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Adventures in Making Dominant Audio Erotica

Hello there, I'm Sloth. I'm 19 and from the US and I have a hobby of making audio erotica. First it started as poetry readings, then romance, and now it's straight up kinky audio. I normally go off of scripts but I have been known to just wing it.

This blog will be following my audio adventures and how something as simple as a voice can be used as an amazing tool for domination. My goal is to make as many people squirm and moan, one recording at a time.

Feel free to PM me anything and everything whether it be questions, comments, or compliments. Also ask me if you want something custom or something from me.
8 months ago. Mon 26 Nov 2018 10:30:45 PM IST

Here's a bit... rougher recording. As always, messages and comments are welcome.

9 months ago. Thu 01 Nov 2018 11:11:02 PM IST

*Note: This recording is best listened to at night before bed. If you wish, pause the recording after the orgasm command, as aftercare resumes directly afterwards.


I hope you enjoy this recording, my inbox is always open to messages, your support inspires me to keep making recordings. Without further adieu, here it is!


11 months ago. Wed 12 Sep 2018 09:49:36 PM IDT

I am back from a Summer hiatus and decided hey I should record something, maybe something short like 2 minutes. Nope. Please enjoy this over 7 minute recording of a lovely script I found on Reddit. I really enjoyed this script, it sounds like something I would write and even uses language I've used in the past with partners. I certainly hope you all enjoy it, feel free to share it and message me your thoughts. I love hearing from people who listen to my work.


Here it is:

1 year ago. Wed 11 Jul 2018 10:42:17 PM IDT

So as I get back off my hiatus and into recording I decided to crank things up a notch and go for a script writer I knew would give me something saucy. This is the same script writer for the Tonight I Want Your Throat script and she certainly delivered with this one as well. I hope you like my rendition.


PM's and comments are always welcome. If you're interested in any of my work and want more, please shoot me a PM. 


1 year ago. Thu 05 Jul 2018 06:39:59 PM IDT

This is Melt:

Why is this audio such a big deal for me? Because it's the first audio I am doing after a hiatus caused by school/work/aliens invading that stopped me from putting out new audios. It's also my first work done in my new setup with less radio interference. You may notice if you listened to my previous BDSM poetry audios that this is quite similar, that's because it is done by an amazing script writer on Reddit whom I cannot link to here. But anyway, I tried to be very slow, deliberate, focusing on each word for this audio. Please let me know what you think or what you would like to hear next!

1 year ago. Sun 01 Jul 2018 02:15:57 AM IDT

My next step in audio erotica took me to BDSM poetry. I had started recording poetry very early on and found myself looping back around to it. I found a fantastic script writer on Reddit and began reciting some of the poems they had written. These receieved mixed reviews, less plays and comment then some of my other ones, but I think that was mostly due to the length of them and the subject matter. Anyway, I wanted to see what you all thought of it.


I always love hearing feedback from people, if you made it this far and/or want to tell me anything feel free to send a PM. Also I have a question, should I do a Q&A? Let me know if I should and questions you would like to see answered.

1 year ago. Sun 10 Jun 2018 03:47:09 AM IDT

Lets continue on my journey of an amateur audio erotica maker. We aren't at the present yet, but lets start with talking about my continuing journey in erotica as well as a couple moves into other genres.


Lets talk about this audio right here:

Hopefully you'll read the blog and then listen to the recordings, it's only polite, right? Good. So with that recording I had to really adjust my tone, I had to show want, desire, lust, and portray all of that over a script that had me moving further into erotica and BDSM than I had before. This script has become one of my more popular ones, and I always love hearing feedback.


So how do you sequel a very dominant, sexual, almost sadistic recording? By reading from your textbook, of course! I have received lots of requests for recordings that are longer of me reading something so that people can listen to it while going to bed or something else. I figured I'd give it a shot, realized I had reading to do that night anyway, and opened up my textbook. I'd just like to say that I spent almost $300 on this textbook and this was the only time I read from it.


Feedback for this one was mixed, which was expected. 15 minutes of reading? Goodness that sounds awful. But apparently my stumbling, stuttering, making jokes along the way style appealed to people enough that it has over 200 plays. Maybe I should read an entire College class? Enroll in "History read by an amateur audio erotica maker" today! 


I always love hearing feedback from people, if you made it this far and/or want to tell me anything feel free to send a PM. Also I have a question, should I do a Q&A? Let me know if I should and questions you would like to see answered.

1 year ago. Wed 30 May 2018 07:43:01 PM IDT

As I said in my last post I started my journey into audio erotica with romance scripts. But over the years I had been performing what is usually referred to as phone sex with several partners and I thought well if I'm good at something like that maybe I can combine the two. So I started doing some digging around on Reddit, listening to some lovely voices and getting some ideas down.


One of my first script readings can be found here and it is not erotic:


For that script I was taking on the role of a comforting partner helping their partner with some bad news. I enjoyed the role, although the script was a bit sad. Once I realized I could actually work using a script and not just improv I decided I would move up and do erotica.... and it went horribly. It was improv, one of my longest recordings, and my microphone bugged so it sounded like I was moaning from underwater. I won't be showing you all that one unfortunately :P


Lets move on now to a script I did that was pretty bold, especially after the disaster that was my first erotic one. This one took more of a dominant and teasing tone, a tone that I would try to replicate in future recordings. This also became one of my most popular recordings so please enjoy. 

1 year ago. Fri 25 May 2018 06:07:37 AM IDT

So back when I first started doing audio I started with romance scripts I found on Reddit. Someone suggested I post my content on a blog so I am resurrecting this. I have recently decided to do custom audios and other things so let me know if you want anything.


This will be the first post of a few chronicalling my time as an amateur audio porn creator.


PM's always welcome.




Ah, my first recording. I have gotten requests for goodnight messages and this was my first shot at one. It is also one of my most popular recordings with over 1200 plays, which is insane. Who knows, maybe it made someone smile.




Ever meet someone and they make you feel euphoric, like nothing else matters at all? That was what I was feeling when I did this. It's my only improv script, yup, all improv. I was smiling and happy the entire time. And although that person has now left my life, it's good to know that someone can make me feel that happy.