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Younger Virginia Dom Seeks Submissive
Hello there, I'm Adam. I'm a 24 year old Dom living in Richmond, Virginia. I'm seeking a submissive either long distance or local who I can spend time with fairly regularly. I have experience in online and in person dynamics and with a wide variety of kinks. I've been on Cage for a few years now and have really learned and grown as a Dom. Outside of kink I enjoy traveling, reading, learning German, working on computers and watching anime. I also make erotic audios that you can find on my blog. My kinky interests are pretty wide-ranging, so I put a list on my profile to avoid cluttering this ad. I'm hoping to find a submissive who is excited to get to know me both in and outside of kink, someone who is willing to take the time to have a good foundation for our dynamic. If you think that might be you, or are just interested in talking please send me a message. I'm also open to mentoring and talking to anyone who is new to kink. Thank you for reading.
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I'm Adam, I'm a 24 year old college student in Richmond, Virginia. I used to be from the DC area but moved here last year. I enjoy a lot of gaming (mainly on PC and Switch), DnD, audio recording (ask me about those), photography, manga, conventions and other nerd stuff. Appearance wise I'm a decent height, slim build, dark hair and brown eyes. 

For Audio recording I mainly record BDSM and erotic audio scripts, I only record and don't write most of the scripts. Feel free to message me if you want something specific or have an idea.
BDSM and me
I'm a Dominant looking for a submissive, one who can be my best friend, my lover, my fuck toy, my slave, whatever I need them to be. I've been in and out of the BDSM scene for about 4 years, my main focus is audio domination which is control and domination through voice whether it be voice commands or other means.

I've also found that I have a bit of range when it comes to my domination. I can be kind, caring, sweet, but when I need to be I can be strict and a little sadistic. I hope this clears up any confusion someone might have thinking "he doesn't seem like a strict enough, etc, dom for me." Best way to figure out if we will work well in a dynamic is to get to know each other, I'm always up for that.

What do I look for in a sub/partner? Well I need someone who can relate to me and I get along with. There should be a connection and mutual attraction, as well as an understanding to always be open and honest. For a IRL partner I'd like someone on the East Coast, preferably mid-Atlantic or who can travel. I live alone so the usual arrangement for people wanting to travel is if you travel, I'll host. I often get asked if I have a body type preference, I don't. I've had subs of all shapes and sizes, as long as I'm attracted to you, it's okay. Also, I'm open to having trans subs, so please don't be shy! I'm okay with online partners, but I will once again emphasize communication and honesty. I don't want to lead anyone on or waste their time. I have been a mentor for submissives in the past. So if you are new to BDSM and think you need guidance, please let me know.

I'm really open about who I am and what I'm looking for, so feel free to ask me anything. I'm always open to messages.
Rape, kidnapping, blood, toilet stuff, kids. I'm always open to talking about more intense scenes, though. Don't be afraid to ask.
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Ask me about my audios!

I also mentor submissives/confused folks. If you are new to BDSM or would like to know more about it and think you may need some guidance, feel free to message me. 
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