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I Am Set Free

I Am Me.. :)
I Am Me.. :)
4 days ago. February 24, 2024 at 10:37 PM


I Choose Me... ❤️ 


One thing I'm learning in life is this.

You have to love yourself first. 

Choose you 

Love you 

Be kind to you 

See your worth 

Know you are worthy

Value yourself 

Respect yourself 

Know your strength 

Love yourself, the way you want others to love you. 

Give yourself the love that you give unto others. 


Because the only true happiness you will ever find, is within yourself, for yourself, and of yourself. 

Once you give unto yourself your worth. 

Only then can another see the value you hold and contribute. 


I Choose Me... ❤️ 

Thank You 🥰  

FlitterFly... :):):) 

1 week ago. February 20, 2024 at 8:53 PM


"A Given Assignment"


I often speak of Self Worth, Self Value, Self Love, and Self Respect. 

And not a day goes by, that I do not remind myself of this. 

Here On thecage, it is a big deal about asking submissives to write onto there skin, a declaration of being enough. 


The other day my sister sub, and I, were asked to do an assignment.  


Two parts. 

One = We were shown, and taught, to use a meditation that alleviates anxiety, and stress. 

Two = We were asked to build our own mantra. 


Words, as you know, are powerful.

Spoken words, and thoughts, can either build one up, or bring one down. 

Spoken words can either, bring in negative things and negative people. 


Positive things and positive people. 

This is called Manifestation. 


Our assignment

Our first words of empowerment towards oneself. 

Starts with this. 






We were asked to repeat this mantra daily, and as often as we need. 

We were also asked, to ADD a new word daily. 

As of this day, our daily mantra is this. 














We will continue everyday, to add to this list. 

We also learned the POWER of the word, ( I ) . 


Later that evening, Brother Chris called our Daddy, Drinfear ( Dom ). 

Because he wanted to Thank Natalie and Myself for the reminder, of the power of words given by oneself.  

He himself, had to take the time to center himself, and say his own mantra. 

He felt the need to call just to thank two littles, for giving him a reminder. 

Had he not felt the need to give us a powerful message, he himself would not have handled his own situation in a positive way. 

That hit home, and touched us in a way that means something. 

It also made me realize, that we ALL need to give ourselves positive words.

Words that have meaning, words that we feel deeply. 


Even Strong Dominant Daddys 

Need encouragement and little reminders. Especially, when it comes to remembering to take the time, to care for their own needs, both mentally and physically.  


I ask that all on thecage take time to center yourselves, and to build your own mantra. 

A daily reminder of the strong and incredible person that each of us are. 💛 



Thank You 🥰 

FlitterFly... :):):) 


1 week ago. February 18, 2024 at 8:04 PM

Than: Giggles





He Had Better Dig Three 


Family 💞 


Thank You 

FlitterFly... :):):) 

2 weeks ago. February 15, 2024 at 3:48 PM


My Daddy... 

Drinfear ( Dom ). 🤗 


I would like to wish you a very special

Happy Birthday. 🥳 


Thank You for being such a kind, caring, compassionate, and patient Daddy with me, My Sir. 🥰 

May Your Birthday Be Filled With Love, Laughter, & The Most Happiness, That Any One Man Could Have. 


You Are An Amazing Man. 

I Am Truly, The Most Blessed Woman To Have Found You, & To Be Able To Call YOU Mine. 


Thank You My Daddy 

Your FlitterFly... :):):) 

Your Dra'frens'na... 

DawnRobin... 🤗🥰 


Have A Wonderful Birthday 🎂  

I Love You 💙💞❤️ 


2 weeks ago. February 12, 2024 at 3:38 PM



2 weeks ago. February 11, 2024 at 10:27 PM

2 weeks ago. February 11, 2024 at 12:21 AM

2 weeks ago. February 9, 2024 at 8:55 PM


We all know this is no fairy tale. 
This is a safe place with people who give to others, what we want given back unto us. 
A safe place to grow and learn. 
Given the tools needed in order to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. 
We can have an ( I'm not changing for anyone outlook ) 
Or we can decide that we want to show by example. 
That does not mean that we will not make mistakes. 

It's looking beneath the surface.

Healing, trust, respect, and trying to overcome what once harmed us, to allowing another to deep dive into our depths. 

Given the proper tools, rewards, and even "real punishments". 
All this done properly with technic, to give one pleasure, pain, and a guiding hand that cares. 

It's in showing and consistency, proper tecnic, tools given, respect, care, and love. 

The difference in what once was abuse, is now concent given. 

In showing one the difference, now allows for healing.

Takeing the fight out of another, In the proper way, allows one to be free of the past and clear headed. 
With not only words but actions. 
Seeing, feeling, hearing, and then shown the difference. 
This allows for walls to crumble. 
Turning a wild cat, into a purrrring kitten. 

Reshaping our own views and relearning is difficult for anyone. 
No one person can say that they came into this, or any relationship without putting in the work. 

It's exciting, it opens the mind, and eyes. 
But it's only a guiding light. 
It's up to us to always strive to better ourselves. 
Useing the tools provided. 

A narrow mind, will only ever see, the surface. 
This world may not be for everyone and that's okay. 
We all have to take all we learn, to evolve and find what fits our needs, and the needs of others. 
It's not all kink, or beatings, or sex. 

When only ever seeing black and white. One never gets the chance to see the rainbows of color's under the surface. 
A whole new world. 

If all you take from this community is one thing. 
I pray you see past an outsiders view and see the respect, trust, compassion, care ,work, a countinues growth, and learning. 
All done properly, with technic, and care of another. 

Like a (parent) showing by example. Guiding another out of hell and showing them wonderland. 

When one gives all to you and meets all of your needs, wants, and desires.

You can then explore new things, push beyound bounderys of the norm. 

You find a world that is never going to bore you. 

This world (A fairytale). 

It's work, and hard work at that. 
But it also depends how deeply you dive down the rabbit hole. 

Finding this world and the people in it. 
To me is a fairytale come true. 

Having one find me to be worth, the work and the effort, to "show me" everyday. 
To not just use words that have no meaning. 
He who shows me compassion and guidance.  Having the knowledge and ability, to calm me, with only his voice, his tone.

He is now seeing, almost instant changes. However small those changes may be. It Is progress, making for huge steps in helping me to heal. 

Like watching a flower bloom. 


He has this mountin lion, who was Domming grown men. With little effort, he comes in and turns her into a purrrrring kitten. With not only words, its by showing, not giving up, and consistancy. 

"Responsive", is not a strong enough word to describe what he brings forth with little effort.

Replacing the fight with compliance. 
Giving to me instead a ravaging need, a greed so fierce, that i littereally roll over on my back and purr, waiting and needing more. 
He finds and cares for the girl and woman she is and she in turn, gives unto him all she is, the fight is replaced by wonder and love. 
All of her he owns, he guides. 
She can only blossom and bloom. 



Thank You 

You Have Opened My Eyes 

My Big Daddy Dom

(Drinfear) 🥰

Your FlitterFly... :):):)





3 weeks ago. February 7, 2024 at 6:11 PM




3 weeks ago. February 6, 2024 at 4:26 PM


We all talk about being transparent, being real, who we are, what we want, what kind of partner we crave, need. 

We tell of our story, we tell of the shit storms that this life has brought us. 

And as much as we need something different, real, and more in our lives. 

We tend to fall back into OLD THINKING, BAD ATTITUDES. 

We BACKTRACK, we throw out the worst, of the worst, of old lives, and past selves. 

Trauma bound. 

By doing so, we destroy any forward thinking. We destroy the progress, however small, or large, that may be. 

We self inflict, what we feel we deserve.

We outwardly go back into a time of HELL, because this is all we know. 

We destroy anything good, or real, in our lives. We destroy relationships of all forms, and we self loath. 

Now sometimes, we catch ourselves, before things go to far. 

Other times, we destroy any and all forward communication, work, and people that care, with our negative thoughts, feelings, actions, and words, that cut like knives to one's soul. 

I have done just that, time and time again.  Most times when I do this, the person or people, on the other side aren't what they claim to be, from get go.

Most times, those people are the monsters that made me feel as if I had no choice but to fight to begin with. 

But when you find yourself repeating these actions and using words to cut, to destroy, and sever, any and all that is gained. 

You lose track of whats good, and real. 

You lose yourself in your own backward thinking, and actions.

You destroy the good in your life.

You push away good friends, and any and all, possibilities of a future that is better, more. 

You destroy and inflict the same kind of behavior and lashing onto the people you love, respect, and care for. 

I come here to thecage, to learn and grow. 

Always changing to become better, to be my best self. 

We all strive for this person, we know we are. 

I am always talking of 

Self Love

Self Value 

Self Worth 


Growth is HARD. 

Breaking old debilitating habits is HARD. 

It's to easy to fall back into old ways. 

And by doing so, I have hurt someone who is near and dear to me. 

I do not know the outcome for my actions, or what, if anything, can be done to salvage the mess I have made. 

All I can do is learn from this.

Countinue to grow, change, and work on myself, as best I can. 

I can not promise to get it right or that I will not ever mess up this badly again, or worse. 

The only thing I can do is apologize, work on myself, and try like hell to not make the same mistakes again. 


It's all I have, and all I can do, and give. 


I am, and always will be genuinely sorry for my actions.

I am not perfect, by any means, nor do I claim to be. 

I'm only human, one who stives to be better. 


Thank You 


DawnRobin 💞💙



I'm working as hard as I can. 😔