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Shhhh I am asleep in my cave with my dreams and thoughts, but most importantly my dragon. Awaken me at you own peril.

I've been asked many times lately  who is my protector and what does that mean.

 my protector is me and my Griffin.
Inside me my spirt animal is my Griffin...she dwells there in silence but sees everything.
She is my seeker of reality and truth.
She has untold knowledge from her many battles that she has endured. 
She can see if you Carry honour and a vitality for truth.
She is a gentle spirt full of love to give..but if you are untrue she will see you.. always.

Music is a huge passion in my life, I believe is essential for ones own identification, empowerment most of all to create meaningful moments. A life that you honour and connect with.

Also  humour, preferably sarcastic, but not  cruel is essential!..

I am a pagan. My core beliefs lay in my goddess, the devine feminine, the goddess of female presence and earth, my nature and the power of the element's and the beauty and pain they bring.

I believe to truly be free takes identification of your soul and to value your presence and the gifts you can create with your time here.
Main moto... DO NO HARM...LIVE IN LOVE.
BDSM and me
I have found now a true power in this beautiful side in my sexuality. It's emotional,  awakening, as the more space I create the more she my submission Burns and grows inside me and I'm loving every new moment and I am not afraid for her true beauty to shine.

I will not be apologetic for my passion, desires, wants and needs...never...

Even though I crave to be submissive that comes with pure identification on who you are as a sexual being.

I'm very new here but let it be said I am no fool. Please do not message me just for instant pics, videos, This will not happen. You will be wasting my time and yours and my energy is precious.

I feel and seek for connections not just orgasms. I'm extremely empathetic, I can feel your energy that's why I know I need to have a bond with my Dominant. That's why there must be complete honesty, which gives room for both D/s to really find a bond and grow the initial connection.

I'm an extremely sensual women, always have been, hence why for me it's starts with my mind.
Seek my being, explore my mind, connect with me and who's knows what true delights are hidden within me.

My dominates Wisdom, knowledge, kindness and power are absolute.  Also it truly fills me with burning desire and a man's true gift as a Dominant being.

There's is no such thing as one size fits all in our desires and tastes, so being able to have emotional maturity without pride is as it seems is essential.

Still exploring many kinks, fetish desires, my submission is always at my core. I had some experiences in the past.  But now with my new mind set, openness willing to explore and be explored my journey has began.
I am not wank fodder!!
Anything illegal.
Bullies, Rudeness, dishonesty ( I will find you out)
Lots to be discussed if/ when time is right .
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Taking a breath in quiet contemplation..
Open to friendships.
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