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Hi I'm Ron a erotic poet from London England I was paralyzed 10 years ago and use poetry to release my dreams and fantasies I was hoping to share my work with anyone who might be interested I also have a large body of erotic poetry on Username: averagejoe69 Please go look and comment, you can also messege me there. There's no fee ect
BDSM and me
Ive had only a very limited dip into the lifestyle. I only joined to showcase my erotic poetry but after reading several posts and profiles I'd love to chat to anyone who could explain the lifestyle to me so i can make my poetry more accurate. Obviously being paralyzed I'm only able to chat online. Thank you in advance for reading my profile. I hope you can help me with my interest. Love and light Ron xx
Only my physical abilities, leaving my life mainly online
What's new
Just started to put my erotic poetry on a blog here on THE CAGE I hope people will read and respond so I can judge my work with a more informed audience. My other poetry page is on My username name is averagejoe69
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Oct 25, 2023
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Aug 9, 2020
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