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I'm a writer but can't publish this kind of "smut" alongside my regular stuff. This is mostly masturbatory anyway, but thought some of you fellow kinksters may enjoy it too. Constructive feedback always welcome.
1 day ago. Jun 13, 2021, 6:21 PM

     Rosie woke the next morning to find herself alone in her bed. She assumed Ross had slipped out during the night or early hours. She was a little hurt but not surprised. But then the bathroom door opened, and there he was.

     He was towelling off his hair, beads of water running down his naked body. “Good morning.” He greeted her with a truly happy smile. “Careful, go slow this morning, your body will be weak, stiff, and sore.”

     Rosie pushed herself up to a sitting position. She had seen a single droplet make its way from his neck, down his chest, past his belly and right down the centre of his soft penis. It now hung, glistening and delicious, from the tip of his foreskin. She had to have it. She stood, slowly and carefully. Ross was right, her body was still wrecked from the night before and bore the marks to prove it. She walked over to him, kissed him softly on his stubbled cheek and said “Good morning, Daddy. I’m so happy you’re here.” Then she sank to her knees, stretched out her tongue and collected the little water droplet.

     It was as tasty as it looked, and she put out her tongue again to see if she could find more. She licked his foreskin but found no more water, so tried sucking on it gently. Still nothing, so she pushed her tongue between the folds to the smooth helmet hiding within. This had a sweet and salty taste that excited her, and she decided to explore further. She opened up and put the head of his dick into her mouth. It wasn’t so soft anymore. It wasn’t hard but it was definitely firming up. With her lips holding him in place, she used her tongue to examine all the little creases in his skin, then ran it around the soft silky bulb beneath. She felt him twitch in her mouth and grow firmer still. A pearl of that beautiful, salty-sweet liquid danced onto her tongue. This made her ravenous for more. She moved her lips a few centimetres along his shaft, feeling every part of him with her tongue as she went. The more she took into her mouth, the more it grew, and soon she found that he was touching the back of her throat. But there was still more of him to taste.

     She tried to push him in further, then gagged slightly as he hit her epiglottis, but didn’t let that deter her. She adjusted her head position slightly, straightened her neck, then pushed again. After a little resistance he slid past her tonsils and deep into her throat. He let out a low groan as he felt it contract against his now hard cock. Her eyes watered a little as she swallowed him to the hilt, her bottom lip brushing against his sack. She inhaled his natural, masculine scent. It was intoxicating. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in closer. She choked and drool escaped her lips, running over his balls. He twitched as he felt it and caused her to gag and heave. Her throat rejected him, and he released her so she could take a breath. She pulled all the way back, took one breath, swallowed, then put him straight back into her mouth again.

     He was rock solid now and she could feel the blood pulsing through his veins. The feeling was thrilling, and she wanted to devour him. Now that he was covered in her spit, she could slide him in and out of her mouth easily. She took him as far as her tonsils then pulled back again. She moved back and forth, using her tongue to massage his shaft as she went, increasing her speed with each pass. Then she noticed there was a part of his length not getting any attention. She wrapped her fingers around his base and stroked rhythmically, in time with her head movements.

     Ross began to moan, showing his appreciation. He ran his fingers through her hair then grabbed a fistful. He guided her into a pace that was most enjoyable for him. “Good girl. Use that tongue.” She did as she was told, trying to caress every millimetre of his gift. He tasted better than anything she’d tasted before, and his soft skin felt like bliss in her mouth. She started to moan, and Ross could feel the vibrations run through him. He forced her onto him more roughly and pushed his hips towards her at the same time. “Do you like getting face-fucked like a little slut?”

     He was pounding the back of her throat, but she managed an “Mmm hmm”. The sounds reverberated in his swollen member, and he released a little precum for her. When she tasted it, she became frantic. Her gripped tightened and she started throwing herself onto him, battering her pharynx. Her moaning intensified, barely stopping to breathe.

     “You want my cum, don’t you? You’re a hungry little cum slut.” Ross grinned down at her. “Go on then, get Daddy’s cum.” He let go of her hair and stopped thrusting, letting her take over. She didn’t disappoint. She sucked as she pulled her head back then rammed him into her as far as she could. She began twisting the hand he she had on him as she slid it back and forth. With her free hand, she cupped his balls, massaging them gently as if she were trying to milk him. She moaned and murmured, desperate for his cream. Ross was panting now. “Fuck! You’re going to make me cum”. This seemed to add to her frenzy. “I’m going to cum, baby girl.” He tried to warn her, but she wasn’t letting up.

     His balls tightened and his cock twitched. Rosie slammed him as far into her throat as she could manage and held him there as he unloaded everything he had to give. She swallowed down every squirt and kept swallowing until she was sure that he was empty. She sucked him clean as she pulled her head away then gazed up at him from the floor, licking her lips.

     “You are a dirty little bitch.” Ross told her, grinning from ear to ear. “Good girl.”

     She glowed at his praise. “Thank you, Daddy.”

2 days ago. Jun 12, 2021, 7:38 PM

     Wrapping one arm around her for support, Ross unhooked Rosie from the door. Gently, he lowered her to the ground. He unwrapped her wrists but told her she wasn’t to touch herself. “Only Daddy can give you what you need. Don’t make me cross by spoiling all my hard work.” He warned her. Turning away, he took the mirror from above the sink and placed it on the floor opposite Rosie. She was shocked to see the state she was in, but that just turned Ross on more. He stood just in front of her and slowly, opened his trousers, pulling out his semi. Rosie’s eyes widened and her hands moved to grab it. “No!” Ross corrected her, “Stay.” She placed her hands on the floor by her sides again, but she couldn’t take her eyes off it. He started to stroke it steadily, filling it up with blood and increasing Rosie’s hunger. She opened her mouth instinctually, letting her tongue reach out for him. He tapped the soft, wet pillow with his head, teasing her. Once he had solid wood, he went and sat on the floor behind her. He had one leg either side of her, his cock and balls against her sticky back. He placed his hands under her ass and lifted her up into his lap. Her asshole was still gaping so he had to be careful not to enter the wrong hole. Her pussy was a warm welcome and Rosie released a noise of relief and satisfaction as he slid her all the way down. As soon as she’d taken him all the way in, she tried to lift herself again, but he held her still. “No. Leave it there. I want to stay deep inside you, like this.” He bent his knees slightly and hooked her legs over the top of his so that he could keep her spread wide open. He could see the mirror over her shoulder and his cock twitched at the sight of her drenched, red raw pussy, with his hard cock pushed up inside. He felt her cunt tighten slightly when he twitched. She was so hypersensitive, it wouldn’t take much to make her cum. “Relax.” He whispered in her ear. “Daddy is going to give you what you need.”

     Ross wrapped one arm around her shoulders and held onto her neck. Not too tightly, just enough that she could feel him there and know that he had control over her breath. Then he brought the other arm around her waist and to her swollen clit. First, he placed two fingers against it and applied pressure. Rosie’s hips moved towards his touch and Ross squeezed her throat to remind her of his instructions. She relaxed, and he loosened his grip. Slowly, gently, he rubbed small circles into her with the pads of his fingers. He didn’t think she could get any wetter, but he was wrong. It was spilling out of her, despite his cock filling her up, and trickling over his balls. His cock began to pulse inside her and he could feel her trying not to move as her pussy pulsed back in response. He rubbed faster, varying his patterns from small circles, to back and forth, to up and down, watching her in the mirror. “It’s okay, baby girl,” he whispered softly into her ear, “it’s not a tease this time, I promise. You don’t have to hold back or ask permission. I want you to cum. Cum for me, baby girl. Cum all over my hard cock.” She moaned in a way he’d never heard before and he felt her whole body relax and sink into him, swallowing him deeper. She closed her eyes and her head rocked back onto his chest. She was letting go and allowing the pleasure to fill her up. She panted and moaned as he continued to rub her clit, his fingers sliding easily over her with no friction.

     Soon he felt her chest rise and her panting become erratic. She was about to cum. He increased his pace a little more to help her along. He watched her intently in the mirror. Seeing her cum always made him want to as well, but it was all about her right now. “Cum for me, baby girl. I want to feel you cum.” Before he was able to finish his sentence, she released a long, euphoric cry and he felt her pussy spasm wildly on his cock. But he didn’t stop rubbing. Her legs tried to close, but he held them open with his knees. Her abs contracted and pulled her forward, but he held her upright by her neck. Her whole body was shaking violently, and he didn’t stop rubbing. Her cunt was gushing, palpating his dick, and he didn’t stop rubbing. “I love feeling you cum, baby girl. Keep cumming. Don’t stop.” He kept his eyes on her reflection, thrilled by her total lack of control from the inexcapable pleasure. 

     “I can’t, Daddy.” Her whole body was spasming. “I can’t stop cumming. Oh my God. Daddy.” She grabbed his hand and pulled on it but he was too strong for her and she found herself choking. She gripped her thighs instead, digging her nails into her skin as rolling orgasms took over her body.

     “Good girl” Ross growled. “Keep cumming.” His balls tightened as her throbbing pussy electrified him.

     “I can’t take it, Daddy. I can’t stop. It hurts. I’m going to explode.” Rosie pleaded with him, climax after climax ripping through her, overwhelming her senses, a puddle of her cum on the floor. “Daddyyyyy !” She wailed, almost hysterical, and finally it stopped.

     Ross took his fingers, saturated with her cum, and pushed them into her mouth. She opened up and let them in, exhausted, suckling on them. “Good girl” he said again and removed his hand from her neck in order to hold her boob in stead. He flicked her nipple and watched her convulse, then stroked her gently and kissed her neck while she quivered.

     When her body was finally calm and still, Ross lifted her off of him, spilling more cum everywhere. He stood, stripped and, hooking her under the arms, helped her to her feet. They stood in the shower together and he gently, carefully, washed her body and hair, paying special attention to everything between her legs, back and front. When he was satisfied she was clean, he wrapped her in a huge fuzzy towel and carried her to her bed.

     Completely exhausted, Rosie laid limp on the bed, but she had hold of Ross’s hand. She kissed it. “Thank you, Daddy.”

     “It’s okay, baby girl, just rest.” He stroked her hair.

     “Stay, Daddy? Please? Just this once.” Her eyes glistened.

     She had been through a lot tonight. Ross had pushed her boundaries, devastated her body, and pushed her to the emotional brink. The least he could do was stay and comfort her. “Okay, baby girl, I’ll stay.” He laid down behind her and wrapped his arms around her frail body, holding her tightly against his chest, breathing her in. She sighed happily and closed her eyes to sleep.

3 days ago. Jun 12, 2021, 12:14 PM

     Ross smiled wide with pride. His baby girl was even more perfect than he thought. “You are a dirty little slut,” he told her. Moving her hand away from herself, he said “Wait. Daddy will make you cum.” He stood and did up his trousers, looking as if nothing had just happened, while she was a destroyed mess on the floor. “Stay. Wait. And don’t you fucking touch yourself while I’m gone.” He left, and returned 5 minutes later carrying two identical, black, leather belts. He placed one on the sink. Rosie heard the heavy buckle clang above her head, and she began to panic. Ross knelt beside her again. “Put out your hands.” She sat up and lifted her hands towards him. He rotated them and expertly wrapped the remaining belt over, through, and around, making sure her hands were secure, but not painful. Then he stood again, pulling her up by her bonds. He spun her around himself and pushed her backward against the bathroom door. He lifted her arms over her head and hung them from the towel hook that was screwed into the wood. He stood back and admired her naked, vulnerable, helplessness. “Beautiful” he said, more to himself than to her. He took the other belt from the sink, folded it in half and snapped it threateningly. She flinched, he smiled. He stepped toward her and struck the belt against the door to her right. She flinched again. 

     He tapped at Rosie’s ankles with his foot, indicating that she should spread her legs. She obeyed, spreading them wide, feeling her arms straighten more as she sank down. “Daddy?” she whispered, eyeing up the belt in his hand.

     “Do you trust me, baby girl?”

     She looked up at him and nodded slowly before returning her fixation to the belt. “I trust you, Daddy.”

     “Do you remember your safe word? You know you can use it any time you want me to stop?”

     “Yes, Daddy. I remember.” She couldn’t take her eyes off the black leather.

     “Don’t worry about the belt. Remember where your eyes should be?” Ross put his stern voice back on now that she had been reassured.

     Her eyes snapped back up to his the second she heard his tone. “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

     Ross enjoyed seeing the fear in her eyes, but his excitement was intensified by the fact that she trusted him. He really could do anything, make her do anything, he wanted. “Good girl.” He struck the door between her legs. She gasped, from shock, not pain, and kept her eyes on Ross. He touched the belt against her leg, just above the knee, and slid it upward. When he reached the top, he did the same on the other leg. Then he took the large, cold, metal buckle and pressed it against her slit. He could feel the wet on her lips and upper thighs and was delighted to see some of it transfer to the buckle when he pulled it away again.

     Rosie kept her eyes locked on him the whole time but recoiled at his every touch, anticipating the pain that was to come. The leather snapped against her thigh sharply and left a sting. She tried not to scream but couldn’t stop a yelp from escaping her. Then the other thigh received the same treatment and she whimpered. Her ass cheeks were still throbbing from the spanking she received earlier, and now she could feel the hot, red stripes forming across her legs.

     Ross was pleased to see the marks he had left on her but wasn’t interested in causing real harm or distress. He had other things in mind. Gently at first, he tapped the folded leather against her cunny. Her extreme wetness caused a very pleasing ‘slap’ noise when contact was made, and Rosie inhaled sharply. He tapped her again with a little more force. This time she squealed slightly. Once more, harder still, and he reached the perfect mix of pain and pleasure. He rhythmically hit her like this over and over, pausing between each strike to rub the moist leather against her clit.

     She had never experienced this feeling before. The pain was real, it hurt. Every strike sent shockwaves through her but, she loved it. Every pause made her tingle with fear and lust as she awaited the next shock. She felt it over every inch of skin, all the time. She was consumed by it.

     Ross watched this revelation happen. She was growing, learning, changing with every new experience he presented her with, and she welcomed it, opened herself up and absorbed everything he had to give. He increased the frequency of the hits and stopped soothing between each one. The slapping sound got wetter and Rosie’s moans got louder. Ross watched her very carefully. He’d seen her climax so many times that he knew the exact moment it would happen. He increased his pace. “Are you going to cum for me, baby girl?”

     “Yes, Daddy. I’m so close.” Rosie moaned, fighting the urge to let her eyes roll back into head.

     “I know, baby girl. How much do you want it?” He struck her a little harder.

     She responded with a squeal of excitement. “So much, Daddy. Please can I cum? I need to cum so badly, Daddy. Please? Please? I can’t hold it, I’m going cum Daddy. I’m going to cum.”

     Now was his moment. Ross brought down a final strike that was ten times harder than his pleasure taps, then he drew the belt away from her and stood back.

     Rosie shrieked with pain, making Ross’s cock twitch in his trousers. Then her eyes focused on him and the realisation washed over her. He had stolen her orgasm again. Twice now she had been brought to the edge and denied. Her whole body screamed for it, the need was overwhelming. She writhed against the door, pulling at her bonds, pushing her hips towards Ross. “Please, Daddy ?! Please? Please? I need to cum, Daddy. I need it. Please? Please let me cum? Please, Daddy? I’ll do anything for you, Daddy. I’ll be the best good girl. Please? I need to cum, Daddy. PLEASE?!” She begged with tears pouring down her face. Her body was wrecked, the pain rang through her ass, legs, and pussy, but the worst pain of all was her throbbing, yearning, clit. She felt as though she would stop living if she didn’t cum soon. The denial had made her crazed and more desperate than she’d ever been in her life, she would literally do anything to get it.

     Ross watched her squirm, thrilled. His plan could not have gone better. “Don’t worry, baby girl. Daddy will make you cum. It won’t be long now.”

3 days ago. Jun 12, 2021, 1:29 AM

     Ross grabbed Rosie by her t-shirt and pulled her up onto her feet. Then he pulled it up and over her head, roughly, so that she was standing before him completely naked, while he was still fully dressed. He grabbed one wrist and pulled her into the bathroom. He stood her in front of the large mirror above the sink. “Stay” he commanded. He crouched behind her and began to kiss her raw skin. She winced slightly but remained still, as instructed. He kissed both sides delicately, then began moving his way towards her crack. He grabbed each cheek sharply and spread them, exposing her. Then he reached out his tongue and tentatively ran it over her ring. She squirmed a little, but he squeezed her tighter and she froze. He licked her again, feeling her tighten and relax involuntarily under his wet tongue. He pushed his face closer and sealed his lips around her hole, pushing his tongue a little way into it. He wasn’t surprised to find that it resisted him. He licked and played, making sure his saliva completely covered the area, enjoying the knowledge that he was pushing her limits.

     When he stood up again, he fixed her with a stare in the mirror as he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his swollen cock. He could see the fear in her eyes as she’d already guessed what was coming. He spat in his hand and covered his cock with it. Then he placed the tip of it against her asshole, watching her fear increase. “You belong to me. Say it.”

     She stared back at his devious eyes. “I belong to you” she said quietly.

     He pressed a little more, but without entering her. “And…?”

     “And…” she hesitated but was spurred on by a flash of impatience that crossed his face. “And you can do whatever you want with me.”

     He grinned and plunged himself into her tight asshole, as deep as he could. Rosie screamed and fell forward, clutching the sides of the sink. “You are mine” he repeated pulling back then thrusting into her again, hard. She cried out again. Her hips collided with the sink, and she was pinned there. “You belong to me.” He pulled back, less this time, before pushing into her again, a little deeper. “I. Can. Do. Whatever. I. Want. With. You.”

     Ross fucked her asshole hard and mercilessly. She was not used to having anything in her ass, let alone something as thick and wide as him. She tried to move her mind away from the pain. Suddenly she felt a tingling below. She looked at her body in the mirror before her. Her nipples were hard as bullets and her clit was pushed right up against the edge of the sink. It rubbed on the cold porcelain every time he thrust. She looked back up at Ross’s face, he was grinning at her. Everything he did was deliberately calculated. This new stimulation allowed her to relax a little and better accommodate his size. As he began to slide in and out more easily, she started to enjoy the sensation. Her yelps quietened, subsided, and transformed into groans of pleasure.

     Ross examined her excitedly as she learned to accept and then enjoy this new experience. But when she closed her eyes, giving herself over to it, he stopped thrusting and slapped her cheek hard. She let out another scream that made his cock twitch. He reached around and wrapped his fingers tightly around her throat. “No. You keep your eyes on me.” He hissed in her ear. “Do you understand?” She tried to nod but his hand prevented it. He tightened his grip even more.

     She blinked at him, and her mouth gaped. “Yes.” She managed to croak with what little air she had.

     He released her and she gasped, filling her lungs. He placed his hands on either side of the sink, just behind hers, and pulled himself closer still, making sure to fully close the gap between himself, her, and the sink. Then he continued to fuck her relentlessly, making sure her eyes never wandered. “Say it!” he growled.

     “You own me.” She moaned, breathless.

     “More!” He was so deep inside her now.

     “I belong to you.” Her asshole was on fire, and she was loving it.

     “And?” He was getting close now, and he could feel she was too.

     “And you can do whatever you want with me.” She was getting louder as her orgasm drew closer.

     “Keep talking! Don’t stop!” He wanted to hear her scream her submission as he ruined her asshole.

     “I am yours. Your property. You can do whatever you want to me because you own me. I belong to you. I owe you everything, so you can have me. You can use my holes however, whenever, you want. I am yours. Please, Daddy? I am yours!” Her face was almost as red as her behind as she cried out the last few words, needing to cum.

     Ross was pounding her manically, her words driving him insane. He took them both right to the very edge then, before she could finish, he pulled out fast and shot his load up her back, rubbing his head on her wet crack to make sure every last drop was released.

     He took three steps back and watched her collapse onto the bathroom floor, panting, beautifully covered in his cum and sweat. She was trembling slightly and whimpering quietly, her face turned away from him. With his post orgasm ecstasy fading, he began to worry. He knelt down next to her and turned her face towards him. Tears were streaming down her face. Had he taken it too far? Had he pushed her too hard? Would he be able to earn her trust back? “Are you okay, baby girl? Was it too much?” Her trembling increased and her panting became heavier. Then he noticed. She was using one arm to prop herself up off the bathroom floor. Her other hand was frantically rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

     “Please, Daddy?” She begged.

3 days ago. Jun 11, 2021, 9:04 PM

     “Boss? We need to talk.”

     “Sure Angel, what’s up?” The next morning, Ross’s longest working employee, Angel, came to speak to him privately.

     “It’s about your new pet project. Why is she here? What exactly does she do?” She was trying to be respectful, Ross had always been good to her.

     Ross tried not to get defensive. “She’s here because she was in need, just like everyone else here. She’s taking care of housekeeping.”

     “Housekeeping? I knew she wasn’t working like the rest of us. Everything she is doing is stuff we were already taking care off. She’s not earning you any money, and she’s staying here, I assume, for free. Why is she getting such special treatment?”

     Ross was getting wound up now but tried to remember that Angel meant well. “Because I care about her, and she needed my help. We go way back. She was a private investigator. She used to track down teenage girls who had run away from home, and children who had lost their way. We have worked together for years to get young people in dangerous situations, back to safety.”

     “Okay…” Angel paused, sensing that Ross was getting annoyed with her questions. “So, she’s a good person and you’re friends. Don’t get me wrong, she seems lovely, but she’s bad for business. She’s a drain. Why not get her working properly?”

     “We don’t force people into sex work if they don’t want to do it. You know that.” Ross sighed. Angel was right. If it had been anyone else, he wouldn’t have allowed her to stay, or do a job that didn’t need doing. “Just, give her a chance for me, okay?” All he could do was ask for Angel to trust him.

     She sighed. “Alright Boss, if you say so.” Shrugging, she went back to her work.


     Ross was angry and frustrated for the rest of the day. The conversation from that morning kept turning over in his head. Why did he go against his own better judgement? Why was he breaking his own rules? Why did he care less about the business he’d been building and perfecting for years, than one of his employees? He went to Rosie’s room that night fully dressed, simmering under the surface.

     Rosie grinned when he entered, ran to him, and kissed his lips. “Ross. I’ve been waiting for you. What took you so long?”

     Ross grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. “Who the fuck do you think you are, talking to me like that?!”

     Rosie gasped at his sudden aggression and grabbed his hand on top of her head. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.”

     “You would have nothing if it weren’t for me. You owe me everything. And I gift you with my dick every night. I own you. Do you understand? You belong to me, and I can do whatever I want with you.” He spoke close to her face, through gritted teeth, resembling a wolf snarling at a rival.

     “You’re right. I’m sorry, Daddy. I should be more grateful for everything you’ve done. Thank you, Daddy.” Rosie responded with less than adequate sincerity.

     Ross puffed hot air in her face. “I don’t think you really understand. But don’t worry, you will.” He dragged her over to the bed by her hair, sat down and threw her over his knee. He knocked the air from her as she landed, and she hung over him, her face almost touching the ground, panting. Ross yanked at her panties so hard that the fabric ripped, and the elastic snapped, leaving red marks on her hips. He raised his hand high and brought it down on her ass cheek. Rosie let out a sharp scream and looked round at him, stung. “You will show me the respect I deserve.” She nodded slowly and returned to her position. Ross brought his hand down a second time. She didn’t scream out loud this time, but her restraint was audible. He struck her again and again, making each cheek glow red. “I”, smack, “own”, smack, “you!”, smack. After his final strike, he gently rubbed the raw marks he’d left on her. Then he lifted her upright again and sat her on the floor at his feet. “Do you understand now?” He asked.

     “Yes, Sir. You own me. I will be more respectful and grateful from now on. I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you for the lesson.”

     Ross watched her speak, concerned by the change from ‘Daddy’ to ‘Sir’. Then he noticed her face was streaked with tears. He knelt beside her and stroked her cheek. “Are you okay?” he asked, softly. She nodded. “Can you take more?” Her eyes widened and she hesitated for a moment before nodding again, slowly but confidently. Ross grinned deviously. “Good. Because I’m not done with you yet.”

5 days ago. Jun 10, 2021, 11:10 AM

     A couple of weeks passed, and Ross found himself in Rosie’s room every night. He couldn’t keep away from her, but he always slept alone. One night after a long, tiring day, he entered her room as usual, wearing only his black trousers. He sat down on the bed with his back straight. “Strip.” He said, and she did as she was told. “Come here.” She came.     

    When she was standing in front of him, he reached up and put a hand over her left breast. He rubbed his thumb across her hard nipple a few times, watching her breaths quicken. Then he pulled a small silver bullet vibe from his trouser pocket, clicked it onto it’s lowest setting and pressed it into her skin, just above her clit. He kept his eyes on her face as her breathing got faster and she bit her lip. He held it steady, firmly, not quite on target.

     Rosie could feel the gentle vibrations running through her folds, but it wasn’t enough. It was so tantalisingly close, but it couldn’t satisfy her there. It just made her desperate for more. She was dying to push the vibe a centimeter or two downward, so she could fully enjoy it, but knew that she was not allowed. He was doing this to her on purpose. He wanted to drive her crazy with desire. When she couldn’t take the torture any more she placed her hands on his shoulders and dropped her head. “Please use me, Daddy? Please? I want you inside me so badly, Daddy. Please. I can’t take it anymore. Please, Daddy? Please.”

     Ross clicked the bullet off and put it back in his pocket. He removed his trousers and laid them on the bed next to him. He was fully erect. “Take a seat.” He invited her. She sat on his cock, slowly, taking all of him up inside her. She was so wet from the teasing that it wasn’t difficult. Ross placed his middle finger against her lips. “Make it wet for me.” She parted her lips and sucked on his finger, licking it softly. She made sure it was covered with her drool before releasing it. “Good girl.” She grinned with pride and he felt her twitch inside. He reached around, placed both hands on her ass and pushed his wet finger into her hole, all the way up to the knuckle. Rosie grimaced and tightened as it went in, but as he slowly slid it out and back in again, she relaxed and opened up for it. At the same time he lifted and dropped her hips, sliding her up and down his long dick. Once she knew what he wanted, she took over and began bouncing up and down on him so he could concentrate on playing with her asshole. She started getting overly excited and animated and for fear of injuring her, Ross removed his finger and laid back. Rosie paused for a moment, waiting for instruction. “It’s okay baby girl. Carry on.” He took a pillow from the end of the bed, put it behind his head, and fully relaxed, watching her ride him. She closed her eyes and the noises she made were ones of unrestrained pleasure. It made him harder, seeing how much she loved his cock, hearing how much she enjoyed it. He reached forward and rubbed her clit with his thumb, but she pushed his hand aside and instead leant over him slightly, placing her hands flat on his chest, and rocked her hips back and forth so that her clit would rub against his pubic mound and his dick would massage her G-spot. He had become her human sex toy. She was using him to make herself cum and he was loving every second of it. He gripped her thighs, watching her face carefully so he wouldn’t miss the exact moment of climax. He was so turned on by her passion that, despite having never cum like this before, he felt it rising in him.

     As she came close she dug her fingers into his skin. She opened her eyes and saw him watching her intently. “I’m going to cum, Daddy. Can I cum, Daddy ? Please?”

     “Yes, baby girl. Cum for me and I’ll cum with you.” His mouth was dry, he didn’t realise how hard he’d been breathing. She cried out in ecstasy and began to tremble. That final noise was enough to tip him over the edge. He pushed his hips up into her and pulled down on her thighs as he exploded.

     They lay together for a while twitching and causing the other to twitch. “Thank you, Daddy.” Rosie whispered, breathy into his ear. “That was amazing.”

     Ross kissed her cheek and squeezed her thigh, indicating that she should get off. She sat up and gently eased herself off of him, spilling their combined cum all over his belly. “Good girl.” He almost growled at her.

     She gave the tip of his dick a gentle kiss then went to fetch him a towel. She sat behind him on the bed and watched as he cleaned himself off, then pulled his trousers back on. Just as he was about to stand to leave, she threw her arms around him, pressing her tits against his back. She kissed his neck and said softly into his ear “I love you, Daddy.” Ross turned his head in her direction slightly, but said nothing. He squeezed her arm with his large, firm hand, and she let go. He left without looking back.

5 days ago. Jun 9, 2021, 4:31 PM

     “Good morning.” Rosie found Ross sitting behind the counter in reception, clicking away on a laptop.

     He looked up and smiled as she came in. Then he noticed she’d tied her shirt in a knot because it was now missing several buttons and wouldn’t fasten properly. He felt a little ashamed, but mostly excited, and seeing her nipples through her shirt didn’t help matters. “Morning. Shall I call you a taxi?”

     Rosie was a little hurt that he was trying to get rid of her so quickly. She held her arm and looked down. “I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong? I thought you enjoyed last night.”

     “Oh, no. It’s not that.” Ross stood and went over to her. He held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “You did nothing wrong. I did enjoy it. It’s just that, I have a business to run, and you have a home to get to. I want to make sure you get back safe.”

     Rosie looked up at him sadly. “Ross. I have no where to go. I haven’t had work for a long time. I couldn’t afford rent. I came here last night to give up control and clear my head but found that it was you that really grounded me and made me feel safe.” She smiled at him, and he dropped his arms. “Ross, you never turn away a person in need. Will you let me stay? Please?”

     He went back to his seat, processing what she was telling him. “Are you saying that you want to work for me?”

     “Yes. I mean, no. Not like the others. But I could clean rooms, cook food, do laundry. I could take the littles one under my wing and teach them how to look after themselves. In exchange for bed and board?” She was begging him.

     “So, you want to be a house mother? We’ve never needed one before. Everything runs just fine as it is.” Ross could see how badly she needed this. He sighed. “Okay, we can give it a go and see if it works out. But you can’t stay here. No-one stays here. The newbies stay with one of the other guys or girls until they can afford their own place.”

     “Thank you, Ross. I promise I’ll work hard. You’ll see how much I can help. But…” she hesitated. He’d already gone above and beyond for her, she didn’t want to push her luck, but she couldn’t ignore the need she felt. “I couldn’t stay with one of the others. How can I look after them while also being dependant on them? Besides, I need to be here all hours to take care of the house. And-” she wanted to tell him that it was him that she needed more than anything else, but thought better of it and stopped her sentence in its tracks. “Please, Ross. Let me stay here, with you?”

     Ross considered for a moment. He had certain rules and he was breaking them all for her. He was angry at himself for this, and yet, he wanted her to stay. “Fine.” He said finally. “You can start by changing all the beds. The linen closet is the first door on the left, through there.” He pointed to the door on the opposite side of the room. “You may also find some old clothes in there that you can make use of. And make sure the customers don’t see you.” Rosie almost squealed with thanks and headed toward the door. “Don’t ever say I do nothing for you.” He teased as she left.


     That night, Rosie returned to her room feeling grateful, tired, and accomplished. She had worked hard and felt like she was earning her place. A few of the girls had seen her and asked who she was, but they were used to seeing new faces come and go, so they were always kind and welcoming. Her room had an en-suit attached and she had just come out of the shower, pulled on a large t-shirt and some panties that were slightly too small for her, when she saw a shadow move under her door. She held her breath as the door opened and Ross walked in, shirtless, sockless, and with his fly open.

     With his head tilted downward, he looked at her hungrily from under his brow. “Your turn.” He closed the door behind him and walked towards her so quickly that she took a few frightened steps back. He put a hand around her throat and pinned her to wall. He bent and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She moaned quietly against his lips and met his tongue with hers. She grabbed the top of his trousers, trying to pull them down. He released her, took each of her wrists and placed them at her sides. “Stay.” He commanded. Then he sank to his knees in front of her.

     He lifted the hem of her shirt and saw the elastic digging into her hips. He peeled her panties down to her feet then lifted her left leg and placed it on his shoulder as his buried his face into her warm, sweet pussy. She gasped and pressed her hands flat against the wall behind her to stop herself from grabbing his hair. He made his tongue wide and flat and moved slowly from her perineum, up to her clitoris. He pressed his tongue up against her firmly, parting her lips and drinking her in. With each lick he shortened the distance, increased his speed, and narrowed his tongue, so that her sensitive spot got more and more special attention.

     Rosie used all of her strength to ‘stay’ as he had told her to. Soon, his lips were wrapped around her clit, sucking gently, and his tongue was flicking back and forth across it. She knew she was about to cum and that she would collapse into him, no longer able to stand. “Fuck!” She screamed.

     Suddenly, everything stopped. Ross was towering over her, gripping her face tightly, covering her mouth. “No.” He said firmly, his fingers leaving indents in her cheeks. “You do not swear. Do you understand?” She nodded as much as possible beneath his grip and he let her go.

     With her clit aching from the climax that never came, she grabbed onto the rim of his trousers again, looked straight up at him and said, “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

     Ross grabbed a handful of her hair and threw her face down onto the bed. “You will be.” He dropped his trousers to reveal his rock hard 8 inches. He stepped out of them and grabbed Rosie’s waist. He pushed her head down so her tits were on the mattress but her butt was high in the air. He plunged himself into her dripping, desperate cunt and she almost screamed from the pleasure. He slapped and grabbed at her ass cheek, leaving red marks as he fucked her roughly from behind. It didn’t take long before her moans became high pitched and frenzied. She gripped the duvet tightly and exhaled with a long, deep moan as shivers ran through her body. Ross responded by pushing himself as deep into her as he could, feeling her pulsing orgasm with every inch.

     When she was still again and breathing steadily, he pulled out and sat on the bed next to her collapsed body. She smiled at him, her pleasure written all over her red face. “Thank you, Daddy. Thank you.”

She reached for his dick, wet with her cum, intending to finish him, but he stopped her. “Not tonight, baby.” He brushed her hair away from her sweaty brow, then stood, dressed and left.

5 days ago. Jun 9, 2021, 2:31 PM

     Behind the door was a flight of stairs. Up the stairs, was a self-contained 2-bedroom flat, where Ross lived. He carried Rosie into the spare bedroom and laid her gently down on the bed. He considered her clothes for a moment. Her shirt was loose enough, but her trousers looked tight and uncomfortable. “I’m going to remove your trousers, okay?” He said softly. A small, “uh-huh”, was audible from her sleepy lips and her hands moved to try and unbutton her fly. Ross brushed her hands aside and removed her trousers expertly. He folded them and laid them on a nearby chair, then drew the duvet up to Rosie’s waist. He sat on the bed next to her and whispered, “Good night.” He leant in to place a gentle kiss on her forehead. He turned, about to leave, when he felt her grab his wrist.

     “Don’t go.” Rosie’s eyes flittered open and fixed on him through the darkness. “Please, don’t go.”

     Ross patted her hand gently to try and soothe her. “I’ll be just next door if you need anything.” He tried again to move but, she sat up suddenly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

     “Stay here with me.” Her cheek was pressed against his and he felt her breath on his ear as she spoke. “Please?” She kissed his stubbled cheek softly. Her warmth stirred him, and he closed his eyes so he could feel her more intensely. She leant in closer still so that her lips brushed against his ear lobe when she whispered; “Please stay, Daddy.” He turned his head suddenly to look at her directly. How did she know to use that word? How did she know that calling him that would strike up a fire in him? He longed to have her then, but he knew he should leave. He was frozen, caught between lust and logic. She saw it in him, and she took her opportunity. She kissed his bottom lip delicately. “I want you.” She nibbled. “I need you.” She licked. “Daddy.”

     Ross threw her backward onto the bed, blood rushing in his ears. He ripped her shirt open and was surprised but delighted to find that she wore no bra. Rosie grabbed at his shirt, trying to remove it, but he took both of her delicate wrists in one hand and held them firmly above her head. With his other hand, he pulled down his trousers and boxers, just enough to free his eager member. He yanked her panties to one side and thrust himself firmly into her. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, releasing a gasp and a moan. He thrust over and over, hard as he could, faster each time.

     Her nipples pointed to the ceiling as she pleaded between pants, “Cum inside me, Daddy? I want to feel it. Please, Daddy.”

     Three more times he slammed his pelvis into her before emptying his entire sack into her warm hole.

     He collapsed into the crook of her neck, breathing hot air across her chest. Then he realised he still had a firm grip on her wrists. He released her, and she dropped her arms, flexing her fingers to regain blood flow. He felt her try to wrap her arms around him, but he pushed himself up and away from her. Then he felt her rock her hips up and against him. He saw the desperation in her eyes. She had not finished, she needed more, she was so thirsty for him. But she had triggered the frantic beast within him, and this was her punishment.

     Ross removed himself from her and tucked himself away. He stood and walked towards the door. With his hand on the handle, he heard her whisper,

     “Thank you, Daddy.”

     A shiver ran through him, and he took a breath to steady himself. Then he went back to his room.

     Rosie waited for a moment, feeling his hot cum oozing out from between her legs. When she realised he wasn’t coming back, she reached into her soaked panties and found her own orgasm.

6 days ago. Jun 8, 2021, 10:39 PM

     Adjoining every BDSM dungeon is an “Aftercare Room.” It’s filled with nice smells, soft lighting, tasty food and drink, and many, many, squishy chairs and blankets and things to squeeze. The guests are allowed to stay in these rooms as long as they need to. Another great idea from a man who takes the sex business very seriously. Rosie stayed in the room until she regained full sensation of her body, but then found that what she really needed in that moment, post orgasm, was company. She made her way back out to the reception area.

     Ross smiled at her as she entered. “Well, hello there. I didn’t expect to see you again. Most customers ‘sneak’ out the back way.” He put down the papers that he was reading through and gestured that she should come in.

     “I was actually hoping I would be able to hang out here with you for a while?” Rosie said coyly, making her way around to the front of the counter again.

     Ross ran his hand through his thick, black hair. “It’s not usually allowed, we like to protect the privacy of our guests, you see.” He began moving around counter to Rosie’s side. “But, lucky for you,” he pointed back to the clock on the wall which now read 3am, “it’s closing time.” He pressed a light switch by the front door and all the neon lights went dark. “So, I can make an exception, this one time, for a friend.” He returned to the business side of the counter and began shuffling through the papers again.

     Rosie watched his movements, enjoying the fluid way that he walked, and the way that his clothes fitted him. She never stopped smiling at him. “Thank you, Ross.” To the right of the counter was a large, round, wicker chair with big, comfortable cushions on it. Rosie removed her shoes and snuggled herself into the chair, resting her tired head.

     “So?” Ross gave her a sideways glance. “I have to know. Customer feedback is so important. How was it?”

     Rosie chuckled gently. “Customer feedback?” She raised her eyebrows at him. “Really?”

     Ross laughed too and raised his head up to meet her eyes directly. “It’s not unhelpful to know. But yeah, okay, I’m just curious.”

     Rosie stuck her tongue out at him and laughed again. “It was good.” She shrugged, then seeing his eyes yearning for more, she continued. “Very good. Even though he always had total control, I never felt unsafe. He’s obviously had a lot of practice and knew exactly how to use all of the tools at his disposal.” She felt like she was leaving a review on their website.

     “So, you enjoyed it?” Ross was clearly happy to get positive feedback and was now just prying into his friend’s sex life.

     “Yes Ross.” She answered. “I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than once. In fact, I lost count of how many times I enjoyed it. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience.” She started to get a little turned on again just thinking about it.

     Ross smiled widely. “I am so glad to hear that. I’ll let your companion know that his work was appreciated."

     Just then, a tall, skinny woman with blonde hair extensions and far too much make-up came in through the left-side door. “Hey Boss, I have a couple of things I need to chat to you about. Oh, sorry.” She stopped, mid flow, spotting Rosie in the chair. “I didn’t realise we had anyone left, thought we’d closed shop for the night.” She smiled politely at Rosie and pulled her thin cardigan closed over her exposed breasts.

     “Oh, don’t worry about Rosie. She’s my guest now. We can talk. Unless it’s confidential?”

     “No, no, nothing like that. I’m just having some issues with some of the new machines.”

     Ross and the girl talked about the tools of the trade, more efficient cleaning techniques, new costumes, and ideas for improvement. Their voices faded and became distant as Rosie drifted, blissfully out of consciousness.

     “Hey, Boss. I think your guest has ‘checked out’.”

     Ross looked over to see Rosie dozing sweetly in the wicker chair. “Well, if you ask me, she’s got the right idea. You should be heading off yourself. We can pick this up tomorrow.”

     “Sure thing, Boss. See you tomorrow.” The girl exited through the left-hand door.

     Ross made his way over to the chair, crouched in front of Rosie and put a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Rosie. C’mon now. It’s time to go. Can I call you a taxi?” Rosie snuffled and grumbled but couldn’t stay awake long enough to answer him. Ross sighed heavily. “I hope you appreciate all of the exceptions I’ve made for you tonight.” No response. He stood and turned the lights off in the room. “You’re lucky I’m so fond of you.” He scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her through the door on the right, locking it behind them.

6 days ago. Jun 8, 2021, 8:48 PM

     It was late, or early depending on your perspective. The clock in the reception area showed just after 1am when Rosie came in through the door. She looked dejected, not her usual bright, cheerful self.

     Ross decided not to draw attention to it. “Evening Rosie. How’s tricks?” He gave her a wink to accompany their inside-joke. She looked up and half smiled, but didn’t answer him, so he continued. “We’ve not had anyone new join our ranks since I last saw you, but I can call a couple of the girls down and ask if they’ve heard anything. Who is it you’re looking for?”

     “Actually,” Rosie began, leaning her forearms on the counter, “I’m not working right now. I was hoping to…you know…” she gestured with her hands around the room vaguely, “avail you of your services.”

     “Oh.” Ross was a little surprised but snapped into professional mode quickly. “Of course. I’d be happy to accommodate you. I’ll even give you the friends and family discount.” He winked again. “Man, woman or group?”

     “Man, please.” Rosie seemed a little uncomfortable meeting Ross’s eyes. They’d known each other for years but she’d never asked for this before. She wasn’t afraid of judgement, Ross was the most open-hearted person she had ever met, she was just a little embarrassed to be showing her vulnerability to him.

     Ross shuffled some things under the counter then produced a laminated piece of A4. “Here is our menu. Take your time and let me know if there’s something you’d like that isn’t on the list. We do try to accommodate our customers where we can.”

     She took the menu and cast her eyes down the list of services. She knew what she wanted, she just wasn’t sure how to phrase it. She found what she was looking for near the bottom: 15:- 1 hour BDSM play session. “I’ll take a number 15 please, Ross.” She handed the menu back to him feeling a little excited by what was about to come.

     Ross didn’t need to check the list to know what she’d asked for. This was his business, he knew it by heart. “Good choice. With that option I will need you to fill in a couple of forms first though. I know it’s a real ball-ache, but it’s for your safety and enjoyment.” He began pulling papers from under the counter and passing them over to Rosie with a pen.

     “That’s okay, I understand.” She took them and went to sit on a nearby sofa to fill them out. It was frustrating, having your sexual pleasure detained by paperwork, but it was necessary and Rosie appreciated the consideration that Ross had for his clients and his employees. The first form was practicalities. Any medical conditions that they should be aware of? Any allergies? Is there someone we can contact in an emergency? Is there a particular cover story you would like us to use when contacting them? Do you have a doctor or hospital of choice? The second form asked about hard limits, triggers and asked you to choose a safe word. The third and final form got into the fun stuff. Kinks. There was a checklist so you didn’t have to think too hard about it. For each kink you could tick the box indicating “Must have”, “Would like”, “Cautiously curious”, or “Not interested”. There was also an empty space at the bottom for you to add any other suggestions or comments. Once Rosie was done she returned it to Ross, smiling now with anticipation.

     He smiled back as he quickly glanced at the empty box at the bottom of the final page. “Excellent. Could you also just sign each page for me?” She nodded and did so. “Thank you. I’ll get these to your companion, and he’ll call you in when he’s ready for you. After your session today, these forms will be kept on file under an alias so that you don’t have to go through this all again next time. If you want a next time, of course. You can see your forms, change them, or destroy them at any point. You have complete control over your information. Does that all sound okay to you?”

     Rosie was impressed again by his commitment and professionalism. “That sounds great. Thank you, Ross.” She smiled and returned to the sofa to wait.

     Ross went through a door to his left and returned again a few moments later. “How have you been Rosie?” He asked, casually. “Feel like it’s been a while since you were here last. We’ve missed you.”

     “We? You mean you’ve missed me.” She teased. “I don’t blame you. I’m very miss-able.” She mockingly flipped her shoulder length, hazelnut, hair, and they shared a laugh.

     “Alright then, I’ve missed you.” Ross admitted, raising his hands in defeat. “Not a lot of people appreciate the work we do here. But you always come in smiling, chatty, and completely judgment free. I like that about you. You light up my evenings.”

     Rosie smiled at him and shook her head incredulously. Flattery was a key tool of his trade, she didn’t take his words to heart. But it was true that they had always had a rapport and she had always enjoyed chatting with him.

     Before she could say another word though, a chiselled jaw and mop of dirty blonde hair appeared around the left-hand door. “Rosie?” The young man smiled menacingly, “Come here.”

     A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine in response to his commanding tone. She glanced back at Ross, who had a mischievous smile of his own, and was indicating with an outstretched arm that she should follow the stranger through the door. She stood slowly, clasped her hands in front of her nervously and gazed at the foot of the door. “Yes, Sir.” She whispered and moved excitedly to the man’s side.