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Thoughts From A New Me

I Am A Unicorn
I Am Uni
I Am Me

I Am But A Caterpillar
Set Free

Thinking Myself
Untill I Am Born Again

I Am A Butterfly
I Have Wings
I Fly

I Am FlitterFly
I Am Flitter
I Am Me

As I Fly
I See
A Wicked World

I Slowly Die
Find Again
Me... :)

Reborn Again
Out Of The Ashes
I Rise

High High High
Into The Sky
And I See

I Am A Phenix
I Rise
I Live
I Am Set Free

I Am Me.. :)
I Am Me.. :)
2 hours ago. June 15, 2024 at 2:51 PM


Morning Memes... 


Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰


3 days ago. June 12, 2024 at 2:41 PM


Confidence, Inside And Out... 😘🤗🥰


Be Confident In Who You Are... 

Love Yourself ❤️  


Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰  


1 week ago. June 7, 2024 at 5:44 PM





"Giggles" 🥰😘🤗 


So Full Of Wonder & Amazement. 


Being on the cage taking almost 4 years to learn, to grow. Never once moving beyound the knowledge of what i can learn through books, the people here, munches, and being a spectator. 

Google is Your friend. 😁



Moving forward, and damn, is it a much wanted and needed step. 😏😋 


Diving deeper, yet again.

Deep, Deep, Deep...

Down this rabbit hole of kink. 


Thankful, i have taken the time to dive to the depths of no return.  

And yet, i dive deeper still. 


Thankful, i have taken time to learn and watch and grow. 


Thankful, i have taken the time to see beneath the surface of what this lifestyle intels. 


Thankful, for all the wonderful people who have been in my life, and have helped me to find my way. 


Thankful, to all of You who countinue to assist and help me to learn and grow. 


i am absolutely ecstatic to find myself diving into the untouched and uncharted territory of my mind, body, and soul.


Having Another find me to be worth His efforts, His time, His Touch. 


Learning who i am, who i want to be, who i am yet to become. 


Learning what i like, with real life experiences. 


With each new day, i find myself needing more. 


Curious, excited, thrilled, to experience and know my likes and dislikes. 


Glad that i waited long enough not to rush, yet knowing i should have dove deeper, long before now. 


It's like taking the first breath of life. 


With each new thing i try, is a realization, that i find myself not only enjoying what was once terrifying. 

But in a desperate state of Need for more. 


What was once terrifying, Is now freeing. 


Giving to me, the deepest Need, to take these new found tools, and test my boundaries more and more. 


Yes, still going as slow as One can possably go.

Especially after finding that overwhelming need to not only feel free, but to surrender into that freedom. 

Yet, not so slow that I drown. 


Going at my speed, yet always testing my boundaries, pushing me to step up my game, yet only giving to me what i am ready for, and what He knows i can handle. 


Properly taught and handled with the upmost care, understanding, consideration, want and need of. 


i am definitely being spoiled. 

And as much as He says, He is not a brat tamer. 😏😚🤗🥰 



i'm finding that as long as the brat is treated with the upmost care, and given attention, with an insatiable appetite of one who is a Pleasure Dom 

She tends to be sated, and in as much need to submit to this incredible Dominant as i. 


Thank You Sir. 

Your little one. 

Your flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰 

Hugs 🤗 my Daddy 🥰 


1 week ago. June 6, 2024 at 3:25 PM


Did You Know... 


Did you know... 

The Wizard of Oz…

This is very interesting…🤔

The Straw Man represents that fictional ALL CAPS legal fiction —The PERSON. He wanted a brain but got a Certificate — The Birth Certificate.

The Tin Man — The TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). He was a robotic avatar, who worked tirelessly until his body literally froze up & stopped functioning. The heartless & emotionless robot creature who worked himself to death because he had no heart or soul.

The Cowardly Lion was a bully, but was actually a true coward when someone stood up to him, like most bullies. He lacked true courage and in the end, the Wizard gave him an Official Recognition Award — Authority & Status.

The Wizard of Oz used magic, smoke, flames & holograms, but all of it were tricks & illusions to push fear & compliance to make people do what he commanded. The truth is the Wizard has NO real power & only used illusions to create false power & authority.

The Wicked Witch pushed fear through intimidation. She was after Toto and controlled the flying monkey police, the policy enforcers, the mischievous demons, which also represents the BAR Association who attack & control all the little people for the Great Crown Wizard, the crooked Bankers of Oz, obsessed with gold.

In the field of poppies, they were not REAL humans, so drugs had no effect on them, but Dorothy was drugged.

The Wizard of Oz was written at the time when Rockefeller & the Big Pharma began to take over medicine & education.

The Crown was actually the largest drug dealer & after their take-over of drug distribution in China, they began to expand all around the world.

Toto was what the Wicked Witch was really after. Toto in Latin means “in total”. Toto exposed the Wizard of Oz and had no fear, despite being very small compared to the Great Wizard, so no one noticed him.

Toto pulled the curtain on the Wizard & his magical scams.
‘Curtain’ also means the End of an Act or scene! He pulled the curtain & started barking until others paid attention, hypothetically giving everyone the “Red Pill”.

The curtain hid the corporate legal fiction & its false courts.

So, no matter how small your bark is, it can be heard!  


Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰 

1 week ago. June 4, 2024 at 9:26 PM


Asaf Avidan... 


Like DAMN !!! 

This Man And His Voice. 

Fuckkkkkk Meeeeeee....  !!!!!! 


Yessss Please....... 


Her Lies 


Your Anchor 


Bang Bang 


Rock Of Lazarus 


To Love Another 


Gold Shadow 


A Part Of This 


The Golden Calf 


My Old Pain 


Let's Not Forget 

The Song That Turned Me On To This Man 

Reckoning Song (One Day) 



Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰 


1 week ago. June 4, 2024 at 1:26 AM


Treat Me Like Fire... 


Welcome To The Dark Side... 


So i am experimenting, learning that pain and pleasure definitely go hand in hand. 


The bite on my flesh is exhilarating. 

Finding that with pain comes a pleasure so intense i am bewildered. 


Needing & Craving the release, it gives to me.  


Marked for the first time. 

Proud to be seen. 


Loving the music my body sings, with every time i feel the bite. 

My body hums as tears of pain and pleasure mix together, giving joy, giving bliss. 

Taming my chaotic mind. 


Feeling Contentment. 


Oh, yesss... 

Pain and pleasure are definitely wanted and  needed. 

Knowing that this is only the start. 

Just a taste. 


Such a little thing, yet so significant that it blows my mind. 


For i am only now accepting that i am willing to try new and real life changing things, that were once terrifying to me. 


Anything, when done correctly, can be a life changer. 

Slow, methodical, steady, and all with my want, need, blessing, and full concent. 


Call me Master 


A slow walk, until i'm on my knees begging, please. 

As He sees to it the glee, of my wickedness set free. 


Welcome To The Dark Side. 



FU In My Head 


Thank You 

flitter'fly... ❤️🖤💋🖤❤️

dawnrobin 🥰 


With Special Thanks 

To One Deserving 🖤💋🖤 




1 week ago. June 3, 2024 at 2:45 PM




Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰 

1 week ago. June 2, 2024 at 6:34 PM


That's Right... 


Fight Song 




Love Myself 


Just Like You 


Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰 

1 week ago. June 2, 2024 at 1:42 AM




Slow It Down 


Let Me Down Easy 


Stay With Me. 


I Wasn't Enough For You. 


Safe With Me. 


Lost My Mind 


Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰 



2 weeks ago. May 31, 2024 at 7:07 PM


For Your Pleasure... 


Like You Mean It 


Thank You 

flitter'fly... :):):) 

dawnrobin 🥰