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Young Dom Seeks Submissive Anywhere
First off I would like to thank you for actually taking the time to read this. I'm just going to put this all out there and if I sound like the type of guy you'd be interested then send me a PM. I'm open and honest and I feel like my advertisement should be too. A little about me: I am 20 years old, slim build,with a deep voice living in the DC area I have experience both in person and online and have had submissives from as far away as Australia and it worked out so really anywhere is fine. I am a massive gamer and nerd so being my submissive means you will need to put up with that. I also do volunteer work, fist aid training, and I make lovely audios you can have a look at on my profile. A submissive who can show interests in my hobbies is a must, it's a side of intimacy I think gets overlooked in the BDSM community. My kinks include but are not limited to: Spanking, choking, collars, bondage (light and heavy), breast play, public play, degradation, humiliation, gags, breeding, and roleplay. Always wanted to use a remote controlled vibrator long distance on someone so we could talk about that. What I look for in a submissive: I need someone who can be loyal, trusting, willing to learn, ages 18-40 (will discuss older), respectful , caring, someone who can be both my best friend, my lover, and my little fuck toy. Limits: Ageplay, rape, kidnapping, significant abuse (ask me about it), blood (bruises and scratches are fine), needles. Feel free to ask me about any of these. I am a flexible dominant and so I really like to get to know my submissives so I can be the type of Dominant they need me to be. If you made it this far thank you again, please send me a PM even if you aren't interested and just have a question or want to talk. Have a nice day!
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I am a college student in the DC area. Dominant. I enjoy Aviation, gaming, audio recording (ask me about those), photography, and other nerd stuff. Appearance wise I'm 6 feet tall, slim build, dark hair and brown eyes. 

For Audio recording I mainly record BDSM and erotic audio scripts, I only record and don't write any of the scripts. Feel free to message me if you want a custom script done or are interested in other services.
BDSM and me
I'm a Dominant looking for a submissive, one who can be my best friend, my lover, my fuck toy, my slave, whatever I need them to be. I've been in and out of the BDSM scene for about 4 years, my main focus is audio domination which is control and domination through voice whether it be voice commands or other means.

I've also found that I have a bit of range when it comes to my domination. I can be kind, caring, sweet, but when I need to be I can be strict and a little sadistic. I hope this clears up any confusion someone might have thinking "he doesn't seem like a strict enough, etc, dom for me." Best way to figure out if we will work well in a dynamic is to get to know each other, I'm always up for that.

What do I look for in a sub/partner? Well I need someone who can relate to me and I get along with. There should be a connection and mutual attraction, as well as an understanding to always be open and honest. For a IRL partner I'd like someone on the East Coast, preferably mid-Atlantic or who can travel. I'm okay with online partners, but I will once again emphasize communication and honesty. 

I'm really open about who I am and what I'm looking for, so feel free to ask me anything. I'm always open to messages.
Significant abuse, rape, kidnapping, blood, toilet stuff, kids.
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