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Some of my erotic poetry
1 week ago. September 13, 2023 at 11:00 PM

Somewhere in a dream

Is it wrong to want your body even though you are a dream away, I could live between your legs and feed on you all day

Bury my head into your moistened pussy, run my tongue around your clit, sipping from your Chalice I adore your soaking slit

I dream I'm snuggled in behind you, my throbbing cock slid in from behind, as I push forward you push back, we share a slow deep sexual grind

Kisses rain down on your neck, my hands reach around to cup your tits, playing with your hardened nipples I pinch them for a bit

My mouth moves close to your ear, I whisper some kinky sexy lines, snippets of erotic poetry, that I've used within my rhymes

The excitement is building you whisper you want me to make you cum, I feel your pussy exploding as my bollocks hit your bum

One more thrust I'm cumming I fill your pussy with my cream, I awake to find I'm all alone because you live somewhere in a dream


1 week ago. September 12, 2023 at 10:55 PM

Set me free

I kneel down to show submission I am yours and yours alone, I will do all you ask of me, to you I wish to own

Guide me with a firm but gentle hand, put my frantic mind at ease, collar me, make yours, I only live to please

Let me be there for you, I want to be at your beck and call, give me any task you like, I will fulfil them all

Teach me total obedience it's only you I wish to serve, let me be your one and only, I will treat you exactly how you deserve

I will treat you like a Goddess, you will feel just like a Queen, I will become the best submissive and try to be the best there's ever been

I pray you see past all my faults and can see the submissive I could become, I promise to work hard every day until my quest is done

So look deep into my soul, see the submissive deep inside of me, lead me on my journey, set the submissive in me free


1 week ago. September 11, 2023 at 11:00 PM

Pictures of you

Stand there naked before me, put your hands beside your thighs, I'm going to map your body, you are a feast for my hungry eyes

Every single inch of you, there must be no part hidden from my view, show me all the places you hide from me, I want to see every part of you

All your delicious curves, show me the pinkness of your Rose, everything from your gorgeous tits to your pretty nose

I want you to turn around slowly so I can take pictures from every side, I want to see all of you, in my imagination I have tried

Once you've shown me all of you and I've got all the pictures on my phone, I will use them to inspire poetry when I'm on my own

Fill stanzas about your beauty, lines telling the world I adore your curves, saying how you turn me on and awaken every sexual nerve

Proclaim to the world you're gorgeous, tell them you are my Queen, sadly these are just wishful thoughts but even a broken poet must have his dream


1 week ago. September 10, 2023 at 11:01 PM

Ring her in a while

Who knows when it may happen, a sideways glance on a train, you get that funny feeling has endorphins flood your brain

Why have not noticed feeling you've seen that girl before, you remember sitting next to her but this time she's shocked you to the core

You try to stop staring but you can't help but be drawn to her eyes, you start to map her gorgeous curves, you're now staring at her thighs

Well it's hard not to look at her, the skirts really tight and short, I'm glad she reading her magazine or I just might get caught

Oh my she just looked up, she has gorgeous lips that are painted red, God man get a grip of yourself try to shake her out you head

She is a Goddess and I'm nothing but a mere poetic man, I know I should try to talk to her but there's just no way I can

The train comes to a standstill as she passes, me a hand written note, it's said please be brave and ring me, I got a lump inside my throat

Still unable to say a word, all I could do was put on my widest smile, she smiled back at me sweetly, I hoped that would be enough and I'd ring her in a while


1 week ago. September 9, 2023 at 11:05 PM

The Goddess connection

I'm sitting quietly at her feet, my eyes fixed firmly to the floor, I'm in the presence of my Goddess, no slave could ask for more

Waiting patiently by her side, awaiting to do anything she asks, there to do her bidding, to carry out any kind of tasks

From bathing her so tenderly I love to brush her hair, to fetching her meals for her, to treat her with love and care

I carry her shopping for her, I'm honoured to be seen with her on the street, just to be right by her side truly is a special treat

I'm her submissive her confidante, often I'm her body slave, there to bring satisfaction, to bring her all that she might crave

She never tells me what to do, I just follow where she leads, she guides me with her body, I seem to know what my Goddess needs

We have a connection, it's almost like we're linked inside our mind, it's such a rare and beautiful thing and so incredibly hard to find


2 weeks ago. September 8, 2023 at 10:43 PM

My wildest wish

If I owned your body for a whole night and then the entire day, I wonder what are the kinky things I'd do and what games we would then play

First I'd choose a sexy outfit, underneath you'd be wearing lace in red, I'm not sure if I'd go all demure or have you in a slutty look instead

Both would be very accessible, I'd want to able to touch and see your curves, just thinking of you dressed up for play excites all of my erotic nerves

Scenarios of abduction, hunting and bondage in the extreme, floggings and dungeon play and every kinky game of which I dream

Kissing for hours eating your glistening pussy until its raw, treating you like my one and only Queen, then like a dirty slutty whore

We'd go out for dinner, we'd laugh and share a bottle of expensive wine, I'd tell you how beautiful you look and how your perfume smells devine

Pictures as reminders kept hidden on my mobile phone, there to inspire sensual poetry, when I'm writing on my own

A million different games to play but if you asked which one I'd like the best, I'd choose to have you here beside me, with your head resting on my chest


2 weeks ago. September 7, 2023 at 10:57 PM

The pinkness

The pinkness of your inner petals, oh how I love to see them shine, I dream you are here with me and those pretty lips are mine

To run my fingers along your petals, just to give them a soft slow kiss, ah the mind is really racing now, the thoughts they bring such bliss

I imagine your fingers stroking her are really not yours but mine, whilst moving rhythmically around your clit, I'm keeping perfect time

Your petals now are really glistening, I make sure all the juice is mine, I sip up all your gorgeous nectar, you truly taste devine

My fingers are soaked in you, I take my time to slowly suck, then you pull me up your body and we kiss and start to fuck

Entwined in a erotic sexual knot, I'm lost in your sweet embrace, I take the time to look at you, I adore your gorgeous face

Moving in perfect harmony, our bodies become one, sharing sexual ecstasy until we greet the morning Sun


2 weeks ago. September 6, 2023 at 10:49 PM

I hunger for your touch

The moment my hand touches your skin, my fires of desire start to burn, hunger grows inside of me, my body aches with yearn

With every inch of you that I cover I make a mental map inside my mind, so I can re-create sexy scenarios of the kinky kind

I imagine we are alone miles away, in a cabin in the woods, doing all the naughty stuff, the way kinky lovers should

Or I have you in a dungeon I crash the flogger on your skin, I leave welts upon you, sore reminders born from sin

You are tied up on my bed, surrounded by a box of naughty things, I decide which one to use and know the pleasure that it brings

Tenderness and kinky pain a mixture of sexual pleasure, I put my ideas down in stanzas, they are my kinky written treasures

Bring yourself close to me, I desire my first hungry touch, come to me in my dreams, I need you oh so much


2 weeks ago. September 5, 2023 at 11:36 PM

The rough and nasty stuff

Bite me hard and claw me, then throw me on the floor, get your head between my legs and eat my pussy raw

Take me hard and fuck me fast, pound me to the ground, do all the sleazy stuff, it's the stuff I like I've found

I've left vanilla far behind me, I've turned into a kinky slut, I love being tied up, with plugs pushed up my butt

I spend my nights playing with myself with naughty thoughts inside my mind, they are erotic and real sleazy, of the dirty kinky kind

I imagine I'm tied to my bed, wearing pretty red lingerie, legs spread wide I'm waiting for my kinky poet to come to me and play

My fingers are working overtime, I can feel my pussy seeping, I do this whilst I'm on my own as the poet only visits when I'm sleeping

When I'm in my dreams he gives me all I need, he gives it too me rough, used and abused, hard and fast, I just can't get enough of the rough and nasty stuff


2 weeks ago. September 4, 2023 at 10:57 PM

Sexy fairytale

You are so very pure and innocent on you I want to feast, I'm a ravenous sexual animal we are like Beauty and the Beast

Tonight I'm so rampant it's like my body's made of wood, sit on my nose I'll tell you lies, I promise it will feel so good

You may live with Seven other men but I'm your only man, no one can deliver true loves kiss like your Prince Charming can

You may have a fairy godmother who sent you to the ball, wearing those glass slippers you can simply outshine them all

Watching you going through the woods, in your cloak made of lace bright red, I wonder what's in your basket, dirty hungry thoughts are in my head

You now are Princess Jasmin, on my magic carpet let's take a ride, I can see your gorgeous figure in that sheer outfit there's nothing you can hide

Who knew fairytale's could be so horny, go pick a sexy outfit so we can play, I wonder what sexy kinky Disney character you will be today