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     Let start with I am not here to play games with people.
     I am not nor will not be a sugar daddy. Nor am I interested in a fling.
     I am done with one way shit. I want, I need and I expect.
     Being bitched at cause I don't get 100% of your 25% effort.
     With that being said, welcome to my profile and happy reading.

     I do believe in this statement. "My body my choice!" 

     Yes sexually I like my woman to be submissive durning sex. I am not look for a slave or live in sex toy. We are people and will be treated as one.

     I do have a number of things that I do perfer that are nothing to crazy. That can be talked about and fine tuned.  As long as we are in agreement on likes, almost anything is do able.

     I want a woman that's going to give to me just as much as I give to her in all aspects of our relationship.

     Not looking for someone that gets what they want and gives nothing back. So if you looking for, Ok pumpkin daddy is going to pay your way. Keep looking. It's our life and we make it happen not just me.

     I believe in safety. So for me that means no Absolutely no drugs of any kind. That includes Pot. I used to smoke cigarettes, quit for a long time now and perfer you don't too. If you are a smoker not a deal breaker just not indoors, sorry. You will just have to shower more. Joking. Drinking is ok as long as it is in moderation as I drink on occasion.

     I believe in men and women. There is no in between or changes. For those that this offends. This is my belief.
    I believe women are not less then men as a person or human being. 
     I lost belief in religion so as long as we can respect the others beliefs great.
     I have morals. I let people be themselves and dont take advantage of them. So I ask to let me be me.

     I am mostly a home body kinda guy. That don't mean I don't go out. I just find I am more free to be me home then outside.
     I am not an  Exhibitionist to the point your walking around naked, well outside the house atleast. I do however like to go out to eat or to a movie and see how far I can touch you and not bring attention to us.

     I drawing as a hobby and what I draw is the female form.  The drawings above are a few I have done myself I find to be some of the best I have done. 
     I have tried my hand at a few short stories which can be found in my blog and the Erotic Magazine section. 
     I listen to books and music while I am working. Because my hands are normally busy.
     As you do I have my own quarks and opinions and expectations. We Will Not agree on everything but would like to hear what you have to say, if I like it or not. 

      Born late in the year 1973. So as time goes on so does my age. 6 feet 2 inches that shouldn't change much. Average build and weight 235lbs. Eyes brown hair brown. Funny how my facial hair is salt and pepper and the rest is my normal color.
     For those that like to run their fingers in their mans hair I have plenty. It's not thin what so ever. To clarify, I do not have a hairy body. No body piercings. Hmm wait schooled in the late 90's so two holes in my left ear, not used anymore. 5 tattoos. What and where? Well that's something to talk about. 

     I like a good sci-fi movie or action. Well any movie  really as long as it's good. Have a thing for Anime and Henti types of shows.

     I have come to like nipple piercings. I am not a fan of nose, lip and eyebrows.
     Not a fan of green and or blue hair. This is not a turn on nor is body hair.  Meaning, legs, armpits and sex shaved. 
     If there is any questions hit the bond button and send it to me or a message.  
BDSM and me
As you I will have to learn one thing and that's the most important thing. What is it that makes your knees buckle. I do take it seriously cause as much as it's fun and sexual it can be harmful.
     I started out as a sub to a woman in my mid 20's.
     Had what I thought was my partner in all aspects but for her own choices it didnt go there and after a number of years she walked. 
     That brings me to today.

     I have been burned in the past so trust is a big aspect. Not just from you but from me as well. I am not someone that hangs on words. That don't mean I will not trust. It just isn't blindly given.

        So let me tell you something about me rather then an online test.  I like pain. Both given to you and taken from you. Nails, biting, hair pulling and smacks. No faces. Ruff housing trying to grapple or pin the other. It a energy I find animalistic.
        I don't want a brat but a woman with a wild side or feisty that knows when to be. Being that woman on her knees looking down waiting for a touch on the shoulder and a command.  A good and bad girl.
       I am still growing and there are things that I want to learn and grow into. Sure I know a hand full of ways to tie someone down and if that fails I have a few other restraints. I am not coming in all knowing and never will know it all.
        I perfer soft kittens or bunny's so if you want to be petted and brushed and curl up beside me pleading for some attention, all for it. No dogs, to  masculine. They are to um loud and not feminine to me. So let's stick to who's pretty.
So let's start with the hard limits. No bodily waste. From or to. No blood cuts or needles. Nothing tight around thoat, for me. No drugs. No drinking before or during playtime. From here we see what's what. Now the fun part. Tho I have a lot I like I will keep it to the most liked. Force/controlled orgasm. Female ejeculation. Bodily spankings. Body controlling devices. As I said before getting to know each other is key. Everyone is different. Limits and tolerance are also.
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