiss



1 day ago. Nov 26, 2021, 2:04 AM

Like a Queen

So soft and very sensual, with a little hint a pain, I crept into your dream, to try and please you once again

Running lace along your body, using silk to bind you tight, you may have self control but you're bodies mine tonight

You are at my mercy, now your bodies mine today, so i will try to please you, with some soft and sensual play

Soft gentle kisses, deep inside your inner thighs, making my way up to your Rose, hunting for your softest sighs

Playing with your body slowly, I delve between pleasure and then pain, giving you all you need, to please you is my aim

I want to take your self control, just give yourself to me, let me own you in this dream, trust me you will see

Not only will I please you, I'll fulfil your needs inside this dream, then i will give you back your crown and treat you like a Queen


1 day ago. Nov 25, 2021, 4:45 PM

Devil and the Angel.....Why choose

The Devil sat on the left side, the Angel on the right, both whispering in your ear, so who will you choose tonight

The Devil promises all of your dreams, he can fulfill your carnal desires, but the Angel warns if you take that path, you'll burn in eternal fires

The Angel says his way is best, it's the path that leads to all things light, the Devil says all that path leads to a boring kind of night

Devil offers all your desires, there are no rules within his lust, all you must do is sell your soul, in him just give your trust

The Angel just bows and shakes his head, he knows he's lost this war, he tried to save your immortal soul but he can do no more

Then to his surprise you first look left, then you turn back to the right, you then say you need both of you, there's no need to fight

You know how to have my fun, that made the Devil grin, you'd only do what's allowed, you'd never break a sin

You need both Dark and Light, to have a balanced life you've found, whilst the Devil is your kinky side, the Angel keeps me safe and sound



1 day ago. Nov 25, 2021, 10:31 AM

Just wanted to wish all the Kinksters across the pond a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING 

Enjoy your day peeps.

Love and light 



2 days ago. Nov 25, 2021, 2:00 AM


Soft warm and gentle, the feeling when it's on my face, the sensation of it brushing my lips, makes my desires race

The smell of her freshness, makes me want her flesh within, it starts a growing hunger, always born from sin

I love to kiss the outside skin, then I peel it open wide, there is the soft wet fruit, I see the juice inside

Looking so very delicious, I watch the juices start to drip, I don't want any to go to waste, so I move in for a sip

The taste of it so spectacular, this forbidden fruits devine, If only whilst in my dream, this gorgeous Peach is mine

I eat it with such passion, I feel it dancing on my tongue, it's juices running down my throat, until the night is done

Then sadly the night is over, you're no longer in my reach, but if I close my eyes tight enough, in my mind I see your Peach


2 days ago. Nov 24, 2021, 3:42 PM

Don't give in

Searching through the universe, looking for that soul, hunting for that one person who can complete you, surely is your goal

Searching high and looking low, you tear the world apart, looking for the special one, to complete and mend your broken heart

You wonder if they're out there, is their existences even real, sometimes you don't think so, it's a painful way to feel

But you still go on searching, you must never give up on hope, you see things that inspire you, they give you strength to cope

The warmth of the Summer sun, the deepest crimson Rose, even smells can give you hope as they creep up your nose

A perfume or a fragrance may bring a dream to mind, or maybe just a person, who treats you nice and kind

A person you see everyday, or the one who haunts your sleep, who knows when if you'll find them and self doubt might start to creep

We all have dark days when you don't believe but to self doubt is no sin, just know tomorrow it may happen so hold on and don't give in


2 days ago. Nov 24, 2021, 9:43 AM

Make me yours

Take me and tie me up, lock me in your sex slaves cage, cuff me and gag me, use me to sate your sexual rage

Take out all your sexual tension, I'll get down on my knees, tell me what you want of me, I only want to please

Dress me up how you like, I'll do my hair and paint my face, go pick your favourite outfit, we both you'll pick some lace

Let me just sit at your feet, I so want to settle there, I want you to show me love, with gentle love and care

Give me things to do, I'll complete them throughout the day, then you could reward your good girl, with some kinky play

I'll listen to your every order, I'll diligently do each task, fulfil them to the best of my ability, no matter what you ask

Use me as your plaything, my bodies yours to own, don't forget take pictures, to keep on your mobile phone

So when we are not together, no matter where my master may just roam, to remind him what's in store for him, the moment he gets home

Whether I'm standing or I'm kneeling, even when I'm on all fours, I'm here for you master, just take me, make me yours


3 days ago. Nov 23, 2021, 3:06 PM

Dream weaver

What desires and sexual fantasies hide deep inside your brain, have you fulfilled them all or are there some that still remain

Are they so far out there the are kept way down deep inside, stuff you dare not explain, no one would get them if you tried

Or are they of the softest kind, stuff some would call quite plain, maybe it is Roll play or a simple bondage game

No matter what your desires are, I hope they come your way, I hope you find happiness, each and everyday

I'd love you to tell me, let me write them down in rhyme, so you can read your fantasies. Have them with you all the time

Just written for you, so you can keep them hidden on your phone, to read when you feel the need, when you're on your own

Maybe to inspire self play or just to make you think and smile, to take you to your fetish world, if only for a while

So whisper me your secrets and as a poet I'll try to please ya, let me rhyme your fantasies, be your own dream weaver



4 days ago. Nov 23, 2021, 2:04 AM

Shared inside my head

Moulded together though we were made of clay, blended for an eternity, we were made into one, in a loving way

Hands clasping holding, our fingers were so entwined, knotted in a loving hold her pretty little hand in mine

Her eyes fixed on me, I'm mesmerized by her pretty smile, locked in a romantic glance, just the two of us for a while

The warmth of her breath on my face, we are laying cheek to cheek, a million words said in silence, we had no need to speak

For somewhere in those moments, I could hear her in my mind, tenderly whispering her poetry, of the loving kind

I heard her and she heard me, then it was time to kiss, I felt her softness touch me, it was more than I could wish

It was like all the stars shone brighter, even the moon put on its biggest shine, at last we were as one in my dreams at last the girl was mine

Her flawless skin pressed on mine, our heartbeats synchronised as one, together in my dream world, we await the morning Sun

With the Sun I start to wake I'm sad alone, lost within my bed, but grateful for the moment, we shared inside my head