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1 week ago. Tue 06 Mar 2018 10:33:56 PM IST

She met him at the door wearing his favorite lingerie. The black-laced demi-cup brassiere with matching panties, garters, and stockings combined with her five-inch Italian leather heels was a delectable treat for his senses. Her excited nipples rose with each breath she took and begged for the touch of his lips.


He stepped inside and took her in his arms. He devoured her in a hungry kiss and turned, to back her against the wall. One hand cupped her breast and caressed her nipple while their tongues dueled in the fiercest of kisses. His fingers of his free hand weaved their way through her hair and pressed against her scalp. He broke their kiss only long enough to breathe warm air across her ear as he kissed her neck. She wrapped her hands around his head and held him against her flesh. She was more aroused than she had been in a very long time. 


“Come with me,” he said as he took her by the hand and led her through the entry and into the dining room. The antique table was positioned in the center of the room with 2 chairs on each side and one at each end. “Which one is his?” he asked.


“That one,” she said as she pointed to the one at the far end of the room. Still holding her hand he led her to the end of the table and pulled the chair away. He took her in his arms again and pinned her against the table as he hungrily kissed her. He then broke the kiss and spun her around. Using his strength, he bent her forward over the table and grabbed each hand, pinning them behind her back.


He reached for the knife in the sheath of his belt and placed the cold, steel edge flat against the back of her thigh. She gasped at the sudden and exciting sensation.


“Are you wet?” he asked, plainly.


“Yes, Sir.” She replied.


“Good,” he said as he slid the blade of the knife under the crotch of her panties and sliced through the thin layer of cotton and lace. He replaced the knife on his belt and freed his throbbing cock. As he rubbed the bulbous head of his shaft against her glistening sex, she bit her bottom lip in anticipation of the pain that would course through her loins when he claimed her again.


“Fuck me, hard.” She hissed as he slowly slid inside her. With one hand holding her wrists against her back and the other holding her hip, he began to take her from behind with no sense of compassion or care.


“I want you to remember this moment when you’re eating dinner here tonight.” His words were like a knife in her chest, but yet they only pushed her closer to the edge.


“Yes, Sir.” She panted, as her orgasm began to overtake her senses. As her body began to respond to his thrusts, she cried out as she surrendered to the pleasure overloading her nervous system. He, in turn, cried out as he felt her sex clench his cock and soon he could hold back no longer. With a final thrust, he buried his cock deep inside her and collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the table. His lips rested against her ear as his warm, ragged breath seduced her mind as it caressed her flesh. “You belong to me now,” he hissed as the last of his seed drained from his cock. “You will forever be my pet.”




As she set the table, her mind flashed back to memories of the afternoon. She felt herself becoming aroused as she drew her hands across the hard mahogany where her breasts were pinned just hours before. How on earth would she make it through dinner without losing her composure? This was going to be the longest night of her life until she heard from him again.

3 weeks ago. Thu 22 Feb 2018 12:11:05 AM IST

He ran his fingers up and down the length of her spine. He watched intently as gooseflesh formed on her shoulders and arms. Her blindfold stole her sight, yet intensified her other senses.

His warm breath on her shoulder sent shivers down her body. Her excited nipples stood proudly on display. He lightly pinched one between his thumb and forefinger and she let out a slight gasp. As he squeezed harder, she bit her bottom lip. He held her nipple firm, waiting for her to breathe again. When he finally let go, she inhaled deeply.

“Breathe, My pet,” he softly whispered.

She nodded as he took her swollen, smarting nipple between his lips and lavishly bathed it with the tip of his tongue. Her breasts heaved as she inhaled deeply again and he gently suckled. He then cupped her other breast before gently teasing her nipple with his thumb. He watched her neck as she swallowed hard and struggled to maintain her composure.

She stood confidently with her hands placed palm over wrist at the small of her back. He released her breasts with his hands and lips and stepped back, admiring her silhouette.

“Are you aroused?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” she replied.

He slid his hand between her spread thighs and his fingers toyed with her sex. She was indeed aroused and he held his glistening fingers to her lips and pushed them inside her mouth. He said nothing as she obediently began to lick and suck them clean.

“Good Girl,” he praised as he pulled his fingers from her mouth. “Are you ready for the wax?”

She swallowed hard and nodded her head. She had been dreading this moment for some time. Her mind was still swirling with intense emotion as he lit the candle and waited for the wax to pool.

He leaned close and took her head in her hands. He kissed her hungrily; his tongue explored her mouth. She moaned softly into his kiss and pressed her body against his. His hands slid down her body and rested on her hips as he enjoyed the moment of intimacy. He then pulled away and encircled her slowly, waiting and watching.

He picked up the candle and held it close to her face so that she could feel the warmth of the flame. He then tilted the candle and the molten wax dripped onto her breast. He slowly waved the candle back and forth as the wax dribbled down her flesh before hardening in place.  He then stopped to allow her to catch her breath and let the wax in the candle melt again.

“How are you feeling?” he asked as he drew his hand over the curve of her hip.

“Heavenly,” she replied.

He laughed quietly at her response as he picked up the candle again and marked her other breast with the now cooling wax. She gasped and writhed when the wax fell on her flesh but she took it all and now her arousal was evident, as it dripped from her sex and clung to her thighs.

He blew out the flame and set the candle on the desk. He then stood behind her and freed his engorged erection.

“Bend over,” he said, and she complied.

He rubbed his cock between her lips and slowly entered her from behind. With one hand on her hip, he pulled her back to him until he was completely inside her. He slid his and around her waist and up her torso until he cupped her wax-covered breast. With each thrust inside her, he pushed her closer to the edge and soon they both found their rapture.

1 month ago. Wed 31 Jan 2018 08:36:01 PM IST

“I love you,” she softly whispered while he slept. He heard nothing as he lay beside her sleeping. It was the quiet moments like these that she treasured most; the rhythmic sound of his breathing and the rise and fall of his chest. She pressed her finger to her lips and then touched his before draping her arm over his chest.

Their naked bodies shimmered in the moonlight of the hot summer night. As she lay beside him, her mind drifted back to just a few hours earlier and the passion they shared. With her other hand she caressed her nipple where the clamp had so sweetly tortured her tender flesh.

Her mind raced as she relived the details of his hand on her flesh and she felt herself becoming aroused again. Her buttocks were still warm and stung a bit from the spanking she received over his knee. He was a master at making her wince with pain, and yet crave the sting of his hand even more. When they first met, she found the thought of lying naked across his lap appalling. Now, she takes solace and comfort in the affirmation of his touch. Pain and pleasure, two contrasting sensations, yet when combined, take her to places she never before knew existed.

She slid her hand down his torso and her fingers trailed slowly through the patch of hair below his navel. She caressed his shaft and watched in awe as it slowly awakened to her touch. She sat upright before leaning down and kissing the tip. She knew her liberty was pushing a boundary, but her desire for him was too great to consider the possible consequences of her actions.

She parted her lips and felt the head of his shaft slide past her teeth and over her tongue. She paused when she felt it press against the back of her mouth. She took a breath and swallowed, allowing his girth stretch the back of her throat.

Her eyes began to water as she bathed his shaft with her tongue. She savored the taste of the remnants of their earlier union and cupped him in her palm. She slowly pulled back and caught her breath before swallowing again. Her mind raced as he began to stir. His cock, now fully erect, throbbed as she swallowed it again and again.

He ran his fingers through her hair and guided her head up and down while she worshiped him. She closed her eyes and concentrated on his touch. She was disappointed when he pulled her off and then upwards, but her disappointment faded as he pulled her on top of him and kissed her hungrily.

She reached between them and gripped his shaft firmly, begging him with her eyes for permission to take him inside her. He placed his hands on her hips and pushed her downward and she closed her eyes and gasped as she felt his girth stretch her again.

She rode him slowly at first, allowing herself to become acclimated to his rhythm. She cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples while arching her back and rocking back and forth. His grip on her thighs was strong and steady. She bit her lip when she felt him throb and knew that he was close. His fingers dug into her tender flesh as he planted his seed deep in her womb again. She collapsed on top of him as her own orgasm soon subsided and she kissed his chest and neck.

“I love you,” she softly whispered as she closed her eyes. Soon, sleep would come to take them both.

1 month ago. Tue 30 Jan 2018 07:07:54 PM IST

She lay on her back, her arms and legs were bound to the corners of the bed and the blindfold covered her eyes. She wore no clothing and her body was covered in gooseflesh as she waited nervously to feel his touch. Her nipples stood excited and she arched her back and pulled against the bonds that held her wrists securely. He watched her struggle and a smile crossed his lips as he finished his preparations.

He stood next to her and drew the tip of the feather duster from her shin, up her leg and over her knee. Once he passed her thigh, he lightly teased her sex before reaching her navel and the valley between her breasts.

She arched her back as her body began to tingle. She was aroused and could not remember the last time she felt this alive. She parted her lips and held her breath before she realized her teeth were biting her bottom lip, leaving indentations in their wake. She gasped when she felt the soft feathers against her neck and tried to pull away. She hated being tickled but she was trapped, completely at his mercy.

He leaned down and took her closest nipple between his lips and slowly sunk his teeth into her tender flesh. Sounds of desire escaped her lips as he began to suckle gently. He slid his hand between her thighs and the rabbit fur glove felt luscious against her skin. She opened her legs as she felt the soft fur against her sex and pressed her hips against his hand.

He pressed a cube of ice against her nipple and the sensation made her cry out again. Her mind raced as she tried to determine if the sensation was hot or cold. He trailed the cube down her torso and over her clit, leaving a trail of small puddles behind. He then pressed the cube inside her sex and she found herself panting and wanting him more.

“Please, Master. Take me now!” she begged. But he would not be persuaded. His lips found her tender nipples again and with a little coaxing they now stood erect, excited, and begging to be clamped. Never one to deny her desire, he placed a clamp over each nipple and tightened each screw until he was satisfied with his handiwork.

He stood and removed his clothes while he admired her naked body. His cock throbbed with desire at the sight of her beauty on display before him. He held his cock to her lips and she obediently opened her mouth and began to give him pleasure. He took his time using her mouth, allowing her to take pleasure in pleasuring him. He ran his hand up and down her torso, and occasionally wrapped his fingers around her neck. When he felt his pleasure nearing the edge he pulled back and leaned down, suckling her nipples again.

Taking his place on the bed, he positioned himself over her and slowly entered her. This was the moment she had been waiting for as she felt him ease into her and take her as his own. She pulled against her bonds to match his thrusts and in moments she felt his cock throb inside her before the warmth of his seed bathed her womb. She cried out as his orgasm initiated her own and they rode their waves of pleasure together. Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, his cock still deep inside her. He removed the blindfold from her eyes and gently kissed her lips.

“Thank you, Master,” breathless gasped as her breathing returned to normal.

He released her bonds and took her in his arms, holding her against him. She kissed his body and knew that she had finally found what she had been seeking for so many years.

1 month ago. Mon 22 Jan 2018 08:00:37 AM IST

Lust dripped from her lips as she watched him from across the room. Months had passed since her last feeding but tonight her hunger would finally sate. She studied him carefully as he mingled in the crowd. He was a master at working the room, but she desired to have him alone, all to herself.

She checked her crimson stained lips in her compact before closing it and ordering another Manhattan. The bartender set the drink before her and she sipped it slowly, her eyes never leaving him. Once or twice, his gaze crossed hers but he did not notice her. When she finished her drink she left a twenty on the bar next to the empty glass. She then stood, picked up her clutch, and the room began to fade away as she closed the distance between them.

He was talking to a couple when she approached. She rested her hand on his arm, leaned in and whispered something softly in his ear, before turning and walking towards the door. Her perfume was intoxicating and immediately cast him under her spell.

“Excuse me. I’m very sorry,” he offered. “But something has come up and I must leave.”

He shook hands with the gentleman, and hugged the lady before turning and following her towards the door.

He entered the hallway from the ballroom and it was deserted. Where had she gone?

He felt in his jacket pocket for his room key and pulled out a bar napkin instead. Written in black ink were the numbers 967 and a lipstick imprint of her lips. He made his way towards the elevator and pushed the button for the ninth floor. Questions raced through his mind as he wondered what he was about to walk into. A stranger, in a foreign city, a hotel room, what could be more cliché?

He knocked twice on the door and she opened it part way. He couldn’t see the delicate smile on her lips or the bloodthirsty fangs she hid from his view.

“Come in,” she said invitingly as she opened the door completely and turned and walked towards the bed. The suite was the finest in the resort’s inventory. Only the best clients stayed here. He watched her reflection in the window as she removed the red satin robe from her shoulders and draped in across the bed. She turned to face him wearing only her stockings and spiked leather stilettos.

“Do you like?” She asked as she took a step towards him.

His voice caught in his throat as she closed the distance between them. He felt himself flush and room grew unsteadily warm.

“What’s the matter?” She asked. “Cat got your tongue?”

He shook his head as she pressed her body against his. Her thigh rested against his throbbing cock and she knew he would not resist. She placed her finger on his lips and leaned in close to him. The now familiar scent of her perfume was intoxicating and he inhaled deeply. He closed his eyes when he felt her lips press against his. The last thing he remembered was the taste of blood and pain in his lip. For her, the night was still young. But for him, his life would never again be the same.

1 month ago. Sat 20 Jan 2018 08:08:04 AM IST

He watched her from across the room.
She was the epitome of elegance in her black velvet gown and matching gloves. The diamonds that hung from her neck cost more than he’d make in lifetime, and he was intrigued. Their eyes met multiple times throughout the night, quickly diverting with a blushing smile. He asked himself, “Was she as intrigued as he?”
He stood on the patio of the 34th floor, sipping his whiskey and watching the world pass below. He smelled her sweet French perfume and knew she was close. He sat his glass on the rail and turned to see her standing on the balcony alone, facing away from him, her back exposed by the cut of the dress. He envisioned his fingers trailing the length of her spine, the curve of her hip, and the soft inner reaches of her thighs. His thoughts were broken when she turned and faced him.
Before she could say a word he had closed the distance between them, placing his right hand along side her jawline, his thumb resting just in front of her ear and his fingers wrapped delicately around the base of her neck. His left hand pressed gently against her right cheek, preventing her from turning her head as he leaned in, his lips just a breath’s width from her own.
She closed her eyes as he studied her face, waiting to see what she would do next. Her perfectly crimson stained lips parted and he could see the tip of her tongue resting on her teeth.
He resisted the urge to complete the distance between them, but her resolve was not as strong. As she leaned forward and their lips met, electric currents coursed through her nerves. Their tongues dueled inside her mouth and soon his right hand fell to her waist as she took as step backwards and leaned against the rail. She wrapped her hands around his neck and ran her velvet-clad fingers through his hair. He slid his left hand down, cupping her breast through her dress, and she pressed her body against his. They cared not who was watching as the world began to slip away. For in that moment they were alone and each silently asked themselves one single question.

Will this be my last... first... kiss?

2 months ago. Wed 17 Jan 2018 11:12:16 PM IST

He stood behind her as she braced herself against the mantle of the fireplace. A snapping ember landed on her thigh and she flinched, crying out softly into the ball bag strapped between her lips.
He had dressed her in his favorite attire; black-laced brassiere and panty set with matching garters and stockings, and those delicious five-inch heels made of fine Italian leather be bought for her on their last holiday in Rome.
He pulled the hunting knife from the sheath that hung from his belt. The etchings of the Damascus blade shimmered in the firelight. He pressed the flat edge of the blade against her cheek, just below the line of her ear and he knew she would soon become aroused.
He leaned close to her and bit down on her earlobe. She closed her eyes as she felt his teeth sink into her flesh. She inhaled sharply through her nose when she felt him release his bite and the blood rushed back to her ear.
“I’m going to take my time undressing you with my knife,” he whispered; his lips barely touching her ear.
She whimpered through her gag when she felt the knife slice through the shoulder straps of her brassiere which now dangled freely about her her torso. He reached around and placed the knife between her breasts. She looked down only to see the knife make quick work of the bow that held the cups of her brassiere together and she felt herself become aroused when he discarded the now useless lace in the flames that danced before them.
With his thumbs, he made quick work of the straps on her garters that held her stockings. There was something about the ability to deftly maneuver the snaps that would set her free that brought a greater blood rush to his temples than merely destroying them with the blade.
He then slid his hand between her thighs and smiled when he felt her arousal cling to the back of his hand. He wasted no time in drawing the blade through the fabric of her panties and held them to his nose, briefly inhaling the scent of her femininity before tossing them into the flames before her.
Her eyes flew open when she felt the flat edge of the blade that had been pressed against her cheek, now resting against her clit and lips.
“Is my slut, aroused?” he teased, and she slowly nodded her head.
He carefully removed the blade from between her legs and held it up for inspection. He could see her arousal glistening on the blade.
He unbuckled the gag and it fell to the floor as he told her to turn around. The warmth on her back washed over her and she found her thoughts swirling as the new sensations assaulted her mind.
“Open,” he said.
She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He laid the flat edge of the blade against her tongue and she savored the sweet taste of her arousal blended with the metallic taste of the metal. For a moment, she considered closing her lips around the blade to add the taste of blood to her senses, but decided against it as he pulled the knife from her lips and placed it back in its sheath.
“On your knees,” he said firmly. “It’s time for you to worship me and then I’m going to do something with that dripping mess between your legs.”

2 months ago. Tue 09 Jan 2018 07:15:25 AM IST

“You know I can’t let this slide,” he said calmly.
“I know, Sir,” she replied, her gaze fell to the floor.
He took his time removing her restraints and when he had finished, she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around his legs, holding him tightly.
“I’m going to go sit in the spanking chair and I want you to crawl to me.”
“As you wish, Sir,” She interjected.
Not yet finished, he continued. “And then I want you to lay across my lap. I’m going to spank you. But I want to be clear and I want you to understand that this spanking is not a punishment for what you did. However, it is a reminder of your roll and commitment to me, your Sir. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir. I understand,” she replied.
When he had taken his seat she crawled across the acid-stained concrete floor and up into his lap. She closed her eyes as he administered her spanking and her buttocks glowed bright red. When he finished, he told her to stand and she stood as instructed.
Her body began to tremble as he walked across the room and selected the bamboo cane from the display of implements that hung on the way. Tears began to fall freely from her eyes as fear and panic consumed her. He had used the cane on her only once and after three strokes she used her safeword. She was audibly crying by the time he stood beside her.
He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Do not cry, My pet. Five strokes will absolve your disobedience.”
She looked up at him with a puzzled look when she saw his outstretched hand.
“Take it,” he said, offering her the cane. Her hands were visibly shaking as she reached for the cane and watched as he removed his pants. He stood before her naked from the waist down and turned away from her, resting his hands on the back of the chair.
“Five strokes,” he repeated. Then he added, “And make them count.”
She burst into tears, sobbing audibly and begging him “No.” but he insisted. When she finished with the five he stood upright and took her in his arms. The only sound that filled the room was the cane as it hit the floor and her sobs of remorse.
“I’m so so so sorry, Sir. I will never disobey you again.”
“Yes, you will, my pet. And that’s okay. But now you understand what I mean when I say that punishing you hurts me as much, if not more, than it does you.”
“Yes, Sir. I do.” She said as he wiped her tear stained cheeks with his thumbs. He kissed her and then took her in his arms and carried her to bed. Tonight, more than ever, they needed to feel the touch of each other’s caress.

2 months ago. Fri 05 Jan 2018 06:16:45 AM IST

He drew his hand down her spine and watched as the gooseflesh formed on her skin. She stood before him, naked; save for her collar around her neck and the nipple clamps that hung from each breast. Her fingers were interlaced and her hands rested behind her head; her feet were shoulder width apart. He drew his hand to her hip and over the curve of her waist. He watched her shoulders tense when he cupped her buttock firmly. She worked out often and he could feel her muscled flesh flex in his hand.

He leaned forward and breathed slowly against the base of her neck. She closed her eyes, trying to focus on the sensations that were randomly caressing her body. She wobbled on her feet when she felt his hand slip between her thighs and brush against her sex. God, she could not believe she was this aroused.

“I’m impressed.” His words hung heavy in the air.

She debated on whether or not to thank him, but since he had not addressed her directly, she decided against saying anything at all.

He selected the doeskin flogger that hung on the wall and took his place in front of her. As he drew the leather strands through his fingers he noticed a glint of fear in her eyes.

“Have you ever been flogged before?” he asked.

“No, Sir. Never,” she replied.

“Close your eyes,” he said as he held the leather to her nostrils. “Now take a deep breath.”

She inhaled deeply, savoring the sweet, yet pungent scent of the leather. His actions had the desired effect on her as her body responded with further signs of arousal between her thighs.

“Do you want to feel the leather kiss your flesh, my pet?” he asked.

Hesitantly, she replied, “Yes, Sir.”

“I’m not sure I’m convinced,” he gleefully mocked, waiting for further affirmation from her.

“Please, Sir. I want to feel the flogger against my skin. I want to be your whipping post,” she begged.

“Much better,” he said as he reached out and drew the back on his index finger along her cheek and jaw line before leaning in and brushing his lips lightly against hers.

Her body shuddered when she felt his kiss. She hadn’t realized she was this aroused, but the anticipation had caused the first of many orgasms she would experience that night. He drew his finger down her neck and between her breasts until his finger pulled slightly against the chain that hung just above her navel.

“I’m going to whip these from your nipples, little one,” he warned.

She bit her lip at his words and tensed when she heard the leather bite through the air and land against her thigh. She was shocked as she had expected it to fall on her breast but it did not. Again, she heard the leather slicing through the air and landed on her other thigh, this time leaving a matching read hue on her other leg.

She took a deep breath, as she knew what was coming. But she was not prepared to feel the leather kiss her tender, swollen lips and clitoris. Her knees buckled and he reached out and caught her, steadying her on her feet.

“Are you ready to continue?” he asked once her breathing returned normal.

She nodded and then felt the lips of the leather kiss her right breast, freeing her nipple from the bite of the clamp. Then the next blow landed on her left breast and she flinched when she heard the clamps fall to the floor.

Her mind raced as the sensations of pain and pleasure, cold and warmth, and fear and peace flooded her mind. Then she felt his lips on hers again and his tongue probed her mouth. Her thighs were shaking as he pressed the heel of his hand against her clit and slipped one, then two fingers inside her. She cried out into his mouth as her orgasm coursed through her body. She knew her body had betrayed her and she had cum without permission.

He broke their kiss and pulled away. She stared deep into his eyes as a tear trailed down her cheek.

“I’m sorry, Master,” was all she said. She knew she would now be punished.

2 months ago. Wed 03 Jan 2018 07:57:09 AM IST


Her body began to tremble as she felt his fingers inside her continue to push her closer to the edge.


She bit her lip and held her breath trying to hold on.


She closed her eyes.


She arched her back.


She cried out, begging for release.


“Please, Sir!!!”


His fingers grazed her g-spot and her body shook.


His lips mashed hard against hers and silenced her cries.


He pulled away and cupped her breast.


He pinched her nipple and his voice echoed through her mind, “Cum for me, My pet.”


Happy New Year!!!


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