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Me just sharing what comes to mind.
1 year ago. March 4, 2023 at 2:11 PM


I am enthusiastically waiting for her it's a combination anxiety and excitement. 😊


She's the first person who I been in a relationship with that fills the majority of what I want.


A keen intellect, a compassionate heart, funny as hell, into geeky nerdom oh yeah and she is sexy as all get out. 🥹


Onto the geekiness

She wants to have a pet day at our club Pokemon themed where we can do battles and since she's an evee trainer in the game I even got an evee costume if it ever happens. Its so cool for someone into pet play-- I think its an amazingly cool fucking theme!


Imagine me finding a girlfriend where I can have a discussions about the move set we should bring and if it has enough type coverage. Oh yeah I'm that kinda dweeb and I am sure she has a spreadsheet we can min maximize the value of the attacks. 🤠


I am literally giggling as I write this knowing she probably does have that spreadsheet. 😳


Yet to go with all that silly fun she can also bring the heat when it comes to BDSM. Most people I been in relationships with are like I'm into kink and what they mean is a light spank before a fuck and going to bed.


(Boring) I mean my first day in this club I was suspended and had someone do edge play with a katana in my inner thighs. Vanilla ain't gonna get my attention or keep it.😇


Shit I have three scenes in the works that are next level!


One where I'm tied or cuffed to a rack and then have wax dropped on me and then scraped off with knives ( thanks blue your the fucking most creative man I have met when it comes to BDSM)🚀


Two Article 19 I have a special stash of clothes in my car literally with his name on it when he has time to play with me where he will do an capture overpower chain me up rip off my clothing and torment me. 🤤


Three I mentioned it to Tavi and shes like hey we can do that if you really want so maybe tonight! being bound stripped beaten knife played teased to the brink of insanity who doesn't want that? The difference is with her then she can fuck me all she wants which is clearly gonna be amazing. 🤯


In what universe could I ever do a vanilla relationship again. In fact I already have to admit to myself and publicly I'm done with that shit if you ain't kink don't bother. 🧐


The old BDSM clubs I went to in new york didn't have the robust social element of the one i am involved with now. It was more about doing and experiencing actions.


I love that this club has a robust social element that is strong and nurturing. I don't want another type of club again, getting to hang out chat with and get to know people of all types is awesome for this extrovert.


If and or when I move away I could totally see myself trying to find another place with this vibe again since its definitely a unique experience I will miss dearly. I am gonna enjoy it every moment I get while I'm here. I am so grateful for the friendships I am making.


I am gonna go walk my dog then take a shower.


Sitka is probably gonna be subjected to taking a back seat on the attention scale for a little so I better do what she wants now. I don't need my bitch mad at me for being someones bitch. 😅

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