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Naughty Musings

I do have a lot of naughty fantasies and love naughty chat with women. I will try to put some of those ideas down here for your amusement and delight ;-)
3 months ago. August 5, 2022 at 3:38 PM

Hope you like these pix 🥰

I really enjoy going down 





Mmmmmmmm … sharing is caring








5 months ago. June 7, 2022 at 1:06 PM

Hello there


Just wanted to throw this open to everyone ... perhaps make some new friends.


What do you think of my profile ?  My BDSM Checklist ?  And my Blog.


Anything else is okay too.


Looking forward to some interesting comments and discussions



 ~ Lou ~

6 months ago. May 13, 2022 at 4:48 PM

People seem to be enjoying my pix and kinks ... so here are some more to help us end the week on this Friday the 13th


Enjoy !!


Nice bondage pic:




From some Submissives, this is what they desire:




Or this:





I have always admired the erotic by Ken Marcus:






















6 months ago. May 9, 2022 at 4:33 PM

Not sure why ... but I love collaring a leashing a woman.  I'm thinking about this today, so thought I'd share some pix with you ... for your consideration and comments.  Love reading your comments !! 😉


Love this one ... her looking up at me:




Love this idea:  Displaying my collared and leashed Sub to kinky friends:






Soooo beautiful ... so Submissive and Obedient:





Love seeing her collared and leashed in our living room ... showing her off to hubby:





A beautiful and erotic portrait:





This woman is on display at a restaurant ... waiting for Munch guests to arrive ... she seems to be zoned out and very happy ... full of anticipation:



6 months ago. May 6, 2022 at 2:23 PM

Hope you enjoy this fantasy about our FFM evening at a party ... exactly as written from my on-line kinky, submissive sub here on The Cage.


Enjoy !   And love reading your comments !!




Ok so we are at this fancy party. All three of us ;)

We arrive to the party. Your husband does his usual rounds of networking while you and I talk with some others about him drum vanilla things while sipping our champagne. Our eyes never leave our master just waiting for him to return and take us back to our little passion house and have his way with both of us lol 😉 or you and him have your way with me 😉 I’m so sex starved I think lol

Anyway, when he returns he puts his arm around me and begins to put his hand up the back of my dress. Of course I am pantiless per my mistress and master 😉 . We are against a curtain. He begins to finger my pussy from the back-he put his hand down the back of my skirt. as we calmly stand and continue chatting. The curtain somewhat hides what he is doing unless you actually gawk at his arm. I am doing my best to keep up a smile instead of a sexed up look.

You know exactly what’s happening though. And you and him smirk at each other. After a few minutes he removes his hand and the nonchalantly licks the finger luckily the people we were chatting with just stepped away but he looks at me with a sexy smirk as he does it and the winks when he is finished. I can see the outline of his hard on in his pants.

We decide to step out onto the balcony for some drag air. We go to a quiet corner where we are partially hidden and he commands me to unzip his pants. Yes sir I say and hesitantly unbutton and unzip his pants. He tells me to turn around and grab the edge of the balcony. I can see you out of the corner of f my eye enjoying every minute of this lol. Hesitantly I turn around. He begins to stroke his cock and walks right up behind me. My mind is going 90 to nothing thinking about how there are people talking and walking on the other side of the curtain. I’m nervous but turned on at the same time. He is still stoking his Vick with one hand while he hikes my skirt up with the other. By now I’m soaking wet and he has lubed up his cock with his pre cum. With one thrust he shoves his whole cock into my pussy. Oh my gosh it feels amazing. He begins thrusting in and out, in and out, slowly so it’s not that noticeable what we are doing.

You come around to the side and nonchalantly put one arm in the rail and one arm in front of my pussy. You begin to finger my clit. Unnoticeable to passers by, unless they really come close. Suddenly a waiter comes out to offer champagne. Master stops thrusting but keeps his cock inside me and you continue to circle my clit with one hand while stretching the other out to take a glass.


Master stands completely still and takes a glass for me and him. He commands me to drink so I drink. We all three finish our drinks and he gives the glasses one at a time and tou set them down all the while he is still thrusting and you are still playing with my clit. The thought of that waited coming out here and almost catching us makes me almost explode and that’s when my master tells me good girl and says you may come. His thrust increase in intensity and your fingers move faster pushing me over the edge and pushing me into orgasmic oblivion. Master thrusts harder and with a shout of “Fuck , you are such a slutty sub” he fills me with his cum and you withdraw your hand and lick your fingers with a smile.


7 months ago. April 2, 2022 at 4:04 PM

Ma’am pulls me to standing, still grasping the leash.  She leads me until we are standing next to the bed.  She tells me stand with my legs spread and my hands clasped behind my back.  I follow her instructions. 

She drops the leash and I watch as she removes her clothes.  I lower my eyes when she notices me watching her.

She smiles and says, “You may look.  You will be using your mouth and hands to give this body pleasure very soon.”

I feel myself blush at her words.  I hear her husband chuckle from behind me.  It sounds like he has returned to his chair.  When she is naked, she sits at the edge of the bed and spreads her legs.  I watch has she confidently exposes her bare pussy to me.

She commands, “Get on your knees in front of the bed.  Let’s see if you can please me with that mouth like you did for hubby.”

I follow her instructions.

Then she says, “Hand me the leash.”  I do as she says.  She tugs it and I am pulled closer to her.

My face is now level with her pussy.  I can see the moisture of her arousal.  I can smell her light musk.

“Make me cum.  I know this is new to you. You may use your mouth, your tongue, and your fingers.  Do a thorough job and you’ll be rewarded.”  Her voice is a purr and I can tell she is eager for me to touch her.

“Yes, Ma’am”

I lead forward and place my hands on the inside of her thighs.  I stroke her soft skin.  She releases a soft sigh.  I am used to exploring men, to touching a man’s body.  It is such a different sensation to touch the silky softness of her.  To smell her arousal.  I can feel myself growing wet in response.

I run my hands up and down her thighs, moving closer to her core.  I take in the sight of her pussy.  It is similar, but still different from mine.  Her lips are not quite as full, her coloring a lighter pink.  I move so that my mouth is just a couple inches from her slit.  I let her feel my warm breath against her moisture.  I hear her soft gasp.

I reach forward and run one finger lightly between her lips.  Her moisture is slick as it spreads to her clit.  I move away from her clit and touch her all around that bundle of nerves.  I am careful to touch her clit only barely, then I slide my finger away. 

She makes a soft moan that turns into a breathy laugh, “Oh hubby, she likes to tease.  We will need to remember that.”

He laughs and replies, “Noted, my love.”

She says to him, “Come closer and watch her explore my pussy.”  I hear him move closer and sit next to Ma’am on the bed.

I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and lean forward, I run the tip of my tongue along her slit, ending at her clit.  I give her clit a gentle lick.  She moans again in response.  I look up at her and meet her eyes as I suck her into my mouth.  Her eyes close in response and her mouth parts on a soft gasp.  I look and see that her husband is watching intently as he squeezes one of her breasts roughly.

I focus on my task and gently suck and lick at her clit.  I move a finger to her center and press at her opening.  I slide one finger slowly inside of her and I feel her respond and grow even wetter.  I have never fingered another woman before.  I explore her pussy as I slide my finger in and out of her.  I add a second finger and slowly search for the spot inside that I know drives me crazy.  I pay close attention to her breathing and her body’s reaction as I continue to suck and lick at her clit and fuck her with my fingers.

Her hand tightens on the leash and her body tenses, and I know I have found the perfect combination for her pleasure.  I continue to work her and focus on increasing the pressure of my fingers inside her and my tongue on her clit.

She calls out that she is going to cum and her husband gives her dirty words of encouragement.  I feel her vaginal walls pulse and tighten on my fingers as the orgasm hits her.  Her wetness soaks my fingers.

I slide my fingers out of her as I feel her relax and lay back on the bed.  I continue to suck gently on her clit until she commands me to stop.

I lean back feeling satisfied at a job well done.


7 months ago. March 31, 2022 at 2:40 PM

Second instalment of story:


Ma’am continues to rub my clit. Her tongue toys with my nipple in her mouth. I start to lean into her touch to increase the pressure on my clit. She removes her hand and pops off my nipple with her lips, “No cumming for you yet. Later. If you are a good girl.”

She unties my wrists and tells me to stand at the foot of the bed. As I comply, I watch her walk over to her bag. She pulls out a black leather collar. The collar is surround with a row of what appear to be silver rhinestones or crystals. There is clearly a hoop at the front. Soon after she pulls out a shiny chain with a leather strap at one end.

My pulse starts to speed up as I realize that collar and leash are for me.

She walks around behind me slowly and said, “Be a good girl and lift your hair for me.”

As I lift my hair, she puts the collar around my neck and buckles it snuggly. Then she moves in front of me and clips the leash to the front loop. She is smiling brilliantly as she steps back with the leash handle in her hand. She pulls it and I step forward. I feel on display as she parades me around the room.

I notice her husband sitting forward in the chair now. Ma’am notices him as well. She pauses my motion when I am standing several feet before him. She watched her husband, but says to me, “Now be a good girl and remove those panties.”

I look between them and then slide them down my legs. I am standing completely naked before them both now. They are both fully clothed. I can feel my face flush with embarrassment. She tightens her grip in the leash, “Look at me.”

I follow her command. She moves slightly closer and says, “You will not be embarrassed in front of us. Remember, you are doing this for my pleasure. If I am pleased, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She smiles and strokes my cheek with her fingertip. Then she pulls me forward closer to her husband and says, “Look at what you are doing to poor hubby! His cock is hard. Can you see how hard he is?”

I look to the front of his pants, and I can clearly see the outline of his firm length. I respond, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She pulls me even closer to where he is seated and then says, “His cock is doing no good to any of us trapped. You should set it free.”

Her husband stands. He appears very eager to be an active participant. His excitement is obvious by the ridge in his pants, the focus in his eyes, the slight flush on his face.

Ma’am tugs gently on the leash and says, “Get on your knees and free his cock.”

I get to my knees before him. I reach up and release the button of his pants. I slowly lower the zipper. I pull them down his legs for him to step out of them. I set them aside.

She says, “Look at his face. See how much he wants in that pretty mouth of yours.”

I raise my gaze to his. The desire in his eyes is intoxicating. I am humbled by the intensity I see. I flush with the knowledge that both of them are focused on me. I pull down his boxes and his cock springs forward in its firmness.

He holds his cock by the base and rubs it gently against my lips.

She places a hand on the back of my head while the handle of the leash is in the other. She says, “Open your mouth and take good care of him.”

I part my lips and take him into my mouth. I lick the tip of his cock and suck on it gently. I grasp the base with one hand, and he removes his to allow me full access. Then I pull back and run my tongue down his length. He lets out a groan and grows firmer. I can feel my core grow wet in response.

She murmurs, “Good girl.”

I wrap my lips around him and draw him into my mouth. I suck and lick as I take him in deeper. I feel both her hands on my head as she sets my pace working him in and out of my mouth.

She whispers to me, “Relax your throat.”

I do as she says, and he goes deeper. He fucks my mouth firmly as she holds my head. I relax and let them use me for his pleasure. His breathing quickens and it is obvious that he is close to cumming.

She says firmly, “Swallow every drop like a good girl.”

I feel him pulse in my mouth as he cums, I quickly swallow three times until he is spent. Then I lick him clean as he pulls out of my mouth. She leans down and kisses me deeply. She makes a satisfied humming noise against my lips.

She pulls back and says, “Such a good girl!”

7 months ago. March 28, 2022 at 2:02 PM

I've been here on The Cage for a few months now, and have had quite a few interesting chats.  One of my chat friends loves my fantasies and is an imaginative writer.  She wrote this story for me, and I wanted to share it with you.



For Ma’am - Hypothetical



My heart is pounding, and I can feel the butterflies dancing in my stomach. It is only nerves. I have agreed to meet with Ma’am. Tonight, I will submit to her, and her husband will be there watching it happen. I do like to be watched.

As she requested that I wear what I am comfortable in, I decided on black lace panties and a black lace bra. I have covered myself in a black silk robe. I enjoy the feeling of the soft material against my skin.

She opens the hotel room door with the key that was left for her at the desk. My nervousness increases as they both enter the room. Her husband goes and sits in the chair in near the window. She approaches me and kisses my lips gently at first, testing…tasting. The kiss quickly deepens.

I like the feel of her lips, the teasing of her tongue, I can feel myself getting lost in the kiss. She pulls away with a satisfied smile. She tells me to remove the robe. I untie it, remove it, and then lay it on the edge of the bed. Her praise at my simple task helps fortify my courage.

She removes something from her pocket. In her hand are adjustable nipple clamps. They have a chain running between them. I visibly swallow and she says, “Maybe for later.” She sets them on the nightstand.

She stands in front of me and strokes her fingers over the tops of my breasts above the cups of my bra. My breathing speeds up and I can feel the flush of arousal on my skin. She moves behind me, still stroking my skin. Her lips graze my neck as she pushes the cups of my bra down, exposing my breasts.

Standing behind me, she cups my breasts and squeeze. Her lips are still at my neck, and she moves her fingers to my nipples and pinch. I let out a soft moan. She pinches harder until I whimper. Then she releases them.

I remove my bra and kneel on the bed as she instructs. She takes the tie from my robe and secures my wrists behind my back. My chest is thrust forward and on display for her and our viewer, who remains in the chair. She begins to fondle my breasts again. Now she dips her head and licks playfully at my nipples. Her eyes watch mine as if judging my reaction. She sucks one nipple into her mouth, and I whimper at the pleasure. I can feel my panties growing wet. She moves to repeat the same attention to my other nipple.

She asks me if I am wet for her and I say, “Yes, Ma’am.” I blush as she moves her hand to my center and rubs my slit through the outside of my panties. She praises me and presses against my clit as she takes a nipple back into her mouth.