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United States
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me
I am in a ( Closed Poly Dynamic )
Owned by My Daddy Drinfear ( Dom )
Sister Wife with PrincessFlitterP
Please be respectful of that. 

I will countinue to speak with others as friends only. 

Hell Hath No Furry  Like A Woman Scorned  I Am A Rare Breed. I Found Me. I Know My Worth. If You Are Looking To Harm, Please Move On. I Want What Is Beneath The Surface, Beneath The Kink. A Need To Be Seen, Heard. Loved In A Way. That Is Real, More, Eternal.
BDSM and me
A Need, A Desire To Play, To Learn. A Compassionate Daddy Dom. One Who Loves Little Brats. A Need to Submit, In The Proper Way. To Give Love, Compassion. One Who Is Able To Take On A Broken, Shattered Woman. A Woman Who Is Trying To Rebuild Herself. Grabbing Hold Of The Fragments Of Her Shattered Soul, And Spirit. A Fierce And Mighty Worrier. Untamed, Untrained, And Full Of Life. OPEN THE FLOOD GATES !! BEST CALL THE COAST GARD !! SEXUAL SATISFACTION A MUST!! Once Again, Learning - Who I Am, And What I Want. I am a little who has a Kitty Cat.  (Meow) I am a unicorn.  
I am now finding my way little by little through this life, finding that my path is ever changing. 
As I embrace a new change in my life. I am now falling into a role of a poly life. 
Looking forward to all that the adventures yet to find me. 
Harm, Belittled, Degraded, Screaming, Body Fluids, Blood, Need I Say Children & Animals 
What's new
I Am Not A Door Mat I Am Woman, Hear Me, See Me. Smart, Broken, Learning My Worth.  I Am Submissive Always Learning To Be Better And Do Better. Yet, I Am However, A Full On Bratt I Have My Own Desiers, Opinions, Thoughts, Wants, And Needs.  A Woman First, A Submissive When Earned.  I Am A Lady With A Mind  Not A Clueless Child  Do Not Treat Me As Such  Different Strokes For Different Folks.  DDLG A Need For Primal Play... To Being Forced To Submit, Is Very Erotic To Me... The Fight Is A Compleat Turn On... My Need To Submit Is A Must... Light Choking, Rough Play, Spanking. An Exhibitionist, And A Voyeur. To Feel Exotic, Free... Mmmmmm So, If One Reads My Profile... They Will Know... That I Am Wanting... RL... Real... More... They Will Also Realize... That I Want More... Then Just The KINKY SEX... Yes... To Be Sexually Satisfied... Is A Must... But The More... That Comes, With What This Beautiful Community Offers... Is The Ultimate Goal... Please, If You Are Not Looking For COMPLETE, HONEST, TRUTH, FROM ME... PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MY TIME, OR YOURS... Thank You FlitterFly...:):) :) I am reborn ...  I am now  FlitterFly..:):):) Learning That I Like A Bit Of Pain More Then I Ever Thought I Would This To Me Is Huge But Very Very Erotic Mmmmm Also, realizing that I may not be a switch, i may just be into being a top and a bottom at times, Only time will tell. Again growing, learning, and trying something new. 
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Feb 28, 2024
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Sep 4, 2021
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