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"Many of you are moving through a challenging space and experiencing feelings/emotions you thought you cleared years ago. Keep this in mind; each situation from your past has many different layers and each will present itself when you are finally ready to work through it in its entirety.

This does not negate your previous healing(s), it gives you an opportunity to look at and release whatever is left in the highest and best way. Continue doing what you do best...becoming a better person everyday.
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Beauty as follows...

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Some days I find it rude that only cockerels get to wake  up 











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Lilith, Sexual Liberation and Witches

Lilith is an icon, symbol and representation of a dark goddess and feminine identity, feminine sexuality, liberation and empowerment.


As the first woman of Adam (the first man – which in biblical Hebrew “Adam” אדם means “man”), Lilith has been forced to feel the pain of rejection, oppression and scorn for seeking equality and being denied to fully express herself, her true nature.


Lilith is like many dark goddesses who have been viewed to be feared, seen as hag-like, demons and scary, but rather this intense raw energy as a dark goddess can be “owned” and use protectively; a weapon that was once used against the Dark Goddess is now in her hands to defend herself.


Lilith may speak and come forth to women, but she may also come forth to men if she feels necessary.


Anyone regardless of gender who feels a strong connection or the call of Lilith to awaken and liberate their sexuality, to revive or unleash their feminine side, can work with Lilith.


Lilith (like many dark goddesses) may choose someone to work with when she feels the time is right. 


So my peoples, some of you know she is one of the goddesses I worship and hold close on my alter..

This is Lilith to me.

many blessings of hope and happiness to you all. xox


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Always for you..years may pass since you left.. you was not for this would of broken your heart to see humanity now..

But as you are my guidance and my Star I will never go wrong following our beliefs of love and union. My heart my life my being is always with you 💜pitty you was a lil shit init! 😂🤗💜🕊️💜


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A mystic is a wild creature.

She is made. She is deliberately forged by something mysterious. She is created for a purpose. She spends all her life seeking, for there is nothing else worth doing. She peers and gazes until she falls from the edge of the world, and into the next. Over and over.

Each time she returns, she is a little different. What she sees must change her. She dies every day. She is reborn in every moment. Can you even begin to fathom the terror and the faith commanded from such a being? Can you even begin to understand what such a life can do?

Don’t date a mystic, if you want the life you have. If you are comfortable and cozy, stay away. Whatever you have built around yourself to create comfort: it cannot stand in the blazing fire of a mystical woman. She is no trophy. She is no bodily pleasure-maker. She is the seer of souls.

She is the womb that births the divine into the flesh and bone of matter.

She doesn’t mean to burn your village to the ground, but she has seen what you are meant to become. You are not a peasant shearing sheep, as you have thought. You are a king dressed in rags who has amnesia.

It is her assumption that you have come to be reborn. If you haven’t, turn back now, while the world you know still exists.

If she touches you, and all the voices on the wind go silent, if you feel you are in a snow globe when you embrace her, she is your destroyer. She will destroy the false idol you see in the mirror. She will smash it open because it is your prison. If you wish to stay there, she will shatter you another way. She will leave.

A mystic may not for long engage with that which is too small for her, unless she is nurturing a seedling into its destiny. But the seed must be capable of fulfilling its own potential.

Everybody wants the magic, but nobody wants the Mystery, the schooling: a thing that must be lived in a place where book knowledge has no meaning, for all books are manuals to the world you already know. That means, the well-honed intellect — the masculine theory of reason — will not save you, cannot free you. It is for a world whose time is over.

The Mystery, by its very nature, must show you what has never been seen, never been written, never been known, because before you were forged, it was impossible. The arts of women have been called the dark arts for too long, and they are the keys to infinity. Infinite form. Infinite being. Infinite life.

The art of far sight.

The art of inner knowing.

The art of sign-reading.

The art of deep feeling.

The art of song and circles.

The art of intuition.

The art of frequency translation.

The healing arts.

The art of kitchen witchery.

The art of communion.

The art of sacred story weaving.

The art of creation and manifestation.

And others too wild to name.

If your dreams are not filled with the Mystery, you are better off with a normal girl, because a mystic will see things that are invisible to you. She will feel things that you cannot feel beneath the layers of numbness you have wrapped yourself in.

She will call upon your true self, your real soul, and she will sing it down into you, into herself, and life will never be the same.


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