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Me just sharing what comes to mind.
1 year ago. February 13, 2023 at 6:18 AM

So tonight, due to watching the stupid football game, I ended up walking my dog a bit later than I normally do. As I am out about 11:30, I notice this gray Mustang-looking car sort of going slow on the block above and it’s pacing me and the dog. There's an odd slant coming where the street above me and the street I am on were gonna kinda get really close, so I went jogging really fast with my dog past that area, and I was like, ok, sweet, that's over with. 


But no, not even a few minutes after that, from the street I am on – at an intersection between a school and a street – I see the same car with the guy standing outside with a flashlight, and I’m like Jesus Christ, am I gonna have to fight this guy? I'm getting too fucking old to fight people (nearly 30 years of martial arts training, I always carry mace and a knife with me when I go walking).


I realize if he's trying to spark an encounter, how to avoid it now. I want to not be taken by surprise, so I dart into a school field far away from the street, so now he and the car can't follow me. He would have to be forced to run up on me on foot, and I will see him and whoever is with him and have time to prepare to fight them. 


As I am crossing the school field and watching the stopped car, I am talking to my friend Sid on the phone, telling them how weird this all fuckin’ is and how I really am sick of this kinda shit. Then, I see them outside the car, but they aren't following me, so maybe they thought I was someone else – who the fuck knows? But once I cross the school grounds, I will be in an apartment complex with cameras and a lot of eyes, so I doubt they will follow me anymore. 


I end up getting into the complex. They still haven't followed, but I can no longer see their position because of a hill and some of the apartments in the complex that are now in the sight line. 


I am telling Sid that if they come in with the car, I know where there is a back fence which basically empties out only a couple of blocks away from my house, and I am ready to sprint if I have to. I will stand my ground and do whatever I have to. As I'm approaching the back gate to the complex, the car does in fact show up and this guy gets out and he comes towards me. I have my cell phone flashlight, shining it right at his eyes while running backwards screaming as loud as I can, “Get the fuck away from me. I will fight you. Leave me alone.” 


Then I start sprinting backwards through the gate, watching him as he keeps walking towards me and he’s like, “I wanna talk to you, girl. What’s your problem?” 


I was like, shit. this dude and me might have to fight. This is gonna be my last chance for escape before I have to engage, so I turn and run as fast as I can with my husky. I just start yelling, “If you follow me, I will stab you,” making as much noise as I can make while running pretty much down the middle of the road so there is no blind spot. 


I run pretty fast (have done max speed on the treadmills at the gym for upwards of a minute, which I believe is 12 miles an hour), not to mention I also had my husky pulling me and my adrenaline in my body spiking, so I was easily running the fastest I have ever ran in my life, maybe 15-16 miles an hour. 


What’s funny is my dog was loving it and, like, howling because huskies love to mush. 


I got home and had to write this all out. 


It’s been running thru my head – what in the fuck was this logical reject of humanity thinking?


A) if it was good intentions, you see I noticed you, am avoiding you, and yet you keep trying to pursue me? Take the hint – I don't want your help or to be surprised by a motherfucker I don't know at midnight. 


B) if it was bad intentions, you can see I was onto your game. Find an easier prey. I really, really am tired of fighting. The last real fight I had was in 2020; some ass tried to hit me with a chair and I had to disarm him and almost choke him out. I was abused in my life. I will fuck someone up hard, but I’d prefer not to. If you see someone who’s hyper-vigilant with a dog in the middle of the night, know they probably aren't your target. Of course, I wish you wouldn't attack anyone at all, since if you want to violate a woman you see alone at the middle of the night, you should off yourself. The world would be better without your deranged ass taking oxygen molecules. 


C) if it was neutral and you just wanted to chat me up because you thought I was pretty or liked my dog or wanted to ask a question like what am I doing out so late, this is not the fucking time. 


Whether it’s A, B or C, it all equals D) dumb as shit. I have had people attempt to mug me. I have had people attempt to car jack me. Growing up in not the best section of New York City, sometimes you face a shitty day, but for the love of god, think before you approach me in the middle of the night, because even though the attempt at interacting with me might have been positive or neutral, at that hour I have to assume negative – because the stakes of being wrong are too high.

GiyuuSimp​(switch female) - Hey there. That’s terrible you had to go through that. I am glad that your vigilance and savvy were able to get you out of that situation, but like what the fuck was he thinking though? The nerve of people. I’m glad you and your dog are safe though!
1 year ago
IceGirl​(switch female) - Yeah it was very scary I am glad I am safe too I have had some people mug me before and an attempted car jacking so I still have feelings about that.
1 year ago
IceGirl​(switch female) - Thank you for the support it means a lot
1 year ago
GiyuuSimp​(switch female) - Anytime!
1 year ago
littleamelia​(other female) - That's so beyond creepy. You don't approach anyone that late at night. Just something you don't do. Glad you are safe. That guy could of been an abductor or sex trafficker.
1 year ago
IceGirl​(switch female) - Definitely I don't know when I was younger i did have someone try to abduct me before he grabbed my car door when I was getting outta a YMCA and he asked me to borrow my car and i said do you mind if i drive you? He was like well first can you give me some money.

I handed him some money outta my wallet and intentionally dropped it when he went to go pick it up i closed the door and sped off he was scraming you own me a ride you cunt.

I have no idea if he wanted to rape me car jack me clearly I didn't go to that YMCA ever again.
1 year ago
DominusRex​(dom male) - What the actual fuck? I know this kind of thing happens disturbingly often but I still find it shocking. I'm glad you are able to take care of yourself in a situation like this but I'm not trying to minimize the danger you were in.
1 year ago
IceGirl​(switch female) - One of the reasons I didn't comment just posted it i was so angry upset scared and still processing I didn't and wasn't ready to talk i just have a journal here and i needed to write it out.

This journal is mostly my BDSM journey with a splash of growing into and accepting the fact I'm at female at birth.

But this was truly a lot and it means so much that many of you have been supportive.
1 year ago
Sweet Ginger​(sub female){} - I'm glad you and your dig are safe..I also grew up in NY I think it's drilled into us when we are kids to pay attention, watch your back and don't appear like an easy victim..
Scumbags oftentimes test their potential victims starting up a conversation. me it doesn't sound "harmless " a guy you don't know trying to chat with you late at night when he can see your scared and running
Stay safe. 🌹
1 year ago
IceGirl​(switch female) - Yeah I don't think he was harmless why did he try to force an encounter 3 times and then actually the last time chase me some or at least walk towards me.

I have had some me chat with me when i walk later on i never had one do what he did ever. It is different but I also don't wanna go to the gross reality that he probably had negative intentions.

I mean i still live in this area and I still need to walk my dog i probably will not Walk here as long that late again.
1 year ago
Sweet Ginger​(sub female){} - Unfortunately things can happen anyway..being alert and trying to avoid walking your dog very late can minimize risk..
1 year ago

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