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Some of my erotic poetry
1 week ago. November 24, 2022 at 12:00 AM

The way I cope

Miles across the wide expansive void is a girl of whom I often dream, she's always in my nighttime thoughts, she is my distant Queen

In my dreams we're side by side, she lays within my arms, I get to smell her gorgeous scent, she shares her precious charms

We get to chat, we often kiss, her lips they mould with mine, her kisses are so tender, her taste is so devine

Entwined around each other, it's hard to tell where each of us begin, a molten mass of passion, we feel each others skin

The moon shines through the windows, it lightens up her face, she is so very beautiful, full of love and grace

She is my nighttime goddess, we share most every night, she slides into my empty bed, we snuggle up together tight

God I wish she was really here, I often dream that she's mine, here to hold and care for, until the end of time

But I know she's out if reach but a poet can always hope, it helps me deal with the loneliness, it's just the way I cope


1 week ago. November 23, 2022 at 6:48 AM

Butterfly kiss

Wrapped up in a stanza is a sensual kiss just for you, when you receive it, the kiss knows what it must do

It's been ordered to leap off the page, like a Butterfly in flight, to land ever so gently on your skin and give you a kiss goodnight

A kiss full of tenderness coming from deep inside my heart, a reminder that you're in my thoughts though we are apart

A little kiss to make you think of me, a thought to make you smile, it will bring me close to you, though only for a while

But within that fleeting moment we would be as one, I'd be right beside as you sleep, together we would greet the Sun

All this from a single kiss, sent wrapped inside a rhyme, as soft as a Butterfly, to last as long as time

Enjoy your written gift, I hope tonight you feel your kiss, just to know I made you smile, would truly bring me bliss


1 week ago. November 23, 2022 at 12:00 AM

Weekend fun

At last it is the weekend and all the work for the week is done, let's have a kinktastic time, let's have some naughty fun

We don't have to get up, we can just stay in bed instead, I'll have time to eat your pussy and you can give me head

What about if I make breakfast then tie you down real tight, then get out all the sex toys and  make you scream and fight

I could tease you, please you, until i get you begging me for more, do all the things you like, use you like a kinky whore

Nipple clamps, dildos, there's ice cubes in the freezer tray, I just happened to make them yesterday, in case we got sometime to play

You could put on a sexy outfit. We could play Beauty and the Beast, I'd tear off your panties and ravage you, on your body I would feast

What do think of my suggestions, come on babe all the work is done, it's time to have our kinky time, it's time for some weekend fun


1 week ago. November 22, 2022 at 12:00 AM

Getting caught

Put on a pretty floaty dress we're going outside to play, let's hope we don't get caught by anyone having sex today

Yes that dress is perfect, you won't need your panties made of lace, we've got the picnic ready, we only need a place

Where do you want to go a big park or a beach of golden sand, just pick a place that's private but not someone's private land

Somewhere  we might be caught, there must be a possibility we'd be seen, I want to play in public, it can be a place we've already been

Lay a blanket on the ground, you could slide on top of me, we'd be fucking out in public but no one else could see

We could go for a wander in the woods, I could bend you across a log, slide my cock in from behind and do you like a dog

We could find a busy car park, I could lay back my seat and you can suck my cock, though we might get seen fucking when the car begins to rock

I'm sure we can find a quiet place, where we would be alone, so I could take naked pictures of you, with my mobile phone

Come on babe let's go out, I fancy some risky kinky play, it is sexy and exciting wondering if we'll get caught today


1 week ago. November 21, 2022 at 12:03 AM

First impressions count

I was sitting in my wheelchair has you stepped lightly off the train, you looked so curvy and devine, naughty thoughts ran through my brain

I wanted you to see passed the chair, to show you I wasn't weak, I grabbed you by the hair, even before you got to speak

Hair wrapped tightly in my fist. I pull you down to me with pace, you're shocked by the show of dominance, I could see it on your face

The time you took to paint your sexy lips, obviously was a waste, the Red smudged with ease, I was so hungry for a taste

With I tight grip of your hair plainly I was the one in full control, forceful and sexual, I used you like a doll

Our tongues were soon in battle both pitted in a erotic war, I kept on pushing harder, a kiss like you've never had before

I hoped I didn't frighten you, I wanted to show power in a small amount, to prove I was worth the train ride and i knew first impressions count


2 weeks ago. November 20, 2022 at 12:01 AM

Red letters

You slowly spread your legs, you tell me look for my surprise, my eyes scan up until I see my name upon your thighs

Written on your sexy body, are red letters on your skin this night, it filled me with pride to see such a awesome erotic write

Though no one else would see it, both you and I would know, it would last until the  shower, then my name would go

Seeing my name disappear would cause a twang of pain but as soon as you were dried, you'd put it back there once again

It's nice to know you carry my name, especially when we're apart, it's lovely to be on your flesh, in your soul and heart

I love to see it when I'm between your thighs lapping at your sacred Rose, i always sneak a glance at it and my desire just grows and grows

It brings us closer together, our relationship will never be the same, everything is more intense now you wear my name



2 weeks ago. November 19, 2022 at 12:02 AM

A good hard spanking

I love the little wobble on your ass as my hand lands on your skin, I love the sound the spank makes, it always makes me grin

I love to pull you across my chair, I throw your ripped red lace panties on the floor, I can see your ass with them on but I still wanted more

Each time I bring my hand down, you release a little sigh, even though I can't feel it, I watch you grasp my thigh

You whisper to me harder, I start to pick up the force and speed, I can see bruises forming where my hand has done their deed

Your breathing is getting harder, spankings guaranteed to make you cum, I take off my leather belt and hit you hard across the bum

Soon welts were growing, juice begins running down your leg, you are close to cumming, you start to scream and beg

You beg me not to stop, you love the spanking pain, you shudder and squirt on my floor, there ends our spanking game


2 weeks ago. November 18, 2022 at 1:11 PM

Powerful hands

You feel his rough strong hand on the back of your neck, controlling how you move, his hands skin are in stark contrast to your skin that's soft and smooth

He leads you to the shower, Red lace falls to the floor, he then strips naked, with a hunger you've seen before

Together in the shower hot water running down both your skins, he makes soap bubbles in his hands, the washing now begins

Rough callous hands running over you, he washes every inch, pausing at your nipples, he gives them a naughty pinch

Pain runs through your body, you may be already wet, but you feel yourself moisten, but he's not finished yet

Pinned up against the wall, he whispers "Spread them wide" you obey his masterful, command, he slides his shaft inside

Pounding you hard and fast. You cry out and beg for more, he turns you around and fucks you deep, he tells you that you're his whore

Nasty talk drives you wild, you push back at  every thrust, though he has you by the back of your neck, in this moment you have trust

Trust that he will guide you, take you to orgasms edge, bring you to the edge of ecstasy then push you off the ledge

You give yourself completely, in the shower you both move as one, lost in passions fantasy, until you both have cum

You turn and face him, he cleans the sex right off your skin, he kisses you so tenderly, it's  now the aftercare can begin

He dries you with a fluffy towel, he gently brushes your tangled hair, he tucks you into bed, you sleep without a care

You awake to find yourself in his arms, he's held you through the night, you sigh with contentment, everything just feels so right


2 weeks ago. November 18, 2022 at 12:00 AM

Lack of self control

You've been a naughty girl again, a good spankings what you need, I caught you touching yourself again and that's a forbidden deed

Good you've got no panties on, come lay across my lap, I can easily get to your ass, I give you the first punishment slap

I love to feel your soft flesh, as my hand nestles on your skin, I love the sound it makes, the noise of kinky sin

Each time my hand lands, your pussy gets so very wet, it makes you moan and sigh, the harder I spank you, the wetter you soak my thigh

I slide my hands between your buttocks, I push my fingers hard into your damp, you have the tightest pussy muscles, you really make them clamp

I push through your tightness, I forcefully finger fuck your slit, my thumb rubs you really hard, dancing circles on your clit

This was supposed to be a punishment, its turned into to kinky fun, I wish i had more self control, when slapping your gorgeous bum


2 weeks ago. November 17, 2022 at 3:14 PM

Fairytale ending

Oh you want a fairytale ending, the sort that makes you really smile, with tears of joy and happiness, even if it's only for a while

Your pussy is throbbing keeping a perfect rhythm with your heart, you slide your hand down your lace red panties, you push your lips apart

The blood rushes between your legs, it engorged your throbbing clit, making you more sensitive, deep inside your moistened slit

One hand on your pussy, you rub yourself just like it's a Aladin's lamp, but instead of Three wishes from a Genie, you got really nice and damp

Fingers pushed in harder, with knuckles deep you start your magic carpet ride, you rise and fall onto your fist, there's four of them inside

Moaning and sighing your fairytale ending is well on the way, you rub your pussy hard and fast, you love this type of naughty play

Juices flow out onto your sheets, you shudder as you cum, shattered you lay back, your fairytale ending now is done