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A place for me to sit, stare and share.
To share my stories in hope that you enjoy them. I am no novelist and am trying to see if I can grow with my stories.
Any writings are from my own thoughts. They are not of anyone I may know or spoken with.
1 month ago. July 7, 2022 at 2:46 AM

     Here I am just another bus ride to work. I been taking this same bus stop since I moved here give or take five years ago. Some of these faces I see here everyday just like me. No one ever says hi or morning. We just stay strangers to the people we see almost everyday. I an not saying we should invite them over to have a barbecue on the weekends. Just a hi, or a hey how are you? I notice you here a lot like me. I wonder if they notice me like I do them?

     Now I know I could be the one to open my mouth first. I am programmed to keep my eyes from making contact with someone for to long and to mind my own business. I mean isn't that how we as people have been taught to be in public? So just like the blood cells in my body. I move about the veins of the city doing my job. Without doing much of anything else. 

     But I am not oblivious to my surroundings. I notice peoples patterns. Like the old lady here, she goes shopping on Wednesdays. The shopping cart she wheels only on that day tells me that. The muscle bold man is on the way to a gym. On the way because there is no sweat on him or smell coming off him. The lady across from me gets abused. I seen faint black and blue mark's on her wrist. Never on her face, so she's good at makeup covers ups or he is smart enough to not hit her there. Then there is this couple over here. The wife don't know he is cheating. When she gets off the bus, he removes his ring. 

     But I thought you mind your own business and don't stare you ask. Looking around or glancing several times isn't against the protocols of riding the bus or minding my business. It helps to be wearing prescription glasses with a dark tint. Lights hurts my eyes from my teenage years. Yes watching TV in the dark does hurt your eyes. I never said I keep to the program. 

     I noticed a new pattern with Ms. Abused lady for a few months now. For starters your not always alone. I see you wIth some new guy randomly. Is this the guy that's been hurting you? Your always seem to be looking down when your with him or just not directly at him. Your dress attire changed from tight blouses to barely closed. I see more marks too now. Pinkish lines on the back of your thighs. Red thick bands around your ankles.

     You have become the center of my attention. Even taking the bus pass my own stop to watch the jiggling of your breasts as the bus rocks. Looking beyond the darkness of your skirts focusing between your knees. To glimpse what is beyond the hem. To see panties or no panties. Glaring at your ass or crotch when you wear yoga pants. To figure out what type of garments you got on, if any. Are you sexting when you're on your phone? You sneezed, let's see if your nipples show though your bras padding, when you wear one. The look on your face when he touches you. Such a nervous look as if you're ashamed of yourself or him. These are just a few thing on the list of what I been watching you for or looking for. My main question is. What is it between you and this guy?

     Today the bus is full to the point where all the seats are taken and I have to stand. Your sitting one row away from me next to a window. He is a row behind you standing as well, only a couple of people away from me. He is watching you intently as you look out the window with another passenger sitting beside you. Your eyes close and a few moments later they reopen, you look to be nodding off to sleep. You're in a very unbutton, revealing untucked blouse. Showing that very creamy and meaty cleavage. Wait a second your not in a bra today. I can see in between the straining first two actually buttoned buttons and it's all skin. Are you wearing panties? Dam your purse is in your hands resting between your knees. Blocking my view not allowing me to see up your skirt. 

     I am actively trying to stay facing out the window. In fear of bringing attention to myself. I take my cell phone out and randomly text someone about some stupid shit. Giving me a reason to be turning in your direction and yet tending to my own business, seemingly. When the chime of the next texted reply came I pulled my cell out and keep it low to my side to read it. Although it was a two word reply I keep looking past the cell. Keeping my watchfulness sight on you. This is how I found out half his arm is missing.

     His bicep is partly tucked between the two of you and I can glimpse some of his forearm before it disappears under your blouse. Is this guy touching you? Is this why you look as tho your falling asleep. I start typing out a reply and try to make it as drawn out as possible looking around and making facial expressions as tho I am contemplating an answer. I need to look as natural as possible. The top of your skirt is bobbing up and down from what has to be his hand. Your squeezing your purse tightly as you fidget with it.

     The road becomes bumpy and with each time we bounce or shift your eyes close and your body shifts. I imaged he is going deep with each bounce. Is it hard to contain your composure as he penetrates you? Your unrestricted breast bouncing beckons my attention pulling my eyes north. Looking to catch every view I can get. As every second passes of your seemingly controlled appearance makes me aroused as I spy on you.

     The palm of your hand covers the lower section of your face. As you use your thumb and pointer finger to rub your eyes. Pinching the bridge of your nose like your willing away a headache, as you contain your orgasm. He reaches across you to touch the call strip to alert the driver of wanting to get off at the next stop. Sitting back in the seat his missing arm now is in his face. He is smelling and licking your cum off his fingers. He vacates the seat beside you as the bus comes to a stop. Leaving the bus without looking back. It isn't long that the seat is taken by the man I normally see you with. 

     Your sitting up straight and your knees are clamped together. Your hands are on top of your purse. Palms up by the time he got into the seat beside you. Looking straight ahead now you are no longer looking out the window. The look on your face is that of you didn't do your book report. There is five mins left for school to be out and hoping the teacher doesn't call on you. Your licking your lips and nibbling on different locations as you take glances out the corner of your eyes. Looking  nervously down at your hands, expecting the worst. Even I am getting nervous for you. Looking out the window watching streets go by as if reading the names. In order to see any kind of indication to his intentions. 

     His hand moves over to your palm and with two fingers runs them over you palm. All the nervousness melted away from your face. Replaced by a smile and look of pride glowing from you. From just a simple touch? What was that all about? You must have got away without him noticing that other guy was touching you. I am glad he didn't do what I thought and hurt you in some way right here.

     From that day on I would try to be in the same area of the bus as you. There would be days I would see you alone, talking on your phone. I believe it was your guy on the phone by hearing some of your half of the conversation. A simple. Yes I will do just as you said.  Then there is the more direct statement. I am excited by the thoughts of having not been caught yet. Yes, I wonder if any one else notices the puddle I left on the floor. Yes I was watching and part of me wants you to know I know. 

     Sometimes someone would come up to you. Most of those times they would sit beside you. Other times you would go over to someone, somewhere on the bus. Mostly men but once in a while it would be a woman. Just about all of them without a doubt was getting you off. The small few others was you getting them off. It was all covert, under clothes or hidden behind a large bag of some type. I even once got up behind you on a very crowded day. As a guy sitting in an aisle seat used by the buzzing sound a vibrator. It was low and sounded like a phone on buzzer only.  A rhythmic buzz, buzz, buzz then a pause to once more start up. It had been a remote controlled device cause when I jockeyed around to try and get a view of what was going on. No hands were up your skirt but I knew it was him cause he was smiling up at you after smelling the air by you.

     This had gone on for months. Where I would even go past my stop just to watch you. I had arrived to work late many times in those months. Even had to get off myself a number of times, and no not just at home, a few times at work too. It's almost like watching porn when I watch you with these people. The act of watching you and not being noticed could be to me just as your erotic. That your actions could be erotic to you. Believing that no one noticed you and your commuter escapades.

     It had been a long time since I seen the two of you on the bus. Then this day the two of you came on the bus together. Although you didn't sit together. There are several seat available around the bus. Leaning over your shoulder he spoke in your ear. Without saying a word you walked away moving though the bus. You past a few available seats continuing till you take the empty seat next to the me. I can hear my heart beat in my ears, I am getting so excited. Will I be able to get away without being noticed of my voyeurism. Should I pass up on watching you and what ever person being so close? No, this is like being in the front row to a concert.

     Sleep, I just need to sleep or just look like I am. A few yawns and a couple of head jerks awake. To a flop my head onto my shoulder and to sleep. Now all I have to do is crack one eyelid and peck out to see. Giving it a few trys to test out the position of my head and how much I can open my lid. I find it to  work. Just a little blurry but enough to see what's going to happening. A little nudging at my side alerts me to your shifting. I continue to play being asleep, it is not enough to awaken me yet. Your playing with something at your hips, tugging at something. Cracking the one eye closes to you. I see no one next to you other then me. Is it a toy? No buzzing coming from you so it can't be that. You bend over and it looks as if your looking in a bag or fiddling with something at your feet.

     Oh, your as slick as I am. While your bent over you moved one hand up under your shirt. Only I can see this cause it's the hand on my side. Your body is blocking that site from everyone else seeing that on the other side of you. When your hand comes out from under your skirt it is curled up in a ball. Resting at your side between our legs. With the next sway of the the bus I made myself wake up and look around to get my bearings. All the time trying to get a look at your hand to see if you did what I though. By what I could see i was right. A little bit of cloth was poking out you hand.

     The first time you knocked into my hand resting a top of my knee I thought it was by accident. After a few more taps and full push that knocked my hand into my lap. Proved it was no accident and you were actively trying to get my attention. Lifting my head up in your direction making contact, you moved your eyes down to your hand. Giving me a silent motion to look at what you had. When I do so your hand moves over mine still clenching the fabric. Raising my hand up to meet yours you open your hand pressing the item between our hands. It's damp, velvety and as I unraveled the ball it turns into panties. My eyes shoot up in shock. What I am stocked at is that it's me this time. I am the one that gets to make you climax.

     I am not about to turn down the chance to fondle you. To touch what I been watching others touch. This is my chance to explore something else.  Even if its hidden sexual acts in public.  Crossing my arms in front of chest I pocketed your panties into my jacket pocket. Reaching over with the other hand I roll my fingers over your breast. One finger at a time graze over your nipple. In turn each one flicks your ever hardening nipple. Yes, your bra less as well.  Now after removing them your panty less too. 

     Your nipple is firm and about the size of a small chocolate covered raisin. Feeling more adventurous and using the rocking of the bus I palm your breast. As we sway side to side. Feeling the heaviness of your full, soft mound in my hand is not what I thought was going to happen today. I am not complaining about this what so ever and continue to paw at it. Closing my fingers into a fist I take your nipple under my thumb and the knuckle of my finger. The fabric of the blouse moving would have been a problem. If, the top three buttons were done up. Because they are not it gives me a very clear look in to your other breast. To see a nice darken patch of skin. Being the top of the areola. This first person view has its advantages. 

     Your sitting still facing straight ahead while I have a hold of your nipple. One indication your making for me to know what affect I am having on you is your breathing. Deep, sharp breaths that only cause your chest to lift up and push more into my hand. The other sign is your eyes. Your lids open and close slowly growing wider and pinching shut. All from me rolling your nipple between my fingers. I tugged on your nipple pulling you forward to the point you are hugging your knees. This allows me to to remove the tit from your blouse and get a full grasp of it and its aroused nipple. My fingers wrapped around your ample size breast knead it like a stress ball. Stroking the flesh of your tit with every part of my fingers. By the time I get to your nipple my finger nails have it in a pinch. Your lips are pinched shut in a tight line.

     I am looking around the bus to see if the other passengers can see you. Like I was watching you, are they watching you wondering what's going on with you. The idea of being caught is kinda exciting. To increase that possibility I take hold of that nipple again and pull down. Pressing hard with my thumb making you squint and press your lips together tightly again. Yet still not a sound comes from you. Now in a full fledge pinch, squeezing your nipple as hard as I can. You turn to face me after a few quick seconds. With your mouth open in a silent scream a tear ran down your cheek in the corner of your nose. That tear is both sexy and alarming. I begin to release the pressure on it fearing I was hurting you. 

     No. Keep. Going. You silently mouth. Not with pain on your face. It looked like you're in ecstasy and begging. Licking my lips from my own hot breaths and spike in arousal I again pinched you hard.

     You continued to take that from me as I increased the strength gradually. Even tho there was pain in your face there is also a level of enjoyment. Not to say I wasn't enjoying this myself. You must have hit your level of tolerance. For you sit back up with your eyes closed removing my grip of your nipple. While doing so slipping the breast back behind the blouse covering yourself up. You sit panting out one corner of your mouth. As you bite the other corner of your lower lip. Hands balled up pressing tighly into your lap.

     As you gather up your appearance quietly I tug your skirt trying to move it out from under you. Shifting your hip up off the seat allows me to hike it up. Curling it around your rear exposing a completely bare side of you. Skating my hand over and between your slightly parted legs. My pinky finds the slickness of you genitalia. I was shocked on how moist you are. Is it the voyeurism, the pain or the breast fondling? Just what part of this has you this aroused? Using the panties you handed off to me I wiped off the juice that's running out. Which wasn't remotely accomplish. Each rub or dab of any of your aroused lady parts only produced more to appear. I would blot you and the check. Wipe and check. Everything I did only helped to coat the area with your secretions.

     I felt just how wet these little panties of yours were as I placed it back in my pocket. I can detect your aroma coming up from you like an aphrodisiac. My blood is pumping so hard I could see the pulses in my vision. That's how much your reactions are affecting me. I gave up trying to figure out what was exciting you. Your constant dribble from between your thighs is what is driving me. Sure, I have made women wet before but never continuously like this. 

     Cupping your warm mound of baby smooth skin with my hand. Placing pressure with the heel of my hand against your clitoris causes you to suddenly inhale. Straining the muscles in my arm to making my hand vibrate against your crotch. You fold your hands together in your lap right over my hand. By the looks of it to hide any movement I may cause with my own hand. Coating my fingers thoroughly builds a thin layer of warmth between our skin. It feels like warm baby oil and I am squeezing the bottle in side you to use its contents. Your folds part, sucking in my finger in. Parting more then your legs. Giving me access to more parts pass these inviting folds. 

     Tracing down from your bud to the cave that your warm waters flow from. My curled finger tips trace you channel. I feel your stomach quiver against my arm. After some time your head slumps down and your hair partly covers your face. Your thighs press against and around my hand but that does not restrict me from rubbing you. It does however spread the slickness that makes a wet sucking sound as I move. I wonder just how close you are to losing your composure. Will you brake and cry out from my prodding at the entrance where your sea of nectar beckons.

     Spreading my fingers to push against your tights in hopes that you understand the gesture. Of course you do, and you part your knees once again for me. But, slowly you open them. I feel your trying to bide your time. To keep me from going back to exploring your canal to fast. To keep me from lighting the fuse to your orgasmic release. One that I will not be denied by your attempts to hinder me from. Your drenched by this point allowing me to go straight to using two fingers inside you. By the time I got them curled up and as much of my finger as I could. Your knees are as far apart as you could without making the skirt ride up. 

     Rocking my wrist I begin to finger you. Your so slick making it very easy to move my fingers in various ways. Up and down. In and out. Rolling them to stroke your G spot. Your juices are warm and flowing more now. You turn your head slightly in my direction. Your eyes are rolled to the corners looking at me. Your jaw is open wide and pressing into your clavicle. Heavy, erratic and straining breathing sounds are coming out your mouth. Finally a crack in your armor. Thats when I felt the wave of fluid shoot into the palm of my hand. The sound of your dripping wet pussy also got very loud and noticeable at this point.

     A ding sounded in the bus to indicate an approaching stop. Your friend appeared at your side not to much longer after that. With your hands now turned palm side up he again runs his fingers over the one closes to him. Tho your breathing heavy a smile appears. I look from you to him and its odd. He does not look argry as our eyes meet. He just stands there looking stone faced at me. Not saying a word until the bus comes to a stop.


     Is the only word he speaks. You stand as if just waking up or after a night of drinking heavily. With him helping you to walk the two of you walk off the bus. The seat you occupied is probably going to stay that way if they look. There is a pool of cum on the seat and any one not noticing will differently have a wet ass themselves. Once the bus started moving again I tapped the call strip and got up to stand by the door. I left the bus the very next stop. The moment I got to work I was in the bathroom silently getting myself off replaying the event I just had with you. Twice more by the time my work day was over. Not a record for how manytimes a day. But a record for how manytimes at work in a day.

     Days past by into weeks. Weeks turned into months and I had not seen the two of you since that day. At first I hoped that you would sit next to me again. Maybe this time you get me off while I got you off. Then after a few days I thought something may have happened to you by him. Even wondered if he would come after me too. After the few months past that passed and all the no shows. I figured that was the last time I would see you. The bus ride was just absolutely boring without you here. I started to watch the other people on the bus and found no reason to watch anymore. I will admit you were the most exciting part which makes everything else dull.

     Here I am standing and waiting to get on my boring bus ride. When a man approach me that I never seen before. He tells me he was to deliver this to me and hands me a small box with a silver tag saying, Open me. Turns and walks away. I did not know what to do. What was that about and what the hell just happen, was my only thoughts. Then the box chimed.

     You have one new message. Came from the box. Opening the box slowly. I find a cell phone inside with a message saying.

     Master Mason and FeeFee invite you.

     You will be picked up at 6 PM. At the bus stop.

     They will be watching for you.

     A small smile creeps across my face. 

1 month ago. June 18, 2022 at 2:23 PM

     It is over my prey. He spoke out, seeming to be somewhere in front of me. 

     Crouching down to not be in a direct line of sight, I tryed to listen and strain my eyes to see some kind of sign on where he is. It is just too dark in here to make or see anything. I didn't get the chance to make out anything about the. I only knew there was a couch in the room. Yes, that's it. I can move towards the couch, and if he saw it too, he would more than likely try and stay away from it. Figuring I would make for the door to get out.

     Still staying low and walking like a crab with my arms between my spread apart knees and fingers to the floor to support my weight. I moved to feel with my toes to make sure I wasn't going to bump into something. It's quiet in here. Even he isn't saying anything. I bet he is trying to pick up sounds just like I was of him. The floor was cool and smooth. So, no rugs are on the floor. I should hear his footsteps against the floor. Seeing how I have not heard any, he must be standing still.

     I felt the edge of the couch on the top of my foot when my toes passed under it. Now, to get around it and put myself between him and couch. Then, try to determine just where the hell he is standing. I felt for the corner of the couch with my foot. Sweeping the floor around me with my hands. To find if any other furniture was in my area. Stopping what seemed like halfway to the other side of the couch.

     I got to be missing something my thoughts keep telling me. If he stooding still I should be close to him. If so, maybe I can catch him off guard and push him. Making him off balance to get out the door.  Find a place I can see him coming and definitely get better jump on him. 

     I reached out in front of me slowly and swept my fingers side to side across the floor. He has to be here, I thought to myself. I have not heard him move since the door closed. Almost a full arm's length away my fingers touched something. Tracing it I found it to be a shoe pointing in the direction I started sneaking up from. Perfect. Standing straight up making sure not to brush against him I position myself to what should be behind and to his left. Quickly I lunged with both hands to come up with nothing but air. Instead, I found that I was the one lifted up and moving though the air.

     His arm is wrapped across my midsection and the other under my arm with his hand just above my sternum. Lifting and twisting me in the air I land flat on my shoulders followed by my legs. I feel the cushion and my body shifting as his legs straddle my hips.  I feel his weight on the top of my thighs. Pinning my legs as he sits on me. My right-hand flies up, fingers spread wide to claw at him only to be stopped by a hand going around my wrist. Following my other wrist being grabbed too. My hands are being crossed on my chest causing me to hug myself applying pressured into my chest. Still not able to see through the darkness as close as he is to me. I feel a smooth, round yet tuff material being wrapped around my wrist which makes me try to pull my arms away and only causes him to push harder to keep them in place. My breasts are squeezed by the constricting of my arms. Making them perk and the skin taut. Feeling my nipples harden as they came to life growing fuller. 

      Once he got my wrist tied to each other. He gets up and flips me in a single motion. On to my stomach, were my ankles are tied together. I twisted to kick with both my legs at him and my legs are blocked. My right ass cheek is filled with heat as the sound of my flesh being slapped fills the darkness. The hand doesn't leave my ass as his gruff voice breathes into my ear. 

     The pray has a little fight in it still. 

     When I am over the shock of my ass being smacked I continue to buck and squirm from under him. Again my ass gets slapped and the heat grows. Little prickles dance on my skin from the second slap. I begin to shift my weight in order to roll to the edge of the couch and sit up. Making it to my side I feel a hand at the base of my skull were his fingers pivot up into my hair. Spreading his fingers out along my skull then balling up within my hair. My scalp gets tight by the roots of my hair entwined into his fist. The tight tugging is electrifying my endorphins. My desires are charged up yet my body goes limp to where he controls my head, pushing my chin down into my chest then again slapping my ass. Making me clench my ass as the tingles grows into a heated sting.

     Rolling me back again onto my stomach he began to slap me on the other half of my ass, only half as hard. These smacks are at the underside causing my ass to lift and shake. Palming my ass with both hands he begins spreading them apart.

     His fingers touching and stroking my pussy lips. Made the inner walls of my pussy start to slicken.  Pinching my outer labia shot electrical pulses throughout my pussy. Causing me to clench allowed lines of slickness cover my clit. Whipping my juices off me teased me then and again as it was rubbed on my anus. 

     You only make me hunger for my prey even more so. What a meal your going to make. The aroma of you, I can't wait to taste your flavors. His power rings in my ears. I can sense how raw he is going to devour me.

     I tighten the muscles in my legs and ass. To try and keep the cheeks of my ass closed. Spreading my cheeks with his thumbs in my crack and his palms above my thighs he gets them open. I find that no matter how much I fight to keep my ass closed his strength is just to much to over power him. I can't keep the clenching and have to release my muscles. My hard ass turns soft and round, loose and accessible in seconds. His hands slides over my skin and yet I can still feel the strenght within his touch. They hook around my hips were he tugs me hard forcing my ass up and me on my knees. Tucked them under me and my ass up on display if the lights were on. One hand finds it's way back on my ass as something clatters across the floor.

     With both hands resting on my ass, its pushed up and forces my face and shoulders into the couch. I am spread open and my anus is licked by his tongue. Circling around my puckered hole tasting the flavor my pussy left on me from before. This is no longer a time to fight him off. I open my mouth wide and release my pleasure. Grinding my ass by pushing back with my hips. He dances from my anus to the posterior of my labia. He deeply moans.

     You taste so good. Continuing frantically lick up and down over bought my holes.

     Yes thats it. Clean the mess you made of my pussy. Both my body and me willing him to eat me. Flaunting my needy holes like a bitch in heat. Oh, how do I feel like a bitch. 

     Pushing me deeper into the cushion exposing more of my pussy to him. His tongue licks between my parted lips and against my vaginal opening. I moan longer as his tongue penetrates my asshole devouring it. Making more juices seep out my pussy.

     The idea that this man drove his tongue into my ass of all places fearlessly made the pleasure even greater. Darting in and out and teasing my orifice like a snake tasting the air. Removed any slack in my back that the corset did not. My body starts to shake as my orgasm begins its emergence. Although I wanted to out last this lashing with his tongue. He begins to probe me and does not give me my orgasm easily.

     I rang out bellowing till I am breathless. As my orgasm hit uncontrollably from him. He uses both thumbs together and slides then into my pussy, opening me wider. I am not even filled deeply only stretched with a shallow penetration and this manipulation of my body caused me cum.

     The lights came on low and slowly. As.the brightness fills the room it allows me to see the room I was in. The walls do have chains of different types. Bundles of ropes and all manner of objects with hooks and clamps. I would swear I was in a torcher chamber by the looks of it. On the floor I could see his shoes some five feet away from the couch and something that looks like a virtual reality goggles.

     You cheater! 

     A smirk shows up on his face. I did no such thing. 

     You were watching me in the dark. You knew where I was. Even took off your shoes to follow me without making a sound. Placing them were you knew I would find them. 

     Do animals not have vision that allow them to see in the dark? What of marking their territory. Just cause you didn't have the advantage. Don't mean I cheated.

     I never stood a chance did I?

     Prey knows its prey. They will be hunted and try as they may escape, hoping they don't get cornered. Knowing they will be devoured when caught. Still this is the game. Run, as you may my prey. I know the terran.

     And do you just eat your prey or do you play with it too?

     All that you see in my den is here to be used on my prey. His eyes shift around the room as the corner of his mouth rises higher and higher. 

  Two weeks ago.

     Would you care for a refill in your glass or would you like something with more of a bite?

     Lifting her gaze up from the empty glass that held only ice and the tiny red mixing straw. I started to think you weren't going to show.

     How can I stand up the woman that I paid for that every fine piece of, machinery. He motioned for the bartender to refill the empty glasses in front of us.

     Is my, machines the only thing that's fine? Smirking at Mister Mason. Or are you looking for another test ride. Maybe something with a sleeker body? 

     Only if its worthy. Straight faced with no smile. His eyes are dark and looking deep within me with a intense powerful glare.

     I don't know if I found the comment or this man and his glare to be affecting me or the combined intensity. My heart beat began to speed up and tightness grew in the centers of my breast. My lips drying from the heat my body produced causing me to dampen them using the straw from the replaced drink in front of me.

     Come let us talk.

     Standing up from his stool  beside me with his arm around me grabbing my shoulder. Motioning for me to leave with him. Stepping out the liquor lounge we strode down the Avenue telling me about a club he belongs to. It caters for different needs that people have and that he would like to introduce me to it for his pet project.

     What makes you think this sex club and me could be a thing? Yes I was interested to hear about it but.

     It's not a sex club. Yes people can and do have sex there but it's not always about sex. People have sex in a park. That don't mean that the park is there for that reason. To coin a phrase, "If you think it, they will fuck it." Think about it. People are a sexual creature and they tend to want it how every they can.

     Anyway you say, even morally wrong?

     No nothing like that. It is consenting adults doing none of the taboos. With that being said think about it for a week. Call my number and give me your answer. If its yes I will come for you and introduce you to new experiences.

    It was a week later I was on the phone. So what comes next oh mighty hunter? The next day the Box arrived.


4 months ago. April 2, 2022 at 5:53 PM

    With the hand that is not in my hair. He grabs me by the tit crossing my body. Doing so his arm is under my breast and lifting it up making the pressure againt that one feel delightful. I feel his fingers curl up and the nails of each finger began to bite into the tender flesh. I just stood there staring into his eyes. Breath hitching and eye lids beginning to fluttering close, my attention focusing on the five little impressions and my eye close. As he creates onto my skin I can hear that inner voice yelling for more. Louder I hear her growl more, more.

     One by one my eyes open and I drew in a deep breath that sounded like I must have died and come back to life. The pain wasn't where I wanted to scream out, You fuck that's my tit! It is however at the point were I am trying to push though it, to not give in to it. I flex my chest and shoulders to tighten up and push back at his fingers. As I breath hard and deep his voice draws my attention. He's breathing is deep but even. A ruff throaty sound of how I heard him speaking.

     Turn the pain. Don't see it as pain but as another type of pleasure. Take it to the edge of an orgasm. Make it the reason you nipples gets hard. His eyes shine in a dark color. Dark like a sharks eye yet shiny like the dark was meant to shine. His eyes narrow, almost closed as he stretchs his neck for his face to come closer. A animal like low growl comes deep from his throat. He is getting turned on. It looks to me as he was being suck hard and deep were he is trying to out last the mouth pulling for all it can.

     I reclosed my eyes and started picturing my breast exactly as I knew what is happening to it. Focusing on the reason my nipples are hard wasn't hard to do. They have been hard but now that his nails are gripped into one. Made that nipple swell which made it feel tight and about to burst. I noticed in my minds eye. That where he connected to my skin pulses of heat are flaring. From those points extending lines though out me effecting my body. Down in my pussy  it started feeling hot and I watched it as it engorge yet again. Not only could I feeling as it got wet but could envision the lining secreting my juices. My skin felt hot all over as if I had a fever as it changed a red hue from the heat. In turn making me sweat and could feel it run down my body. Feeling the sweat rolling down between my breast down my back and funneled into the clef of my ass. Trickling over my anus making me ever so often pucker. In turn making my pussy tighen. 

     The tilt of my head from him pulling my hair has the front of my neck completely exposed and accentuating the length. I try to pull away from his grip to pull against his grip. Only to feel him pull back harder countering me. Causing the tugging on my scalp to be greater and a unexpected inhale to lift my breast. 

     He let go of both my hair and tit. Turning me to face away from him. I feel the weight of his hands on top of my arms and shoulders. As he grabs me, pulling me into his chest. Feeling him against my ass and my upper back. Not digging into me this time but squeezing my shoulders. I feel his breath on my neck and shoulders from his head pushing mine to the side and and then forward.

      We more then want, we need this. As she, my every horny beast said that. I could see her rubbing her body. Hands moving up and down the length of her. Cross her breasts and gliding down between her tightly closed legs. I could feel my skin tingle everywhere she touched. The heat in my groan flairs when she touches herself. She takes a nipple in her fingers and tugged it out pulling on the skin of the breast and coned the ariolaI. I could feel a sudden heat building up in my own nipple and tightness of my breast. She's affecting my body.

      No she is not affecting my body, she is my body. It seems I been fighting my own body. I hadn't listened, was to afraid to know what I craving. Worried about what I would feel if I gave in to my desires and its was telling me the whole time.

    I turn my body around with my head down looking at his feet and place my hands flat on his chest. I can feel the thump of his heart under my hand. I feel the strong quick beating of it. Taking half a step back from him I lift my head to him.

    I am sorry. I am not a pet for you to teach me to be proper. Nor am I an animal to be thrown into a cage. I will not be some easy thing for you to control. I lean my head on his chest between my hands. I thank you for showing me this. 

     I feel his chest rising rhythmically. The hairs on the top of my head move from his hard breathing. His hands take me by my wrist. Then a deep bass of a laugh almost like a laughter you would hear in a thriller movie. A villain slowly stalking its prey or as they revealed why he did it. I lift my head and see a big grin filled with teeth and dark yes peering out that white mask.

     Good. So your prey. Run prey.

     I take one step back twisting out of his hold on me. Setting myself to run, looking directly into his mask eyes. Smile and say to him. Prey, you need to catch. Removing my heels to either side of me. I headed in the direction everyone headed to when items were brought in and out. Finding metal double doors I opened it and stood there long enough to see him remove his suit jacket and whip off his tie. 

     I found myself in a hallway wide enough to drive a car in it. Not knowing how long it would before he came out those doors I just started moving. I ran past a few people both male and female dressed in various black items. Some with body parts showing, some with everything showing. I asked where the stairs were but no talked or pointed the way. They didn't seem scared or concerned I was in the wallway and just look at me. Their eyes just seem to say run prey he will find you and he will eat you.

     My smile grew higher into my cheeks. I felt my breast rising from bolting around. My pulse was quickening I had a feeling that's he would eat me up. My skin grew hotter from the excitment. I know I was a new born in a world I knew nothing about. Didn't know where I was or where I was heading. I didn't find the stairs and so far no door I found was unlocked. Turning a corner a good 100 feet he was standing there. His back to me I slowly turned back and continued straight  rather then turning. I could hear him starting to walk and his steps are getting closer. I got to the first door and fortunately it opened. The lights were off and I couldn't see anything but a couch across the door. I closed the door quietly and slid with my back against the wall.

     I couldn't see anything not even the light from the hallway shined under the door. I felt things hitting my shoulders and swaying as I step away from the wall. I used my fingers to continue down the wall. As I did I  touched something cold and giggled like chain. Grabbing it to silence its movement I felt the links and knew it was chain. At that very moment the door opened. It was him walking in the door and closing it with us in here.

     I knew you were behind me. Just as I know your in this room. 


To be continued 


6 months ago. January 18, 2022 at 11:35 PM

     As he emptied out into the bucket the Red Lady knelt down in front of him on one knee. Took his face into one hand ran her fingers into his hair scratch at the back for his head. Telling him he was a good boy. That my good boy, yes.

     My inner beast must have opened whatever storage bin that held recordings of my fantasies. Making me remember every thought that had ever made me wet. Ones that I thought I could never think or ask someone to do to me. From being the center of attention to both men and women. To being taken forcefully by a guy that I didn't know. Which I thought was erotic but now starting to think it was tame compared to what I seen here so far.

     The most I ever had happen to me was my ass being hit as I would be riding my boyfriends. Nipples been pinched and hands being held beside my head as the guy was on top of me. I knew there was more then what I had done or had been done to me. I guess you could say I knew about more painful things some bondage type things. I am not oblivious to the world of sex. What I see now is that there is more then what I had seen or even heard about. What I am wondering now is if I will be made to do something in line to what I watched him go through. Yet part of me says, am I not in something similar right now?

     I got into all this freely. No one grabbed me or threatened me. Curiosity and wonder got me here for one thing and the other was, I felt the sexiest and turned on I have ever felt before. Only once did I feel remotely scared. That was when I first seen and was told to get in the cage. I thought I had walked my ass into a sex trafficking ring. No one is ever going to see me again. Was my panicking thoughts. Once he starting petting me as odd as it is, I calmed down. It wasn't just that. The tone of his voice is between sexy and demanding. Where I want to listen to him speak and I feel I must listen to him.

     Don't you want to play? Oh yes, we want to  play. My inner beast chimed in on my thoughts. Whispering behind my and into my ear. Don't you remember those little playtimes we had?

     I said no. I don't want to. My voice rang in my ears. Then the sight of my wrist being held as my head is being pulled down by the back of my neck.

     I want that mouth nice and wet. When I use my cock in it.

     I am not sucking you off. Let me go! As I am pulled forward to drop down to my knees. Once down on my knees the hand not on my neck. He used to lift his cock and tapped it all over my face. His hard erect cock was then used to get me to open my mouth. Rubbing on my lips and using his thumb to pry my teeth apart.

     Your not being asked what you want. Your being told what your going to doing. Now open up and get me in that mouth.

     The fantasy of mine played out to where I was forced to have my mouth taken like women in videos with names like, Gag Me or Down her throat. While I masterbated in my bed one night when I felt adventurous.

     Remember how you wanted to be forced? That whole week you fantasized about being forced in many different ways. Sometimes more then once a night. I am beginning to think she was part of this. As she reminded me of these dirty masterbation sessions I had.

     Shall I remind you of the bathroom cock cleaner fantasy you had while you took your own dildo in and down your throat?  Seeing just how far you could go. Or, the one in the maid outfit for your bosses wife, in his office while he watched you clean his wife pussy with your tongue?

     Stop it! I screamed at her. Only cause I knew what's she is trying to do with this. Yes I can't deny that I had those thoughts. It's not the fact I had those thoughts. Its cause she wants me to be the woman I was in those fantasies. 

     It's been a while since you arrived here. I was interrupted gladly by Mr. Drummer. Your going to be taken out of your cage, but. He emphasized. If you start being unmanageable your going right back in it. 

     The cuffs on my wrist are unlocked and the door opened so I could crawl out. It felt good to be able to stretch my body out. I lost all sence of time and had no idea just how long I have been here. So my body was happy to be straight again. As I stood up I can feel the dried trails down my legs from my very slick pussy give and crack.

     Come. He said to me. 

     Slowly I walked around the cage to stand in front of but at a distance from him. I didn't know what I was to do or what he wanted of me. I can hear the Red Lady getting closer. By the sound of her heeled boots. A moment later her fingers grabbed and pressed into my jaw line pushing my face up. Forcing me to look out the corner of my eyes at her. My body grew tense for this was the first time since I been here someone grabbed me at all.

     Were you not told to come. She spoke to me in a patronizing tone.

     Mistress Liza. I do believe your handling my adoption.

     Aw but it's so. She moaned seductively closer now in my ear. Cute.

     She let go of my jaw and placed her finger on my bottom lip rolling it under her finger as she pulled away.

     Come to me. Pointing before him again directing me. After what she just did I knew I didn't want to be around her. I felt she would have done more if she wasn't stopped. Where he wasn't giving me that same vib as she had.

     Taking the few steps forward to be toe to toe with him I just stood there. Neither one of us moving I wondered if I was to be doing something or if he was waiting for me to run.

      Kneel before me. 

      Maybe sensing my confusion of what was happening he tells me to kneel and of all things before him. This is starting to feel like my fantasy without the forcefulness of it. Slowly I drop to one knee. Then he leans towards me. Reaching out with one hand going behind my head. Maybe he is going to force me down. Then the other reaches around the other side of my face. I feel the pressure in the corner of my mouth give as he removes the bar from my mouth.

     Now dont think that this gag bar can't go back into your mouth. Do you understand me? I looked at him slightly nodding my head. Verbally, I want to hear you say you understood. 

     Yes I understand you. 

     Are you thirsty? 

     I really had to think about that for a moment. When I felt the dryness in my throat I answered him with a Yes, can I have a drink please. He waved and the man that had just been disciplined before me, came to me with a glass off water. When I took the glass from him he returned to the woman I now know to be Mistress Liza and knelt beside her. She clamped his leash to his collar and sat in a chair no more then five feet away from me. When I finished the water the man I knelt before took the glass from me and handing to the same woman that brought me here and helped gaged me. She in turn handed him a black curled up item.

     Even tho this is still an adoption I want to see where you are obedient and where you need to be trained. Once again leaning forward to me reaching out under my chin to the choker around my neck. Hearing a little click and getting a little tug from it I realized I was now on a leash of my own. He stood up before me were he crotch is an inch or two from my face. Where I could detect an election with in his pants. Teasing me by just staying there at eye height I took in a deep breath in my nose. Getting more my scent then his I let it out my mouth slowly. 

     Pleased I guess with my reaction he stepped aside and tells me to stand and face him again. I did so a little faster then when I got on my knees. With only the word good to my response to him as he looked down my body and reached for the zippers to the cups of the corset. Freeing my breast with my erect nipples he palmed my right breast and took my nipple between his thumb and pointer finger. Rolling it between the two fingers I couldn't help myself I grabbed his hand and squeezed it as my head flew back and I closed my eyes.

     Letting out a small squeak gasping air from finally getting my very sensitive body touched. My hand is slapped away bringing forth a new sting to the top of my hand.

     Bad girl. Paws to your side.

     Paws? Before I realized that I even spoken his eyes flash apon me and narrowed. I gave him my best, Hello what kinda vehicle are you looking for smile. I don't think he bought it. 

     Crossing his arms still holding the leash he just stood there. Looking me over, up and down deciding if the used car he is about to buy is  worth fixing up. That internal beast poked her face into mine and spoke up again voicing her taunts.

     How dare he. Smiling at me. No we aren't a dog. We are a strong wolf baying at the moon. Say we own our voice. Show him our strenght. 

     Gearing me up readying me to tell him I am no pet. I don't like to be spoken to in this manor and I will not be going back into that cage.

     We have some wildness in you. I don't know which of us will have the most fun. Leaning his torso over and coming a hair close, nose to nose with me. I am going to enjoy finding out my pet.

     My pet. Holy fuck how does he do this? The opening for my canal just gapped open as if he just pulled out and left me empty. Why is my body reacting to his voice, to him petting me? How can I be so ready to stand up for myself and defy him. Only to be so unable to deny myself of him. 

     Let me clarify this to you. Your not in anyones eyes an animal. Standing sideways and looking at me also sideways. Begining to walk around me on my left I stood still. Unable to move feeling the cool metal of the black chain that is the leash sliding over the flesh of my breast. But that don't mean we as people don't have an animal. A pause and from my right ear I hear him sniff me, Senses. Causing me to stretch my neck exposing my flesh more. As if waiting for a vampire to sink his teeth into my flesh. A low growl emanated from his throat into my ear bring Goosebumps to my flesh. I can smell and taste you in the air itself. I can hear your breath entering and exiting your mouth. It's from that I know your ready, that your beast wants to claw and you want to be ravaged but your still to much animal. 

     Grabbing my hair at the back of my head by the roots. He pulls it back and turns my head to look him in the eye. My eyes are wide and the pace of my breathing quickens. It's not by fear that I do this. As his grip in my hair tightens I  feel the pull on my scalp. I reach up and around his head bearing my nails into the back of his neck. He bears his teeth as he sucks in air hard and exhales a groan.


To be continued.........

7 months ago. December 12, 2021 at 6:42 PM

     Lending on the arm of the chair and looking down at me. His eyes not giving a sign of movement. Starring at me straight faced and daring me to push him. I couldn't push but I was going to try and get what I wanted.

     As best I could I began turning all the way on my back with my feet crossed. Arching up with my hips. Lifting, thrusting and humping the air I rattled the cage to get the satisfaction I wanted. If he wouldn't take me then I would take myself. Using the panties to grind my against my very awake and trobbing pussy. It wasn't want I wanted, just what I had to do to get what I wanted. A release, from a build up of this all this erotic live sexual torment i been put through. To explode with a deep orgasum within my body and have it escape out the very spot my desires are focused on.      

    Over and over I trusted my pelvis into the air putting pressure against the leather panties. Moving just enough to rub my clit on the inner lining. Wiggling my hips and squeezing my muscles with the thoughts of this event fueling my movements. Finally I was getting the sensation I been wanting. My clit felt every tiny movement from its sensitive state. The only thing I am missing is the feel of the channel between my legs widened and colapsing. The deep pressure within me as well as against me. From any thick object satisfying my cardinal urge.


     Like a drugged, sleepy state I closed my eyes and drift into the responses of my clit. Slowly I condensed myself deeper drifting farther. Losing all thoughts that wasn't about the ecstasy between my legs. Going deeper as my climax slowly built its was up. Untill I was about to couldn't move.      


     No wait, I want to move. I want to cum. Move dam it. He had finally grabbed me and was touching me but not the way I been wanting it. With the heel of his palm just above my clit and forcing my ass down to the floor of the cage. Now not able to move at all. My rage of being denied flowed out my eyes, the anger clenched in my jaw. How dare he take this from me.      


     Listen to me and listen well to what I am about to say. You can be a good pet, sit and behave until this is over or you can leave. You will not act out or against my will. As long as you are here you will act proper and to my demands.  His voice came to me. Not cold or cruel not even to be frightening to me. Just to shame my actions. Like I just got caught napping on the bed as if I was a puppy.     


     I know what your seeing is making your blood steamy. Your desires to rage with in you but if you want to misbehave and act like a wild animal. Then, an animal you will be. In this cage you will remain and to the wilds you will be returned. Or you can watch and learn. I can show you, train you to behaved and when to tap into that beast. 


     Releasing my pelvis and turning his palm to me he moved his hand to my face. My first thoughts are to slap his hand away. If only my hands could. My eyes move from his hand to him, back to his hand, back to his face. Watching his lips curl in the corner to become a small smile. That smile broke my first thought and replaced it my second      


     My features soften a little. Yes I wanted to give in to my desires. Been wanting that since I opened that box and ever sence it only grew. I turn into myself seeing the beast with in me. She bowed her head, a smile wide on her face. Glaring at me at the top of her eyes. A flash of me standing before her from her own sight came to me. I wanted the beast she wanted me, we wanted everything and we would have it all. Became my second thought. As my cheek fell into his palm and I glared just as the beast dud with me and rubbed my face in his hand.     


     Good girl. He praises me this time.     


     Those words sounded so amazing. Two little words is all it took for me to enter a euphoric state. I don't know if it was his tone in which he said it or if it was cause they were said to me. Maybe even both but I atleast knew I liked being told I was a good girl. The praise of doing something right or well even at work when nailing a had this affect on me. Right now even my beast is jumping around like a puppy seeing some small bug for the first time barking and trying to get it to play.      


     My attention to the Red Lady is picked back up when I heard her voice say, Good boy. She held an empty syringe as she caresses him on his hip. I think he almost lost it when she gave him a swat on the side of his ass. With a more evil, Very good boy. His teeth exposed from his lips as his face contorted into what I can only believe to be a, not yet moment. His lower half shivering along with constraint muscles with his face showing his ecstasy or concentration as he tries to hold in the fluid. Kneeling on one knee above his head, racking her fingers through his hair he began to beg her.    


     Not in front of my superiors. I take my punishments my lady but please allow me.


     Allow you, she interrupted him. Why should I give you that right. Did you give any consideration in doing your deed properly?


     I give you no excuse. I beg for tolerance and forgiveness my Masters.


     The two made contact with each other and with a wave of his hand gave Red Lady his judgment. Reaching to his leash at his neck and unclasped him from the floor. Stay she commanded him, walking around the farther side of him. Taking up the bucket and placing it between his parted legs.


     Your denial of your privacy is part of your punishment. You shall remember this and not disappointed me again. That is our tolerance,  getting to use a bucket rather then not is our forgiveness. Up boy.


     Getting his hands under him and pushing himself up and balanced up on his toes. I hear the sound of some of the fluid hitting the plastic. Reaching for the bucket and placing it underneath him a rush of what was inside came out. Could I do that? Would I be made to do that? To be forced to want go and have to hold it. The idea was both intriguing and questionable. Yet the beast in my ear whispered.


     Yes, want it.

8 months ago. November 30, 2021 at 5:21 AM

     I got myself to this point without being forced from anyone and I have to admit. Seeing how I can't touch myself is driving me insane. Never had I been so deprived or so needing of anything to be done. My body wants to be touched, well more then just my ass and head. My pussy aches to be filled. I don't care how prim and proper you are or straight arrow you calm to be. There is some primal force within people and mine was screaming to let me give myself to it. I could feel what it wanted, it knows I hunger for what it knew within it. Not yet I told it I want to see more I dont just want part one part, want it all. If my lust was going to go into over drive. Then put on the auto pilot cause I was going to watch everything.


     She commanded him. How the hell could he just stay. I can't keep my own body from wiggling as my ass is caress and drummed.  The Red Lady walked beside my Drummer as I have come to know these two for obvious reasons. Giving as she called him, her pet a come command. He crawled on all fours still in proper form as she stood with her riding crop in hand tapping her leg almost like counting to see how swift he came to them. He was about a foot from in front of them when she told him to heel and he came to an immediate halt.

     That's a good boy. Normally I would have have my pet, as she walked slowly to him circling him and tracing the crop on his fresh, spin for his punishment. But. She sits on his lower back directly about his thighs and crossed her legs. I will give you that right seeing how it was your task he was assigned and failed to do properly. 

      The Drummer nodded and another light came on over a Wheel of Fortune. Altho I don't think there was going to be a money prize value on there. He stood there I guessed reading what the pie wedges had written on them. Placed his hand on the wheel and that rapid clanking sound played its tune as he pulled and made it spin. As it did he turned and came back to his chair not waiting to see what it landed on. Giving a chuckle as he sat down.

     Do you not want to wait for the results. She smiled at Mr. Drummer.

     No, the outcome will be fine. No matter what it lands on.

     The clanking began to slow down. As the turning slowed down the Red Lady thumped his ass with every clank. Clank, wack. Clank, wack. Till it came to a stop and she gave a final wack which actually made his back jump as she yelled.

     It's enema time. 

     The lights came on and a few people dress in various black outfits starting to move around. One walked by us with the wheel and I could see that there was not one thing written on it. Now I understand why he chuckled, it had been dealers choice. A long plastic sheet was laid out on the floor by the crew that was in the shadows. A bucket was placed on the sheet and a small metal table with a couple of large syringes just next to it. Once that was laid out this man turned pet was taken by his leash and again walked on to the plastic. 

     Both his ankles are cuffed with large leather red band still being on all fours. Now she connected his ankles with a ridged bar spreading his feet apart. Above his knees a simulator smaller bar was strapped the same way. Those two bars she attached together bringing his ankles closer to his ass. His leash is ran though a ring that pivots up from the floor and ran underneath him. Pulling the leash though bringing his face down and his ass up and connecting the leash to the smaller bar. Only allowing him inches of movement with his head.

     I watched in fascination as the lady chained and positioned the courier. I glanced up at Mr. Drummer to see his eyes looking down at me and smile. Without hesitation I went to watching, swinging out me knees to rest on my hip. To get off my knees and give them a break from kneeling in this cage. My body's reactions and my own lusting thoughts are caged with me in here feeding more on each other. I want to touch myself to give my lusting beast what it wants, satisfaction. I can't bound and out of reach of doing anything, frustrating myself even more. My legs begged were my mouth couldn't, slowly they speard apart showing my very wet leather covered pussy. No not my pussy. I am to hungry, lusty. I showed my needy cunt. 

     My bad doggie need to be flushed, familiarized with what it means to listen. 

     Taking the syringes into the bucket and drawing the handle. The fluid inside was clear so it had to be water. Once the two syringes were filled she placed a latex doctor's gloves on. Applied something to her finger and went over to her pets ass. His body shifted forward a little as her pointing finger wiggled and then moved closer, disappearing into him. After a few twist and a couple of pumps she removed it from him taking a syringe in her hand. Aligned it to his anal opening placing the nozzle in and pushed the plunder lower and lower till it was fully depressed.

     Turn your face. Let them see your face. She told her pet when she exchanging the first for the second applicator. Mere seconds later the second dose was injected into him. I could see his eyes squinting and his legs shaking as the Lady refilled to inject more. It took some time but he had stopped shaking and he looked at me and gave me a smile. As if to say it's all good he got this.

     I now felt Mr Drummers hand grab me just before my knee and cause I needed that so bad it felt as tho I was never touched before.  My hips began to gyrate and my head moved slowly around, circling and bobing. His hand moved down the inside of my thigh gripping me enough that I felt the presence of his hand. The pressure was enough to be a breeze across it. Stop teasing and take me. Yank these panties down and sink your fingers in me! Is what I would say but can't, dam gage. I never have I been this denied. My attention got awoken out of it moment of temporary excitement as my heated loins were back handed. It's not that it hurt, my clit's sensitivity is dialed way up thee. To close to three hundred that when he thumped it, every muscle was caused to contract from my ass to my belly. Snapping my eyes open and twisting my head to focusing onto his face.

     Again he points to the other two. Dammit I really don't care about any more. If he screwed up why am I being denied. Shit I want to be ravaged. Enough watching more doing onto and into me. I began shaking my head, showing my frustrations. Trusting my needy cunt forward and then point to it with my face. Grunting tush re, like I have a speech impediment instead of touch me.

8 months ago. November 17, 2021 at 4:38 AM

     I got a front row seat, well cage actually. Right next to the chair that my, mmm can't call tormentor or abuser. What the hell do I call this man? Will have to get to that later. Right now he sits next to me. The top has a little door that flips open. That enabled his hand to come in and stroked my hair. As he did a woman came in to stand before this man seated next to me.

     She was in red skin tight pants from her pelvic bone to her knees then continued down by matching red heeled boots. The curves and lines of her groin were pronounced by the hugging pants. Her long legs with in these tight form-fitting pants had not one fold or crease in them. Other the the crack running in the back separating her two round ass cheeks. Peaking out the waist are the two lines from her groin and thighs and in the middle was a jeweled belly button. Not a pierced navel but a gem seated in the navel itself. Her top covered her arms and sides but was opened in the center. What kept it closed and her perfectly sized breast for her in the top are buckle straps at three points. The first was just like any collar, around her neck. The second is mid breasts lifting and squeezing them, making the cleavage gather in the middle. The last one is located at the end of her rib cage showing off her belly and the gem in her navel. Her long and wavy hair on the sides were pulled to join the back of her head, where both join to another braid in the back. 

     Standing there she and this man sitting next to me seemed to be equals. No words where exchanged for a moment or two. It was as if she was letting us take in the sight of this man. Like a waiter showing a bottle of wine for the label to be approved.

     I will now start. She announced. 

     Turning around I could now see that her ass is just as full as her tits. The pants framed her round and tight ass to be the picture of sexy. An that I know I have stride to get my ass looking like, a perfect ratio of small yet round. Speaking of asses my own ass was being petted and stroked. Following the curve down to my thigh and back up with a full and firm grip. The palm of his hand not leaving my ass where his fingers tapped rhythmically, simular like burping a baby. I rocked my body to the rhythm being played on my ass enough to feel my heart beating almost to the same on my ass. What is happening to me?

     Stepping next to him she removed a bar in his mouth simulator to mine only it didn't strap to his head. That isn't fair. I didn't want this in my mouth. Turning my head to this man that really had controll of my movements in here, my handler if you wanted to say. Pointed at the couple not saying a word. Wanting me to go back to facing them, again I did as I am directed to do. 

     Believe it or not I am not scared. Most people wouldn't want to find themselves in this situation and if you would have asked me. Would I have want to be? The answer, I would have been kicking and screaming, but I am here and I climbed in. So why am I not? Simple. I am excited. Not just physically but mentally. I want to see what happens. Not just to him but to me as well. I am so wet in side my pussy that if as was to squeeze my own fluids will flow out the edges of my new leather panties and I would be kneeling in a puddle. I watch the red dressed woman intently as she began her show. Trying not show my arousal and most likely failing at it. I really don't care if they know I am. I just don't want to know how pleasuring I find it.

     She walked around him dragging her hand on his body. Touching his abs and tracing his exposed ribs. Touching his nipple and pinching his right one. I am not sure, cause I was losing myself in seeing her doing that to me in my imagination. That I don't know if it was him or me saying, yes. When she reached around his waist with her other hand and racking her nails just under his navel hard enough to leave four reddish lines across him. It is beautiful.

     Do you understand why your here? As she quickly flicked her fingers from his nipple.

     Mhmm. Mistress. As her fingers moved off him. 

     Some kind of cage like item was given to her from someone in the outer darkness.  It looked to me like a wire frame of a dick. I thought maybe she was going to use it as a strap on. My eyes widen in fascination when she put it on him over his dick and around the base of his balls. When it was fully attached she looked to be tickling his balls from under them with her finger tips. Moving them in a annoyed tapping pattern, bouncing his balls from finger to finger.

     You failed your task and almost caused problems with another's pet. She finished with a slap to his balls with her fingers.

     I am so sorry Mistress. I got the days mixed up and delivered it as soon as I could.

    You mixed up the days. Well I thing we need to straighten out your memory.    

     A metal bench was wheeled over which has a padded top and two padded legs extending down from the edge of it. The naked man was let down and walked over to the table top and told to lay down on his back. After getting on it his hands where unrestrained and fastened to the table on either side of him. Then they were moved on an angle from his body. His ankles are restrained to the padded downward post and then she spread  his legs wide apart. Standing between his parted legs she flips over his face  multi strand whipping item with a handle. Dragging it over and down his body and directly over his caged dick. Then with a heavy thud from her flipping it over and down on to his left leg. Another thud from it coming down on the right leg criss-crossing it several times.

     I see your straightening out already. Your cock is so easy to toy with. As she continued to flip her object of his arousal back and forth from leg to leg. She slid it down like a sheath around his cock and circled it like a whisp on his cock. His legs twitching and groaning from this man forcing me to bite this bar in my mouth and curl my toes.

     I could see his bouncing cock in her hand. Twisting and flipping her hand and fingers around him. While his dick fills up with in its cage. I was starting to feel like his cock. That has to be horrible for him straining with in the confines cause I know I wanted out and don't care who fucked me. His handler continued to fondle him to make him harder and me wetter. 

      With a pleased grin on her face she began once again to lashing his legs and adding to her swats his chest. Every so often she would even swipe upwards catching him on his balls. None of them looked very hard to me to be painful. It looked playfully to me as to tease him, almost like foreplay. Even the little faces he was making seem to make me think he was enjoying it. A head tilt, licking of the lips to moisten them from panting.  I wondered what that would feel like against me. How would my nipples and clit would respond to them swats and dragging those fringes on my tits and pussy? That's it the flood just rushed over my panties. Lines of juiciness running down my legs.

     Please Mistress let my torment of my cock end soon. I ask to be released.

     My pet wants to play. Let the games continue. Giving his balls a tap with each word. Bring me his leash. 

     A moment later she was handed by the woman that placed the bar in my mouth a chain leash and a wide red collar with a tag in the shape of a bone like you would see on a dog's, only larger.  After letting him off the whipping table she had him kneel in front of her with his knees apart allowing everyone to see his dick where he again asked to have it released only he didn't say he ask, now it was. I beg you. She this time did remove his dick from the cage and as she touched it, his body jerked.

     She told him to stand and bend over the table. When he complied to her demands she positioned herself in front of him. His face was directly infront of her groin and it seems like she did that just to tease him. As she stood there a moment taking a wide spread stance shifting her hips and then slowly lowering down to a squat till she was face to face with him.

     Lift your head. Now keep it there.

     He arched his head up by getting on his elbows and exposed his neck. Looping the collar around his neck and clamping the leash it on. As she did so she positioned her tits to be on either side of is face. It wasn't long till she pulls back and grabs a fist full of hair and gets face to face with him.

     Did I give to you permission to rub you dirty face on my skin yet alone on my tits? Don't bother to answer that cause I know the answer. 

     She said that with the force of a p.o.w being interrogated where I thought she would slam his face into the table. She hit him with enough force on the side of his face that you heard the the crack. 

     Thank you. I deserved that. Please may I get another. 

      That didn't sound like a question and when she slapped him again he again told her he wanted more each time stating he deserved them. It wasn't until the eighth time that he said he learned his lesson and she stop. 

      Yes my pet you did. Saying it soft enough to be soothing.

     The leash a shiny chrome pulled taunt making him lift his head and forcing him up on his hands. I missed how a jockeys riding crop got in her hand but I now see it. Cause she smacked his ass each time when he lifted his belly off the table. I don't think she gave him much of a choice as she slowly took steps around the table. Pulling and angling her hold to were he would have to move in order for her not to strain her arm. When she did a full circle around him she spoke to him.

     Off the furniture doggie and he obeyed her. On the floor like a good dog. Down on all fours in a ridged upright stance. Head up high and facing forward. Shoulders tight and back arched. His back legs together and is ass uplifted. He looked like a show dog being presented to the judges.



To be continued...........


9 months ago. October 16, 2021 at 11:24 PM

     I wanted to jump up out of the chair, rip off the blindfold and find out just where I was. I tensed my leg and stiffened my back to do something to move away. But the stenght in his grip held my shoulders still. 

     If you try to do that again you will find yourself cuffed to that chair. 

     I opened my mouth taking a deep breath in order to demand to know where I was. What the fucking hell. The corners of my mouth was pushed back and my lips folded over my teeth as something was pushed into my mouth. My hands came up to try and grab at whomever or whatever I could in shock. My hands were grabbed and forced to the top of my thighs. As the hands on my shoulders grabbed at the thing in my mouth. Pulling my head back and it was wrapped around my head strapping the bar in my mouth.

     My body betrays me. Even with at this I find myself more excited them scared. True I have no idea where I am, I can't see. Dressed in this leather. OK yeah I am in an unknown situation but I am not going to be killed. Not after being dressed up and picked up. So let see where this goes. I mean fuck I am drenched, let it flow. 

     The more you fight the more you lose. Are you going to behave? He demanded the question in my ear. 

     I whimpered in response. That I would 

     The blindfold was yanked off my eyes and the brace kept me from jerking away. The woman before me holding my hands to my legs. Looked up over me and nodded her head. Raising up I could see she was topless with both her nipples pierced with silver rings. They were connected with a chain that attacked to a black band around her neck. When she turned to walk away I could see the flesh of her ass peering out of an ass less skirt that was tight and short. In this dim light it looked as tho her ass had dirt on it.

     The only one I knew remaining was the man behind me and he began to step slowly around me. Heel, toe then a scrap. That repeated twice as I looked out the corner of my eye to the side he was walking on. Dam this brace really did the job of not being able to use my neck.  

      Look straight ahead. If you want that blindfold back on, please didn't listen to me. I will be more then happy to cover them shamefully, lust filled eyes.

      Lusting eyes, dam. I gave away my thoughts.

      Oh come now don't you feel it? I know the  smell of pussy and I smelled you the moment you walked in the door.

     Closing my eyes cause I knew he was right.

      Stand up. He told me. Bringing me out of my daze. Looking towards him and then jetting my eyes away. I slowly got to my feet where he opened the trench. Grabbed the two halfs and lift it up off my shoulders. Standing there knowing full well he was right there l looked up at the ceiling. Which in this low lighting I couldn't see.

     I was grabbed by the ring on the brace and was pull down to be inches away from him forcing me to look directly at him. He had a black mask on that covered almost his entire face. The only part that I could see was his mouth. Which curled in one corner as he slowly blinked at me. I heard a metallic clank just under me. The side of my exposed ass cheek was wacked by a strap. Then placed it against my chin.

     I thought I told you to look straight ahead. He glared at me.

     I aim. Was the best I was able to sound. I can't help it if your directly in front of me. Would have been my defiant remark could I speak properly.

     The strap that he held on my chin tapped me on the nose. I jerked back from the unexpected tap blinking my eyes. I couldn't move very far cause the brace is now being used as a collar which now had a metal chain connect to the ring. He held it tight as I tried to pull back on it.

     Bad dog. He growled though his smile.

     Oh no I wasn't going to stand for that. Grabbing the chain between me and his hand I wrestled with it to get it out of his hand. When that didn't work I tried to pound my fist at his own hands.

     OK you want to act like this. Here I thought you were going to be good.

     He pulls me, toppling me off balance. Drawing me to bend over and walk as he walks me to a. Oh fuck no. Is that a cage? Oh fuck. I try to stop walking but I only get tugged. I rebalance myself and catch up beside him and try to plead but they only sound like a muffled whimpers. With tears starting to fall down my cheeks wetting my mouth. I try to say.

     No I'll be good.  But sounded like. Ow. Al lee goo.

     I say it once. I will not say it again. This is your only warning. Get in the cage. As normal as saying, I'll have the fish tonight. 

     There was no irritation to his voice but I felt his no bullshit demeanor. I turned to look at it and then back up to him with my head slightly lowered. My eyes rolled up at him. Ah fuck. I bet I looked like a scolded dog right now. Dam it. I dropped down and crawled in to the cage slowly to protest doing this. He said he didn't want to repeat himself, not that I had to achieve speed records. Once I was fully in the cage the door was shut and was locked with a padlock.

      Sit girl. Still talking to me like a dog. While walking around to the opposite side of the cage.

     He knelt but the cage flexed his finger for me to come over. Put your hands though the cage. Was next for me to do. When I got close to the that side of the cage he told me I was a good girl and cuffed my wrist on either side of one of the rungs. Limiting my movement in the cage even more. The cage apparently had wheels on it cause I was rolled into yet another room that had a man completely naked. Strung upright on the balls of toes.

     When the cage was positioned and stopped moving I recognized the man. It was the guy that delivered the box to me. What had happened to him. The woman that picked me up said he would be dealt with. Had he been torchered for a late package? 

     Your about to see what happen to disobedient pets. You had better keep this in mind.

     And yet still with all this happening I couldn't help notice how absolutely turned on I was. Shackled in a cage before some naked dangling man. In some tight kinky leather attire. Who knows where I am. Being made to feel like this man's pet dog. Waiting with a real interest to see what will happen to him and what will become of me.


To be continued......

9 months ago. October 13, 2021 at 2:41 AM

     My mind went crazy. Did he know what happened, or seen my face? I couldn't bring myself to say straight out what he meant. So I did what I thought was the only way out. 

     Her moves are just so powerful. Handing him the fobs with a wink. Fanning my face. Did it got hot out here? I should go get some cold water. I turned and took my leave heading inside to finish my day.

     The box didn't leave my thoughts as I forced myself to get though my work. Then the moment finally came, the end of the day and I ran out as fast as I could. Saying bye or have a good weekend to a handful of people as I headed out the door and directly to my own car.

     Fast forward to getting home. I arrived to find another box similar to the first but this one was black. Grabbing this box and walking in the door. I ran to the closest table, my couch. Not really a table but hey, it held the box. A girls got to sometimes make due in a hurry. Once again getting that whiff from the box as I open it. There are other items along with corset and a smaller white square box. About six by six and 4 inches high. 

     I will get to you soon. Right now I want this. Picking up the leather corset and feeling it's heft.

     Pulling it in and pressing it against me I tested the fit on top of my blouse. It felt as it was made to fit me perfectly. Rubbing my face in the stiff black leather taking a few deep breaths. That aroma I longed for filled my lungs while I felt a trickle escape from between my pussy. I whimpered into the belly of the corset.

     I put down the corset and next I found elbow length leather gloves. The tag said sheep skin. That must be why they were soft and flexible. When I slipped in to them it was like my own skin. They were almost that tight and thin on me. 

     The next item was black leather 4 inch heel shoes. That came up to my lower caff muscles and laced up the front. The toes where open which shows off the nail polish. They held my ankles straight and unbending. Still every comfortable to stand and walk in. 

      Oh my. I felt my face heat up.I couldn't believe the panties that was in this set. It was thong like with metal rivet buttons every half an inch in the crotch. The front was v shaped held together by three gradually larger ringlets. They buckled together sitting high on the hip. Slipping off my skirt and my very moist panties, I placed these new ones on. The rivets were cold against my crotch. From just above my clit and ending right on my hole to my anus. 

     I had to see it complete and removed my blouse and bra. The corset bucked up the front ending just under the zippered cups. When I removed the cups it looked as tho I was being bridged. From tit to tit and a back bone coming up between my tits. Keeping pressure on the center of my rib cage.

    There was one item left in the main box and that was the smaller box. When I opened it my mouth and eyes opened wide. It looked like a neck brace with a loop in the center and ending at the bottom. It covered the curve of my neck and shoulders, sitting just under my jaw line limiting my head movements.

     In the box I found here at home was a long rusty red leather suede trench coat. With a note that read, This will complete you. For when I collect you. Remembering the first box with the red envelope. I opened that one and read it. Be ready by nine tomorrow night wearing this.

      Oh fuck. So glad I didn't read that at the dealership. That would driven me crazy. Thinking about the the who, what, where and why's of it all. 

     It was just about then when my door bell rang. Oh shit. I couldn't answer the door like this. Just ignore it I thought. They will go away when I dont answer. Fate is cruel tho.

     I know your in there sister. A female voice came though the door. I have been sent to collect you and its best for both of us that I do.

     It said tomorrow, I replied back. Cracking the door.

     Oh well that was an error and he will delt with I am sure. Now open up and let me in sister.

     I opened the door hiding behind it and as she came though she slowly closed it.

     Good to see your dressed, as she looks me over. He has good taste. She goes to touch my breast with the back of her hand. Then pulling away and closing her hand in a quick jerk.

     You need to cover them. Where are the cups? She steps back asking me. 

     Couch. Is all I get out. Then I am handed the leather cups to the corset. Followed by the trench coat. As I replaced the cups and put on the, my trench coat. She spoke again to me.

      We must be going. Lock your door and give the keys to the driver when we get in the car. Don't say anything don't ask any questions. There well be a blindfold on the seat. Put it on and do not remove it until it is or your told too. You do as your told to sister and you'll be fine.

      I hope that cat really was brought back once it was satisfied. I thought to myself as I did as I was told. I can't say just how long I sat in that car blindfolded. Both nervous and excited I sat there quiet. Then the car stopped and my door opened. Other woman said softly. 

      Welcome sister. I will be unbuckling you and walking you. Please remain quiet and do not remove the blindfold.

      The seat belt was undone and my hand was taken as I was guided out the car. Once standing out of the car my hand was placed on her shoulder and was let go. We walked that way down an incline and what sounded like sliding metal doors rolled. Our steps echoed as we walked making left and right turns. I began counting steps as we continued and then we stopped. 

      A small ding and another door rolled open. We took a few steps and she turned to face me. Her shoulder came out from under my hand and she directed my hand back on her shoulder.  A small bounce as I felt myself going up. My ears clogged and I had to pop my ears.

      No dought about it. An elevator, an express one at that. It slowed to a stop and the doors re opened. We're we walked out a dozen steps or so. Yet another voice, a males voice this time. 

     You've been expected sister. 

     Thank you brother.

      Our heels echoed as I was walked onward. I counted twenty steps before we stopped. Something was placed behind me and my escort took my hand and elbow and told me to sit. Once was I was sitting she walked away. I started to think I was left alone sitting here. Then hands rested on my shoulders with a weight behind them.

     Is she the one? A gravelly voice asked.

     Yes. Thank you Grand Master. For your care and delivery of this here. A deep yet respectful voice said from behind me.


To be continued...

10 months ago. October 10, 2021 at 4:15 AM

      I am FeeFee or let's just say I am and I work in a car dealership. Oh, no I am not telling you which one. I greet people and sell new cars. I love being around the showrooms cars. The touch of that hard, cool and detailed steel. Sliding into a car with leather seats and the feel of it against my naked tights. The smell and sound of new leather is the best.  Oh don't get me started before I get to tell you about my day.

     Today I got a package delivered at work. When I questioned the guy delivering the package if this was right. He told me i fit the description. Looking around to see if I was being watched I took the box. No one stood out or seem to be staring.

     The package was that of dress box and the lid had a simple silver ribbon tied to it. A red envelope with a simple message, To you. Typed on the envelope. This just has to be the most bizarre thing ever.

     When I shake or tlit it nothing gives away what's in it. But something has to cause I could feel the weight of whatever is in the box. 

     I have to admit I was just a little bit curious to see what this was about. As well as expecting something out of a horror movie. Where upon opening it the camera zooms in on some body part. With a note that says your next. But curiosity got the better of me. 

     You know what happened to the curious cat? I could hear myself say. 

     Yes. As I sighed. It was killed.

     Only to finish the saying. Ah yes and satisfaction brought it back.

     Come on open it. I could hear my inner self say as it danced in my mind. My curiosity being so pecked. The cover wasn't tied closed and was able to be lifted. Once parted of the lid and its lower half. I get the smell of something I know all to well. Closing the lid and peering around to see if I got caught. 

     That's leather. As my eyes widen and thighs tightened together. 

      I run out to my car to stash the box in my trunk. Well that and to see just what was in here. I couldn't help but stare and touch what I was looking at. It was a leather corset with zippers under the cups to make them remove able. There was more but found mind swirling with questions and excitement all at once. Closing the box and my trunk I headed back inside and straight to the ladies bathroom for the employees.

     Locking the door and sitting on the toilet I felt my nipples showing themselves. Not just hey I am perky but they were extremely tight. I knew that cause I could feel my nipples and the areolas pulling my skin. Constricting harder every moment I concentrated on them becoming sensitive.

     The smell of the leather isn't leaving my memory and making matters worse. Feeling the seat of my panties getting moist and the need in my breast ack even more. I lower my panties down to my ankles in order to not dampen them farther. I can't help the need that's building, heating my blood. Spending my knees so not even my legs can rub my awoken pussy.

      Not helping my situation making me want to be home and my pussy clamped around my vibrator. I shouldn't, not here but my need is raging. Running my palm down my face and around my neck I tilt my head back. Grabbing my breast and squeezing hard. Pressing my palm into it rubbing and grabbing at my nipple.

     A knock at the door startles me, brings me back.

     Be right out. Talking to the door. 

     Unspooling some paper to wipe myself and shocked to find just how wet I really am so fast. What the hell? Wiping down twice more i grab my panties and pull them up to feel the tiny cool wet spot.  Only to feel my Labia slicken again. Not good, oh so not good. I quickly wipe down for the fourth time. Washing my scent off my fingers before I leave. 

     Sorry, all yours. As I open the door to find no one there. Must have need of it worse then I did. Deciding to use the customers restroom, I guessed.

     As my thoughts wandered to my trunk and the box that sits within it. Looking up at the clock and trying to will time to pass, move. Oh please let this work day end. Nope begging didn't work any better. Why does this box and its contents have me gripped like this? I smelled leather before and tho it does excite me. Never have I responded to it like this.

     Even as I talked to customers about the cars my thoughts keeps going back to the box. Telling them go ahead slip into the bucket seats. See how it feel to be wrapped up in it. I found myself getting into the back seat. Pulling up my skirt to feel as much of that leather on my legs. On one particular test drive I told the customer to open her up. To feel her move under their control. Flipping up my skirt to get my mound pressing against the seat. Rubbing the leather on my panties from the hard jerks of the wheel. I had to go back afterwards to clean myself off the the back seat. This is getting bad, I am loosing control of my professionalism and I am not even being touched. That box is in my head and my sexual lust is taking over.

     I had to open the box again. As I got close enough to touch the trigger to pop open the trunk. I heard my name. Spinning around as if being cough by daddy with my had in the cookie jar before dinner, knowing I was doing wrong.

     What? As innocent and trying to play off that I was even doing something wrong but didn't try to get away with it.

     The guy is back. The one you just had that test drive with. He said he wants you and the car. I am going back in to start on a temporary plate for him.

     Sure no problem give me 5 minutes I just have to go to my car.  Yea and get into that box, my inner self said all dirty like.

     That's gonna have to wait. He wants that exact car and you to bring it or the deal is off. I don't think he is joking.

      Dam it! I screamed out. Internally.  Sure will get it now. The key fobs are placed in my hand. 

     You have 2 minutes. I don't know what you did but good going.

     Getting behind the wheel and turning the engine over I had a flash of being in the back seat. As I put my salesman smile on I pulled the car around the building and out front. As I opened the door and stepped out the customer came over. That's when my face got as hot as my pussy had been all day.

     What sold me on this car was your reaction. If every woman has the same reaction you did in this car. Glaring at me as his evil smiles grows across his face. Its worth it.


Yo be continued......