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2 months ago. March 8, 2023 at 5:03 AM

Addicted to love- By Tori

A compulsive longing devours the hours

As the time expires, it brings with it existential urgency

A hunting begins

The past of us together

Or a future when I can see you again

Is an unrivaled place where I feel remarkably alive

A place where emotion, devotion, and lust become agency


A void enormous grows

Gravity begins to weigh heavy upon me

Bliss is as dangerous, and addictive as any narcotic

The feeling of having you in my arms revealing

I was safe enough to sleep in front of you


Yet the terrors of my mind a poison - for which there is no remedy

Remove me from rapture

A quiet scream startled me awake wondering where I am

I quiver

Your warmth is a temporary antidote, petting my head relieves restless panic

Lost in the moment consoled I was torn from you by our position


An embargo on love is now the quandary

Here I am emotionally searching inward

On if that was reality, or truly lunacy

No tonic tonight

My only companion, the darkness of anxious thoughts blanketing the mind

Yet hope maintains sanity

Bliss exist on this earth, and as such a possible end to this loneliness

Shall our orbits once again align, and the addition is temporarily fed

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